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CONTENTS The TOEIC~ Listening Section Part 1 Picture Description 7 Type 1 - Location Questions 8 Type 2 - Action Questions 10 Type 3 - Situation Questions 12 Type 4 - Similar-Sounding Word Questions 14 Sample Test 16 Part 2 Questions and Responses 23 Type 1 - Who Questions 24 Type 2 - When Questions 25 Type 3 - Where Questions 26 Type 4 - What Questions 27 Type 5 - How Questions 28 Type 6 - Why Questions 29 Type 7 - Yes/No Questions 30 Type 8 - Choice Questions 31 Type 9 - Statements 32 Sample Test 33 Part 3 Short Conversations 37 Type 1 - Who Questions 38 Type 2 - When Questions 39 Type 3 - Where Questions 40 Type 4 - What Questions 41 Type 5 - How Questions 42 Type 6 - Why Questions 43 Type 7 - Which Questions 44 Sample Test 45 Part 4 Short Talks 51 Type 1 - Main Idea Questions 52 Type 2 - Fact and Detail Questions 53 Type 3 - Inference Questions 54 Type 4 - Cause and Effect Questions 55 Sample Test 56 The TOEIC~ Reading Section Part 5 Incomplete Sentences 65 Type 1 - Vocabulary Questions 66 Type 2 - Grammar Questions 71 Sample Test 79 Part 6 Incomplete Texts 83 Theme 1 - Banking and Finance 84 Theme 2 - Marketing 85 Theme 3 - Hospitality 86 Theme 4 - Office 87 Theme 5 - Shopping 88 Theme 6 - Transportation 89 Theme 7 - Health 90 Theme 8 - Telephone 91 Theme 9 - Travel 92 Theme 10 - Mail 93 Theme 11 - Insurance 94 Theme 12 - Meetings 95 Sample Test 96 Part 7 Reading Comprehension 99 Type 1 - Main Idea Questions 100 Type 2 - Fact and Detail Questions 101 Type 3 - Inference Questions 102 Type 4 - Cause and Effect Questions 103 Sample Test 104 Practice Test Practice Test 1 121 Practice Test 2 171 Transcripts and Answer Key Transcripts 222 Answer Key 232 Answer Sheets 236 [...]... did you get up this morning? (A) At dawn (B) Yes, I got up early this morning (C) Because of a loud noise 2 When do you think you can finish the report? (A) I didn't think it was difficult (B) It will be done by the third (C) I'm looking forward to it 3 When are you visiting the Hong Kong branch? (A) I'm going in a few days (8) Yes, I am visiting it soon (C) I didn't go to Hong Kong this time -f Question... When does the lecture start? Incorrect answers: (0) 7:30 (E) 8:30 (F) In thirty minutes Correct answers: (A) In one and three quarter hours (8) 8:45 (C) A quarter to nine (Woman) Why does the photocopier always jam when I'm in a hurry? I need to make 100 copies of this before the meeting This happens every time I (Man) need something quickly Well, it's only 9:00 a.m now It'll only take about 20 minutes... does your sister do? (A) He works at a bank (8) She's a salesperson (C) She can help you any time you want 3 What are you going to tell Mr Runfeld when he calls? (A) He is going to call this afternoon (8) I'll think of something to say, so don't worry (C) I couldn't answer the phone ~ -i Question Type 5 Type 1 Who Questions Type 2 When Questions Type 3 Where Questions Type 4 How Questions What Questions... questions: • asking about the process by, or manner in, which something is done e.g., How did you get here? How are you going to convince him? • asking about the quality or condition of something e.g., How is your soup? How is your father these days? • combining how with an adjective or adverb to inquire about the degree or quantity of something e.g., How much time is left? How quickly did you finish?... Wednesday, then? Incorrect responses: (D) I didn't have the time (E) The plans have yet to be made 1 Why do you think he didn't support our plan? (A) I don't think so at all (B) He seems to dislike any new ideas (C) You're right about that 2 Why was he late for school? (A) It's not my fault (B) I think he took the wrong bus (C) School finished at 5:00 3 Why didn't you tell me that he had resigned? (A) I... Mike and let him know (C) I don't know her very well 30 Dolores Cohen is holding on line two Can 24 Is this for Frank Green or Frank Venus? you take it? (A) Why don't you ask him? (A) Yes, two o'clock sounds fine (B) I think it's for Mr Green (B) No Ask her to call me back (C) No, it isn't (C) I think it's time to let it go 8 O£ ' . 1 Picture Description Strategies This section of the TOEICI!llchecks how well you can describe the given picture. First, identify what the picture focuses on, and then try to think of vocabulary related. table. There is a cake on the table. Questions of this sort often deal with the position of one person or thing in relation to someone or something else, so you should pay careful attention to. that, try to form a possible statement that you think is appropriate for the picture. Note that no inferences are needed. In other words, if something is not clear from the picture, do not assume

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