Giáo án tiếng anh lớp 9 cả năm chuẩn kiến thức in dùng luôn

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[...]... became high fashion clothing in the 198 0s 5.The sale of jeans stopped growing because worldwide economic situation got worse in the 199 0s 3 POST – READING : True/ false statements 1 Many students wore jeans in 199 0s 2 The word “ jeans” comes from a kind of material that was made in Asia 3 Today jeans are out of fashion 4 In the 197 0s more and more people liked wearing jeans The answer 1 T 2 F 3 F 4 T... 3. 197 0s: Jeans became cheaper so many people began wearing jeans 4. 198 0s : Jeans became high fashion clothing 5. 199 0s: The sale of jeans stopped going up b) Answer * The answer 1.The words “Jeans” comes from a kind of material that was made in Europe 2.The 196 0s’ fashion were embroidered jeans , painted jeans and so on 3.Because jeans became cheaper 3.Jeans at last became high fashion clothing in the... - T says “Now you are going to write 1 When did you arrive in ? a paragraph about a trip to a city in 2 Who met you at the bus/ train .? VN Before writing, you work in pair 3 Which places do you visit? asking and answering about your trip 4 Who did you meet during the visit? by using the following questions” 5 What kind of food did you eat? Ss read ten questions and work in pair 6 What did you buy?... Cutting rice Flying kite GETTING STARTED - What do you see in the picture 1,2,3 ? - What is she/ he doing? - What are they? The answer 1 Watering the vegetables 2 Swimming in the river 3 Feeding the chickens 4 Harvesting the crop/ cutting the rice 5 Feeding the pigs 34 6 Plowing in the field 7 A buffalo boy is flying his kite 8 Some children are playing soccer B.PRESENTATION : - T says “ Today we will hear... 2.Activity2Work in a partner Imagine you and your 29 before the class - T corrects - T explains the present perfect tense with “ Yet, already “ - Ss take note - T explains new words - Ss guess meaning of new words and take note - T checks the words by playing “ Slap the board” - T says “Now you work in pairs Imagine that you and your partner are visiting HCM city Ask and answer the questions about the things... answer: 1.Rice is grown in India 2.This rug is made by my aunt 3.That bridge was designed by Mr Pike in 197 0 4.Bill and Ann wasn’t invited to the party 5.English was taught to her sister last year A WARM UP : - T guides Ss playing “ Brainstorming” about “ Jeans” - Ss work in group - T summaries the ideas on the board B.PRESENTATION - T says “We have discussed about Jeans, In today’s reading , we’ll learn... see in the country? * NETWORKS Playing soccer activities Swimming - T says “ In today’s lesson, we will study about activities in the countryside Now you work with a partner, look at the pictures and take turn to talk about activities in the countryside” - Ss look at the pictures and descried them - T gives the correct answer by answering some questions - Ss take note Cutting rice Flying kite GETTING... following sentences 1.We have stayed here for 12 years We…………………………………since……………… 2.Lan has learnt Russian since 2000 Lan……………………………………….for…………… Ex2:Complete the following sentences 1.I/study English/for 3 years 2.She/already/drink3 cups of tea 3.Lan /finish/her homework/yet 4.Minh/meet/his mother/yet? 5.Betty/not/come to school/since last Monday IV.Passive form .Change the following sentences into... (adj): cã tÝnh kinh tế - Out of fashion (a): no modern: lỗi thời - Generation (n): thế hệ ( Rub out and remember ) * Guessing game : a) Fill in the missing dates and words 2 WHILE – READING : a) Fill in the missing dates and words: ( correct the guessing game) th 1.18 century: workers liked to wear jeans cloth because the material made from cotton was very strong and could hardly wear out 2. 196 0s:A lot... students should wear uniforms - Ss note the words underlined in the writing Language (Ngôn ngữ) My opinion is I think Firstly Secondly Third Finally Therefore In conclusion - T says “ you have read an argument the supports the idea the secondary school should wear uniforms Now use the Outline B as the guidelines, write a paragraph that supports the argument that . Manila 8. Myanmar h.Yangun 9. Thailand i.Hanoi 10. Brunei j. Kuala Lumpur 4 . HOMEWORK: - Learn new words and some information about Malaysia by heart. - Do exercise 5 pages 8 9 in ex. Book - Prepare. in MARKS ( 10M) 1.New words (5ms) : Hồ Tây, văn Miếu, cầu nguyện, sự thân thiện, nhà thờ Hồi giáo. 2. Supply the correct verbs (3ms) : a/ I used (live ) in the countryside. b/ He is used to. Lumpur. What country is it ? 8 UNIT 1 : A VISIT FROM A PEN PAL LESSON 4 : READ ING + Ex 5/ p 8 -9 P: ……………………. T:…………………… B.PRESENTATION: - T says “ Today we will learn about Malaysia, a member
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