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COMPOSITION 1. A visit ( a trip) to HCM city Every year my family has a visit to somewhere. Last summer was not exception. My parents took us to HCM city to visit my relatives. After visiting everybody, we visited some famous places there. Our journey started at about 4:00 AM on that day. My father hired a car to go because going by car was both faster and more comfortable. Two hours later, we arrived in HCM city. The thing that surprised me was that there were too people and too much traffic on the streets. The buildings were high and beautiful. First, the driver took us to the zoo where there were animals, birds, fish and monkeys. It was interesting to look at monkeys eating bananas. Then we went to Tao Dan botanical garden where there were lots of shadows. It was comfortable to go for a walk there. After that we went to Reunification Palace where colonel (đại tá) Nguyen Thanh Trung bombed in 1975. While I was looking at interesting furniture in this building suddenly I heard a loud voice behind me, it’s was my father’s voice. He told that it was time to go home. We hurried to return to parking lot. The driver took us to come back home. I arrived home at 6:00 PM. I felt happy and enjoyed that trip very much. I hope I will have a chance to go to HCM again next summer. 2. A picnic Whenever we have free time, my class holds a picnic. Last Sunday I with my classmates had a picnic at my friend’s house, Lan in the countryside. It was a fine day last Sunday. We went to Lan’s house by bike. All of us were five members. We started to go at 5:00 o’clock in the morning. It took us about an hour and a half to get to her house. When we arrived, Lan prepared everything carefully. Her parents were very happy when we came. I surprised that there was lots of food on the table. I asked Lan who made and Lan answered her mother did. After having breakfast, we played games “What song is it” and “blind man’s buff”. Then we went fishing in the river behind Lan’s house and went for a walk around. At noon we had lunch in the garden with bread, soft drink, snack and lots of kinds of fruits. We continued to enjoy our picnic till the evening. At 6:30 PM we hurried gathered things to go home. I enjoyed that picnic very much. It was short, however, it helps me relaxed after a hard working week and know more about people and places of our country. 3. A letter from… Dear…., I arrived in Nha Trang at 4:00 AM yesterday morning. Thanh met me at the train station and then he took me home by his motorbike. Nha Trang is a quiet and beautiful city. It has a long coastline with beautiful white sand beaches. I went to the beach very early this morning and enjoyed the sunrise far out in the sea. Yesterday morning Thanh and Hoai took me to the Tri Nguyen Aquarium. It was very interesting to see many different kind of fish and sea creatures. I’ve also visited many interesting places like Cham Temple, Aquarium, Pasteur Institute. I’ve taken part in some fascinating out door activities: mud bathing snorkeling and scuba diving. Tomorrow we are going to spend the evening visiting a fishing village where we can get a taste of the local seafood. I feel so happy and enjoy myself so much. The people here are so nice and friendly, the food is excellent and the sights are very beautiful. I’ll leave Nha Trang at 4PM on Friday and will arrive home at 5AM on Sunday. Please pick me up at the train station Love, 4. Talk about your close friend: At school I have a lot of friends but my close friend is Nam. Nam is tall and handsome. He is the same age as me. He is my classmate. His house is near my house. Nam is very friendly and helpful. He often helps me with difficult problem whenever I need. Nam studies very well. He always gets good marks. (Bổ sung thêm thông tin cá nhân về bạn mình: sở thích, thường làm gì cùng nhau trong thời gian rỗi) Nam is not only a good boy at school but also a good son in his family. He usually does chores to help his mother. He is loved very much by his teachers, parents, and friends. They are always proud of him. Nam is in deed my close friend. I like him very much, I hope my friendship will last forever. 5. Uniforms: I think it’s necessary for secondary students to wear uniforms when they are at school because of the following reasons. Firstly, wearing uniforms encourages students to be proud of being students of their school because they are wearing the uniforms with labels bearing their school’s name. Secondly, wearing uniforms helps students feel equal in many ways, whether they are rich or poor. Finally, wearing uniforms is practical. We don’t have to think of what to wear every day. Therefore, students in secondary schools should wear uniform. 6. Casual clothes: I think it’s necessary for secondary students to wear casual clothes when they are at school because of the following reasons. Firstly, wearing casual clothes make students feel comfortable. It’s easy for them to travel Secondly, wearing casual clothes gives students freedom of choice about size, colors and fashion Thirdly, wearing casual clothes makes students feel self-confident when they are in their favorite clothes and makes school more colorful and lively Therefore, Students in secondary schools should wear casual clothes. 7. Your favorite clothes: As you know everyone has their own favorite clothes. For me, I like wearing jeans and T - shirt best because of the following reasons. Firstly, when I wear jeans and T shirt I feel comfortable. I can travel easily. I feel more confident when I talk to everyone. Secondly, wearing jeans and T shirt is very convenient. I don’t have to spend time ironing clothes everyday. Thirdly, jeans and T shirt are always fashionable clothes. Wearing them makes us look younger, healthier and more beautiful. On the other hand, nowadays there are a lot of shops selling fashionable jeans and T shirt everywhere. It’s easy for us to buy jeans and T shirt at a low price. In conclusion, I like wearing jeans and T shirt very much. In the future if I have more money, I will buy more jeans and T shirt to wear. 7. What is your favorite subject? At school I have studied many subjects but I like studying English best because of the following reasons. Firstly, English is one of my compulsory subjects. If we don’t learn English well, we can’t pass the exam to study in the upper class. Secondly, I like studying English because English is an international language. If I am good at English, I can speak to people all over the world; I can read newspapers and watch programs on television in English and can understand interesting English songs. Last but not least, studying English well gives us chances to get jobs with good salary. It gives us opportunities to improve our life. In conclusion, English is an useful and interesting language. I will try my best to study English better and better. It’s my ambition. I hope it will become true. 8. What is your favorite media? Nowadays there is a lot of media in life. Some likes reading newspapers. Others like accessing the Internet. For me I like watching television because of the following reasons. Firstly, watching television gives us information about every aspect in our life. It helps us know what is happening everywhere all over the world and widen our knowledge. Secondly, watching television is a cheap mean for relaxing. It’s comfortable to watch interesting films or listen to music at home. Thirdly, through watching television we can know how to protect our health thanks to health program for everyone. In conclusion, watching TV is an useful form of relaxing. But we shouldn’t waste much time watching it we should spend more time for our study. 9. Advantages of the internet: The Internet has increasingly developed and become part of our everyday life. Here are some benefits of the Internet. Firstly, it is a very fast & convenient way to get information. It’s also a very fast & cheap way to communicate with our friends and relatives by means of e-mail or chatting. Secondly, it’s a very good way to entertain. We can listen to music, watch videos, play games, read novels… on line. Thirdly, it is a very good way to study. On the Internet, we can learn E, look up a dictionary. We don’t need to go to school but we still can complete the educational programs. In conclusion, the Internet brings us lots of benefits which make our life more modern and convenient. However, we shouldn’t spend too much time for it and we should be careful while surfing the web. 10. Disadvantage of the internet: Nobody can deny that the internet brings us a lot of advantages. However, it also gives us lots of the following disadvantages. Firstly, it takes us time to use. We must spend hours getting information. Besides we also spend money accessing it. Secondly, if we use the internet, our personal information such as our name, address can be accessed by the others. Thirdly, there are lots of bad programs on the internet such as sexual films, motor- races, violent films. These programs can be easily found and badly influence on the children. In conclusion, all of us should be aware of that internet is very useful for us but it also has lots of disadvantages so while surfing the web, we should be alert! 11. PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT Nowadays our environment is polluted seriously so protecting our environment is our duty. For me we can protect our environment in the following ways. Firstly, we can use leaves to wrap food, reuse and recycle bottles and cans to reduce garbage. Secondly, we shouldn’t throw trash onto the water to keep water cleaner put garbage bins around the school yard to prevent lazy students from throwing trash and to keep the schoolyard clean. Thirdly, we should go to school or to work on foot, by bicycle or by bus to reduce exhaust fume to keep our air cleaner. In conclusion, it’s time for us to talk about environmental problems. Ôn phần này ở kỳ II 12. SAVING ENERGY As you know our energy has limitation so saving energy is also our duty. For me, we can save energy in the following ways. Firstly, to save energy we should turn off all electric appliances such as lights, fans , air conditioners, gas stoves when we don’t use them. Secondly, we should turn off the faucets when we go out because a dripping faucet can waste 500 liters of water a month. Finally, we should go to school or go to work on foot or by bicycle or use public transport to save petrol and money. We should also have a mechanic check our motorcycle regularly. In short, saving energy is an essential problem that we must do immediately if we want to preserve our natural resources of the earth 13. Write a passage about if it’s necessary to have a day for dad and another for mom? Why? ( unit 8) This morning I just learned a lesson about father’s Day. It was really interesting. In Vietnam, however, people do not celebrate. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. In my opinion, it’s necessary to have a day to celebrate for mom and another for dad. There are lots of reasons for celebrating these days but the main reasons are the children will have a special day to express their feelings, their memories and their love to their parents. In addition, we’ll have an opportunity to enhance family traditions as well as a chance to get members of families together in order to bring them closer. I think Sunday is the most suitable day for celebrating. It is free from work or study. It’s not necessary to have parties but it’s a good idea to have lunch or dinner with all family members. On this special day, children should serve their parents with food they like best and offer them flowers, cakes or special gifts and cards. I believe my idea will be supported and the day for our parents will be celebrated nationwide someday. 14. NATURAL DISASTERS PREPARE BEFORE THE TYPHOON COMES Typhoon is one of the natural phenomenon. The scientists can predict when it happens. However, it sometimes happens suddenly so preparing well before the typhoon comes is very necessary and practical. For me the things we need to do before typhoon comes are. Firstly, we should buy some canned food and some candles and matches because when typhoon comes the market will be closed and no food will be available and there may be a power cut. Secondly, we should fill with buckets with water because when typhoon comes, the water pipes may be damaged. Thirdly, we should fix the leak in the roof and tie the roof to the Ground and pegs and ropes and check the windows and door latches because when typhoon comes it will be rainy and windy. In conclusion, preparing before the typhoon comes is our duty if we want to have a good life in areas where disasters often happen. 15. LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS 15. 1 . PREPARE FOR THE SPACE TRIP Perhaps traveling to the space is everyone’s wish. If we decide to take the trip to the space, we will have to get ready a few months before the flight. I think the things we need to prepare to have a trip to space are. First of all, we must have a million dollars to buy things we need such as aircraft, personal things and many other things. Secondly, we must have a good health and to have it, we must run a lot, swim everyday, do aerobics and push- ups and we must also get a letter from the doctor that show we are in perfect health. Last but not least, we must be a good traveler, we must get used to being in the situation of weightless condition. We aren’t vomited or dizzied when we are in orbit of the earth To have all of these things, we should do exercise very much every day. In conclusion, it’s very interesting to have a trip to space and it’s very difficult to have that trip so if you will able to take a space trip, you know what you must do. 15.2. THE THINGS YOU SEE WHEN YOU HAVE A SPACE TRIP. Perhaps traveling to the space is everyone’s wish. I think if we get on the space trip, we will able to see wonderful things. In fact, once we get on the trip, we will be in different world. You will see pictures of the Earth. We may also find our country and other interesting places. We will be able to see the oceans, the big rivers, the tall mountains. We will be able to see them many times because we will orbit the Earth 16 times a day! We will also be able to see stars that we couldn’t see from the Earth. Besides, when we are in orbit, you will be able to get out of our seat and walk in the cabin. We will be able to walk on the wall or on the ceiling like in a circus. We will not weigh anything! We will feel totally free and enjoy the wonderful feeling we have never had before. We really experience those marvelous things when we are on the board. In conclusion, it’s very interesting to have a trip to space. Do you want to have it? Start to dream now and your dream may come true some day. THE END . COMPOSITION 1. A visit ( a trip) to HCM city Every year my family has a visit to somewhere. Last
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