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1 He never had any accidents .He is a ................ driver. (care ). 2 Please .............. your seatbelt. The plane is taking off (fast ). 3 The gaze from the chemical factory has caused serious .................... ( pollute ). 4 Your money will be refunded if the goods are not to your ...............( satisfy ). 5 The cost of ................... must be paid by a buyer. (carry ). 6 I feel so .................. that I am going to bed. ( sleep ). 7 In .................... to doing the cleaning, I make the coffee. ( add ) 8 I believe you because I know you are ................ ( truth ). 9 This dictionary is so big but it is very .................. ( inform ). 10There is a temporary .................. of sugar in the shop. ( short ) 11....................is a time that is supposed to be free of worries. ( child ) 12 It is a nice shop and the assistances are all polite and very ................ ( help ). 13 This dress is too short. I may be able to ................. it. ( long ) 14 All the newspapers praise the ....................... of the fire man. ( brave ) 15 The group calledfriends of the earth is concern about the ................. of the nature environment. (conserve ) Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 1- He never had any accidents .He is a driver. (care ). 2- Please your seatbelt. The plane is taking off (fast ). 3- The gaze from the chemical factory has caused serious ( pollute ). 4- Your money will be refunded if the goods are not to your ( satisfy ). 5- The cost of must be paid by a buyer. (carry ). 6- I feel so that I am going to bed. ( sleep ). 7- In to doing the cleaning, I make the coffee. ( add ) 8- I believe you because I know you are ( truth ). 9- This dictionary is so big but it is very ( inform ). 10-There is a temporary of sugar in the shop. ( short ) 11 is a time that is supposed to be free of worries. ( child ) 12- It is a nice shop and the assistances are all polite and very ( help ). 13- This dress is too short. I may be able to it. ( long ) 14- All the newspapers praise the of the fire man. ( brave ) 15- The group called"friends of the earth" is concern about the of the nature environment. (conserve ) 16- The thief replaced the diamond with a stone. ( worth ) 17- Thousands of people have been made by the war. ( home ) 18- People with very skin shouldn't go sunbathing for long period. (sense) 19- Industrial roberts work with far greater than most man. (precise ) 20- Tom was accused of stealing some documents. ( confidence ) 21- The cost of to the show is quite reasonable. (admit ) 22- Tom spoke because he was so excited. ( breath ) 23- She was extremely about the history of China. ( knowledge ) 24- There has been a of 10% in the prize of money. (reduce ) 25- He is interested in the of old building. ( preserve ) 26- The manager handed in his after being accused of dishonest. (resign ) 27- The was so exciting that she couldn't put the book down. ( thrill ) 28- He was charged with being an to murder. (access) 29- There was quite a crowd at the match. ( respect ) 30- is a person of accountant. 31-He is an expert in technology. We call him a (technicque ). 32-There were lots of this morning as work began on the supermarket.(active ) 33- As the child's head went under the water for the first time. I stood and watched to help. I couldn't swim. 34- Thousands of people turned up for the Pop Festival where the big was Bob Dylan. ( attract ) 35- She is not very clever, but she is extremely and so she ought to pass her exams. ( study ) 36- The thing I hate most about him is his ( selfish ). 37- The audience clapped loudly in (appriciate ). 1 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 38- You should try to show a bit more for other people ( considerate ). 39- There's too much in this world. (greedy ) 40- It was very impressived by his ( determine ). 41- Have you got of your booking yet? (confirm ) 42- This new center is an interesting ( develop ). 43- He gave no for his absence ( explain ). 44- I wish you a very happy ( retire ). 45- I'd like to show you my lastest ( create ). 46- He hope the agency would find him a job. ( employ ) 47- She was when I told her my plan. ( doubt ) 48- John's father gave him an of 50$. ( allow ) 49- There's no to the problem of the beginning of the universe. (solve ) 50- I think with a little I could persuade him to change his mind. (flatter) 51- He is behaving in a very way. ( mistery ) 52- English is a easy language for me to learn. ( compare ). 53- There's a of styles for you to choose from. ( various ) 54- I'm full of for the improvements, he has made. ( admire ) 55- The we made was for one year only. ( agree ) 56- We are selling these toys at a very prize. ( compete ) 57- I'm just a beginner in with her. ( compare ) 58- The weather will be bright with showers. ( occasion ) 59- The new film is good. ( exception) 60- You need a lot of to be a teacher. ( patient ) 61- He draws cartoon for a magazine . ( humour ) 62- Do you have a costume in your country? (nation ) 63- We must take before thing get worse. ( act ) 64- The government has promised to deal with the problem of among young people. ( employ ) 65- The police are interested in the sudden of the painting. (appear ) 66- Even the most person ought to appriciate the beauty of this music. (sense ) 67- , you'll be at a if you can't drive. (fortunate / advantage ) 68- The house is large but it is terribly to live in. ( comfort ) 69- After several attempts we have finally done it. ( succeed ) 70- about the company's future meant that few people wanted to invest money in it. ( certain ) 71- Simmon admitted that his cruel joke was ( intend ). 72- Burning coal is an way of heating a house .Gaze is much cheaper.(economic) 73- Heavy rain and excessive use have the soil. ( poor ) 74- At first, nobody noticed the child's ( appear ). 75- The factory's has increased considerably in the past few year. ( put ) 76- It is to take credit for other people's ideal. ( moral ) 2 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 77- In the 18th century, weather forecast was not reliable because forecaster often the facts that they got. ( interprete ) 78- There was a sudden of clapping and cheering. ( burst ) 79- My teacher me to take this exams. ( courage Agreement between subject and verb 1- The fear of rape and robbery ( have ) caused many people to flee the city. 2- Neither John nor Bill ( be ) going to the beach today. 3- John or George ( be ) bringing the car. 4- A school of fish ( be ) being attacted by sharks. 5- Twenty five dollars (be ) too much to pay for that shirt. 6- Fifty minutes( be / not ) enough time to finish this test. 7- Two miles ( be ) not far enough for me to walk. 8- The flock of birds (be ) circling over head. 9- The number of days in a week (be ) seven. 10-A number of students ( be ) going to the class picnic 11-The majority of water on the earth ( be ) in oceans. 12-The majority of students ( believe ) him to be innocent. 13- Writing many letters ( make) her happy. 14- Each student ( have )answered the first three questions. 15- Learning English and working in part-time ( be ) very difficult. 16- The crowd at the basketball game (was/ were ) wild with the excitement. 17- A pair of jeans ( was / were )in the washing machine. 18- There ( has ) been many interuptions in the class. 19- War and peace ( be ) a constant theme in history. 20- What are these things doing here (be ) what I would like to know? 21- The three Bears (be )a well-known story. 22- The people outside (be ) getting very impatient. 23- The police (want ) to interview Fred about a robbery. 24- Here (come ) my sister. 25- One third of students in this class ( be )boys. 26- One third of money in the bank (was/ were )spent. 27- The English (be ) very polite. 28-On the floor (be )an electric fan and a bed. 29- Many a students ( want ) to take part in the game. 30- There (be ) a fountain pen and two pencils in the bag. 31- To speak, to read, to listen and to write English ( be ) very important. 32- One of them ( be ) right. 3 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 33- Needle and thread (be ) necessary for women. 34- Bread and butter (be )a good food. 36- The red and white rose ( be ) beautiful. 37- You or I ( be ) responsible for it. 38- Not only he but also his parents (be )learning English. 39- Not only you but also I (be ) fond of food ball. 40- My books (be ) new but hers (be ) old. 41- None of his money (be )left. 42-None of the teachers (be ) young. 43- France (be ) playing Senegan in a foot ball match next week. 44- Neither of my teachers (be )young. 45- The Green boys ( be ) traveling around the country. 46- She gave me 20 kilos of rice, I have used one third of it and the rest of it ( be )in the box. 47- The picture of the soldiers (bring )back many memories. 48- Anything (be ) better than going to the play tonight. 49- A number of reporters (be ) at the conference. 50- Either John or his wife (make ) breakfast each morning. 51- The army (have/has ) elimilated this section of the training test. 52- The pictures, as well as this photograph ( brighten ) the room. 53- Gymnastics (be ) a favorite sport. 54- The trousers you bought for me ( not fit ) me. 55- Three days (be ) long enough for a good holiday. 56- What he told you ( seem ) to be of no important. 57- Neither the moon nor stars (be ) visible in this dark. 58- Thirty degrees (be ) too warm for me. 59- The news (wasn't/ weren't )as bad as we expected. 60- The staff ( was / were ) opposed to any change 61- Measles (be ) cured without much difficult. 62- Where (do / does ) your family live ? 63- Either she or you (be ) wrong. 64- That family (be ) a happy one. 65- These cattle ( be ) on their way to the market. 66- The old in my country (be ) cared for by their children and grandchildren. 67- Polictics (not make ) me interested. 68- The Chinese ( have ) an interesting story. 69- That book on polictical parties (be )interesting. 70- A large number of people ( be )watching T.V. 71- Growing flowers (be ) her hobbey. 72- The number of students in their class( be ) over 30. 73- My friend's knowledge of computer (be ) very wide. 4 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 74- All of the milk ( be ) sour. 75- The news about the flood on China (has already broadcast / have already broadcast )on T.V recently. 76- Eight hours of sleep (be ) enough. 77- The police (be ) searching for some thieves. 78- Living expenses in this country, as well as in many others, (be ) at an all time high. 79- If either of you (take )a vacation now, we will not be able to finish the work. 80- Something (was / were )under the house. 81- A lot of workers ( run ) very fast. 82- A lot of money (was / were ) spent. Subjunctive mood, conditional sentences and inversion 1- I was drowning, but he saved me. If 2- Susan fell sick, because she ate four cream cakes. If Susan 3- I'm sorry that I didn't finish my homework last night. I wish 4- Unless he phones her immediately, he won't get any information. If 5- You can't visit Moscow, unless you get a visa. If you 6- I would like the school holidays to be longer. I wish 7- He is to blame for his mistake. This is very necessary. It is 8- The mother came and lived with them to take care of their children. That was their request. It was their request that 9- You lied to him, which was wrong. You 10- Given fair warning, I could have avoided that date. If you 11- Please don't say thing like that. I wish you 12- He couldn't drive his car because he had no driving licience. If 13- It's a pity you didn't tell us about this. I wish you 14- He lost his money simply because he wasn't careful. If 15- I haven't much money, I can't buy any new clothes. If only 16- I'm sorry, I couldn't help him. I wish 17- The children will go swimming if it is sunny. Unless 18- No, please don't tell him. I'd rather you 19- Why don't you ask her yourself? I suggest 20- Graverty makes balls thrown into the air fall back down. If there weren't 21- Jim didn't lend me any money, so I was unable to buy the car. If 22- You must speak slowly or he'll not be able to understand you. Unless 23- John will stay on at school unless she find a job before September. If 24- She met Mike when she went to Spain for her holiday last year. She wouldn't 25- Do as I tell that or you'll regret about it. Unless 26- We must do our work well or the master will get angry with us. Unless 27- I'm afraid, I haven't got time to listen to you. I wish 28- When are the council going to do something about the city's traffic problem? 5 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 It's high time 29- Mary didn't work hard enough. She failed in her exams. If Mary 30- I was sorry I didn't know how to do it. I wish 31- Spare the rod and spoil the child. If a child 32- If you want to keep fit, you must play sports. Unless 33- I don't thing it's a good idea for you to go out this evening. I'd rather you 34- He said "good luck ". He wish 35- Maria didn't apply for a job in the library and regrets it now. Maria wishes 36- You might fall if you are not careful. Becareful 37- But for his help, I would have gone bankrupt. If 38- With out the sun, there would be no kind of energy. I there 39- I would prefer you to deliver the sofa on Friday. I would rather 1- He has never behaved so violently before. Never 2- Even though I admire his courage. I think he'll foolish. Much 3- Her grief was so great that she almost fainted. So 4- He rarely met such a beautiful film star. Rarely 5- Although I pay him much, this man is never satisfied. However 6- He had written the problem on the blackboard. he solve it. Hardly 7- He studied English. He also studied French. Not only 8- You may be strong, but you can't lift this heavy box. No matter 9- He had no sooner got home than it began to rain. No sooner 10- As soon as the teacher came in, they stopped talking. No sooner 11- We should always obey our parents. Never 12- He got down to writing the letter as soon as he returned from his work. No sooner 13- There was no precedent for the King's rezignation. Never before 14- He never suspected that the money had been stolen. At no time 15- I have never seen such a mess in my life. Never in 16- He insisted on a full apology. Nothing but 17- She never seems to succeed, eventhough she works hard. However 18- This is the best essay I have ever written. Never 19- Although she was busy, she managed to find the time to help me. Busy 20- I didn't realize who he was until later. Only later 21- I only realized what I had missed when they told me about it later. Only when 22- They had to wait for 12 hours before their flight left. Only after a 23- I'll find that man, no matter how long it take. However 24- We couldn't relax until all the guests had gone home. Only after 25- He forgot about the gun until he got home. Not until 26- It was only when left home that I realized how much my father meant to me. Not until 27- You can use it as long as you like ,and it won't wear out. No matter 6 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 28- They had hardly left home when it started to rain. No sooner 29- You are both funny and witty (di dom). Not only 30- The worker only called off the strike after a new pay offer. Only after 31- The only way to eliminate world terrorizmis by united opposition. Only by 32- No matter how hard I tried I couldn't open the door. Try 33- She just had time to put up her umbrellar before the rain came down in torrent. No sooner 34- If you want to save your eyesight, you must operate immediately. Only by 35- People have talk much but done little about it. Much 36- We only send you books after receiving the money. Only after the 37- There are more people out of work in this country than ever before. Never 38- I had just completed my report when he came for it. No sooner 39- I had only just put the phone downwhen the boss rang back.Hardly 40- He didn't return to his native village until the war end. Not until 41- He little realizes the danger heis in. Little Direct and indirect, question tag. 1- "I'm going now, But I'll be in by nine " he said. 2- I'm workingin a restaurant, and don't much care for it"she said. 3- "I can't live on my basic salary"said Peter."I'll have to offer to do overtime". 4- "You can phone from the office" he said. 5- "You can phone from my office, Ann" he said. 6- " You can't play in this place" he said "They are full of pinanhas". 7- "You'd better take sleeping bags; You may be have to sleep out".He warned us 8- "There's been an accident, and the road is block"said the policeman. "It won't be clear for sometime. You'd better go round the other way". 9- "I advice you to take a holiday" the doctor continued. You'd 10- " The doctor told him that he worked too hard".You 11-"I was thinking of going by bus"said Paul "I shouldn't go by bus if I were you said his aunt "It's an awfully bad service". 12- I said "shall I phone Ann?. My mother said"I should write to herif I were you". 13- Tom said "I'll try by my best first". 14- "Let's not go to the cinema" said Ann. 15- "Let's go to a nice hotel and be comfortable" said Mary. 16- "What about going to the place Jack is always talkingabout"said Ann. 17- " Why don't you take it to the bank"said Mary. 18- " Why don't you wake him up and ask him who he is "Paul said. 19- "Could you wait for a few minutes?"said Jack. 20- "Could I have your name and address?"the boss said. 21- "Could you help me with my luggage, please?"she said. 7 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 22- "Would you like to come with us"they said. 23- "Who did you give the money to?"asked Ann. 24- "Shall I send you some money?"said Peter. 25- "Would you mind getting out of the car" said the driver. 26- "It's time we began training for our next match" the coach said to them. 27- "If you leave at 6, you should be here by 9" my mother said. 28- Isabel "You can't borrow my pen, Robert". Isabel 29- "Keep away from this area" said the security guard, when we approached the fence. The security guard told 30- "Bring your swimming things in case it's sunny". He told 31- "How many students are there in your class?". The man asked me 32- "You should take science appreciation courses at school". The researcher advised us 33- "You should take more exercise, Mr Rogests".the doctor said"If you want to lose weight". The doctor advised 34- "don't forget to phone the office", she told him. She reminded 35- Mary " You can't borrow my motobike, Peter". Mary refused 36- "I'd take a taxi if I were you "said Peter. Peter suggested 37- "How long has it been since you left this city, Bob?".He wanted to know 38-"Why don't you put a better lock on the door Berry?"said John.John suggested 39- "Why didn't I get a computer before?" thought the office manager. The office manager wondered 40- "Can I have a new bike?"said Ann to her mother. Ann asked 41- The policeman accused him for stealing that bike. "You 42- "Where has he been?"she doesn't know that. She doesn't know 43- "Let's go for a walk in the park"said Andrews. Andrews suggested that 44- "Don't leave the room". He ordered them 45- " What will happen if she can not find her passport". He wondered 46- " What a lovely garden they have". He exclaimed 47- "Will Tom be here tomorrow?". She wondered 48- He said "If I were you, I wouldn't come here ". He said 49- My teacher said "The sun rises in the East ". My teacher said 50- Tom said to me :" You had better not to contact her". Tom said 51- "Please help us "they said to us. They begged us 1- Let's not park your car here, ? 2- Don't touch it, ? 3- None of her books are worth reading, ? 4- No one can pesuade her to change her mind, ? 5- Everything is now interesting for us, ? 6- One of the cars is yours, ? 7- Neither of the houses are rich, ? 8 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 8- Nobody is here, ? 9- He and you did this work, ? 10- You and I will co-operate to finish it, ? 11- You think he'll come back soon, ? 12- She has got a house in HaNoi, ? 13- She has four houses, ? 14- We had better not eat too much chocolate, ? 15- He used to work for the American Armyduring the War II, ? 16- There is no beautiful park in NamDinh, ? 17- Nothing is valuable for her, ? 18- One of the people lost the way, ? 19- There are only 28 daysin February , ? 20- You won't be leaving for another hour, ? 21- Jill and John have been to Mexico, ? 22- She has an exams tomorrow, ? 23-You are going to school tomorrow, ? 34- There is an exams tomorrow, ? 35- He should stay in bed, ? 36- You can't play tennis today, ? 37- We've seen that movie, ? 38- Mary signed the contract, preposition 1- We `are ashamed his behaviour. 2- Was she aware not doing anything contrary her parents' expectation? 3- After many months of living in Canada he got accustomed the cold. 4- This sweater will keep you safe the cold. 5- The lesson was difficult me, but my father was capable helping me. 6- Your plan will be acceptable some respect. 7- He is friendly everybody. 8- Air is necessary life. 9- The day seems perfect a picnic. 10-That singer has becomevery popular the youth. 11- Dirty air is harmful health. 12- We are present the leture yesterday. 13- Teacher are responsible the principle their teaching. 14- I was absent class yesterday. 15- This man is greedy fame. 9 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 16- Her voice sounds familiar me. 17- This work is not suitable him. 18- Your profession is similar mine. 19- This chemical is dangerous human. 20- We are greatful our teacher. 21- Many young people want to be independent their parents. 22- We are confident the success. 23- I'm fed up my job. 24- Many people died the way, when crossing the plains. 25- I think you are qualified this job. 26- Mr Smith is very kind us. 27- Hue is famous its historical vestiges. 28- The convict escaped prison. 29- You can't rely the post. It's alwayslate. 30- He said he had given drinking. 31- Don't put until tomorrow what you can do today. 32- What does NATO stand ? 33- Everyone is aware air pollution. 34- It's very kind you to help them. 35- Make yourself useful others. 36- Please wait here. I'll have some tickets available them. 37- Is she serious learning to be a pilot. 38- This country is rich oil. 39- I'm rather auxious her, I haven't received a letter from her. 40- She was confused the date. 41- Tom is excellent repairing things. 42- I'm sure you are capable tourists. 43- I'm grateful her her help. 44- She insists coming. 45- I'm quite different her. 46- May I introduce you Miss Brown. 47- She is very jealous her sister. 48- Won't you join the games. 49- What prevented you coming early. 50- My hat is quite similar yours. 51- Clean air provides us a healthy supply of oxygen. 52- I'm so worried my sister who is ill. 53- It is very bad you to eat so quick. 54- My birthday is the first the month. 55- Out sight, out mind. 56- We are grateful our friends all of their assistance. 10 [...]... advertisement b- a story book 88 c- a letter d- a school history book 89 2- What is the writer trying to do? 90 3- The museum has so many toys from the late 19th century because 24 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 91 4- Why has the museum started to collect toys from the 20th century? 92 II- Give the correct form of the verbs in parentheses: 93 Exercise is one of the best ways of keeping despression... fact 138-If you keep trying, you'll master them 12 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 1 39- He earns his living selling vegetable 140- my way home, I met a lot of adults who were going to work 141-What are your ideas the subject? 142-They are here holiday I'm here business 143-The house is fire 144- case of fire, ring up Watford 99 9 145-You are bad temper this morning, aren't you?... would / sitting / I 24- ten / the / change / a / for / roads / The / lot / last year 25- roadside / / We/ any / plants / along / not / see / as / do / the / we / today 19 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 đề kiểm tra tiếng anh I- Read this passage carefully then answer the following sentences below: I just tell you about our holiday this year- it was one of the best we'd ever had No, we weren't... mine 95 - Come and sit me there is plenty of room 96 - My grandparents were the early pioneers 97 - He found the figures the papers on his desk 11 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 98- George really goes in tennis It's his favourite sports 99 - Could you supply us several more copies of the announcement? 100-I don't see how I can put up such bad working condition 101-You should always... 33 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 5- When / we / have / dinner / we / go out / for a walk 6- My father / preferred / me / go shoping with her 7- The noise / the traffic / prevented / me / go to sleep 8- At / end / course / I pass all / exams / good marks 9- I / wonder / why / you / not / reply / last letter 10- I / hope / you / continue / rest / next few weeks Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh 9 - 120'... computers are almost always correct they are not 29 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 5 of course, but they usually don't make mistakes.Theses days 6 is important to know something about computers There are a number of ways to 6 Some companies have classes at work Also , most universities offer day and 7 course Another way to learn is 9 a book There are many books about computer in... beatiful voice It 58 7- We should always obey our parents Never 59 8 - The little boy crossed the street although the traffic was heavy In spite of 60 9 - I'm always nevous when I travel by air Travelling 61 10- " I don't think John will come " said Bill Bill doubted 23 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 62 VII- Rewrite the following sentences according to the words in parentheses:... Organization of the United Nations ( FAO )to help hungry nations 15 more food 27 III- Give the correct form of the words in parentheses: 28 1- I'm going to have my skirt ( short ) 22 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 29 2- In the circus you can see a lot of animals (perform ) 30 3- The girl on the elephant look All the audiences clap their hands to express 31 their to her ( attract, admire... yesterday on the way home 6- The man is living next door to us Do you want to meet him? 7- She told me about the book She read it in the library yesterday 13 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 8- I saw several houses Most of them were quite good 9- They are talking about the clowns The clowns made them feel excited 10-MayDay is a day the working people show their friendship and solidarity on that... teacher on that day 45- HaDong is a town I was born and grew up there 14 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 46- My watch doesn't show the time clearly Its handshave been missing for sometime now 47- The lesson is very interesting but difficult We are learning it now 48- The house is mine In its windows there is a light 49- The first thing was a letter He gave ne that thing 50- This is the place . found the figures the papers on his desk. 11 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 98- George really goes in tennis. It's his favourite sports. 99 - Could you supply us several more copies. any / plants / along / not / see / as / do / the / we / today. 19 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 đề kiểm tra tiếng anh I- Read this passage carefully then answer the following sentences. man is greedy fame. 9 Hệ thống bài tập bồi dưỡng HSG Tiếng Anh 9 16- Her voice sounds familiar me. 17- This work is not suitable him. 18- Your profession is similar mine. 19- This chemical is

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  • e - mail or chatting . People use the … 5 … for many purposes : Education ,

  • communication , entertainment and commerce. However, there are some …6 … .

  • It’s not only time - consuming but also … 7 … because of viruses and … 8 …

  • programs.

  • 1-

  • 3-

  • 5-

  • 7-

  • 2-

  • 4-

  • 6-

  • 8-

  • V-Read this passage carefully then answer the following questions below : ( 2 ps)

  • năm học 2005-2006

  • I-Read this passage carefully then answer the following questions below : ( 2 ps)

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