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Unit 1: MY FRIENDS TEST I I. The letters of the words below are in the wrong order. Put them into the correct order and match them with their definitions 1-5. rensouge yonan noraph murosouh rapohagen deversre 1 of having or showing a sense of humour, amusing. 2 giving or ready to give freely. 3 slow to show feelings or express opinions. 4 a child whose parents are dead. 5 to make somebody fairly angry. 6 ____ a home for children who are orohans. II. Put the following words into the correct columns. friendly fair oval straight square slim long blue reserved heavy curly out-going bright dark blonde round character hair eyes face built III. Look at the pictures. Complete the descriptions of the people. Allan Luigi Polly 1. Allan is .' and very straight He's wearing and a 2. Samantha is and She's short , and she's wearing a and a 3. Luigi is quite and with dark He's got a and he's a suit with a 4. Polly is short and wearing ………… with long hair. IV. Write Bruno's questions. Bruno What's your name? Akiko Akiko Watanabe. Bruno Akiko I'm Japanese. Bruno Akiko No, I'm single. Bruno Akiko I'm 25. Bruno Akiko 1 metre 60 Bruno Akiko It's black. Bruno Akiko They're brown. Samantha V. Read the following sentences and correct them if necessan E.g. The sun sets in the East. The sun doesn't set in the East hut it sets in the West. 1. Water freezes at 100°C. 2. The earth revolves around the moon. 3. The sun rotates itself everyday. 4. The sun rises in the North. 5. Everything is faster than the speed of light. 6. Two parallel lines meet each other at a point. 7. The sea covers one-third of the world. VI. Complete the dialogue. Hoa: Hello, Hung! How. you? Hung: I'm well, thanks are you? Hoa: , thanks. Hung: Hoa, is Tan comes from Le Quy Don School. Hoa: Hi, Tan. How you ? Tan: How do you ? What school you come from? Hoa: from Nguyen Tri Phuong School. VII. Rewrite the folowing sentences so that the meaning stays the same, using the words given. 1. He is too young to go to school. He is not ………. enough …………………………… 2. Her hair is long, straight and black. She has 3. What does he do? What is 4. He'd rather play football than tennis. He prefers 5. We have quite different characters. Our characters 6. Lan is not as clever as Huong. Huong is 7. The water is so dirty that he can't bathe his eyes. The water is not 8. He isn't allowed to ride a motorbike because he is too young. He is not ; VIII*. Writing: Think about the person of your dream, and read the passage below. Then fill in each blank with a suitable word. The boy / girl of my dream is about (number) years old. He'She (adjective) and (adjective), with (color) eyes and Cadjective color) hair. In my dream, he/she is wearing a/an (color noun) and (color plural noun). When he/she comes into a room, people look at him/her, and say "What a an (adjective) boy / girl! Unit 1: TEST II I. Find the antonyms by matching one word in column A with one word in column B. A B 1. curly a. tall 2. generous b.set 3. fat c. confident 4. reserved d. selfish 5. annoy e. straight 6. rise f. slim 7. short g. outgoing 8. shy h. please II. Choose the most suitable word from the list to fill in each gap. generous orphan humorous reserved annov 1. He is a writer. 2. It was of you to share your food with me. 3. It me when someone forgets to say thank you. 4. He has been a/an since he was 6 years old. 5. Lan is the new comer and comes from Hue. That's why she is III. Read the following descriptions and answer the questions given below. A. Mr.Bao is 37 years old. He's married and he's got two children, a boy and a girl. He 's an English teacher at Quoc Hoc High School. He's very tall but rather slim. He loves his career and his students. B. Ms. Loan is 25 years of age. She's still single, but she's got a boyfriend. She works at the Provincial Post Office of Thua Thien Hue. She's tall and pretty. Her hair is black and soft. She likes wearing "ao dai". She is a hard-working clerk. Questions. 1. How old is Mr. Bao? 5. How old is Ms. Loan? 2. What does he do? 6. What's her job? 3. Where does he work? 7. Where is her office? 9. Is she a hard-working clerk? 8. What is she like? IV. * Complete the dialogue with questions. Jim: What does she look like? Steve: She's quite pretty, with straight black hair. Jim: And Steve: It's medium length. Jim: Steve: She's fairly tall. Jim: And Steve: She's about 14 years old. Jim: Steve: Sometimes. I think she's wearing them now. Jim: OK. I think I see her over there. V. Describe your close friend. What is his / her name? How old is he / she? What does he / she look like? What does he / she like? What does he / she often wear? VI. Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in brackets in the present simple. E.g.: The president of the U.S.A lives in the White House. 1. Jet engines (make) a lot of noise. 2. The sea (cover) two-thirds of the world. 3. Loud music (give ) me a headache. 4. We (go) to school from Monday to Saturday. 5. She usually (finish) her work at 5:30. 6. He (play) the guitar and the piano. 7. It (snow) a lot during the winter in his country. 8. The River Amazon (flow) into the Atlantic Ocean. 9. Vegetarians (not eat) meat or fish. 10. Oranges (be) rich in vitamin C. VII. Make complete sentences from the words below. 1. The sun / rise / East. 2. He / be / old / enough I go I school. 3. It / be / cold / go out. 4. She / be / nice girl / long hair. 5. He / be / friendly / kind / everyone. 6. His hair / short / black. 7. What / your teacher / like? 8. He / be / not / sociable / as / his brother. 9. We / enjoy / tell /jokes. 10. He / be / hard-working student / who always / good marks. VIII. *. Five people are staying at Expo Hotel for an international conference. They are all from different countries. They all have different hair colors and eyes. Read the clues carefully and fill in the chart below. CLUES - The Russian is in the room opposite the lift. - The Italian is in room 205, opposite the woman with red hair. - The German is 42, and she's got fair hair. - The brown-haired man has got blue eyes. - The man with black hair is between the lift and the German. - The man with grey hair and brown eyes is 54. [...]... glad you do I lost mine What's the schedule for this week0 Thanh: Me, too Maybe we could study together for the exam Thanh: Yes, I do Hoa: The lecture today and the film on Wednesday aren't a problem, but I really need to work hard to prepare for the exam on Friday Hoa: What a good idea! Hoa: Do you have the schedule for history class? Thanh: Today, there's a lecture, then on Wednesday we see a film,... room 5 6 7 8 9 10 The bookshelf is opposite to the picture You ought study harder to make your parents happy Let put the radio next to the lamp There are some milk in the fridge When will you go house? My mother is a good cooker V Make a question for each of the underlined phrases in the sentences below, using question words 1 Their guests left for home because it was very late 2 Mr and Mrs Thanh are... it in the correct position 1 The stadium is a bit far my house 2 Could I speak Mrs Hoa, please? 3 He will pick me tonight at 8 o'clock 4 They're going buy a new car next year 5 Would you like leave her a message? 6 He's going to work home tonight 7 Who are you having dinner? 8 I have a lot homework to do tonight IV Look at the picture to complete the following sentences describing a small town This... (4) that mean? Tom: It Just means it's (5) to be wet Sue: Good gracious I don't believe that! Tom: Well, it (6) true Sue: How can we tell when it's going to (7) fine? Tom: Certain birds (8) high in the sky and begin to sing Could that (9) true, do you think? Yes, scientists say they (10) learn a lot from studying how animals behave VII Read the text below and decide whether the following... see it today? Hello I believe you advertised an apartment for rent Yes, thank you for calling Bye Where is it? Sure Four hundred dollars a month IV Supply the necessary reflexive pronoun 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 We protect from the rain with an umbrella Both boys taught .to swim The children amuse with the kitten You will cut with that knife if you are not careful She likes to look at in the mirror The... night 9 You shouldn't really blame for that mistake 10.I must learn to control V.* Complete the dialogues, using have to, don rt have to, mustfn 't), ought to 1 Thu: Would you like to go for a drink? Thanh: I'd love to, but I'm afraid I go home and get the dinner ready Thu: Yes, I know, but you go home right now, do you? 2 Loan: I'm not sleeping very well at the moment Ngoc: Well, maybe you take sleeping... Browns / buy / new house / this year 5 my family / visit / my grandparents / Nha Trang / next month 6 we / listen / that radio program / this evening 7 1 / ask / Mr Wilson / his / advice / this matter 8 They / build / new house / here / August? VII Read the text and fill in the chart about Angela Angela Duffy is a schoolgirl from Brighton She wants to be a doctc "I'm going to medical school next year... information 4 The two men returned to the office at three o'clock 5 6 He failed the exam because he was lazy My mother often goes to work by bus 7 Her sister bought three pairs of stockings yesterday 8 Mr Tuan goes to Hanoi three times a month 9 The name of that book by Mark Twain is Tom Sawyer 10 He didn't go to school because he had a headache VI Read the text and answer the following questions Peter... they (join) the tennis club They (not like) tennis 4 (you travel) a lot before you (get) this job? 6 That old radio (work) before I (drop) it 7 We (see) them every week, but then we (have) an argument 8 She (play) tennis a lot before she (break) her leg 9 She (drive) a lot before she (have) the accident 10 We (have) a garden, but then we (move) to a different house V Read the following story and put... 4 .all the other ants carrying food to their store The grasshopper (sing) 5 another song and (earn) 6 .on dancing When winter came and there (be) 7 snow on the gronn the grasshopper (have) .8 nothing to eat He (be) " very hungry, so he (go) 10 and (ask) 11 t h e a n t l " give him some food "We (work) 12 all summer to collect our food What 13 you (do)?" said one of ants "I was . tonight at 8 o'clock. 4. They're going buy a new car next year. 5. Would you like leave her a message? 6. He's going to work home tonight. 7. Who are you having dinner? 8. I have. confident 4. reserved d. selfish 5. annoy e. straight 6. rise f. slim 7. short g. outgoing 8. shy h. please II. Choose the most suitable word from the list to fill in each gap. generous. What's her job? 3. Where does he work? 7. Where is her office? 9. Is she a hard-working clerk? 8. What is she like? IV. * Complete the dialogue with questions. Jim: What does she look like?
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