Tuyển tập 55 đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 (có đáp án)

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Tuyển tập 55 đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 (có đáp án)

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Phòng Giáo dục & đào tạo Tiên Lữ Kì thi chọn học sinh giỏi huyện Năm học 2013- 2014 Môn thi: Tiếng Anh lớp Thời gian: 150 phút ( Không kể thời gian giao đề) Đề thức ( Đề thi gồm có trang) Part I: Phonetics I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. Write your answer A, B, C or D on your answer sheet (0, 5) 1. A. deforestation B. reputation C. federation D. regularly 2. A. Passover B. access C. impress D. dissolve 3. A. depend B. enjoy C. separate D. return 4. A. nature B. national C. narrow D. channel 5. A. recite B. reconcile C. refund D. reproduce II. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others. Write your answer A, B, C or D on your answer sheet (0,5) 1. A. advice B. beauty C. picture D. postcard 2. A. recognize B. relax C. realize D. relatively 3. A. scissors B. object C. wardrobe D. transmit 4. A. paper B. tonight C. lecture D. story 5. A. remain B. convenient C. volunteer D. memorable Part II: Vocabulary and Grammar I. Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences. Write your answer A, B, C or D on the answer sheet (1, 5) 1. I cant understand the French visitors. I wish I .French. A. know B. have known C. knew D. will know 2. The church .about 100 years ago. A. was built B. is built C. has been built D. will be built 3. The teacher said: This homeworkcarefully A. has to B. has to be done C. had to D. had to be done 4. Dont worry, everything is control. A. in B. under C. on D. upon 5. I was really tired, I couldnt sleep. A. Therefore B. Because of C. Even though D. So 6. The child hurt himself badly when he fell.the bedroom window. A. out from B. out of C. down D. over 7. The nurse was on .in the hospital last night. A. work B. alarm C. duty D. service 8. .playing professional basketball, she also enjoys tennis. A. Besides B. Moreover C. Apart D. Together 9. I tried to .them from going, but they wouldnt take any notice. A. warn B. refuse C. forbid D. prevent 10. The doctor advised me not to takeso much work in future. A. after B. on C. over D. to 11. , after trying three times, he passed the examination. A. Lastly B. Last of all C. Last D. At last 12. I dont see any in arriving early at the theatre. A. cause B. point C. reason D. aim 13. You will have to your holiday if you are too ill to travel. A. put off B. cut down C. put out D. put up 14. to the national park before, Sue was amazed to see the geyser. A. Being not B. Not having been C. Have not been D. Having not been 15. During the war, we many relatives. A. set an example for B. took for granted C. lost touch with D. made a mention of II. Use the word given in capital at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. Write the correct word on your answer sheet (1, 0) 1. We can protect the environment by air pollution. (reduce) 2. He failed because he answered all my questions ( logic) 3. He is one of the most famous.in the world (environment) 4. We think that mothers Day should be celebrated. (nation) 5. Wearing uniforms encourages students to be of their school (pride) 6. He feels .because of the teachers voice (sleep) 7. Were sure we can believe him. Hes usually very (Truth) 8. The bloodstain on his T- shirt was very . (Notice) 9. Im afraid there is going to be anotherof the currency soon. (Value) 10. Did you really have to behave with such .to the little girl?. (Severe) III. There is a mistake in the four underlined parts of each sentence. Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. (1, 0) 1. We have such many things to that we have no time to go out. A B C D 2. Theres no point to talk to such a conservative minded person. A B C D 3. Film can only be developed in a room that is totally darkness. A B C D 4. I think thats an interesting thought, isnt that?. A B C D 5. She wishes she is the most beautiful girl in the world. A B C D 6. Although most known for her prose works, Maya Angelo also punished several A B C collections of poetry. D 7. If it is kept dry, a seed can still sprout up to forty years after their formation A B C D 8. Why so many students graduate weak at reading and math are questions continuing to A B C D disturb educators. 9. What I told her a few days ago were not the solutions to most of her problems A B C D 10. Although apples not grow during the cold season, apple trees must have such season A B C in order to flourish. D Part III: Reading I. Find a suitable word for each numbered blank. Write it on your answer sheet (1, 5) Most people think of computers .(1) very modern inventions, products of our new technology now. But .(2), the idea for a computer was worked out (3) two centuries ago by a man (4) Charles Babbage. Babbage was born in 1791 and (5) up to be a brilliant mathematician. He drew up plans for several calculating machines (6) he called engine. But, (7) the fact that he started building some of these, he never finished any of .(8) Over the years people have argued whether his machines(9) ever work. Recently, however, the Science Museum in London(10) finished building an engine.(11) on one of Babbages designs. It has.(12) six years to complete and .(13) than four thousand parts have been specially made. (14) it works or not, the machine will be on show at a special exhibition in the Science Museum to .(15) people of Babbages work II. Choose the best answer for each numbered blank. Write your answer A, B, C or D on your answer sheet (1, 0) The traffic light signal was invented by a railway signaling engineer. It was installed (1) the house of parliament in 1868. It (2)like any railway signal of the time, and was operated by gas. (3), it exploded and killed a policeman, and the accident.(4)further development until cars became common. (5) traffic lights are an American invention. Red - green . (6) were installed in Cleveland in 1914. Three - color signals, .(7) by hand from a tower in the .(8) of the street, were installed in New York in 1918. The (9)lights of this type to (10)in Britain were in London, on the junction between St Jamess street and Piccadilly in 1925 1. A. outside B. out C. out of D. outdoors 2. A. resembled B. looked C. showed D. seemed 3. A. However B. Therefore C. Although D. Despite 4. A. forbade B. avoided C. discouraged D. disappointed 5. A. New B. Recent C. Modern D. late 6. A. methods B. systems C. means D. ways 7. A. worked B. operated C. turned D. held 8. A. heart B. focus C. halfway D. middle 9. A. original B. primary C. first D. early 10. A. show B. appear C. happen D. become III. Read the following passage indicates the correct answer. Write your answer A, B, C or D on your answer sheet (0, 5) They call New York the Big Apple. Maybe it isnt exactly like an apple, but it is certainly very big. There are too many people, thats the problem. The streets are always full of cars and trucks, and you can never find a place to park. If you have enough money, you can take a taxi. New York cabs are yellow. They look all the same. But the drivers are very different. Some were born and raised in New York, but many are newcomers to the United States. A few drive slowly, but most go very fast. Cab driving is a difficult job. It can be dangerous, too. Thieves often try to steal the drivers money. Drivers sometimes get hurt. If you dont want to take a taxi, you can go by bus or you can take the subway. The subway is quick, and its cheap, but parts of it are old and dirty. Lights dont always work and there are often fires on the track. On some subway lines, there are new, clean, silver trains. But you cant see the color of the old trains easily. There is too much dirt and too much graffiti, inside and outside. 1/ what is the problem of New York? A. It has too many apples C. It is too big B. It looks like an apple D. It is too crowded 2/ what does a cab mean? A. a truck B. a bus C. a taxi D. a subway 3/ Cab drivers in New York A. can be dangerous C. look the same B. can be attacked by thieves D. were all born in New York 4/ The word track can best be replaced by A. roadway B. station C. light bulb D. train 5/ Subway in New York . A. are quickly but dirty C. have no lights B. are colorless D. often cause fires. Part IV. Writing I. Rewrite these sentences in such a way that they mean the same as the first, using the word in brackets at the end of each sentence. DO NOT CHANGE THE FORM OF THE GIVEN (0, 5) 1. "Ive seen the film three times, Mary said George. (Told) George 2. I regret giving Dennis my phone number. (I) I wish 3. I havent phoned her since she left for Paris. (LAST) The .when she left for Paris I thought she bore a strong resemblance to her grandmother. (Reminded) She grandmother. 5. Our team won and the visitors lost. (Beaten) The visitors . team. II. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write your answers on the answer sheet (1, 0) 1. She started working in this company years ago. She has . 2. Have you done your homework? asked the teacher. The teacher asked .? 3. The exercise was so easy that all students could it. It was such . 4. They didnt go out because it rained heavily. Because of 5. I didnt go to bed early, so I didnt wake up at am If . 6. It is thought that the accident was caused by human error The accident is . 7. John said that he was sorry he had not attended the meeting. John apologized 8. As soon as they arrived on the beach, it started to rain. No sooner 9. The children themselves are not in any way to blame for the disaster. In no way 10. In order to be highly paid, they work much harder. They work much harder, so III. Write a paragraph about 100 120 words with the topic What should you to improve your English? (1,0d) The end (Giám thị không đợc giải thích thêm) Phòng Giáo dục & đào tạo Tiên Lữ Kì thi chọn học sinh giỏi huyện Năm học 2013 - 2014 Môn thi: Tiếng Anh lớp Hớng dẫn chấm thi HSG môn Anh văn lớp năm học 2013 - 2014 (Gồm có trang) Part I: Phonetics I. 0,5 đ. Mỗi câu đợc 0,1 đ 1. A 2.D 3. C 4. A 5. B II. 0,5 đ. Mỗi câu đợc 0,1 đ 1. A 2.B 3. D 4. B 5. C Part II: Vocabulary and grammar I. 1,5đ. Mỗi câu đợc 0,1đ 1. C 2. A 6. B 7.C 11. D 12. B 3. B 8.A 13. A 4. B 9. D 14. B II. 1,0đ. Mỗi từ đợc 0,1đ 1. reducing 2. illogically 3. environmentalist 4. internationally 6. sleepy 7. truthful 8. noticeable 9. devaluation III. 1,0đ. Tìm lỗi sai đợc 0,1đ 1.A 2. B 3. D 6. A 7. D 8. C 4. D 9. B 5. C 10. B 15. C 5. proud 10. severity 5. B 10. C+- Part III. Reading I. 1,5đ. Điền từ đợc 0,1đ 1. as 6. which/ that 11. based 2. actually 7. despite 12. taken 3. about/ over 8. them 13. more 4. called/ named 5. grew 9. could/ would 10. has 14. whether 15. remind II. 1,0đ. Mỗi từ đợc 0,1đ 1. A 2. B 6. B 7. B 3. A 8. D 4. C 9. C 5.C 10. B III. 0,5đ. Mỗi từ đợc 0,1đ 1. D 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. A Part IV: Writing I. 0,5đ. Mỗi câu đợc 0,1đ 1. George told Mary he had seen the film three times 2. I wish I hadnt given Dennis my phone number. 3. The last time I phoned her was when I left for Paris 4. She reminded me of her grandmother. 5. The visitors were beaten by our team. II. 1,0đ. Mỗi câu đợc 0,1đ 1. She has worked/ has been working in this company for years. 2. The teacher asked me if I had done my homework. 3. It was such an easy exercise that all students could it. 4. Because of the heavy rain, they didnt go out. 5. If I had gone to bed early, I would have woken/ waked up at am 6. The accident is thought to have been caused by human error. 7. John apologized for not having attended the meeting. 8. No sooner had they arrived on the beach than it started to rain. 9. In no way are the children themselves to blame for the disaster. 10. They work much harder, so they can be highly paid. III. 1,0đ. The Students passage should include the following points: - Organization (Form): clear parts: (may be 0, point) (Opening - body - ending) - Content: should be clear, logical and creative with explanations, linking words: (0, point) (The body part must have at least reasons and explanations for the reasons) - Language skills: should be free of grammatical and spelling errors: (0, point) (Must be sure about grammar and dictation) S GIO DC & O TO NINH BèNH CHNH THC Chỳ ý: K THI CHN HC SINH GII CP TNH LP THCS NM HC: 2013-2014 Mụn: TING ANH Thi gian lm bi: 90 phỳt (Khụng k thi gian giao ) ( thi cú 07 trang) - Thớ sinh lm bi vo thi ny. - Thớ sinh khụng c s dng bt c ti liu gỡ, k c t in. SECTION 1. LISTENING: I. Part 1: Listen and fill in the blank with ONE word. (20 points) Time stands still in London Time stood still in London on May 27. Big Ben, the 147-year-old clock that is famous around the world, ___1___ stopped for ___2___ minutes. The clocks minute hand froze at 10.20 PM and then started moving again at 11.50 PM. ___3___ are baffled and cannot explain why the clock stopped. It is usually very reliable and rarely loses even one second. Big Ben is well known for both its ___4___ and its hourly chimes. It miraculously ___5___ the bombing attacks on London during World War II. It even managed to keep time to within one and a half seconds of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). However, it hasnt always been so ___6___: snow caused the clock to ring in the New Year ten minutes late in ___7___. Many people ___8___ believe Big Ben is either the name of the clock itself or of the clock tower. In fact, it is neither. Big Ben is the name of the 13-ton bell that ___9___ on every hour. It was ___10___ after Sir Benjamin Hall, who ordered the clocks construction. The official name for the tower that houses Big Ben is St. Stephens Tower. Write your answers here: . . . . . . 10 II. Part 2: Listen to a biologist, Paul Hart who tells about his trip across Africa. For each question, choose the correct answer A, B, or C (10 points) 1. Why did Paul choose the part of Africa where he visited? A. It is good for walking B. It will soon change C. He had been there before 2. How many scientists were there in Pauls team? A. B. C. 11 3. What made the teams journey slow? A. clearing paths through the forest B. finding somewhere safe to camp C. carrying heavy equipment 4. Whom was Paul angry towards to the end of the trip? A. the local guide B. some of the team 5. Where was Paul asked to go on another trip? A. Australia B. London C. fisherman C. Africa Write your answers here: . . SECTION 2. PHONETICS: III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group. (10pts) 1. A. parachute B. mechanic C. Christmas D. scheme 2. A. southern B. northern C. mouths D. months B. vanish C. Danish D. Spanish 3. A. shadow 4. A. have B. many C. shadow D. thank 5. A. exhibition B. exhaust C. exhibit D. exist Write your answers here: . . IV. Choose the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words. (10pts) 1. A. advertise B. advertisement C. teenager D. surrounding 2. A. economic B. introduce C. religion D. souvenir 3. A. earthquake B. literature C. disappear D. generous 4. A. preference B. disappointed C. unpolluted D. documentary 5. A. recommend B. spectator C. individual D. unexpected Write your answers here: 1. 2. . 3. 4. 5. SECTION 3. LEXICO- GRAMMAR: V. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences. (30 pts) 1. I can't make ________ what is happening. A. away B. over C. out D. on 2. A ________ is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the bank robber. A. prize B. reward C. notice D. repayment 3. This dish ________. Is it spicy? A. smells well B. is smelling good C. is smelled well D. smells good 4. Who was the first American person ________ on the moon? A. walking B. who walked C. walked D. to walk S GIO DC V O TO THANH HểA THI CHNH THC S bỏo danh . Kè THI CHN HC SINH GII TNH Nm hc: 2013-2014 Mụn thi: Ting Anh Lp THCS Ngy thi: 21 thỏng nm 2014 Thi gian : 150 phỳt (khụng k thi gian giao ) ny cú 04 trang Part A: PHONETICS (5 pts) I- Choose and write in your answer sheet the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest of the group. (2 pts) B. published C. ordered D. prayed 1. A. ploughed 2. A. closure B. pleasant C. decision D. pleasure II- Choose and write in your answer sheet the word whose from the rest of the group. (3 pts) 3. A. career B. avoid C. manage 4. A. official B. literacy C. inventory 5. A. diversity B. severe C. education stress pattern is different D. advise D. stationery D. courageous Part B: LEXICAL AND GRAMMAR (30 pts) I- Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence. (10 pts) 6. The hotel has been built on the . of the lake. A. border B. boundary C. edge D. front 7. John: I didnt pass my driving test. Anna: .! A. Better luck next time B. So poor C. Congratulations D. That was nice of you. 8. She used to . her living by delivering vegetables to local hotels. A. have B. win C. earn D. get 9. Although it was raining heavily, . A. he went out without a raincoat. B. but he went out without a raincoat. C. so he went out without a raincoat. D. however he went out without a raincoat. 10. The house was .building. A. a stone nice old B. a nice old stone C. a nice stone old D. an old nice stone 11. Do you .my turning the television on now? A. object B. disapprove C. want D. mind 12. Last year, Matt earned .his brother. A. twice as much as B. twice as many as C. twice more than D. twice as more as 13. You don't have to decide now, you can . . A. put it aside B. call it off C. tear it up D. think it over 14. Jenny and her sister are so They could almost be twins. A. likeness B. alike C. like D. the same 15. They hardly believe him and . A. so I B. neither I C. I do, too D. I believe him II- Use the verbs in brackets in the correct tense or form. (10 pts) 16-17. Jack (be) . ready in a moment. He (just finish) . his breakfast. 18. None of the people (invite) . to the party could come. 19-20. I was terribly disappointed (discover) . that he (lie) . to me. 21-22. Nothing (give) . to you if you (not study) . hard. 23. We (tell) .not to go out at night recently. 24-25. There is smoke and I smell something (burn) . . There (be) . a fire nearby. III- Supply the correct form of the word in capital letters. (10 pts) 26. We must learn about keeping our environment (POLLUTE) . . 27. It is also easy to save energy, which also reduces (HOUSE) bills. 28-29. You needn't go on a diet; but you have to eat (SENSE) and you mustnt (EAT) . 30. Help is immediately sent to the (SURVIVE) of the earthquake. 31. My brother can repair electric (APPLY) very well. 32. (ENVIRONMENT) are doing their best to save the species from dying out. 33. These (INNOVATE) will conserve the earths resources. 34. The Presidents New Year speech is going to be broadcast (NATION) . 35. Daily newspapers often have sections for news, sports, arts, and (CLASS) advertising. Part C: READING (25 pts) I- Fill in each of the blanks with one suitable word. (10 pts) Every year, eight million children across the United States spend some time at a summer camp. For more than a century, children have enjoyed both learning new skills and (36 ) part in a variety of activities in a friendly environment. There are 10,000 camps across the country, which are designed to look (37. .) youngsters from the age of to 18. The camps, (38. ) anything from to weeks, are often situated in beautiful lakeside areas and there is a wide range of (39 ) to suit every pocket. The children typically outdoor (40. .), including some challenging sports like climbing, or indoor activities such as drama, music or poetry. (41. .) the camps are not luxurious, the wooden cabins the young people sleep (42. .) are comfortable. The timetable does not allow very much time for relaxing because the children are (43. .) busy all the time. The camps are popular with the children and many come away (44. .) of enthusiasm. In the words of one former camper, 'I made a lot of friends, (45 .) never on my own, and became a lot more self-confident.' II- Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D to fill in the gaps in the following passage. (10 pts) The computer is undoubtedly one of the most (46) . and important inventions of the twentieth century. Boring or time-consuming jobs which, in the past, would have been (47) by hundreds of workers can now be done by one small computer. However, the (48) . of the computer has not been entirely problem-free. Many people feel that we are already too (49) on computers. They think that computers themselves are (50) . too powerful, and that people are no longer in control of them. One of the problems with a computer is that, like any other machines, it can (51) If a computer is (52) ., the information it is storing can be lost. If a computer program has a(n) (53) . in it, the computers calculation can be seriously (54) . A faulty program in a hospital or police computer could (55) .terrible mistakes. 46. A. shocking B. amazing C. astonishing D. surprising 47. A. done out B. made out C. carried out D. figured out 48. A. usage B. experiment C. introduction D. operation 49. A. dependent B. based C. influenced D. carried 50. A. becoming B. getting C. running D. turning 51. A. break up B. break down C. break into D. break out 52. A. changed B. modified C. contaminated D. damaged 53. A. foul B. abnormality C. wrongdoing D. error 54. A. devalued B. affected C. fooled D. broken 55. A. B. produce C. find D. cause III- Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer (5 pts) Many British people dont think about clothes very much. They just like to be comfortable. When they go out to enjoy themselves, they can wear almost anything. At theaters, cinemas and concerts you can put on what you like from elegant suits and dresses to jeans and sweaters. Anything goes, as long as you look clean and tidy. But in Britain, as well as the United States, men in offices usually wear suits and ties, and women wear dresses or skirts (not trousers). Doctors, lawyers and business people wear quite formal clothes. And in some hotels and restaurants men have to wear ties and women wear smart dresses. In many years, Americans are more relaxed than British people, but they are more careful with their clothes. At home or on holiday, most Americans wear informal or sporty clothes. But when they go out in the evening, they like to look elegant. In good hotels and restaurants, men have to wear jackets and ties, and women wear pretty clothes and smart hairstyles. It is difficult to say exactly what people wear informal or formal in Britain and the United States because everyone is different. If you are not sure what to wear, watch what other people and the same. Youll feel more relaxed if you dont look too different from everyone else. 56. Many British people wear freely when they A. attend meetings B. attend lectures C. spend their spare time D. meet their friends 57. Who doesnt usually wear suits and ties? A. Lawyers B. Doctors C. Drivers D. Secretaries 58. If you visit an American friend at home in the evening, you may find that your friend wears . A. pretty clothes B. informal clothes C. formal clothes D. dirty clothes 59. If you are in a foreign country, the best way the writer suggests to you is to wear A. strange clothes B. as the people there C. your native clothes D. pretty clothes 60. What you think the passage is mainly about? A. Recent dressing habit in Great Britain and the United States. B. The reason why informal clothing is popular in Britain and the US. C. When we should wear in a formal way. D. Where we should wear in a formal way. Part D: WRITING (20 pts) I- Complete each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed above it. (10 pts) 61. They bought me two laptops, but neither worked satisfactorily. They bought 62. Janes career as a television presenter began five years ago. Jane has .. 63. Im quite happy to look after the baby for you. I dont 64. The flight to Paris lasted hours. It took .. 65. People say that he sold his house to pay the debt. He is 66. The passengers dont realize how lucky they have been. Little 67. You ought to fasten your seatbelt before driving away. You shouldnt 68. His working too much led to his illness. If he 69. If someone understands this book, they are cleverer than I am. Anyone who.. 70. Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight? Peter said to Ann. Peter invited . II- Write a paragraph of 100 - 120 words about the thing you like to most in your free time. (10 pts) ------- THE END ------ Kè THI CHN HC SINH GII TNH S GIO DC V O TO THANH HểA Nm hc: 2013-2014 Mụn thi: Ting Anh Lp THCS Ngy thi: 21 thỏng nm 2014 (Hng dn gm 02 trang) HD CHM CHNH THC A- P N: Part A: PHONETICS (5 im Mi cõu ỳng im) 1B 2B 3C 4A 5C Part B: LEXICAL & GRAMMAR (30 im Mi cõu ỳng im) I. 6C 7A 8C 9A 10B 11D 12A 13D 14B 15B II. 16. will be 20. had lied / had been lying 24. burning 17. is just finishing 18. invited 19. to discover 21. will be given 22. not study 23. have been told 25. must be III. 26. unpolluted 31. appliances 27. household 32. Environmentalists 28. sensibly 33. innovations 29. overeat 34. nationwide 30. survivors 35. classified 39. prices 44. full 40. activities 45. was Part C: READING (25 im Mi cõu ỳng im) I. 36. taking 37. after 41. Although / Though 42. in / While / Whereas 38. lasting 43. kept II. 46B 47C 48C 49A 50A 51B 52D 53D 54B 55D III. 56C 57C 58B 59B 60A Part D: WRITING (20 im) I. (10 im- Mi cõu ỳng im) 61. They bought me two laptops, but neither of which worked satisfactorily. 62. Jane has been a television presenter for five years. Jane has worked as a television presenter for five years. Jane has been working as a television presenter for five years. 63. I dont mind looking after the baby for you. 64. It took hours to fly to Paris. 65. He is said to have sold his house to pay the debt. 66. Little the passengers realize how lucky they have been. 67. You shouldnt drive away without fastening your seatbelt. 68. If he had not worked too/so much, he would not have been ill. 69. Anyone who understands this book is cleverer than I am. 70. Peter invited Ann to go to the concert with him that night. II. 10 im Marking criteria: - Task completion im: Tựy mc hon thnh cỏc yờu cu, giỏm kho cú th chm t 1-4 im. - Grammatical accuracy and spelling im: Bi vit khụng cú li chớnh t v di li ng phỏp c cho im ti a. C li chớnh t hoc ng phỏp tr im (Tr khụng quỏ im). - Coherence and cohesion (tớnh mch lc v s liờn kt cõu, on) im: Tựy mc mch lc, liờn kt cõu, liờn kt on ca bi vit, giỏm kho cú th chm 1-3 im. B- HNG DN CHM: - Tng im ton bi : 80 im - Thang im: 20 Tng s im cỏc cõu lm ỳng im bi thi = - im bi thi c lm trũn n 0,25 Phòng giáo dục & đào tạo thiệu hóa đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp thcs cấp huyện Năm học 2012 - 2013 Môn thi: tiếng anh Đề thức Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút Ngày thi: 26 tháng 11 năm 2012 (Đề thi gồm có 04 trang) Question I: Phonetics (5 points) a, Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. B. teammate C. parent D. behavior 1. A. ranger 2. A. overhead B. repeat C. cheap D. treatment B. resident C. migrant D. citizenship 3. A. victim b, Pick out the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest. 1. A. appear B. escape C. highlight D. enroll 2. A. academic B. application C. education D. selection Question II: (10 points) Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate form. 1. Her mother ( cook) ____ dinner at oclock pm yesterday. 2. My friend, Ba, was going to school, when he ( meet) ___ me yesterday morning. 3. The classroom always ( clean) ____ before class. 4. One of my classmates advised me ( not chat) on line. It is waste of time. 5. Before class he ( not finish) ____ his homework yet. 6. We ( not see) ___ him for many years. 7. This is one of the best books that I ( ever read). 8. Would you mind ( open) the window? It is too hot. 9. Id rather you (learn) ____ harder for the exam. 10. Your writings must ( write) in ink. Question III: (15 points) Choose the best answer to complete each sentence. 1. I never learn how to play ____ guitar. A. a B. C. an D the 2. His father sometimes gives him stamps ____ other countries. A. from B. of C. in D. by 3. I am very glad _____ from you. A. looking B. to look C. to hear D. hearing 4. A- I eat a little in the morning. B - _____. A. Neither I B. So I C. I eat a little, either D. Yes. I 5. Jane wrote a notice on the board ___ inform her classmates about the change in schedule. A. in order B. so as to C. so D. so that 6. Excuse me, Sir! Could you show me ____ to the nearest post office? A. how to get B. getting C. to get D. got 7. I am going to have a short rest as I ____ a headache. A. take B. have C. feel D. suffer 8. Do come ____ instead of standing there on the doorstep ____ the rain A. into/ in B. in/ under C. in/ in D. by/ in 9. ____, after trying three times, he passed the examination. A. Lastly B. Last of all C. Last D. At last 10. It was raining very ____ so I took my umbrella. A. wet B. badly C. hard D. firmly 11. This is the oldest building ____ the village. A. in B. of C. by D. to 12. She never says a word: shes as ____ as a mouse. A. quiet B. small C. slight D. noiseless 13. Surely Davids not going to drive, _____ he? A. does B. is C. isnt D. will 14. This cloth ____ very thin. A. touches B. holds C. handles D. feels 15. ____ you hurry, you will not catch the bus. A. Because B. In spite of C. Except D. Unless Question IV: (10 points) Give the correct form of the word in the bracket. Example: He said Good morning a most friendly way. ( FRIEND) 1. The girls _____ chess are intelligent girls . ( PLAY) 2. Did you watch the film on TV last night. I am ____ in it. ( INTEREST) 3. He suggested ____ out for dinner (GO) 4. He used all his ____ to move the box. ( STRONG) 5. The gas from the chemical factory was extremely ____. ( HARM) 6. Their ____ are too young to earn money for their living. (CHILD) 7. I am looking forward to ____ you. ( MEET) 8. A Vietnamese girl ____ Hong is living next door. ( NAME) 9. It was a(n) ____ day. I never forget it. ( ENJOY) 10. The big room makes us feel ____. ( COMFORT) Question V: (10 points) Rewrite each sentence, starting as shown, so that the meaning stays the same. Example: I have not enjoyed myself so much for years. - It is . Answer: It is years since I enjoyed myself so much. 1. I dont remember your phone number. - I wish . 2. Did the Robinsons visit Tri Nguyen Aquarium? - Was . . 3. What are you doing now ? Mr. Brown said to me. - Mr. Brown asked . . 4. Do you often come back home after 11 pm ? I asked Jack. - I asked Jack . . 5. My sister will stay on at school unless she finds a good job before September. - If my sister . . 6. The way to the beach is such a long way that it took them an hour to walk there. - The way to the beach . . 7. It always takes me fifteen minutes to have breakfast. - I always spend . . 8. How long have they built this house? - When . ? 9. Dogs can swim better than cats can. - Cats can not . 10. Tim will be eighteen next week. - Its Tims . Question VI: (10 points) Find out one mistake in each sentence and correct it. Example: The man is driving car very fastly. fastly fast 1. Hoa is studying hardly for her exams. 2. We feel very happily today. 3. They will probably translate her new book in some foreign languages. 4. He told to me that our teacher was sick. 5. I think physics are more difficult than other subjects. 6. The all students go home after school. 7. Would you like going with us to the art club after finishing this exercise? 8. Could you help to carry some luggages for me, please? 9. Remember brushing your teeth before you go to bed. 10. Soccer is the most popular in England. It always takes places at weekends. Question VII: (10 points) Fill in the gap with one suitable word to complete the paragraph. Example : = problems Energy is one of the (0) .that many people are interested (1) . . It is not an unfamiliar word. It is heard, said, discussed day after day. It is close to everyones (2) .life. You turn on the lamp and it is (3) .that gives you light. You turn on a TV and it is energy that gives you pictures and sound. You ride a motorcycle and it is energy that gives you (4) You cook your meals and it is energy that gives you heat to boil rice. The problem is that the demand for energy is rising and that the price of energy is getting(5) .and higher. The supply of energy on earth is limited. It cannot provide us all forever. The (6) of energy in the future is inevitable. Therefore, saving energy is a must if we want to (7) to live in a safe and sound world. If we save energy, the(8) .will be less polluted and our health will be better and we will live a more meaningful life and more happily. Perhaps the best(9) . to the problem of energy is a source of clean energy coming from the sun: solar energy. This kind of energy is easily available, free, and inexhaustible. Furthermore, it does not cause(10) . Question VIII: (5 points) Read the passage and choose the best answer: I was born in Newcastle, a city in the North East of England . Newcastle is on the bank of the River Tyne . It is quite big, with a population of about 200,000 people. There is a cathedral and a university. There are five bridges over River Tyne, which link Newcastle to the next town, Gateshead, where there is one of the biggest shopping centers in the world. A few years ago, the main industries were shipbuilding and coalmining, But now the chemical and soap industries are important . I moved to London ten years ago but I often return to Newcastle. I miss the people, who are very friendly, and I miss the beautiful countryside near the city, where there are so many hills and streams. 1. Newcastle is A. a city near the North East of England B. a small town in England. C. a city in the North East of England D. a city in the North of England . 2. The population of Newcastle is . A. 200,000 people B. much less than 200,000 people C. much more than 200,000 people D. about 200,000 people. 3. Gateshead has one of . in the world. A. the largest rivers B. the most important shipbuilding industries C. the most beautiful countryside D. the biggest shopping centers 4. According to the passage, the writer . A. is still living in Newcastle B. has never returned to Newcastle C. doesnt live in Newcastle any more D. has come back to live in Newcastle. 5. Which of the following is NOT true about Newcastle ? A. Its people are friendly. B. Its main industry now is shipbuilding. C. It has a cathedral and a university. D. It is next to Gateshead Question IX: (5 points) Fill in each gap with a suitable preposition to complete the following sentences: 1. My village is about 120 kilometersthe west of Ho Chi Minh city 2. We can see many international programs different channels 3. What can we to spend less lighting? 4. Im surprised the amount of traffic today. I didnt think it would be so busy. 5. You remind me somebody I knew a long time ago. You look just like her. ---------------------------------------------The end-----------------------------------------H tờn thớ sinh: , S bỏo danh: sở giáo dục & Đào Tạo Cao Bằng đề thức Đề thi học sinh giỏi cấp tỉnh lớp thcs năm học 2010-2011 Môn thi : tiếng Anh Ngày thi : 16 / 03 /2011 Thời gian làm :150 phút Điểm (không kể thời gian giao đề ) ( Đề gồm 04 trang ) Số phách Họ tên, chữ ký giám khảo Giám khảo 1: Giám khảo 2: hớng dẫn làm thi nghe - Phần thi nghe đợc thực từ phút tính từ có hiệu lệnh làm bài. - Giám thị bật đĩa CD cho học sinh nghe đến có nhạc hiệu lần cho dừng phần thi nghe để học sinh tiếp tục làm thi viết. A. Listening Listen to the following passage. Mark ( X ) the correct answer. ( pts ) 1. What does Bill like doing? a. Working on the farm. b. Walking in the country. c. Eating a lot of food. d. Making a lot of money. 2. What does Bill look like? a. He is very thin b. He is rather tall. c. He is very short. d. He is quite fat. 3. Who did he meet in the country one day? a. He met a cook from a restaurant. b. He met a man who had a farm. c. He met two fat farmers. d. He met a farmer and his wife. 4. What did the man ask Bill? a. He asked Bill if he was tired. b. He asked Bill if he was looking for a restaurant. c. He asked Bill if he was hungry. d. He asked Bill if he was looking for a job. 5. What did Bill want to first? a. He wanted to have something to eat. b. He wanted to go to a restaurant for dinner. c. He wanted to make a cup of tea. d. He wanted to a job. 6. What did Bill want after this? a. He wanted some peas. b. He wanted a big steak. c. He wanted lots of potatoes. d. He wanted some tea and cake. B. Reading Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to fill in each blank to finish the passage below. ( pts ) Polar bears are (1) .in the northern of Canada. They have pure white fur covering their black skin. Male polar bears can (2) up to 650 kilograms; females usually weight about 350 kilograms. These enormous bears have developed unique habits and features to help them (3) (4) other species of bears not hibernate (5) the winter. They need to eat all year long to survive. Polar bears (6) . diet is seal, but they also like (7) sea animals. During the summer, they find berries and birds (8) .their diet. Polar bears have adapted special body parts for their environment. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. A. exploited A. weight A. for surviving A. Not similar A. when A. main A. another A. supplement B. found B. load B. surviving B. Unlike B. during B. delicious B. the other B. add C. invented C. add C. to be survived C. Not same C. while C. acceptable C. one another C. supply D. got D. calculate D. survive D. Not as D. since D. certain D. other D. to supplement C. Grammar and vocabulary I/ Complete each sentence with one suitable preposition. ( pts ) 1. We stopped at a small village the way to London. 2. I havent seen her since she left home .work this morning. 3. You had better take .your coat if youre too hot. 4. Mr. Johnson is charge of the department. 5. The thieves broke the door down a hammer. 6. You have to pay half the cost of the holiday advance. 7. They have put the match until next week. 8. I am sure Helen can deal .the situation perfectly. II/ Give the correct form of the verbs in the brackets. ( pts ) 1. What would you if you ( be ) in my position? 2. She dislikes ( ask ) .to something by others. 3. You ( not tidy ) .this room for weeks. 4. Listen to these foreigners. What language they .( speak )? 5. I wish I ( live ) in a big city. Its so boring in the country. 6. Stay here till the light ( turn ) .green. 7. The last time he ( see ) .in public, he was wearing a grey suit. 8. Id rather ( be ) .unemployed than work for him. 9. We were a few minutes late, so the film .( start ) when we got to the cinema. 10. He wishes that he ( work ) harder, but it is too late now. 11. The man who .( rescue ) had been in the sea for ten hours. 12. Pupils are made .( work ) hard at school. III/ Complete the sentences with words formed from the words in capitals. ( pts ) 1. .claim that the virus among seals was caused by pollution. ENVIRONMENT 2. Jane received a lot of from her teachers and friends. COURAGE 3. Using electricity is an .way of cooking. Gas is much cheaper. ECONOMY 4. The twins are so alike that it is difficult to .one from the other. DISTINCT 5. Thousands of people were made .by the earthquake in Indonesia. HOME 6. The of the building has shocked everyone. DESTROY 7. Mary always listens .to what the teacher explains. ATTEND 8. The new leisure center doesnt quite up to my EXPECT IV/ Put the following sentences into Reported speech. ( pts ) 1. Where were you last night, Miss Mai? she said. 2. What else did you see? I asked the girl. 3. Have you done this sort of work before? said his new employer. 4. Can you read the last line on map? the oculist asked her. 5. Did they understand what you said to them? she asked me. 6. Are you being attended to, sir? said the shop girl. 7. Will you go in strike when the others do? the shop steward asked him. 8. Do you see what I see, Liz? said the young man. D. Writing Make sentences using the words given. Using that-clause. ( pts ) 1. I / glad / you / all right. 2. We / surprised / she came. 3. I / anxious / he / shouldnt / find out. 4. It / obvious / they / happy together. 5. It / funny / she / should / / a thing like that. 6. I / certain / you / enjoyed / the meal. 7. We / worried / there / no life guards / duty. 8. Helen / sure / she / could / identify / her attacker. .The end hớng dẫn chấm đề thi Học Sinh Giỏi cấp tỉnh lớp thcs năm học: 2010-2011 môn :tiếng anh ( Hớng dẫn chấm gồm 02 trang ) Đề thức A. Listening Listen to the following passage. Mark ( X ) the correct answer. ( x 0.5 = pts ) 1. c 2. d 3. b 4. d 5. a 6. d B. Reading Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to fill in each blank to finish the passage below. ( x 0.5 = pts ) 1. 2. 3. 4. B A D B 5. 6. 7. 8. B A D D C. Grammar and vocabulary I/ Complete each sentence with one suitable preposition. ( x 0.25 = pts ) 1. 2. 3. 4. on for off in 5. 6. 7. 8. with in off with II/ Give the correct form of the verbs in the brackets. ( 12 x 0.25 = pts ) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. were being asked havent tidied are - speaking lived turns 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. was seen be had started had work was rescued to work III/ Complete the sentences with words formed from the words in capitals. ( x 0.25 = pts ) 1. 2. 3. 4. Environmentalists encouragement uneconomic distinguish 5. 6. 7. 8. homeless destruction attentively expectation IV/ Put the following sentences into Reported speech. ( x 0.25 = pts ) 1. She asked Miss Mai where she had been the previous night. 2. I asked the girl what else she had seen. 3. His new employer asked whether he had done that sort. 4. The oculist asked her if she could read the last line on map. 5. She inquired whether they had understood what I had said to them. 6. The shop girl asked the customer if she was being attended to. 7. The shop steward asked him if he would go in strike when the others did. 8. The young man asked Liz if she saw what he saw. D. Writing Make sentences using the words given. Using that-clause. ( x 0.5 = pts ) 1. Im glad that youre all right. 2. We were surprised that she came. 3. Im anxious that he shouldnt find out. 4. Its obvious that theyre happy together. 5. Its funny that she should a thing like that. 6. Im certain that you enjoyed the meal. 7. We were worried that there were no life guards on duty. 8. Helen was sure that she could identify her attacker. *Lu ý chung ton bi: + im ton bi l tng im cỏc bi thnh phn, gi li s hng thp phõn. + Nu hc sinh lm bi theo cỏch khỏc m m bo chớnh xỏc v y ca kin thc ngụn ng thỡ cho im ti a. [...]... cho i m t i a T ng i m toàn bài: 20 i m 9 S GIÁO D C VÀ ÀO T O H I DƯƠNG KỲ THI CH N H C SINH GI I T NH L P 9 THCS NĂM H C 2012-2013 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH Th i gian làm bài: 150 phút CHÍNH TH C Ngày thi: 27 / 3 / 2013 ( thi g m có 05 trang) Thí sinh làm bài vào t gi y thi Ph n tr c nghi m: Ch c n vi t ch cái A ho c B, C, D Ph n t lu n vi t y theo yêu c u c a bài (Thí sinh không ư c s d ng b t c tài li u... Thanh Thuy III Write a paragraph of about 120 words about your favorite teacher (10 points) ========== THE END ========== H và Tên thí sinh: S báo danh: H và Tên giám th 1: Ch ký :………………… H và Tên giám th 2: Ch ký :………………… 5/5 S GIÁO D C VÀ ÀO T O H I DƯƠNG ÁP ÁN VÀ HƯ NG D N CH M BÀI THI CH N H C SINH GI I T NH L P 9 THCS NĂM H C 2012-2013 MÔN THI: TI NG ANH Ngày thi: ... cooking 9 Jack London was born on January 13th, 1876 in San Francisco, California 10 Solar panels are installed on the roof of the/ a house to receive energy from the sun T ng i m toàn bài: 200 i m Quy v thang i m 20 là 200 : 10 = 20 PHÒNG GIÁO D C & ÀO T O THANH OAI KỲ THI CH N H C SINH GI I C P HUY N L P 9 THCS NĂM H C: 2013-2014 Môn: TI NG ANH Th i gian làm bài: 150 phút (Không k th i gian giao ) ( thi. .. …………………………………………………………………………………………… The end ÁP ÁN KỲ THI H C SINH GI I TIÊNG ANH L P 9 C P HUY N (Năm h c 2013 - 2014) SECTION I: LISTENING (2,0 points) Listen then choose the best answer A, B, or C to each question (2,0pts = 10 x 0,2) 1 mysteriously 2 90 3 Engineers 4 accuracy 5 survived 6 reliable 8 mistakenly 9 strikes 10 named 1 B 7 196 2 2 C 3 A 4 B 5 A SECTION II PHONETICS I Choose the word... use/ gas/ instead/ burn/ coal/ for/ cook 9 Jack London/ bear/ January 13th/ 1876/ San Francisco/ California 10 Solar panels/ install / roof/ house/ energy/ sun The end S GIÁO D C VÀ ÀO T O NINH BÌNH HƯ NG D N CH M THI CH N H C SINH GI I C P T NH L P 9 THCS NĂM H C: 2013-2014 Môn: Ti ng Anh (Hư ng d n ch m g m: 02 trang) SECTION I: LISTENING... point) Yours faithfully, Pham Thanh Thuy III 10 points 1 Task fulfillment: 6.0 points + Complete the task with relevant information + Well-organized 2 Language: (4.0 points) + appropriate vocabulary + correct grammar + punctuation / spelling 7/5 PHÒNG GD- T THANH OAI TRƯ NG THCS NGUY N TR C TT KIM BÀI i m Ê THI CH N H C SINH GI I L P 9 Năm h c: 2013-2014 M«n: TiÕng Anh Th i gian: 150 phút (không k... anxiously 36 impoliteness 37 economize 38 proudly 39 enrich 40 cultural 43 B 44 C 45 C 48 F 49 A 50 D III (5 points): One point for each correct answer 41 C 42 B IV (5 points): One point for each correct answer 46 G 47 E d READING I (10 points): One point for each correct answer 51 B 52 D 53 A 54 B 55 C 56 C 57 D 58 C 59 B 60 A 63 E 64 B 65 F 68 C 69 C 70 B II (5 points): One point for each correct... from trees (55) of our clothing is made from the fibers of the cotton plant Scientists believe there are more than 350,000 species of plants, but no one knows for (56) Some of the smallest plants, called diatoms, can be seen only with a (57) A drop of water may hold as many as 500 diatoms The largest living things are the giant sequoia trees of California Some of them stand more than 290 feet high... have thick walls that (60) .a material called cellulose Animal cells do not have this material 51 A on B in C at D of 52 A these B those C all D such 53 A polar B polarized C poled D pole 54 A harmful B useful C unnecessary D unhealthy 55 A Many B Few C Much D Lot 56 A certainty B guarantee C sure D certainly 57 A telescope B periscope C stethoscope D microscope 58 A part B separate C divide D sort 59. .. tài li u gì.) A LISTENING Hư ng d n làm bài nghe: - Bài nghe g m có 1 ph n, thí sinh ư c nghe 2 l n M u và k t thúc có tín hi u nh c - M i hư ng d n cho thí sinh (b ng ti ng Anh) có trong bài nghe Listen to the passage and fill in the blank with ONE missing word (10 points): Our oceans are becoming extremely (1) Most of this pollution comes from the land which (2) it comes from people Firstly, . dục & đào tạo Tiên Lữ Kì thi chọn học sinh giỏi huyện Năm học 2013 - 2014 Môn thi: Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Hớng dẫn chấm bài thi HSG môn Anh văn lớp 9 năm học 2013 - 2014 (Gồm có 2 trang). đào tạo Tiên Lữ Kì thi chọn học sinh giỏi huyện Năm học 2013- 2014 Môn thi: Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Thời gian: 150 phút ( Không kể thời gian giao đề) Đề chính thức ( Đề thi gồm có 5 trang) . BÌNH –––––––––– ĐỀ CHÍNH THỨC KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI CẤP TỈNH LỚP 9 THCS NĂM HỌC: 2013-2014 Môn: TIẾNG ANH Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút (Không kể thời gian giao đề) (Đề thi có 07 trang)

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