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THUONG MAI UNIVERSITY ENGLISH FACULTY - - INTERNSHIP REPORT Company: AHAMOVE - TUC THOI SERVICE CORPORATION Supervisor : Mrs Ly Kieu Hanh, MA Student : Do Thi Phuong Class : K54N6 Student Code : 18D170283 HANOI, 2022 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS To Lectures in Thuongmai University! To Director, BD Manager and all members of Officer Staff in AhaMove! During the period of internship, I received plenty of enthusiastic help and support that guide and encourage me to overcome all difficulties and finish this hard but meaningful time First and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the School Board of Thuong Mai University and all the lectures of the English Faculty By their knowledge and dedication, they give me valuable knowledge throughout the past study period Secondly, I sincerely thank MA Ly Kieu Hanh, my supervisor who gave me useful guidance and advice that helped me to finish my internship report successfully She has tried her best to instruct me with all her heart all the time Once again, I gratefully acknowledge assistance from Mrs Hanh and all the teachers of the English Faculty Moreover, there are no words to depict my appreciation to the Board of Directors of AhaMove for allowing and creating favorable conditions for me to practice at the company They gave me a good chance in displaying and promoting my abilities I would like to send my dearest thanks to all the managers and colleagues of AhaMove who often shared experience and gave me advice timely during the internship Without their kind guidance and encouragement, I would not have been able to complete this report on time Furthermore, I also would like to send my thankfulness to my family who has created the best conditions for me to study and practice Similarly, I am grateful as well to my friends who always stand by me, support me in both learning and life In short, I really thank all people supporting me to complete this internship report successfully Hanoi, 27th December, 2021 Student Phuong Do Thi Phuong i TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS i TABLE OF CONTENTS .ii LIST OF TABLES AND CHARTS iii LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS iv INTRODUCTION PART 1: OVERVIEW OF AHAMOVE-TUC THOI SERVICE CORPORATION 1.1 Information about the company 1.1.1 General introduction about AhaMove 1.1.2 The process of foundation and development 1.1.3 Vision, mission and corporate culture of AhaMove 1.1.4 Logo of AhaMove 1.1.5 The major service of AhaMove 1.1.6 The organizational structure of AhaMove 1.2 Information about the internship department 1.2.1 Organizational structure of Sale Department 1.2.2 Function and responsibilities of the position PART 2: THE INTERNSHIP PROCESS AT AHAMOVE 11 2.1 The duties carried out in the internship process 11 2.2 The difficulties and lessons of experience in the internship processing 13 2.2.1 Difficulties 13 2.2.2 Lessons 14 PART 3: THE REALITY OF USING ENGLISH AT AHAMOVE 16 3.1 The reality of using English in the company 16 3.2 Suggested solutions to improve the use of English at AhaMove 17 3.2.1 Solutions for the company 17 3.2.2 Solutions for the staff 18 PART 4: SUGGESTED TOPIC FOR GRADUATION PAPER 20 CONCLUSION 21 REFERENCES 22 ii LIST OF TABLES AND CHARTS Image 1.1 Image about AhaMove Image 1.2 Logo of Ahamove Diagram 1.1 Organizational structure chart of AhaMove Diagram 1.2 Organizational structure chart of Sales Department Table 2.1 Weekly internship schedule at BD team of AhaMove .12 iii LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS No Abbreviations English meaning Vietnamese meaning Corp Corporation No Number Số, số thứ tự Etc Et cetera Vân vân VND Viet Nam Dong Km Kilometer Ki-lô-mét (đơn vị đo lường) Kg Kilogram Ki-lô-gam, cân (đơn vị đo khối lượng) COD Cash On Delivery Dept Department HR Human Resources 10 IT Information Technology 11 AM Account Management Quản lý tài khoản 12 BD Business Development Phát triển kinh doanh Công ty Đồng (đơn vị tiền tệ) Giao hàng thu tiền hộ Phòng, Bộ phận iv Nhân Công nghệ thông tin INTRODUCTION AhaMove, an on-demand logistics service, was founded in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City with the mission to address the inefficiency & high cost for consumers Similar to Uber, AhaMove seeks to disrupt the current business models and address the country’s logistics sector’s “severe fragmentation and inefficiency” AhaMove serves as a platform connecting suppliers & consumers, capitalizing on excess capacity in the economy to create value for suppliers and reduce the cost for consumers Such a platform not only allows massive process simplification, but also allows consumers to benefit from lower services costs AhaMove seeks to transform the logistics industry with innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services and drivers’ rating; fulfilling customers’ moving needs and at the same time helping drivers get more business AhaMove always tries their best to create the best customer experience, making delivery easier, faster, safer and funnier! PART 1: OVERVIEW OF AHAMOVE-TUC THOI SERVICE CORPORATION 1.1 Information about the company 1.1.1 General introduction about AhaMove Image 1.1 Image about AhaMove - Vietnamese Name: Công ty Cổ phần Dịch vụ Tức Thời – AhaMove - Registered Name: TUC THOI SERVICE CORPORATION (AHAMOVE) - Abbreviation Name: TUC THOI SERVICE CORP - Address:  Headquaters: No 405/15 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 24, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  Ho Chi Minh City Office: Ground Floor, Rivera Park Building, No 7/28 Thanh Thai, Ward 14, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City  Hanoi Office: th Floor, Mipec Building, No 229 Tay Son, Nga Tu So Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi - Email: support@ahamove.com - Website: https://ahamove.com/ - Legal Representative: Mr Pham Huu Ngon - Tax Code: 0313506115 - Licensing day: October 26 th , 2015 - Operating day: October 27 th, 2015 - Hotline: 1900545411 - Industry classification: Logistics & Supply Chain - Company size: 201-500 1.1.2 The process of foundation and development Founded on October 26 th 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City, AhaMove is an ondemand logistics service based on the concept of a shared economy, providing customers to fill excess capacity for logistics suppliers and reduce costs for consumers AhaMove is one of the first companies in the world to own two Hub & Spoke and On-demand operating models at the same time, and also the first enterprise in the world to innovate by creating Hybrid Model (Synergy) Over the past six years, the AhaMove team has continued to improve its model every year so that the new hybrid model can really become a different power of AhaMove Through the process of operating and accumulating experience, AhaMove has become one of the leading start-up companies in Vietnam in the field of transportation With fast delivery speed, a large and powerful shipper force and reasonable costs, Ahamove’s service is helping more than 300,000 partners ship goods to the delivery address and bringing income to more than 30,000 drivers Belonging to Scommerce Group, Ahamove along with other brands such as GHN Logistic, GHN Express has taken on delivery services throughout 63 provinces and cities across the country, covering up to 11,000 communes and wards Moreover, AhaMove is also proud to meet the needs of nearly 50,000 customers, including big partners such as: The Coffee House, Juno, Tuticare, Heineken, Sendo, Lazada, Mia, Grilled Chicken Ị Ĩ O, Petmart, Le Castella Vietnam, etc It can be said that Ahamove is growing day by day and is one of the “big tycoons” of delivery services in the two largest cities in Vietnam  In January 2016, in the context of the development of technology car services such as Grab, Uber and followed by the development of e-commerce, AhaMove launched its super speed service from 30 minutes to hours and it has already brought a lot of positive results AhaMove has many large customers, stable orders, and a popular growth rate of 10-20% per month  By the end of 2017, on average, the company successfully transported tens of thousands of orders each day in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City The field of service is extremely diverse such as food and drink, fresh food, fashion goods, cosmetics, etc  In 2018, AhaMove is leading in urban delivery applications in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi Currently, AhaMove is connecting with nearly 100,000 drivers providing fast delivery services for online stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi AhaMove is also the first platform to provide taxi and trucking services through the application in Ho Chi Minh City In short, Ahamove has become the top-ranking delivery application for ecommerce stores, transporting small orders that need to be delivered immediately Ahamove drivers usually convey between 50,000 and 70,000 orders in each city per day on average Over the past few years, Ahamove’s revenue has grown over 100% annually 1.1.3 Vision, mission and corporate culture of AhaMove  Vision Launched in 2015, AhaMove’s initial goal was to focus mainly on tricycle and minivan services By 2016, realizing the potential growth of the shipper market which delivery by motorbike, AhaMove launched a super-fast delivery service between 30 minutes and hours and received extremely positive results After more than years of establishment and development, AhaMove has gradually affirmed its position in the on-demand delivery field in the inner city AhaMove has supported many big customers and maintained a stable volume of orders up to tens of thousands of ones per day in two big cities  Mission Unlike small businesses that seek profit first, AhaMove always strives towards human values by providing job opportunities for thousands of freelancers and building a community of civilized and united drivers AhaMove’s mission is to create the best customer experience, making delivery easier, faster, safer and funnier! With AhaMove, the customer is God, and the driver is the Jade Emperor AhaMove always strives to ensure orders and cash flow, thereby providing the best income for drivers  Corporate Culture AhaMove team consists of young and dynamic people who always make constant efforts to adapt to rapid technological changes The Aha Climbers are not afraid of difficulties and challenges to help AhaMove overcome seemingly impossible goals At AhaMove, employees are allowed to think and act with maximum autonomy like entrepreneurs, not employees Aha Climbers are encouraged to experiment with new methods and adapt themselves to market and business requirements AhaMove builds Data-driven culture, in which data is not only necessary for leaders and managers, but also plays an important role in the daily work of employees when handling or proposing solutions 1.1.4 Logo of AhaMove As a technology platform, Ahamove chose the logo as the image of a robot - a symbol of the technology era - with blue eyes bringing a strong interaction, implying that commercial transaction is not only mechanical technology but also human-to-human interaction The horizontal stripes represent speed associated with its positioning as the top firm in terms of delivery speed Image 1.2 Logo of Ahamove 1.1.5 The major service of AhaMove AhaMove is positioned as Vietnam’s leading intracity commercial delivery provider with technological innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services and drivers’ rating; fulfilling customers’ moving needs and at the same time helping drivers get more business Currently, AhaMove is providing two main types of services including: 1.2 Information about the internship department 1.2.1 Organizational structure of Sale Department Sales Dept BD Team Hybrid Hybrid AM Team Key Account Manager Hybrid Account Manager Incubate Account Diagram 1.2 Organizational structure chart of Sales Department (Source: Administration & HR Dept) 1.2.2 Function and responsibilities of the position Under the arrangement of the company, I worked at the Sales Department and specifically the BD team (Business Development team) This is an important department of the enterprise because it is responsible for the creation of long-term value for a business through the development of relationships, markets and customers Relationship building, market expansion and brand awareness campaigns are all types of business development strategies a) Function The Business Development team acts as the thread that ties together all of a company’s functions or departments, helping a business expand and improve its sales, revenues, product offerings, talent, customer service and brand awareness Business Development team responsibilities include developing strong relationships with business customers, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders and preparing sales reports In addition, Business Development also answers client queries and identifies new business opportunities among existing customers In this role, our team will liaise with cross-functional internal teams (including Customer Service, Product Development and Driver Operation Department) to improve the entire customer experience b) Responsibilities  Assessing, prioritizing and executing requirements form internal stakeholders These requirements include: - Product improvement: UX research, business requirement document writing, etc - Process optimization: Review and build automatic flow to enhance performance - Data analytics: Transform raw data to customer insights  Actively introducing, consulting and persuading Merchant customers to use AhaMove delivery service from available database  Evaluating and categorizing customer segmentations according to the aim of use (business or private), maximizing revenue  Collecting and handling questions/requests from customers related to products/services provided by the business  Making monthly reports on customer surveys, satisfaction with products and services  Seeking new customers who need to deliver goods through Offline and Online channels in the provinces in the company’s expansion project: Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Da Nang, etc to consult and persuade customers to use AhaMove delivery service  Maintaining relationships, taking care of old customers, keeping close contacts, flexibly applying preferential policies for customers to retain and help customers develop their product  Analyzing customer data to propose appropriate promotions, closely following customer growth indicators and making adjustment plans  Finding out the reasons why customers are not satisfied with the service to improve the service  Storing data and handing over customers according to AhaMove’s process; proposing options to improve/optimize the process  Arranging meetings between customers and customer service staff  Forecasting data and periodic reports  Interacting with departments to solve problems, building and developing AhaMove’s image 10 PART 2: THE INTERNSHIP PROCESS AT AHAMOVE 2.1 The duties carried out in the internship process Starting from December 27th, 2021, I conducted a 4-week general internship at AhaMove During my internship at the company, I was able to broaden my horizons in the field of on-demand logistics service by various tasks assigned by my supervisor and have the opportunity to dedicate myself to the BD team of the Sales Department As a newcomer to the BD team, I was taught the necessary knowledge as well as the fundamental skills to perform my job Specifically, I was responsible for the following tasks: WEEK Week MAIN ACTIVITIES - Visiting around the office and departments in the company (from December - Meeting Sales manager and making acquaintance with staff at Sales 27th 2021 to December 31 st 2021) Department - Being introduced the overview of the company and departments by my BD team leader - Learning the rules and regulations of the company - Finding out all contents, skills and duties related to my work - Reading documents about existing products and services of the company - Starting the training and familiarization process under the guidance of BD team leader Week (from January - Studying operating on-demand logistics service - Learning how to respond to calls and emails from guests Writing 3rd 2022 to some simple letters to reply foreign customers January th - Making information about some English articles related to the list of 2022) products and services set by the company for the week and translating English-Vietnamese documents - Being directly trained on how to analyze customer data to consult suitable services 11 - Calling partners in available customer files for a long time without seeing new orders, if customers have problems with the service, set up an appointment to meet directly to solve - Joining a training meeting in English about developing AhaMove Insights Tools Week - Translating documents, mails, faxes which foreign partners and (from January customers sent to After that, writing emails/faxes to reply 10th 2022 to - Supporting in welcoming foreign partners to work at the company January 14 th - Sending English service’s description for customers 2022) - Learning how to deal with unexpected situations at work - Learning how to please each customer, knowing the characteristics of each company and which service they will use to support flexibly - Assisting the BD team leader in weekly meetings by taking notes on the main tasks and highlights of the meeting - Taking on the task of looking and approaching potential business partners/customers who can cooperate on the big Shopify sales platform in the future - Writing commercial correspondence inviting cooperation with business customers who are using services on Shopify platform Week - Drafting contracts about hiring shipping services and being checked (from January by documentation staff 17th 2022 to - Creating discount coupons for customer segmentations January 21 st - Taking care of old business partners and supporting all requests, 2022) arising when using AhaMove’s delivery services - Participating in activities on looking for new business partners/customers - Making weekly, monthly data reports from corp file for BD team - Finding and preparing materials for the internship report - Receiving useful comments and advice from the leader - Handing over customers to new employees Table 2.1 Weekly internship schedule at BD team of AhaMove 12 2.2 The difficulties and lessons of experience in the internship processing Throughout the four-week practicum at AhaMove, I have earned numerous helpful expertise and guidance that could not have been obtained without the actual internship process I found myself needing to try to practice and actively learn more additional knowledge, work skills to prepare for my job after graduation 2.2.1 Difficulties a) My skill difficulties ● Office Skill At Ahamove, our BD team usually work with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to write the weekly and monthly reports, so proficiency in the use of them is required for all the staff My given duties are to take customer data from Customer Service Dept, then classify clients according to available criteria and make a list on the sheets I was really self-deprecating about my Excel skill because it was still not good For example, when I entered the customers list into Excel, it was extremely difficult for me to conduct advanced filtering as well as link it to other spreadsheets I had no idea on this one and had to look them up on the Internet ● Communication Skill As a person whose main task is to communicate directly with customers, I always emphasize the importance of words and attitude in every call or meeting with customers There is the fact that communication is the key to a successful person You can succeed if you are a person good at communicating I have finished my subject of the principle of business communication and I know how to learn and boost communication skills not only for business affairs but daily life Although I have a good thesis about this matter, I realized I didn’t practice enough to have a good conversation with customers and drivers I still felt confused when talking with them, and sometimes I lose control, leading a conversation - which is extremely important for a salesperson ● Problem-solving It is understandable that an intern might lack experience Some of the most typical mistakes seen in the working process include slow processing speed and a lack of understanding on how to approach clients successfully Although the nature 13 of the job of BD personnel is to handle questions/requests from customers related to products/services provided by the business as well as meet partners on a daily basis, I am still troubled in problem-solving and goal-accomplishing mindset b) My knowledge difficulties ● Professional understanding As a fresher in this field, I have never learned the involved information As a result, I needed to be trained, which took time-consuming and required me more effort than ever to be able to serve the work Furthermore, BD employees are always the ones who directly respond and resolve client product and service questions There are times in my job when I have to deal with complicated issues that demand in-depth knowledge and expertise to address In some cases, new workers like me will need to seek assistance from supervisors or long-serving staff, which will make a decline in general work performance of the department ● Vocabulary I had difficulty listening to and understanding what customers said or sent while communicating with them The way they used English was sometimes different from what I had studied They used a lot of slang and abbreviations, and these words were difficult to look up in a dictionary When they spoke on the phone, the variety of their accents made it hard for me to understand what they wanted 2.2.2 Lessons Through the four weeks of training and working at Ahamove, I have acquired a lot of valuable skills and executive experiences that will help me advance in my profession Firstly, the internship brought to me the opportunity to apply my knowledge learned at Thuongmai University, especially knowledge related to Business English, translation, and commercial correspondence I worked on soft skills like planning, typing, reading, writing, and translating It helped me improve my English skills in my daily life as well as my future job However, I need to accumulate more in the working process in the future 14 Secondly, I learned a lot of vocabulary, information, and knowledge in business as well as knew how to work multitasking Thirdly, I recognized the value of teamwork and know-how to effectively collaborate with my coworkers while saving time I learned how to make friends with coworkers and develop positive relationships with business partners Lastly, I found that being flexible in how I dealt with certain situations made me more active and self-assured Furthermore, I was aware that in addition to enhancing my English, I needed to improve my soft skills, job management, critical thinking and computer skills, as these are critical components of my profession's success The difficulties and experiences I obtained are the luggage and valuable lessons after I graduate This is all that I summed up after my internship 15 PART 3: THE REALITY OF USING ENGLISH AT AHAMOVE 3.1 The reality of using English in the company In the context of the technology era, English has become a global language that allows people all over the world to communicate with each other To adapt as well as develop sustainably and long-lasting among the competitive market, AhaMove always encourages staff to use English in the workplace Therefore, AhaMove has focused on the English interview and carefully examining the qualifications related to English ability of candidates in the recruitment process Most employees at AhaMove’s departments have useful English input with relative English proficiency from basic to advanced According to the results of English tests conducted by AhaMove, most of the staff have enough ability to read and understand the given contents Besides, the percentage that staff uses English fluently in writing and speaking skill is 70% and 50% respectively In the Sales, Marketing and IT departments, the employees are required to have above 750 TOEIC scores or 6.0 IELTS or equivalent certificates As per the company policy, candidates, as well as the staff who are good at English, will be appreciated Good English skill is one of the most important factors which will decide your salary and position However, the use of English at AhaMove still encounters several limitations which results in a lack of competency in interacting with customers and slow responses Firstly, they have not exploited the potential of staff in using English in departments such as Administration & HR, Finance & Accounting, and so on The use of English in these departments is still limited because their daily work and tasks not usually interact with foreign languages, only departments working directly with foreign partners have certain foreign language skills This leads to a disparity between departments Secondly, at the Sales Department, especially our BD team, some employees have not had proficiency in all four skills yet (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) although our work are related to talking directly and handling clients' requests Some new staff members are unable to grasp what native speakers are 16 attempting to say Other staffs have only the ability to read and understand English but are not really good in contact to express their intention and misunderstand customer ideas As a result, it sometimes creates a few barriers in transactions with foreigners Furthermore, in daily transactions, English is not also widely used at AhaMove, only in dealings with foreign customers or partners These transactions mainly involve ordering, negotiation, and payment Except in these cases, all staff speak Vietnamese when discussing the plan, expressing their opinions, and telling stories from their daily lives, etc Finally, a number of new official staffs are not good enough at English skills to create a vast breakthrough to obtain the best results They give themselves trouble in translating flexibly, lack of specialized knowledge and vocabularies When they get emails and documents from customers or partners, they are unable to comprehend the whole content and the problem that the client wishes to address, thus it cannot be resolved In addition, they not know how to utilize specialist terminology in their responses and adopt an unsuitable manner due to cultural differences In short, AhaMove uses English quite popularly in the working process because it is an on-demand logistics company combined with E-commerce However, in some departments, the use of English is limited 3.2 Suggested solutions to improve the use of English at AhaMove English in the modern economy plays a vital role in any enterprise It is considered as an indispensable factor to the company development and orientation in the future According to mentioned problems in using English at AhaMove, I would like to suggest the following solutions: 3.2.1 Solutions for the company - Conducting basic to advanced training classes for employees on how to use specialized English and communication English The Board of Directors could link up with a number of English centers to design intensive English courses to improve English proficiency for staffs These courses need to concentrate on communication skills, negotiation, email writing, contract drafting in English However, managers 17 should include provisions in the contract that bind employees’ service to ensure workers stay at the firm after the course is completed - Encouraging employees to use English in the company as much as possible to increase their foreign language reflexes For example, the company can organize small competitions on special holidays or trips so that they have the opportunity to test communication skills in English - Enhancing bilingual work in business activities requires working on paper (writing emails and contracts, making reports, etc.) and daily tasks (telephone conversation, presentation, negotiation) The business should apply interaction among staff in both Vietnamese and English languages - Creating conditions for employees to join experience sharing seminars in English, which are organized by domestic and foreign units to learn more experience and skills in working with foreign partners - Applying more policies to motivate learning English by offering higher salaries or giving gifts to all officers and staffs to encourage them to participate in the English activities and English certifications For instance, the company can design a mini exam for the whole staff on special occasions and award for the people who have made much progress in English communication This will contribute to the improving English level for the staff and efficiency of using English as well - Sending employees with good experience and foreign language skills to work abroad, promoting them through financial or material incentives when signing successfully contracts with foreign customers This will promote the learning spirit of employees throughout the company - Carefully recruiting potential employees who are graduates from renowned schools or who have obtained international diplomas related to English skills The recruitment process should be implemented more strictly and demanding criteria should be applied in order to find suitable candidates 3.2.2 Solutions for the staff - Building self-study morale, improving English skills and realizing the importance of English for themselves and business operations of the enterprise 18 - Taking some additional courses in spare time in English centers, particularly speaking courses because it is a vital skill of a sales employee - Doing self-improvement efforts such as watching movies and imitating native speaker’s intonation; reading books and news to learn the ways of writing; listening to music; speaking with friends or relatives, etc - Using a notebook or writing down terms are also effective ways to learn specialized English vocabulary such as Finance, IT, HR, Advertising, Business Administration, etc Firmly grasping the key words so that catching the main ideas to solve customer's problems when receiving messages or words from them - Learning whole sentences, not just words: Many people memorize a lot of words but not know how to use them in sentences, this becomes meaningless When learning new words, try to memorize a few sentences that contain the word If you memorize the whole sentence, you don't need to worry if the sentence is grammatically incorrect or not - Learning to listen: When talking to foreigners, many people often focus on what to say, right or wrong, and they forget to listen to what others have to say This is a big mistake because actively listening helps you collect important information 19 PART 4: SUGGESTED TOPIC FOR GRADUATION PAPER Topic: “A study on difficulties and solutions in translating press documents from Vietnamese to English of 3rd and 4th year students of the English Faculty at Thuongmai University.” In the current context of globalization, the world is becoming smaller and smaller as the systems of communication and information are developing more and more sophisticated One thing is unavoidable in the process of such quick information transmission and for the goal of increasing cultural contacts: “translating” Translation is considered as an important bridge to connect the world together Therefore, learning translation is a necessity for university students majoring in language in particular and language learners in general However, it is not an easy task for each translator to this job well It is a hard process for translators in training, practicing and constantly exploring, absorbing new knowledge and equipping certain skills During my internship at AhaMove, I realized that I encountered a lot of difficulties in translating some assigned documents such as contracts, reports, newspapers, and so on I did not fully understand the meaning of specialized words leading to using the not good ones In addition, translating compound sentences is extremely perplexing and complicated, which requires advanced and good grammar There are still some texts translated unnaturally and lack of finding words to express that match the style of the target text To clarify this issue, I would like to propose the topic “A study on difficulties and solutions in translating press documents from Vietnamese to English of 3rd and 4th year students of English Faculty at Thuongmai University” for my graduation paper On that basis, I would like to identify common difficulties and mistakes in using vocabulary and expressions that students often make when they translate press documents, and at the same time, propose potential solutions to help students overcome those mistakes 20 CONCLUSION As the leading on-demand logistics company in the transportation sector, AhaMove has achieved many successes and created a firm foothold in the domestic market Besides, the company also makes efforts to expand into the international market AhaMove always try its best to become the best delivery partner to the customers After a month of internship at AhaMove, I finished my internship successfully with the wholehearted help and careful guidance of my supervisor, my BD team leader as well as all staff of AhaMove I did not only have a great chance to apply the knowledge and skills obtained at university in reality but also gained a lot of valuable experience about styles, attitudes, working methods and communication in a professional working environment Above all, this allows me to acquire new skills and have a clear orientation for my future career Through my experiences obtained during the four-week training process at AhaMove and my knowledge background, I conducted this report to figure out some existing problems at the company and some solutions to improve using English in the company I hope that it will contribute to the company’s development in the upcoming time I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor, my BD team leader and all staff of AhaMove They help me complete my training process and this report Likewise, I sincerely thank all the teachers of the English Faculty at Thuong Mai University who taught me much useful knowledge to apply in my work at the company At last, I wish all of you good health and success I am looking forward to receiving the teacher’s comments to complete the report perfectly Sincerely thanks! 21 REFERENCES I would like to express my gratitude to the following researches for providing the very useful information sources so that I could complete this report: Documents from Administration &HR Department from AhaMove Website: https://ahamove.com/ Website: https://doanhnghiep.quocgiakhoinghiep.vn/doanhnghiep/ahamove/?fbclid=IwAR0J HXLy3gH9mzrgzPIhFjlKjOkvkKgojAQSCnWs4YYLgTUr_juz05dNJTQ Website: https://ahamove.com/pages/policy/?fbclid=IwAR192QdkasDayIFoT9SRVu9ikmHlkwMRYvcJ3iRsQP4-6E_ZpbOjdW_vaI 22 ... company 1.1.1 General introduction about AhaMove Image 1.1 Image about AhaMove - Vietnamese Name: Công ty Cổ phần Dịch vụ Tức Thời – AhaMove - Registered Name: TUC THOI SERVICE CORPORATION (AHAMOVE) ... PART 1: OVERVIEW OF AHAMOVE- TUC THOI SERVICE CORPORATION 1.1 Information about the company 1.1.1 General introduction about AhaMove 1.1.2 The process... more business AhaMove always tries their best to create the best customer experience, making delivery easier, faster, safer and funnier! PART 1: OVERVIEW OF AHAMOVE- TUC THOI SERVICE CORPORATION
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