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EXERCISE 1. WRITE1. She is not a quick runner. She does......................................................................2. What is the matter with him? What is................................................................?3. How much do you weigh? How..........................................................................4. His brother cycles safely.His brother..................................................................5. You should wash your hands before meals.You ought.......................................6. Children like picture books very much.Children are...........................................7. Michael Jordan is a skillful basketball player. >Michael Jordan plays..........................................................................................8. Let’s go to the beach.Why don’t .........................................................................9.The sailors like the sea better than the land.The sailors prefer....................................................................................................10. We will make a Sapa tour that lasts four days.>We will make a....................................................................................................11. My father is a careful driver. My father drives.................................................12. She gave me a note that worths fifty dollars.>She gave .............................................................................................................. BÀI TẬP BD HSG TIẾNG ANH 7 EXERCISE 1. WRITE 1. She is not a quick runner. She does 2. What is the matter with him? What is ? 3. How much do you weigh? How 4. His brother cycles safely.His brother 5. You should wash your hands before meals.You ought 6. Children like picture books very much.Children are 7. Michael Jordan is a skillful basketball player. ->Michael Jordan plays 8. Let’s go to the beach.Why don’t 9.The sailors like the sea better than the land. The sailors prefer 10. We will make a Sapa tour that lasts four days. ->We will make a 11. My father is a careful driver. My father drives 12. She gave me a note that worths fifty dollars. ->She gave 13. Hoa hates the noise and the busy roads in the city. ->Hoa doesn’t 14. I like video games better than computer games. ->I prefer 15. Let’s go to the amusement center.Why don’t 16. Why don’t we go to the movies this weekend? ->What about ? 17. Let’s see a detective film >How about 18. Reading is more boring than watching TV ->Watching Tv is more 19. You should not watch TV too late.You ought 20. Tim’s father has more vacations than Hoa’s father. ->Hoa’s father has 21. Why don’t we go to the cafeteria?What about ? 22. Mai drinks more milk than her brother. ->Mai’s brother drinks 23. The blue hat is more expensive than her yellow one. ->The yellow hat is 24. We will have a vacation that lasts for three months ->We will have a 25. Where do you live?What is ? 26. The blue dress is cheaper than the red one. ->The red dress is 27. Nam is taller than any students in his class. ->Nam is the 28. We have a break that lasts thirty minutes ->We have a 29. When is your birthday?What is ? 30. There is a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom in the house. ->The house 31. Hoa is the tallest student in the group. ->Nobody 32. Nam’s marks are often worse than mine. ->My marks 33. Let’s go to the movie.How ? 34. Oh! This house is very nice.What ! 35. What is her job?What ? 36. Do you have any brothers and sisters?Have ? 37. Do they like their jobs?Are they ? 38. It is not easy to find an apartment in Hanoi. ->Finding 39. He looks after sick children.He takes 40. How lovely the cat is!What ! 41. He learns Physics very well .He is 42. How much is this pen?How much does ? 43. Peter is 10 years old. So is John.Peter is the same 44. She is interested in watching TV.She likes 45. In her free time, Mary collects stamps most. ->Collecting stamps is 46. Because of cold weather , I can’t go out today. ->Because 47. What about going to the movie?Why ? 48. she takes care of me when my parents go away. ->She looks 49. My vacation last 4 weeks.I have a 50. There aren’t any trains earlier than this one. ->This is 51. It takes my mother two hours to wash clothes every day. ->My mother spends 52. She works more hours than he does. ->He works 53. How much is this cassette?What ? 54. Could you tell me how to get to the national Cinema? ->Could you show me 55. Do you know the way to the National University? ->Can you 56. I have to spend 5 hours to get to Da Nang by coach? ->It takes 57. How much is that history book?How much does ? 58. Shall we go on a picnic this summer?Why ? 59. It takes me about 15 minutes to walk to school every day. ->I spend 60. The Nile is the longest river in the world. ->No river 61. It is not necessary to bring that umbrella with you. ->You don’t 62. It is not difficult for me to keep in touch with her. ->I find it 63. What are the people in HaNoi like?How 64. Learning how to sew is very useful for girls nowadays. ->It is 65. My uncle sent me a letter last week. ->I received 66. What is wrong with him?What ? 67. Brushing your teeth every day is very important. ->It is important 68. Remember to wash and iron your clothes. Don’t 69. How heavy are you?How much ? 70. I am one meter 70 centimeters in height.I am 71. What is your height?How ? 72. What is your age? How ? 73.How high is the Eiffel Tower? What ? 74. What is the price of this shirt? How ? 75. How long is the Red River? What ? 76. How wide is BaDinh square?What ? 45. It is necessary for you to clean your own room immediately. ->You ought 46. It often takes me 20 minutes to play footbal every day. ->I often 47. He drives very carelessly.He is not 48. She likes watching television more than going out. ->She prefers 49. Do you enjoy watching detective movies ? ->Are you 50. Let's go to the theatre on Sunday.What ? 51. Hoa thinks that playing video games is a waste of time. ->Hoa dislikes 52. The film lasted two hours.It 53. I often spend three hours learning a day. ->It takes 54. Using videos in teaching is very useful. ->It is 55. Pele plays football better than Ronando. ->Pele is 56. I advise you to take care.You should 57. How heavy are you?How ? 58. When did you start learning English?How ( ago) ? 59. How high is the tree? What ? 60. Last summer, Julia got up early every morning . ->Last summer, Julia used 61. Sky- driving is a dangerous activity. ->It is 62. You shouldn't stay up late.You had 63. Because of rainy weather, we didn't go to the cinema. ->The rainy weather prevented 64. My mother cooks very well.My mother 65. Philippa usually works hard.Philippa is usually a 66. I am not as good as my brother. ->My brother is 67. They won't be able to come on Saturday. ->It will be impossible 68. Their father got to London by taxi last Monday. ->Their father took a 69. What is your date of birth?When ? 70. Roller- skating doesn’t interest Sonia. ->Sonia isn't interested 71. You ought to ride the bike more carefully next time. ->You'd 72. How long was your flight from Hanoi to Jakarta? ->How long 73. George can cook very well.George is 74. Let's visit the museum this afternoon.What about ? 75. Where can I find the station?(how) ->Could you tell me 76. We took a train to Liverpool last Saturday.(by) ->We got 77. The trip to Chicago was cheaper than we expected.(as) ->The trip to Chicago wasn't 78. It 'll be not necessary for you to go to the meeting next week( have) ->You won't 79. It is a twenty-five to five.It is thirty-five 80. Can she take care of herself when her mother is away? ->Can she look ? 81. They like playing baseball and we do,too. ->They like playing baseball and so 82. How about eating out tonight?Why don't we ? 83. Han is a better swimmer than Lan. ->Lan can't swim 84. he is a good soccer player. He plays 85. Jane found driving on the left difficult. ->He Jane wasn't used 86. He liked oranges more than durians. He preferred 87. The exam was easier than we thought. ->The exam was 88. Ann drives dangerously.Ann is a 89. It is not necessary for you to finish the work today. ->You don't 90. What is the matter with you?What ? 91.Mr. Lam should wear gloves to protect his hand. ->Mr. Lam had better 92. He always washes his hand before meals. She alwayswashes her hands before meals. ->He always( so) 93. I didn't have a toothache. They didn't have a toothache. ->I didn't ( neither) 94. We have a three -month summer vacation. ->Our summer vacation lasts 95. Will you pleasse look after the house while we are away? ->Will you please take 96. It take me about two hours each day to do my homework . ->I spend 97. Hoa is a hard student.Hoa studies 98. A year has twelve months.There are 99. Lan is more intelligent than her sister. ->Lan's sister isn't 100. He looks after the sick people.He takes 101. Do you enjoy listening to music.?Are you interested ? 102. What is your mother's job?What does ? 103. I have more books than you do.( as many as) 104. The boy spends 3 hours a day learning the leson . (take) 105. This library contains over 30 million books. ( There) 106. How terrible the weather is!What ! 107. No one in our class is taller than Nam. ->Nam is 108. How excellent the girl is!What ! 109. Finding an apartment in a big city is not easy. ->It is Exercise . Choose the best answers. 1. Ann says that she isn't the life in the city. A. interested B. used to C. likes 2. They live 45 Pham Van Dong street. A. at B. on C. in with 3. Ha is his friends in the group. A. hardworking than B. more harworking C. more hardworking D. more hard than 4. Hoa doesn't have close friend. A. much B. a lot of C. many B and C 5. Her mother is cying. She is A. happy B. sadly C. unhappy D. nice 6. This street is than that one. A. more narrow B. more wide C. narrower D. large 7. She is harworking, but he is lazy. She is different him. A. from B. to C. many D. A and C 8. You should be on time. late. A. Come B. Don't be C. Be D. Not be 9. Would you like dinner with us today? A. have B. having C. to eating D.to eat 10. Sorry, can I speak John? A. to B. with C. at D. about 11. How many quarters are there in a year? A. two B. three C. four D. twelve 12. Look! There are some children the garden. A. in B. on C. at D. next 13. What naughty boys! A. a B. the C. an D. O 14. Can I see rest of the apartment? A. a B. some C. the D. O 15. There a boy with three dogs in the street. A. is B. are C. have D. has 16. John is the most intelligent three students. A. in B. on C. of D. O 17. Her house is from the cinema than his house. A. farer B. farther C. far more farther 18. , they have clever and strong children. A. lucky B. Luckily C. unluckily D. Unluckily 20. His mother is away and he receives three letters her every week. A. O B. from C. for D. to 21. Hanoi is capital of Viet Nam. A. the B. a C. an D. O 22. These books are the right of the library and those ones are the back of the library ? A. on/in B.on/ at C. to/ on D. at/ at 23. How old will you be your next birthday? A. on B. at C. in D. for 24. I hope you successful in your exam tomorrow. A. are B. will be C. be D. is 25. I don't like running . It is than swimming. A. interesting B. more interesting C. less interesting D. the most interesting 26. They love in the suburb. A. to live B. living C. to living D. live 27. , the weather is quite fine. A. Lucky B. Luckily C. unluckily D. Unlucky 28. I will write you soon with more news. A. to B. for C. with D. in 29. She is very hardworking . She practices English every day. A. speak B. to speak C. speaking D. how to speak 30. Nobody at home. Every one at work. A. is/is B. are/ is C. is/ are D. are/are 31. Many American students are good Literature. A. at B. in C. about D. A and C 32. He is the same age my father and my mother. A. between B. as C. to D. like 33. His mother is very busy so he often the shopping. A. is doing B. does C. is going d. goes 34. I don't like watching TV because there aren't any interesting films at the moment. A. on B.in C. about D. O 35. collecting foreign stamps is my A. pastime B. hobby C. interest D. A,B and C 36. Whenever i go back my hometown, I have fun to my parents. A. to talk B. talk C. talking D. to talking 37. How much does it to send these letter to Hue? A. take B. cost C. get D. make 38. She usually finishes work early Friday. She never works the weekend. A. on/at B. on/on C. in/ at D. A and B 39. John gives me help than A. Tom is B. Tom has C. Tom does D. Tom gives 40. Mai is playing the piano now. A. play B. playing C. to play D. how to play 41. It is great fun A. to go on a walk B. going for a walk C. going on a walk D. to go for walk 42. My brother likes swimming running. A. as much as B. as many as C. so much as D. so many as 43. They are busy their homework. A. doing B. to do C. to doing D. with doing 44. I don't often go to school by bus because it a lot of time. A. spends B. has C. takes D. gets 45. Mai doesn't know French so she can't read stories French. A. in B. by C. about D. to 46. Did you receive gifts from your friends? A. some B. any C. much D. a lot 47. an intelligent girl! A. How B. What C. which D. It is 48. She is very helpful. She always takes care me when I am sick. A. for B. of C. about D. to 49. Remember your teeth before bed. A. to brush B. to wash C. brushing D. washing 50. She told me not to worry and smiled me. A. at B. to C. for D. with 51. Peter's parents were very satisfied his result. A. with B. at C. in D. A and B 52. Last week, Lan was absent school because she was sick. A. to B. at C. from D. for 53. What are we having lunch? A. for B. at C. to D. in 54. I was late for the class, but , my teacher was late too! A. fortunately B. unfortunately C. fortunate D. unfortunate 55. Hoe weather makes people uncomfortable. A. feeling B. feel C. to feel D. to feeling 56. We are going to have a holiday next month. A. three-week B. three-weeks C. three- week's D. three- wees' 57. I prefer books to computer games. A. reading/playing B. read./ playing C. read/ play D. reading/ play 58. Sometimes the noise keeps me music during these shows. A. wake B. awake C. waking D. woke 59. straight ahead and turn left. A. Go B. get C. Come D. Run 60. is one of the most popular sports because it is good for our health. A. Walking B. Walk C. walked D. To walk 61. At school we take part in a lot of activities. A. participate in B. join C. take part D. A and B 62. Children should not run or walk around the pool edge. A. careful B. careless C. carefully D. carelessly 63. I feel . Everything sounds A. boring/boring B. bored/ bored C. bore/ boring D. boring/ bored 64. They prefer TV to out. A. watching/ go B. to watch/ to go C. watching/ going D. to watch/ going 65. Children should spend only a small part of their free time video games. A. to play B. to do C. playing D. doing 66. Girls often spend a lot of money and time clothes. A. on B. in C. for D. O 67. Don't forget your homework. A. to do B. doing D. making C. to make 68. She is famous English well. A. at learning B. for learning C. to learn D. in learning 69. My friend is interested history but he is not good it. A. at/in B. in/at C. at/at D. in/in 70. The train leaves Ho Chi Minh city at 10 o'clock tomorrow. A. in B. at C. for D. A,B, C. 71. He doesn't like his job. It is so A. bored B. boring C. bore D. boringly 72. Mr. Dong is one meter 71. centimeters A. height B. high C. tall D. long 73. I don't want much milk in my tea. Just , please. A. few B. little C. a little D. a few 74. How about dinner with us? A. to have B. have C. has D. having 75. he sent a beautiful postcard her when he was on holiday in London. A. to B. from C. for D. O 76. I'd like you home before eight o'clock. A. to go B. go C. going D. went 77. She didn't remember off TV before going to bed. A. to turn B. to switch C. turning D. A and B OTVKTTAQ7 78. Avoid a lot of sweets. A. eating B. to eat C. eat D. for eating 79. When I go away on vacation, my neighbor takes care my garden. A. on B. of C. for D. from 80. Peter can drive a car and his sister Mary. A. too can B. can also C. so can D. can so 81. Now she is used early every morning. A. to get B. getting C. for getting D. to getting 82. Some people are used to in crowed buses, and don't mind it at all. A. riding B. ride C. rode 83. She can not skateboard, and I can't A. too B. neither C. either 84. Every girl ought to learn to cook. A. what B. when C. how 85. That boy is better history than I am. A. for B. with C. at 86. How long does it to get to America? A. take B. want C. make 87. The coffee ( is smelling/ smells) wonderful. 88. I'm going to ( join/ take part) the school theater group. 89. Lan is not very good ( at/ in) swimming. She swims ( slow/ slowly) 90. You should take a ( ten-minute/ten-minutes) rest every hour you play video games. 91. I like skateboarding. I like skateboarding, ( either/too) 92. When I sae her, I thought she looked A. happy B. happily C. to be happy 93. Who you to come and see me? A. spoke B told C. said 94. She is in playint video games. A. interesting B. interests C. interested 95. He isn't going to learn Spainish and A. neither is she B. she isn't too C. either she isn't 96. Our holiday was too short . The time passed very ( quickly/ quick) 97. Andrey is a ( skillful/ skillfully) tennis player. [...]... xuyên 68 run(v) running nose 69 rain(v) rainy(a) 70 use(v) useful(a) có lợi 71 bore(v) boring(a) buồn chán(vật) bored(a)(người) 72 beauty(n) beautiful(a) 73 danger(n) dangerous(a) nguy hiểm 74 different(a) difference(n) sự khác nhau 75 dicide(v) dicision(n) sự quyết định 76 discuss(v) discussion(n) sự thảo luận 77 neighbor(n) neighborhood(n) hàng xóm 78 visit(n) visit(v) thăm ... reading a newspaper 73 They ( play) - in the park because they don't have school today 74 Where is Tom? He ( sit) - in the back of the room 75 What you ( do) now? We ( repair) - our house We ( hope) -every thing ( be) - nice 76 My mother ( visit) - my grandmother tomorrow 77 Our classes ( start) at 7. 00 every morning 78 Look at the black clouds! It ( rain) -79 We often ( have) ... meet D met 172 At that time,I - what to do A didn't know B don't know C won't know D doesn't know 173 beautiful days! A What a B What the C What an D What 174 interesting the film is! A how much B Which C What D How 175 Phuong and Thanh - 13 next month A shall be B are going to be C will be D are 176 Lan will be thirteen -A on 5th May B in 5th May C at 5th May D 5th May 177 Today Hoa... explain) 73 What is the matter with him? He's got a nose ( run) 74 -, he passed the exam successfully.( surprise) 75 I don't like wearing - clothes.( color) 76 This car doesn't cost me a lot of money It is ( expensive) 77 He plays football very ( skill) 78 Nowadays, - are less friendly than they were in the past.(neighborhood) 79 I don't like this armchair It is ( comfortable) 80 This... 68 Lien's birthday is July 3rd 69 The postoffice is to the bank 70 We often go to Art Club - our free time 71 Can you give this ruler me? 72 Eating healthy food is good - us 73 I often go skiing - some friends - winter 74 Hoa's getting used the busy city traffic 75 Do you often help your mother the housework? 76 I am really interested - VietNam history? Điền vào chỗ trống afew/few/alittle/little... restaurant and having a big dinner 73 Go straight ahead and then get the second street on the right The cinema is in front of you 74 Remember to wash and ironing your own clothes everyday 75 They often go to bed early and never get up lately 76 The dentist looked at her teeth and tells her not to worry 77 Have a bath beore bed, sleeping early and you will feel better in the morning 78 To keep fit and stay healthily,... terrible/ me/ few/ pieces/ made/ from/ bit/ dropped/ little ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN TẬP A7 Chủ đề 1.Thời của động từ 1 Thời QKD - cách dùng - cấu tạo - quy tắc thêm " ed" - cách đọc "ed" Môt số động từ BQT 1 be 23 feed 2 become 24 feel 3 begin 25 find 45 pay 46 put 47 read 67 win 68 write 4 blow 26 fly 48 ride 5 break 27 get 49 ring 6 bring 28 give 50 run 7 broadcast 29 go 51 say 8 build 30 grow 52 see 9 burn 31 hang 53... this town.( happy, friend) 67 Today is a day It is clear and ( beauty, sun) 68 Do you know the name of the new in our class? ( study) OLVKTTA7 69 Mai is very - about her coming exam.( worry) 70 He can't go out now because he has a ( head) 71 She didn't go to school because of her - ( sick) 72 His is not clear I can't understand what he means.( explain) 73 What is the matter with... cinema last night because we ( be) - busy 66 What you ( do) this morning? 67 Smoking ( be) bad for your health 68 My mother ( buy) - me a new shirt yesterday 69 Wher you ( go) - last night? 70 We ( spend) - our holidays in DaLat last summer 71 Susan and I ( watch) an interesting film last Sunday 72 Tom ( watch) TV every night Yesterday he ( watch) it in the afternoon because... good C careful D suddenly 1 67 Fish isn't my favourite food and is beef A either B too C neither D so 168 Hoa hates durians and Thanh hates durians , -A too B neither C either D so 169 Do you feel today? A happy B happily C unhappily D happiness 170 When my father visited Da Lat, he A bought for me a gift gift B bought a gift to me C bought a gift me D bought me a 171 I remember - you at . BÀI TẬP BD HSG TIẾNG ANH 7 EXERCISE 1. WRITE 1. She is not a quick runner. She does 2. What is the matter. height.I am 71 . What is your height?How ? 72 . What is your age? How ? 73 .How high is the Eiffel Tower? What ? 74 . What is the price of this shirt? How ? 75 . How long is the Red River? What ? 76 . How. What D. How 175 . Phuong and Thanh 13 next month . A. shall be B. are going to be C. will be D. are 176 . Lan will be thirteen A. on 5th May B. in 5th May C. at 5th May D. 5th May 177 . Today Hoa
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