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Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh «N thi HSG 12 §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng anh ( sè 1 ) I. Rewriting 1. He has been working as a T.V report for 5 years. His career 2. The important thing for you to do is work harder. What 3. Are you self-confident ? Do you ? 4. I don’t understand what she has said. I’m not clear 5. About the same rain falls in London and in New York. The amount 6. He is expected to be in the news again. It is 7. How are you getting on with your English? How is II. Multiple choice . 1. This new law will take (force / effect / power) from the beginning of this year. 2. This human body needs a (continuous / continual / plentiful) supply of air 3. This place was regarded as (uncertain / unfit / unable) for settlement. 4. The morning (was / being / had been) wet, we decided to stay at home. 5. Martin has not quite (recovered / got over / suffered) his illness yet. 6. Stop making that noise, you are getting on my (brains / nerves) III. Rewriting 1. His English is very good He has got a 2. If anyone succeeds in solving the problem, it will probably be him . He is the most 3. It will be necessary for him to try harder if he wants to win the price . He will 4. You did not attend yesterday’s class, so you cannot do this exercise. Had 5. I advise you not to buy it . I don’t think 6. It was a waste of time worrying about it. You needn’t 7. Can you give me the direction for the station? Could ? IV. Word information 1. To become a good computer programmer, you have to be (invent) Invention (n) Sù ph¸t minh 2. He (decide) refused our suggestions 3. This family suffered from his ( expend ) chi tiªu 4. John would never (know) hurt his friend’s feelings 5. Tom spoke (breath) because he was so excited 6. The present tense is used for (habit) actions. 7. It was (observe) of you to notice that. V. Preposition 1. Today I have an appetite ( for / to / about ) meal Good appetite = chóc ¨n ngon miÖng 2. The sorrow of separation is still present (in / to / with) my memory. 3. The police officers chased them (in / through / across) the field .s¨n ®uæi 4. I met her at the hotel completely ( by / in / with ) coincidence . To coincide with st = trïng hîp víi c¸i g× 5. Our house has been ( in / at / on ) the market for months 6. I’m afraid I’m not good ( at / with / for ) animals . VI. Gap filling The British Isles (1) in the North West Europe. They consist of two large (2) great Britain Ireland, and many small ones. Great Britain is the largest island in Europe. It (3) England, Scotland, Wales. It is (4) from Ireland by the Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh Irish Sea, and from the (5) by the English channels the Strait of Dover. British and Northern Ireland (6) the United Kingdom. §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng anh ( sè 2 ) I. Verb form. 1. They demanded that he (left / leave / would leave) at once. 2. If you don’t get there by 6.00, Jack (will leave / will be leaving / will have left) 3. I’d rather you (not attend / didn’t attend / hadn’t attended) the party yesterday. 4. I feel as if (I am flying / I flew / I were flying) now. 5. Leave the car here. May be the police (don’t notice / won’t notice / haven’t noticed) it 6. This place is a terrible mess. What on earth (are you doing / did you do / have you been doing) II. Multiple choice. 1. Money is said to be the (root/source/cause) of all evils. 2. We are going to (save/cure/treat) you with a different kind of drugs, which we hope will be successful. 3. I saw the man’s (figure/shade/shadow) on the wall. 4. He ran away (for/lest/though) he should be seen. 5. It took the jury a long time to reach a (sentence / verdict / conviction). 6. He (spoke/talked/announced) to all his friends that he was getting married . III. Rewriting. 1. I Can’t remember when I bought this watch. I can’t remember how 2. Thanks , but I had something to eat earlier Thanks, but I have 3. Someone broke into John’s flat last week . John 4. Is it better for me to leave? Would 5. When Marry heard the results , he began to feel more confident . Since 6. The dogs keep stealing my socks. The dogs are 7. I regret not attending the lecture yesterday. I’d love IV. Word formation 1. We always admire his (wise) 2. He suddenly (low) his voice to whisper 3. I am going to bed and you’d be advised to do (like) 4. I am deeply (debt) to you for your help. 5. After so much (think), I decided not to sit for the exam. 6. We have never had such a (love) friend as you. 7. You can find my number in the (direct). 8. Rita is (specialize) talented in the fine arts. 9. They are so alike that it is sometime impossible (different) them. 10. Although both (apply) were good, we decided on the one with more experience. §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng anh ( sè 3 ) I. Verbform. 1. I (not/ tell) anyone what you said I promise 2. After leaving school, he (work) as a waiter for 4 years. 3. Many people told beforehand that John Kennerdy (assassinate) .¸m s¸t 4. I’d rather (live) in Ancient Greece than Ancient Rome 5. Did you enjoy the meal? If you (finish) eating, I (clear) the plates away. 6.I’m sorry , I can’t lend you anymore you know if I (have) , I (lend) it to you . 7. I wrote them the second time in case they (not / receive) my first one. II. Multiple choices 1. I thought you said she was going away for a holiday, (wasn’t she / didn’t I/ didn’t you?) 2. Do you like painting? Yes, I might even take up professional painting (in those days / these days / one of these days). Thu hót , chiÕm , cho¸n 3. Would you like some entertainment? - I do not mind having (little / a little / few). 4. (Should you come / had you better come / you had better come) at once or you are never see her again. 5. (How / What / Why) a lot of foreigners there are in Paris. 6. It is not easy to learn a foreign language by (itself / oneself / herself). 7. The girl’s father ( accepted / approved / agreed ) to buy her a car if she passed the exam. Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh III. Rewriting. 1. If you work so much, you will get tired. Working 2. But for Pauline’s interest, the project would have been abandoned. If Pauline 3. Jack does not know all the answers, but he pretended to. Jack acts 4. Why do you have to complain all the time? I wish 5. I’m going to dentist’s for a filling tomorrow . I’m going to have 6. I am as happy as possible at the moment. I can’t 7. Although I tried hard, I could not lift the suitcase. Try 8. School uniform was not compulsory at my school. B¾t buéc We did not IV. Word information. 1. I am sure that the whole problem is a simple (understand) 2. Police arrested well-known (trouble) before the match 3. We feel that the law against begging should not be (force). 4. Marry decided to go on a (secretary) course 5. Can you tell me whether this disease is (infect)? 6. Jimmy is one of the most (speak) member of committee. 7. Raising pigs is her only (sustain) V. Preposition 1. At the sales, things can often be offered half price. 2. He has been ill flu for a week. 3. She is beneficent the poor. 4. I’m any having more meetings. 5. She will remain here the rest of the day 6. So many people buy thing credit nowadays. 7. A good friend always stand you when you are trouble. VI. Rewrite 1. Nobody would lend him the money. Not even his closest friend Even his closest friend 2. We should leave the sooner, the better It will be better 3. He left, but he did not say good-bye It was not polite of him 4. I have not heard from him for ages I have lost 5. Bad weather caused the cancellation of the open air concert The open-air concert 6. I realized I had said something wrong [conscious]. 7. You are not lucky today. I am afraid [out] 8. I found swimming easy [naturally] 9. She can explain things well [good] 10. I like her a lot [affection] §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng anh (sè 4) : I. Put the verbs into the correct form. 1. John has been interested in swimming since he was a (young) 2. This class is to be closed due to poor (attend) 3. We have had a lot of (explain) from customers today. 4. Harry spends a lot of money on (insure) policy 5. That was a very (hurt) thing to say 6. The bank (cash) asked to see my passport 7. We had to take out a (lend) from the bank to buy the car. 8. You can pay full price now, or make six monthly (pay) 9. Marry has left the job, so we need a (place) 10. This isn’t my (sign) on the cheque . Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh II. Preposition 1. Two pounds for each ticket. That makes $ 12 all. 2. Please, hand your book on Tuesday fail. 3. As Steve, he believes that we should stay where we are. 4. Jim managed to climb into the house means a ladder he found. 5. I’d like to thank you, behalf everyone who was rescued . 6. Julia has nothing common Bill, they are quite different. III. Mistake correction 1. The librarian asked him to return the book but he refused to do that. 2. My friend had been in London before but I had not. 3. This room is too small for us to dance this kind of music. 4. We found the hotel very convenient and was not too expensive. 5. She both lost her watch and her passport. 6. They were not friendly to us. They even did not say hello. 7. She looks beautiful as a princess. 8. He is no more a student. 9. I will not probably see you tonight. 10. Could you speak slowlier, please? I cannot understand. IV. Gaps filling One morning last summer Jessie (1) some sandwiches for her husband’s lunch. They were sausage sandwiches. There was one small sausage (2) over, so Jessie gave (3) to Herry - her little dog. Herry ate it up. Half an hour (4) the dog got ill, He kept (5) shaking his head, and rubbing it (6) his foot. Jessie thought, “He’s ill, he must have eaten (7) that didn’t agree with him. May be that (8) was bad”. Then he remembered her husband’s (9) She runs to the telephone and (10) Jim at his office in town. V. Rewriting 1. You have not seen my pen anywhere, haven’t you? You do not happen 2. Everyone thinks that Marry has not excepted the job. Marry 3. The burglar might come back, so change all the locks. You’d 4. So exhausted were the runner that none of them finished the race . The runners 5. If the government raised interest rates, they would lose election. Were 6. What were you doing at the moment of the explosion? What were you doing when ?………………………… 7. I’d rather not think about it. That is VI. Verb form : 1. I (sell/ am selling / have sold) this car, Do you want to buy it? 2. I did not get wet, (remembered / remembering / having remembered) to take my umbrella. 3. Jack is 65 next month. He is (retiring / will retire / will be retiring) 4. Come back at 3.30 p.m when I (am not / have not been / will not be) so busy. 5. At 4.30, there was only one painting (not to be sold / not sold / not selling). 6. You can try asking Martin for help, but it ( doesn’t do / won’t do / hasn’t done ) you any good . VII. Multiple choices: 1. Would you like to (observe / overlook/ view) the house that is for sale this afternoon 2. There is (just / quite / really) enough cake for all of us to have a very small slice. 3. What does it (say / tell /write) on that notice? 4. A new stadium opens (now / at once / next week) 5. We very much (want / wish / hope) that you will come to the party next Friday. 6. We have arranged special insurance to cover medical (accounts / prices / expenses) in the event of an accident. sù b¶o hiÓm 7. He was the only one of his platoon not taken ( prison/prisoner/ imprisonment ) trung ®éi 8. Metal pipes (enlarge / expend / extend) if you heat them VIII. Verb formation 1. It seems unjust to arrest a poor old man for (shop) 2. Marry and Kate had a very happy (bring). 3. She has (number) friends. 4. Unemployment creates (hard) for all numbers of the family. 5. The fuel ( consume) of this car is rather high . 6. Nam and Lan are (identity) twins. Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh 7. Bill was given a medal in (recognize) of his survives. 8. I thought the test was (compare) easy, actually. 9. There was a base (hand) of people at the youth club. §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng Anh (§Ò5) I . Make complete sentence 1. not / have / previous / experience / Tom / not stand / chance / get / job . 2. We / no trouble / get / tickets / concert . 3. completely / surround / our / troops / enemy / finally / gave . 4. I/ could / rely /Tom /friendship / support . II. Verb form : 1. Who is your favorite friend ? - The man ( washes / is washing / washing ) the car is my favorite friend . 2. The doctor recommended (my sister eating / that my sister eat / that my sister must eat) two meals a day. 3. Had he followed my advice , he ( isn’t / weren’t wouldn’t be ) in the army now . 4. We’ve got everything. Nothing seems ( to forget / to be forgotten / to have been forgotten ) 5. Suppose you ( don’t know / didn’t know / hadn’t known ) where your next meal was coming from. 6. Would you be so kind as ( answer / answering / to answer ) the phone when it rings 7. My boss is angry with me . I didn’t do the work that I ( must have done / had to do / should have done ). III. Multiple choice 1. Wedding is a wonderful opportunity for ( showing / displaying / wearing ) off new clothes . 2. There is a car park ( close / near / right ) to the station 3. A copy of our spring brochure is ( attached / enclosed / delivered ) with this letter 4. Mrs. Mausley (stood / looked / showed) out in a crowd because she wore such a large hat . 5. Mr White ( owned / ruled / ran ) the company in the way he wanted . 6. This morning’s history lesson seemed to go ( on and on / over and over / off and on ) 7. There are three lawyers in our town , and I have consulted ( each / every / some ) of them in turn - lÇn lît 8.The temperature yesterday was about ( average / moderate / middle ) for the time of year . IV. Rewrite 1. My mother is the most warm hearted person I’ve ever known I have never known 2. Whatever you say , I’ll never change my mind . For 3. I should imagine that there are about two students . At a guess , 4. I can make nothing of all this . I can’t . 5. Failing prompt payment , the goods must be returned by you . You must 6. If I’m lucky , I might get the job I’ve applied for . There is a chance that , . 7. Because there was late frost , much of the fruit crop was spoiled .sù ®«ng gi¸ /s ¬ng gi¸ A frost 8. The South of England is drier than the North . There isn’t V. Word formation 1. Why don’t you do something (worth) with your time in stead of wasting it ? 2. (Member) of the club , which costs $ 10,000 a year, is only open to people over the age of 60. 3. Nam and his brother are (identity) twins 4. The traffic problems has shown (improve). 5. We live in a flat on the (skirt) of London . 6. Marry decided to go on a (secretary) course . 7. I travelled to Scotland on the (night) train and slept all the way . 8. Try not to buy (freeze) food , as it is unhealthy VI. Complete these sentences 1. Charles has a good k of the subject. 2.These children are badly behaved . They need more d 3. Everyone agrees that a good e is important . 4. Maths is easy if you are allowed to use a c 5. Some apes seem to have as much i as humans . Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh 6. I enjoyed doing e in the laboratory . VII. Verb form 1. It is obligatory that the voyage (will cancel / should cancel / be cancelled) 2. She (should have been / must have been / might have been) here but she has gone down with flu. 3. I wish you would tell me what I (shall / would /should) do in this difficult situation. 4. I can’t get my car (started / to start / starting) on cold mornings 5. I’d be not good (to ask / asking / ask ) Tom to do that work 6. I wasted two hours (to look / for looking / looking) for this book. 7. (Giving / to give / being given) the doldrums , she is very unpleased sù nhµm ch¸n §Ò thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 6 ) I. Multiple choices 1. David always ( came / went / passed ) over to my house after he had done his homework 2. There is nothing to (link / fix / jail) John with the burglary with the police found a gold ring in his car 3. All Mike’s friends felt sorry ( for/ about /with ) him when he had to given up playing football . 4. I’m afraid that we don’t have any ( larger / greater / taller ) size in stock . 5. It was difficult to guess what her ( feelings / reaction / opinion ) to the news would be . 6. Six novels a year , you say ? He certainly a ( fruitful/ fertile/fertilizer/prolific) writer . II. Word formation. 1. A sled is ( use) in Kuweit 2. You may be (qualify) if you don’t obey the regulations. 3. It is difficult to ( different ) this girl from her twins sister . 4. This kind of activing can be (benefit). 5. We had 25 (volunteer) redundancies this year . 6. We have decided to interview only the best six ( apply) for the job . 7. A conversation is not fun unless it becomes (hot) . III. Rewriting 1. He was driving very fast because he didn’t know the road was icy. If 2. I get to work in 20 mins . It is 3. When did you go to Thanh Ho¸ ? How long 4. “ Don’t walk on the grass” the gardener said to us . The gardener 5. I haven’t seen her since we left school . The 6. It is vital that the work is finished by Monday . very important The work must 7. He wishes that he had invited her to his birthday party . He regrets IV. Verbform 1. So you admit something ( to be / is / being ) wrong . 2. how ( do you get / are you getting / have you got ) on at school ? 3. ( come / coming / to come ) what may we will go ahead . 4. He rubbed his eyes and yawned as though ( waking / woke / to wake ) up after a long sleep . 5. They wish it ( wouldn’t rain / didn’t rain / weren’t raining ) so much in England . 6. If only I ( would listen / listened / had listened ) to my parents . The teacher of English : TrÇn Anh TuÊn §Ò thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 7 ) I. Multiple choice: 1. They went to the seaside ( so that / in order that / lest ) they should be disturbed by a noise of the city . 2. Did he come yesterday ? ( not so far as / not that so / not for all what ) I know . 3. I couldn’t resist the temptation ( buying / of buying / to buy ) the dress . 4. I am never free on Tuesday evening as I have a long-lasting /long-standing/ long-lived ) arrangement to go to the cinema with a friend . 5. Clearing the weeds from the churchyard was a much harder ( work / deed / task ) than the children had imagined it would be . Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh 6. It will ( probably / likely / usually ) rain later so we should go and have our picnic now. II. Word formation : 1. The sun and the moon are often ( person ) in poetry . 2. He had (repeat ) warned the children about playing too near the ponds . 3. What caused the explosion is still ( know) ? 4. Have you got any ( enter ) tickets for the concert ? 5. The thing I hate most about Tom is his ( shelf ) . 6. You should try to show a bit more (consider) for other people 7. My grandmother ( live ) my grandfather by 5 years . III. Rewriting : 1. He has numerous operations. He has 2. It is common knowledge that He has (got) a lot of money in the bank . He 3. $ 6000 is a better offer than you’ve ever had before You’ve never 5. Richard only took over family business because his father decided to retire early . But for 4. People no-longer smoke as many cigarettes as they used to . The smoking 5.That jumper you knitted for your daughter no longer fits her .¸o pun My daughter has grown out 6. He said he was anxious about the plight of homeless . He showed his IV. Fill in each blank with a word that combines with one given in a way that fits the sentences . 1. She needs thick glasses because she is very short 2. He paid a lot of money for his first ticket 3. I’m sure you will like him because he is very friendly and easy 4. She always seems pleasant, but she says terrible things about people behind their backs . She is very two 5. Although most people hold their tennis racket in their right hand a lot of top player are left §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 8 ) I Verb form : 1. What I found ( surprise / surprising / surprised ) was his lack of confidence . 2. What do you suppose ( happen / happening / happened ) 3. No-one is opposed to ( reduce / reducing / have reduced ) taxes . 4. So stupid ( he is / he was / is he ) that he can’t remember his lesson . 5. Tom’s face ( showed / warmed / lit ) up when she heard the good news 6. When the police examined the house , they found that the lock ( was / was being / had been ) tampered with . II. Multiple choice : 1. If you don’t know the language . You may use ( hand / signal / gesture ) language . 2. A part-time job gives me the freedom to ( chase / seek / pursue ) my own interest . 3. When he woke up , he realized that what he had dreamt about couldn’t ( likely / possible / certainly ) have happened . 4. This ticket ( enters / admits / allows ) only one person 5. Our hotel is ( within / inside / near ) walking distance from the sea . 6. I’ve only seen a ghost once, but it nearly made my hair (stand up/ stand on end / lift up). 7. “Do you think the book is expensive?” “Yes, it is not (worth / worthy / worthwhile) what we paid for us”. III. Word formation: 1. He has never been the ( society ) type . 2. He bought it ( pure ) as an investment 3. Oneil is a ( decide ) adventurous woman . 4. He works for an ( advise ) body of employment . 5. He fell off his motorbike , but his ( injure ) were not serious . 6. The family managed to get out of the burning house but they lost nearly all their ( possess). IV. Rewriting : 1. Marry didn’t begin to read when she was 8 years old . It was 2. The new lecture was unpopular with the student . The student didn’t take 3. Everyone heard about the accident before I did . I was the Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh 4. No sooner had he been appointed to the post than the new editor fell ill . Immediately after 5. Although both his legs were broken in the crash , he managed to get out of his car before it exploded. Despite 6. The house in that district will cost you at least $20,000 . You won’t buy 7. Keeping calm is a secret of passing your exam. As long as 8. Their chances of success are very small. It is not §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 9 ) I. Replaced the underlined phrase with a word and the meaning remains unchanged 1. Last week I was asked If I would like to go to dance 2. She is as cool as a cucumber b×nh tÜnh , kh«ng hÒ nao nóng 3. “I’m frightened” , she said in a very low voice . 4. I was totally tired and worn out after the football match 5. He was very sorry for what he had behaved . 6. Many people told beforehand that J.F Kennedy would be assassinated. II. Verb form. 1. She told me she knew exactly what would happen , but I (didn’t convince / wasn’t convinced / wasn’t convincing ) 2. It turned out that we ( hadn’t rushed / shouldn’t have rushed / needn’t have rushed ) to the airport as the plane was delayed for several hours . 3. We talked about her trip and she said that she ( never went / had never come / had never been ) there before . 4. It was very kind of you to do the washing up but you ( didn’t have to do / hadn’t to do / mustn’t have done ) it . 5. Queen Victoria ( died / has died / has been dead ) for about 90 years . III. mutiple choice . 1. We agree to ( meet / meet together / meeting ) in the main Square at 7.30 . 2. If you can’t remember , let me try to ( awaken / refresh / stimulate ) your memory . 3. Don’t worry , you will get an answer to your letter ( at any time / sooner or later ) before of those days . 4. The castle was built in the 12 th century and the church beside it is ( antique / ancient / elderly ) . 5. Her husband claims that he is a / an ( heir / follower / descendant ) of Queen Victoria . 6. She is very ( cheerful / glad / pleased ) person always smilling and in good mood . 7. Don’t tell her off . She is very ( responsive / sensible / sensitive ) and may start to cry . IV. Word formation . 1. People enjoy his company because he is (like) . 2. It is (advise) to arrive a few minutes earlier. They had a quarrel after (agree) about who was responsible . 4. I read an article about (employ) among school leavers . 5. He is very generous and everyone admire his ( self ). 6. I didn’t want the money back . I wanted a ( place ) . 7. In some places the weather changes so quickly . It is (predict) . 8. There is no (know) what will happen . V. Rewriting . 1. It is my first visit to the North of America . I had 2. “Closed due to illness” said the notice on the door office . We found out 3. In spite of the heat , it was an easy climb to the top of cliff . We managed 4. We will get ready before your arrival . By the time 5. It wasn’t a good idea for you to put so much salt in the soup . You should 6. I have got so much to do today . I wish I 7. Why haven’t you done your work yet ? It is §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 10 ) I. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use a word in each space Many years ago when the summers seemed longer and life was (1) complicated. We had rented a cottage by a river in the beach of the country where were going to (2) three weeks’ holiday . There were four of us : me (age 9 ) mum and dad and mum’s (3) , auntie June, oh, I mustn’t forget to (4) Spot, our little dog . I was allowed to go off by (5) all day , (6) that I promised to be careful and took spot with me for (7) One day I was out fishing with spot when we heard a lot of shouting in the (8) followed by a scream and a splash , I was a bit (9) so I called spot and we both hide (10) a bush where we could see but not be (11) After a few moments a straw hat came floating down the river , followed by a oar , a picnic basket and (12) oar . Then came the rowing boat itself , but it was floating (13) down ! A few second later my dad and Auntie June came running (14) the river bank , both wet Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh (15) Spot started (16) so I came out of hiding and said hello . My dad got really angry with me for not (17) to catch the boat as it went past . Luckily , however , the boat and both the oars had been caught by an overhanging tree a little further downstream , but the hat or the picnic basket . So I had to let them (18) my sandwiches . Dad and auntie both made me (19) not to tell mum what had happened in (20) she was worried . II . Verb form : 1.Everyone in the village (took care / was concerned / had concerned ) about the plan for the new road . 2. automobile ( uses / using / that are used ) gas limits fewer dangerous pollution into the atmosphere . xe « t« 3. By the time you read this , I( had lain / will be lying / will lain) on the beach . 4. If I (didn’t drink/wouldn’t drink/hadn’t drunk) so much coffee , I would be able to sleep 5. The ferry ( gets / is getting / will have got ) into Rotterdam at 6.00 tomorrow . III. Multiple choice . 1. The lioness usually lays in her ( target / prey / victim ) 2. The strike was ( called off / broken up / put down ) owing to a last minute argument with the management . 3. John’s got a very ( confused / mixed / puzzled ) feelings about taking on more responsibility at the moment . 4. There is not much ( scope / prospect / out look ) for promotion in this job . 5. What do you usually ( charge /demand / cost ) for delivering things ? 6.Money is said to be the ( root/source/cause) of all evils . 7.We are going to ( save/cure/treat )you with a different kind of drugs which we hope will be successful . 8. I saw the man’s ( figure/shade/shadow )on the wall . 9. He ran away (for/lest/though)he should be seen . 10. It took the jury a long time to reach a ( sentence / verdict / conviction ). 11. He (spoke/talked/announced) to all his friends that he was getting married . §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 11 ) I. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use a word in each space Mrs. Jackson thought George was an ideal neighbor . He was a shy person (1) kept himself to (2) and he was always polite . He (3) about fifty , with graying (4) , and he had never married . (5) anyone knew what he did , whenever he (6) asked about his job , he smiled and said that he worked (7) the government . He (8) get up early and leave the flat at 8.00 , take underground to St James’ park . (9) He got off and (10) the rest of the way to his office . As a rule he (11) at about 6.00, usually (12) home some papers to work on in the evening . He only went out once (13) two or three weeks , and (14) from that , as far as Mrs. Jackson could tell , he saw (15) socially . It was (16) when he disappeared that Mrs. Jackson learned what he (17) did . the papers printed a story that a man (18) had been in the secret service had defected (19) to the article there was a large photograph (20) George . II. Word formation . 1. It is ( nature ) for penguin to fly . 2. They have ( spell ) my name on this form . The first is T , not G 3. He suffered from constant ( sleep ) . 4. A ( break ) has been made in AIDS research . 5. If you bathe your finger in cold water , that should ( death ) the pain . 6. Even if you are good at a game , you should be ( confide ) 7. After I had good to know him better , I ( like ) him intensely . 8. Her hair is ( red ) , not bright red . III. Rewriting 1. Neil is always getting in people’s way Neil has the 2. Don’t be so frank . Be tactful . It is much better 3. They used to have a dog . They don’t have 4. I’d rather stay at home than go out tonight Staying at home 5. “ I’m leaving and I’m never coming back” she said to me She told that 6. It was a mistake to enter Brian for the competition Brian shouldn’t 7. Please let me know your decision today , not tomorrow . I’d prefer IV. Find a mistake in each sentence and correct it . 1. Did you know how (A) that the actors’ strike will delay (B) the beginning of the new (C) television season and cause the (D) cancellation of many contracts . 2. We should have been informed (A) Janis about (B) the change in plans regarding (C) our weekend trip (D) to the mountains . 3. When he arrived at the (A) store to purchase (B) the dishwasher advertise (C) in the newspaper , we learned that all the dishwasher had been sold (D). 4.That manufacturer is not only raising (A) his prices but (B) also decreasing (C) the production of his product as well (D) . 5. The director encouraged them work (A) in committees to plan (B) a more effective (C) advertising campaign for the new (D) product . THE END Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 12 ) I. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentense . 1. The thief returned the old lady’s money , because he had a guilty (heart/feeling /conscience / mind) 2. I wanted to complain about my boss , but I didn’t (dare/risk/courage/attempt). 3. I’m hungry . Do you (like/want/desire/fancy)going out for pizza? 4. Let’s go to a different cinema . I’m not very keen/interested/enthusiastic/impressed) on horror films . 5. All my friends have big new cars . I’m becoming (embarrassed/ashamed/guilty/upset) of my old Mini. 6. I’m sorry I screamed . Something (afraid/terrifying/scared/depressed) me . 7. How do you (feel/think/believe/view) about the pollution problem in this country ? 8.I’m sorry to (trouble/upset/worry/mind) you , but could I make a phone call ? 9. I don’t think this program is (wonderful/suitable/worth/keen) for young children . 10. The African workers accused the European company of racial ( judgment/beliefs/argument/prejudice). II. Choose the most suitable word or phrase underlined in each sentence . 1. Jack decided to take a course / lesson in hotel management . 2. Nam always got good marks / points in algebra . 3. After leaving school , Ann studied / trained as a teacher 4. Peter decided not to go in / enter for the examination . 5. My sister learned / taught me how to draw 6. I can’t come to the cinema . I have to read / study for a test . 7. In history we had to learn a lot of dates by hand / heart. 8. I hope your work will improve by the end of course / term . 9. Martin failed / missed his maths exam and had to sit it again . 10. If you have any questions . raise / rise your hand III. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence . 1. Helen’s parents were very pleased when they read her school ( report/papers/diploma /account) . 2. Martin has quiet a good ( result/pass/understanding/head) of physics. 3. In Britain, children start(kindergarten/secondary/nursery/primary) school at the age of 5. 4. Edward has a (certificate /degree/mark/paper) in French from Leeds University. 5. My favorite ( topic/class/theme/subject) at school was history . 6. It's time for break . The bell has ( gone off/struck/rung/sounded) . 7. Our English teacher ( set/put/obliged/made)us some difficult exercises for homework . 8. Before you begin your exam paper , always read the (order/instructions/rules/answer) 9. If you want to pass the examination, you must study ( hardly/enough/thoroughly/rather) 10. Most students have quite a good sense of their own (grasp/ability/idea/information) §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 13 ) I. Rewriting : 1. The painting is worth $ 270 . ( valued). 2. Pay no attention to what he says . ( notice ) 3. We didn’t think that he would win the price. ( doubtful ) 4. They didn’t tell anyone that they were getting married .(secret ) 5. Are you and Jennifer related ? ( relative ) 6. He found it hard to open the window . (difficulty) 7.Do you want to drink ? ( care ) II. Multiple choices. 1. It was very difficult to ( take / keep / hear / ) secret from my family . 2. The picture was sold for a great ( sum / price / cost ) of money . 3. He couldn’t keep his family because his wages were too ( few / short / low). 4. The name of the book was on the ( end / tip / point ) of my tongue but I just couldn’t think of it . 5. He promise to mend the broken wheel next day without ( trouble / fail / failure ). 6. I have always ( considered / regarded / respected ) that our university was the best in the country . 7. When we arrived in Paris, it was ( falling / dropping / pouring ) with rain . III. Preposition 1. I am just to town to do some shopping . 2. Cambridge is 100 kms North London . 3. I’ve read the works Shakespeare . 4. We both share love the music . Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 [...]... intelligent / hard-working / she / always / get / highest marks / class Sở GD&ĐT Thanh Hoá Đề thi HS giỏi môn Anh văn lớp 12 cấp trờng Trờng THPT Nông Cống 2 Năm học 2005-2006 Đề thi chính thức Thời gian làm bài :180 phút Họ & tên : Họ tên,chữ ký của giám thị Lớp : 12A thứ nhất Số báo danh : thứ hai Sinh ngày tháng năm 19 Số phách : Question I : Phonestic a Pick out the word... curiosity to find the person (19) had sent him the mysterious letter Stephen felt (20) miserable that if there had been a bus back to New York, he would have taken it Sở GD&ĐT Thanh Hoá Đề thi chọn HS giỏi lớp 12 THPT (bảng A) Năm học 2005-2006 (180 mins) Question I : Phonetics a Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the other words 1 A wind B mind C kind D blind 2 A guidance... Despite / bad weather / decide / carry / build / house 5 It / age / 14 / Jack London / leave / school / sailor Sở GD&ĐT Thanh Hoá Question I : Phonetics Hn Anh Tun* THPT Nụng Cng 1 Đề thi tuyển HS giỏi vào chuyên Lam Sơn Năm học 2005-2006 (150 mins) Ti liu BD HSG THPT mụn ting Anh a Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the other words 1 A throughout B themselves C... I didn't either b) I do too c) I did too Sở giáo dục & đào tạo thanh hoá Trờng THPT le viet tao d) Watch d) Very d) Wearing d) On d) None of the men d) Impolite d) Of d) Put it lower d) Under d) Had heard d) By d) Pat also d) Serve d) Watch d) Is coming d) Comes d) So did I kiểm tra tiết 39th khối 12 năm học 2005-2006 Môn thi : Tiếng Anh ( thời gian làm bài 45 phút ) Choose the best answer 1) Others... 9 He lost control of the car and crashed a wall 10 The students never complain their English teacher 1 4 7 10 2 5 8 3 6 9 KIM TRA CHT LNG lớp 12 Năm học: 2007-2008 Môn : Mã đề 001 Tiếng Anh (Thời gian làm bài 90 phút) Question 1: Read the reading passage and then choose the best answer A, B, C or D There are many theories about the beginning of drama in ancient... was warm the time of the year 8 Tom and Peter sat each other on the same class 9 There is a nice painting the fire place 10 Come and sit me on this chair Sở GD&ĐT Thanh Hoá Đề thi chọn HS giỏi lớp 9 THCS (bảng A) Năm học 2005-2006 (150mins) Câu1 : Ngữ âm (5ps) a Phân loại cách đọc từ (3ps) 1 A women B pond C evolve D borrow 2 A treat B meat C great D heat 3 A machine B choice C cheap D change... realize that I was not alone in the room a came b appeared c arrived d reached Đề luyện thi tiếng Anh ( Đề 15 ) I Wordformation 1 John always knows how to (lively) the party with his jokes 2 It is very (think) of you to play the piano so loudly so late at night Hn Anh Tun* THPT Nụng Cng 1 Ti liu BD HSG THPT mụn ting Anh 3 the buffet dinner was served and the host said : ( made ) yourself at home 4 To... dialling D Dial a number given in another booklet Đề luyện thi tiếng Anh ( số 22 ) I Finish each of the following setences in such a way that it means exactly as the sentence printed before 1 Many people were severely critical of the proposals for the new motorway There was Hn Anh Tun* THPT Nụng Cng 1 Ti liu BD HSG THPT mụn ting Anh 2 For a teacher of her experience and ability , discipline... C.No trouble D.Nothing to say 12 Would you mind if I shut the window ? A.A Yes , please shut B.Yes, I wouldnt mind C.No, please do D.No, dont shut it 13.What do you think about Lan? A.I forgot all about her B.Shesweet and gentle C.She went to London D.No, I dont Đề luyện thi tiếng Anh ( Đề 18 ) I Choose the best answer 1) Two men were across the plain Hn Anh Tun* THPT Nụng Cng 1 Ti... the following is NOT mentioned as a common element of theater and ritual? Hn Anh Tun* THPT Nụng Cng 1 Ti liu BD HSG THPT mụn ting Anh A) Dance B) Costumes C) Music D) Magic 5 The word "considerable" in line 12 is closest in meaning to A) thoughtful B) substantial C) relational D) ceremonial 6 The word "enactment" in line 12 is closest in meaning to A) establishment B) performance C) authorization D) . campaign for the new (D) product . THE END Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng Anh ( §Ò 12 ) I. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to. isn’t my (sign) on the cheque . Hàn Anh Tuấn* THPT Nông Cống 1 Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh II. Preposition 1. Two pounds for each ticket. That makes $ 12 all. 2. Please, hand your book. Tài liệu BD HSG THPT môn tiếng Anh «N thi HSG 12 §Ò luyÖn thi tiÕng anh ( sè 1 ) I. Rewriting 1. He has been working as a T.V report
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