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LEAP ENGLISH CENTRE L I NG Ph n GI I THÍCH PART c th c hi n b i tr gi ng c a trung tâm v i s tr giúp c a b n Mai Ca s M a vi hoàn thành d án này! giúp cho b n sinh viên có th T ng d n l i gi H C ÔN TOEIC m t cách hi u qu nh m t ph n h c ch tc g ng cao, nhiên n gi i thích, mong b có th c ph n d c thơng c m có th ph n h i b ng cách inbox theo link fan page c Vi c chia s tài li u hồn tồn khơng ph i, ch mong mu n b n chia s ghi rõ ngu n! Xin c Liên h v khóa TOEIC t i LEAP: 0936.79.6606 (Mr Trung) or Hotline: 0968.468.253 n ECONOMY VOL TEST 01 Question 153-154 refer to the following advertisement Chào m Wash I hope you are very excited to let you know that the long over! We will be reopening on August 23rd, a week from now! In order to celebrate the opening of the shop, we are offering an exclusive discount of 15% off any item if you complete this registration form and bring it to the store on the 23rd Please note that this the 23rd I hope to see you all at the shop and enjoy the discount! Name: Address: Cell: Câu h i 153: What is the purpose of this advertisement? (A) An advertisement for a new product (B) A discount offer for existing shop member (C) A promotion for a membership registration (D) An advertisement for a new shop complete this registration form and bring it to the 154 When was the registration form sent? reopening on th (A) August 13 August 23rd, a (B) August 16th week from (C) August 23rd (D) September 23rd nv ic Tôi hi v ng b ng th c mùa Hè c a mình! Chúng tơi r t thích thú mu n b n bi t r ng quãng th trùng tu c a hàng cu m c a l i vào ngày 23 tháng Tám, m t tu n k t bây gi k ni m vi c m l i c a hàng, khuy n m i gi m giá 15% cho b t k hàng n u b n hồn thành b n n c a hàng vào ngày 23 Chú ý r ng, b khơng có hi u l c sau ngày 23 Tôi hi v ng s g p t t c b n t i c ng th vi c gi m giá này! Tên: _ a ch : _ n tho i: _ D thích i 153: M a qu ng cáo gì? (A)M t qu ng cáo cho s n ph m m i (B) Gi m giá dành cho thành viên c a c a hàng (C) Qu ng cáo cho vi viên (D) Qu ng cáo cho c a hàng m i 154 Khi b n c g i? (A) 13 tháng (B) 16 tháng (C) 23 tháng (D) 23 tháng T m i - Registration: (n) s - Exist: (v): T n t i - Promotion: (n) S qu ng cáo, s ti n -Purpose: (n): M c Form: (n,v): B n, hình th c Question 155-157 refer to the following announcement We are sorry to inform visitors that due to raised maintenance prices and a recent surge in feed price, Queensway Zoo will be increasing its ticket rates by 10-20% The price increase will go into effect next year The rates for nonmembers may be higher than for members Chúng r t ti n khách du l ch r ng giá b giá th thú Queensway s -20% Vi s áp d nh ng khách không ph i thành viên s a thành viên The one-day ticket will remain unchanged at $5 for children and $7 for adults However, starting on January 1, the Safari Pass, which is the most popular among visitors, will be increased from $10 to $10.50 for members and $12 for non-members The Safari Pass allows visitors to drive through our Safari area, where they can see right from their car wild animals in nature It also offers free face painting and animal posters for kids! You can also save Vé m t ngày v Tickets for the afternoon animal show cost $3 for both members and non members Memberships must be renewed every six months at the additional charge of $2 Accordingly, memberships purchased after July without renewal expire next year Be sure to renew your membership for year-long benefits and discounts i, $5 cho tr i l n Tuy nhiên, b u t ngày tháng M t, t n i ti ng v i khách du l ch, s n $10.50 cho thành viên $12 cho khách không ph i thành viên phép khách du l ch a ph có th th y t xe c a h c nh ng v t hoang dã t n t mi ng v t cho tr ! B ti t ki m 30% u ng quán t ph c v c a s thú Vé cho bu i bi u di n thú bu i chi u giá $3 cho c thành viên không ph i thành viên H i viên s c gia h n tháng m t l n v , mua th h i viên sau ngày tháng M t s không ph i gia h c ch n gia h n th h i viên cho l i ích chi t kh u Câu h i D 155 What is the main purpose of the announcement? (A) To promote a special offer (B) To inform people of changes in ticket prices (C) To encourage members to renew 155 M c a thơng báo gì? (A) Qu ng cáo m c bi t (B) Thông báo cho m i i v giá vé (C) Khuy n khích thành viên gia h n s thành viên (D) Thông báo s thú s ticket rates by 10- i thích T m i Announcement: (n) Thông báo - Offer: (n,v) ngh , t ng - Inform: (v) Thông báo - Encourage: (v) ng viên, their membership (D) To announce that the zoo will close 156 What is NOT offered with Safari Pass? (A) Discounts on drinks (B) Free face painting (C) Patting animals (D) Free animals posters 157 What is indicated in the announcement? (A) A member has to pay $10.50 for the Safari Pass after January (B) The rate of the one-day pass will be changed (C) Non-members should pay more for the animal show (D) Memberships have to be renewed annually a khuy n khích - Renew: (v) Gia h n c - Discount: (n) Gi m giá -Pat (v): V p -Poster: Áp phích, t qu ng cáo face painting and animal posters for kids You can also save 30% on all drinks at the z t ng b i Safari Pass? (A) Gi u ng t mi n phí p thú (D) T b c tranh thú mi n phí r, starting on January 1st, the Safari Pass, which is the most popular among visitors, will be increased from $10 to $10.50 for c ng -Indicate: (v) ý thông báo? Ng ý, ch nh (A) M i thành viên ph i -Increase: (v) tr $10.50 cho Safari Pass sau ngày tháng -Renew: (v) Gia M t h n ( C) Nh i -Annually: H ng không ph i thành viên nên tr nhi bu i trình di n thú (D) Thành viên h i ph i gia h Question 158-160 refer to the following advertisement Wedding Planners United was voted the best wedding service company at the 12th annual Toronto Wedding Exposition It was also named key to our success lies in our comprehensive and economical service We fully understand the importance of providing one-stop service for busy couples who are unable to plan out the tiny details Moreover, by offering affiliated services with dress designers, hair salons, and photographers, our clients can save up to 50% on their wedding expenses Wedding Planners United offers renowned onestop service for busy couples Bridal H c bình ch n công ty d ch v it t nhât t i cu c tri n th 12 c ch n nhà tài tr cho tri n i Bí quy t cho thành cơng c a chúng tơi n m d ch v ti t ki m hi u bi t Chúng tơi hồn tồn hi u s quan tr ng c a vi c cung c p d ch v m t c a cho c n r n mà không th lên k ho ch chi ti t nh nh n a, b ch v h i viên v i nhà thi t k váy, th m m vi n tóc, nhi p nh gia, khách hàng c a có th ti t ki n 50% chi i Hi p h ch v m tc y uy tín cho c here at our company are equipped with professional knowledge that provides our clients with adequate information for every ceremonial detail, ranging from the invitations to the reception b nr it i c trang b nh ng ki n th c chuyên nghi cung c p cho khách hàng nh v m i chi ti t bu i l , t vi c thi p m i yourself Visit our office and select your personal n ti c ti y b n không ph i bridal consultant for one-stop service t n phòng làm vi c c a chúng tơi l a ch i cho Furthermore, with affiliated business partners, n a, v i tác liên k t, hi p Wedding Planners United offers cost-effective h i Wedding Planners cung c p nh ng products to our clients Clients can save up to 50% s n ph m ti t ki m cho khách hàng on wedding dresses, manicures pedicures, Khách hàng có th ti t ki m t i 50% limousines and other relevant needs Our company i, has selected the most reliable businesses to cater d ch v c n thi t khác Công ty c a to your needs We have recently launched an a ch n nh ng hãng kinh online reservation service for your convenience doanh tin c y nh ph c v yêu c u You can now easily make reservations for a c a b n Chúng v a m i ch y d ch consultation through the Internet v t ch m thu n ti n cho Call us at (733) 231-4782 for further information khách hàng B n có th d t ch cho m t cu n qua m ng Câu h i n D T m i gi i thích 158 For whom is this for busy couples 158 Qu ng cáo -Bridal: (a) Thu c advertisement most likely who are unable to nh n ai? v i intended? plan out the tiny -Prospective: (a) (A) Bridal consultants details i Thu c v (B) Prospective wedding (B) Nh ng c p -Partner: B ng partners v ch hành (C) Small business lai (D) Married couples (C) Kinh doanh nh (D) Nh ng c p v ch t hôn 159.What can be inferred Furthermore, u có - Cooperation: (n) about Wedding Planners with affiliated th suy t C ng tác United? business partners, Wedding - Business: (n) (A) It works in cooperation Planners United? Kinh doanh, hãng, with other business (A) Nó c ng t c cơng ty (B) It offers consultation công ty - Consultation: (n) services for troubled couples khác S n (C) It is matchmaking firm (B) Nó cung c p - Matchmaking: (n) (D) It specializes in hosting d ch v n Mai m i expositions p - Firm: (n) Hãng v - Exposition: (n): (C) Nó hàng H i ch , tri n lãm mai m i -Affiliate: (v) Nh p (D) Nó chuyên t làm h i viên ch c cu c tri n lãm, h i ch 160.What is NOT listed as a part of Wedding Planners United services? (A) Discounted wedding goods (B) Online reservation (C) One-stop service (D) Free catering service You can now easily make reservations for a consultation through the Internet Clients can save up to 50% We fully understand the importance of providing one-stop service 160 Cái c li t t ph n c a d ch v Wedding Planners United? (A) dùng i gi m giá t ch m ng (C) D ch v m t c a (D) D ch v phân n phí - Reservation: (n) S t ch - Catering: (n) phân phát th - One-stop: (n) M tc a Question 161-164 refer to the following news article Kristen Quartet concert was cancelled due flight was delayed hours About 300 people who were waiting at the returned home disappointed when they make it The quartet was expected to play popular jazz music of the 1970s in classic style, which proved popular enough to sell out the show The quartet expressed their regrets at the bad weather through their official website They announced that they will be selling tickets again at half the original price for a rescheduled concert in Port Elizabeth They also decided to sign autographs for fans as an expression of gratitude for their not be available Tickets for the rescheduled concert will be Th t th t v ng nghe tin rang bu i bi u di n nh c c a Kristen Quartet ch nh t tu n v a r i h n bay c a nhóm nh c b hỗn ti ng Kho ng 300 i h ng Grand c a thính nhà th t v ng h c thông báo r ng ban nh c không th th c hi n bu i hòa nh c c jazz c a th p niên 70 theo phong cách c n,khi n tồn b s vé Nhóm nh hi n s ti c nu i th i ti t x u qua trang web c a h H thông báo r ng h s bán vé l i l n n a v i n m l i m t bu i hòa nh c Port Elizabeth H nh ký t i hâm m hi n s bi s ng h c a h n r ng khơng th hồn l i ti n Vé cho bu i hòa nh c lên l ch l c bán phịng vé thính phịng Birmingham vào sáng th tu i hâm m c khuy n office from this Thursday morning Fans are c gi chi tránh hàng dài encouraged to come before 5:00 P.M to Thông tin chi ti t v bu i bi u di n có th avoid long lines Further information about c tìm th y web th c c a Kriten the concert can be found at Kristen Quartet Câu h i 161 What is the news article about? (A) Weather forecast (B) Classic music in the 20th century (C) A rescheduled concert (D) History of Jazz music 162 What will happen this Thursday? (A) There will be an autograph event for fans (B) The Kristen Quartet will be performing in the Port Elizabeth (C) Tickets for an upcoming event will be available (D) The Birmingham Auditorium will undergo renovations 163 What will the quartet be playing? (A) Traditional Scottish music (B) Orchestra pieces by Mozart (C) Electronic pop (D) Well-known music of the 1970s 164 What can be inferred from the article? (A) The Kristen Quartet is a rock band (B) Tickets can be obtained at a lower price (C) The Kristen Quartet is made up of members from Port Elizabeth (D) Those interested in buying tickets must n D i thích They announced that 161 Bài báo nói v they will be selling u gì? tickets again at half (A) D báo th i ti t the original price for a (B) Nh c c n rescheduled concert in th k 20 Port Elizabeth (C) Bu i hòa nh c t ch c l i (D) L ch s c a nh c Jazz Tickets for the u s x y rescheduled concert vào th n will be sold at này? Birmingham (A) M t s ki n ký t i hâm office from this m Thursday morning (B) The Kristen Quartet s bi u di n Port Elizabeth (C) Vé cho s ki n s pt is c bán (D) Thính phịng Birmingham s c nâng c p T m i - Forecast: (n,v) D báo - Classic: (a) C n - Reschedule: (v) T ch c l i, k ho ch l i - Concert: Bu i hòa nh c - Autograph: (n) Ch ký, ký t ng - Perform: (v) Bi u di n - Upcoming: S p t i -Available: (a) S n có - Auditorium: (n) Thính phịng - Undergo: (v) Ch u ng, tr i qua - Renovation: (n) C i ti n, c i thi n, nâng c p The quartet was expected to play popular jazz music of the 1970s 163 Nhóm t t u s they will be selling tickets again at half the original price u có th t suy lu n t báo? c (A) The Kristen - Band: Ban nh c Quartet m t ban - Be made up of : nh c rock c t o nên t , hình (B) Vé có th mua v i thành t giá th (C) The Kristen cl p thành t thành viên t Port Elizabeth (D) Nh ng mu n mua vé ph c gi (A) Nh c Xcot-len truy n th ng (B) M y b n nh c c a Mozart (C) Nh nt (D) Nh c n i ti ng nh - Quartet: (n) Nhóm t t cb i i) - Orchestra: (n) Ban nh c, dàn nh c nt come before five Question 165 -167 refer to the following notice Looking for Promising Authors Tìm ki m tác gi h a h n Caldwell Publishing Co is calling for manuscript submissions from both professional and amateur writers seeking a responsible agency that will maximize their potential and successfully market their work With 76 years of professional publishing experience, Caldwell started as a small familyrun business and grew into one of the ten largest publishers in the country Known for its strong partnerships with authors and excellent entrepreneurship, Caldwell Publishing has received several awards in recognition of its excellence in publishing We are currently seeking author submissions for both fiction and non-fiction books The requirements for both genres are: - Rough draft of the first chapters - 2-page summary of the book - Curriculum vitae of the author - Contact information of the author For works of fiction, the writer must include: A one-paragraph description for each of the main characters - Images relevant to the motif of the book - For works of non-fiction, the writer must include: A recommendation letter from an expert in the field relevant to the book - Công ty xu t b i nh ng b n th o t nh ng nhà vi t k ch chun m m t cơng ty có trách nhi m s a h t ng cho công vi c c a h V m xu t b n chuyên nghi p, Caldwell b u t m t công ty gia n m nh thành m i nhà xu t b n l n nh t c c bi n quan h i tác ch t ch v i tác gi u ki n làm ch doanh nghi p xu t s c, c m t s gi i ng công nh n s xu t s c in n m nh ng b n th o cho c ti u thuy t phi ti u thuy t Yêu c u cho c ng là: -B n th u -Tóm t t dài trang c a quy n sách -CV c a tác gi -Thông tin liên l c c a tác gi V i nh ng tác ph m ti u thuy t, nhà so n k ch c n bao g m: -M t miêu t m i nhân v t -Nh ng b c n th lo i c a cu n sách V i nh ng tác ph m phi ti u thuy t, tác gi ph i g m có: -M i thi u t m t chuyên gia n tác ph m - M t báo cáo h c thu t b i tác gi v ch An academic report by the author on the subject - Chú ý r ng nh ng tác ph cn ps Please note that submitted manuscripts will c hoàn tr l c tr n s not be returned Selected candidates will be c liên l c vòng 10 ngày k t ngày contacted within 10 days of their submission n p tác ph m G i b n th n: Daniel Send submissions to: Daniel Caldwell, New Caldwell, New State Biulding, 962 Pixee State Building, 962 Pixie Street, Maine, NJ Street, Maine, NJ Câu h i n D i thích T m i 165 What is the purpose of the notice? (A) To advertise a newly published book (B) To promote a campaign on reading books (C) To request the submission of manuscripts (D) To look for playwrights 166 What is NOT indicated about Caldwell Publishing Co.? (A) It has been in business for more than 70 years (B) It is one of the Caldwell Publishing 165 M a Co is calling for thông báo gì? manuscript qu ng cáo cho submissions sách m i xu t b n (B) qu ng cáo cho cu c v c sách yêu c u n p b n th o tìm ki m nhà so n k ch We are currently seeking author submissions for both fiction and non- largest publishers (C) It only publishes works of fiction (D) It has received several awards 167 In the notice, the word in paragraph 1, line is closest meaning to: (A) humiliate (B) magnify (C) report (D) elongate - Purpose: (n) M c - Publish: (v) Phát hành - Promote: (v) Qu ng cáo - Submission: (n) Trao n p - Manuscript: (n) B n th o, b n g c - Playwright: Nhà so n k ch, vi t k ch u KHƠNG - Indicate: (v) Ch miêu t v công ty nh, ám ch xu t b n Caldwell? - Publisher: Nhà xu t (A) Nó ho ng b n - Fiction: Ti u thuy t (B) Nó m t -Award: (n) Gi i i nhà xu t b n ng l n nh t c (C) Nó ch xu t b n tác ph m ti u thuy t (D) Nó v a nh n m t s gi ng 167 Trong b n thông b o, t n m t, dịng hai g tv it gì? (A) làm nh c, làm b m t (B) th i ph ng u hóa (C) thơng báo, báo cáo (D) làm dài ra, kéo dài Question 168-170 refer to the following advertisement Hearty greetings from the town of Le Tignet! We welcome you to a cheese and wine paradise for a relaxing weekend in the quiet countryside in the south of France Visit our official website at for further L i chào m ng thân m t t th tr n c a Le nv i cu i tu n m t không gian mi n quê mi trang web th c c a chúng tơi t i information about our town, which was voted the third most popular tourist destination in France You can learn about the dates of free wine tasting festivals and make-your-own-cheese programs by clicking on the Le Tignet Calendar" button Moreover, you can register for the cheese-making program with an online payment You can also shop online for Le Tignet cheese made in the traditional style on our website Getting to Le Tignet has become much more convenient ever since the provincial government started operating a shuttle bus service for visitors The bus will transport tourists from Kenone Station to Le Tignet at 20-minute intervals from 7:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M A specially designed bus is available for the handicapped upon request If you are driving to Le Tignet, take Highway 5C and then switch to Kernone Route 93, which will lead you to the Le Tignet wine complex For tourists travelling in groups, you are welcome to sign up for a tour guide provided by the Le Tignet Tourism Administration The guide will lead you through areas carefully selected by local specialists You will receive a souvenir T-shirt at the end of the guided trip To register for this service, call the Le Tignet Tourism Administration at (035) 762-7369 nv nên thu n ti nhi u t h ng thành ph quy t b t u v n hành d ch v xe ch ng ng n cho khách du l ch Xe buýt s ch khách du l ch t ga Keno n Le Tignet v i 20 phút m t chuy n t gi n gi chi u M t chuy c bi c thi t k i khuy t t t N u b n lái xe n Highway 5C n chuy ng Kernone 93,s d nb n v i kh u Le Tignet V i khách du l n nên i d n t i ban qu n tr du l ch Le ng d n viên s d n b n qua nh m du l c l a ch n c n th n b i nh B ns c nh n chi m cu i chuy id cho d ch v này, g i ban qu n tr du l ch Le Tignet t i s (035)762-7369 n Câu h i 168 What information is NOT found on the website? (A) Dates of wine tasting festivals (B) Registration for cheese-making programs (C) The population in Le Tignet (D) Online shopping for cheese bi t thêm thông tin chi ti t v th tr n c a chúng tơi a c bình ch m du l ch ph bi n th ba Pháp B n có th bi t v ngày c a l h i th u mi làm mát b ng cách nh n vào n n a, b n có th làm mát b ng cách tr ti n qua m ng B n có th mua mát Le c làm theo phong cách truy n th ng qua m ng trang web c a You can learn about the dates of free wine tasting festivals .can register for the cheese-making program You can also shop online for Le Tignet cheese D i thích 168 Thơng tin khơng tìm th y website? (A) Ngày c a l h i th u mát (C) Dân s Le Tignet (D) Mua bán mát m ng T m i - Registration : (n) - Population: (n) Dân s (C)Wine (D)Cocktail 180Who most likely were the participants? (A)Researchers (B)Marketing planners (C)Drink manufacturers (D)Alcohol consumers (A) Bia u m nh u vang u pha 180 Ai có kh t nh i tham gia? (A) Các nhà nghiên c u (B) Nhà l p k ho ch ti p th (C) Nh i s n xu u ng i tiêu u Questions 181-185 refer to the following website and e-mail Are you looking for a place to have a great time with your friends? Come to Café Brentle! Café Brentle is designed to provide an environment where friends and families can get together and have a fantastic time In celebration of our 10th anniversary, Café Brentle is offering an exclusive discount for those who visit us in a group We will be offering a 15% discount to those who visit us in a group of three or more! PLUS, we will be giving out free chocolate chip cookies to the first 100 customers on July 26th, Monday The following is our menu We hope you can come and enjoy the B mái v i b mm tho i n quán cà phê c thi t k b quay qu n có th i gian t v i bên Nhân d p k ni n gi c bi t cho nh i tr s t ng thêm bánh quy sô cô u tiên vào th Hai ngày 26 tháng B menu c a Chúng tơi hi v ng b n có th ng th c cà highest quality coffees, teas and food Coffee/Tea S L Hazelnut Coffee $2.50 $3.50 Ground Coffee $2.10 - $3.20 French Vanilla Coffee $2.30 $3.40 ng h ng nh t Coffee/Tea S L Hazelnut Coffee $2.50 $3.50 Ground Coffee $2.10 - $3.20 French Vanilla Coffee $2.30 $3.40 Egg & Cheese Bagel $5.50 Blueberry Bagel $3.60 Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.80 Ham & Cheese with a Fried Egg $3.40 Egg & Cheese Bagel $5.50 Blueberry Bagel $3.60 Chocolate Chip Cookies $2.80 Ham & Cheese with a Fried Egg $3.40 *This offer is good until the end of July To: Kate Johnson From: Jeffrey Hamilton Subject: Study group schedule Date: July 26th *Khuy n có h n cu i tháng B y T i: Kate Johnson T : Jeffrey Hamilton Ch : L ch nhóm h c Ngày: 26 tháng B y Dear Kate, Kate thân m n, g i cho Rachel Hey, Kate I tried to reach Rachel but she y v n không tr l i mail -mails or n tho i c a Tôi vi xác nh n l ch h p nhóm t i c a you to confirm our next study group Tôi tin r ng s vào th n b n bi t r ng cà Thursday, right? I wanted to let you n cho know that Cafe Brentle is offering a i tr discount for those who come to the cafe nh n có in a group of three or more people Thus, lên Vì v y, nh n khuy n I was wondering if you had anyone you r wanted to bring to the study group so we m i không Tôi s mang tài li u l p sinh n, v ng quên mang tài li u can get the discount I will be bringing h n nhé! Sao b n không g i Rachel the materials for biology class, so please nói tơi nghe Trân tr ng me know what she thinks? Thanks Take care! 181Why is Cafe In celebration of 181 T i cà phê -Downturn: K suy Brentle offering a our 10th thoái anniversary khuy n gi m -Celebrate: (v) T discount? (A)They have had low sales lately (B)There has been a downturn in the economy (C)A different owner took over the cafe (D)They are celebrating their 10th anniversary 182What is the condition for getting a discount? (A)They must be members of the cafe (B) They must possess a discount coupon (C ) They have to spend more than five dollars (D)They have to be in a group of three or more people giá? (A)G thu ch c -Anniversary (n): L k ni m thoái kinh t i khác làm ch quán (D) H t ch c k ni We will be offering a 15% discount to those who visit us in a group of three or more! 183What is the purpose of the e- confirm our next mail? study group meeting schedule (A)To change the study group meeting schedule (B)To discuss class material from the last lecture (C)To confirm their next study group meeting (D)To change the place where u ki n -Condition: (n) gi m giá gì? u ki n (A)H ph i -Possess: (v) S thành viên quán h u (B)H ph i s h u m t phi u gi m giá (C) H ph i chi (D) H ph i tr lên 183 M a i l ch h c nhóm bàn lu n tài li u l p t c xác nh n h c nhóm i v trí g p -Schedule: (n) L ch -Material: (n) Tài li u -Confirm: (v) Xác nh n meet 184What did Jeffrey ask Kate to try to call Rachel do? and let me know (A)To look for what she thinks another student who wants to study together (B)To check if the café is offering any discounts (C)To sign up for a new math class (D) To bring the study material for the physics class 185 When will the meeting take place? (A)July 25th (B)July 26th (C)July 29th (D)July31st 184 Jeffrey yêu c u Kate làm gì? (A)Tìm ki m thêm m t sinh viên khác mu n h c nhóm ki m tra qn cà phê có n khơng p h c toán m i (D) mang tài li u l p v t lý -Look for: Tìm ki m -Physics: Môn V t lý 185 Khi bu i h n s di n ra? (A)25 tháng B y (B)26 tháng B y (C)29 tháng B y (D) 31 tháng B y Questions 186-190 refer to the following e-mails From: To: Subject: TV exchange Date: March 21st Dear Mr Guss, T : T i: Ch i TV Ngày: 21 tháng Ba Ông Guss thân m n, y Chào ông Guss, vi request an exchange for the TV I purchased tr i cho chi c ti vi four days ago I know we discussed this on c Tôi bi bàn vi n tho and the model number of the TV set I want a ch m u chi c ti vi instead mu i l y 875 Kings Dr 875 Kings Dr Huntington, Pennsylvania Huntington, Pennsylvania 10295 10295 Model Number: TK210B32TS Model Number: TK210B32TS Thêm n a, mu n mua m y loa a speakers that I was interested in when I visited the store with the difference in money hàng bù vào kho n ti n mua t l n c n hai m u, m u from my first purchase I have two models in mind: the Thunder Bird speakers and the Thunder Bird m u Whopper Sound c Whopper Sound speakers I would like to buy Tôi mu n mua r thông báo s m t tơi nói n tho i Ông có how long this is going to take when I was chuy n v talking to you on the phone Would you th cho bi t ông tr l c không C c a ông please let me know how long this is going to take when you write me back? Thank you for hi v ng ơng s có m t tu n bn bán your assistance and hope you enjoy a great thu n l i! week of sales! Hilary Reinheimer Hilary Reinheimer From: T To: T i: Subject: RE; TV exchange Ch áp l i TV nd Date: March 22 Ngày: 22 tháng Ba with respect to your TV exchange As per the external speakers you would like to purchase, the price of the Whopper Sound speakers is the higher of the two you mentioned According to our exchange policy, we cannot charge you for the external speakers from the money left over from your first purchase We must give back our customer the difference between the two purchases, and then the customer can make their purchase In other vi i TC c a cô Trong m y loa ngồi mu n mua, giá c a loa Whopper i i, chúng tơi khơng th tốn cho m y chi c loa t kho n ti n t l c c Chúng ph i tr l i cho khách hàng kho n bù gi a l khách hàng mua hàng ti p Nói cách khác, cô ch c ch n ph i ghé qua c a hàng sau cô nh c chi phi u c a chúng store after you receive your check in order to mua hàng make your purchase The actual exchange process will only take i hàng s di n ch one day However, the check will have to be m t ngày Tuy nhiên, chi phi u s c delivered through the mail, which will chuy n qua mail, s m t kho probably take more than two days after the c hồn thành Vì v y, b n có th ti t ki m th i a hàng to save some time if you visit our store once gian n u b i hàng hoàn t t l y chi phi u the exchange process is done so that you can i mail Hãy cho bi t b n pick up the check at the store instead of nh l y chi phi u th C having it sent through mail Please let me know how you want your check to be Thân Ryan Guss delivered Thank you Sincerely, Ryan Guss 186 Who is Mr Guss? Thank you for 186 Ông Guss -Manufacture: Nhà (A)A TV manufacturer your assistance and ai? su n xu t (B)A TV repairman hope you enjoy a (A)Nhà s n xu t -Repairman: Th s a ch a (C)An electronics great week of TV salesman sales! (B)Th s a ch a TV (D)A friend of Ms (C)Nhân viên kinh doanh (D)M ib n c a cô Reinheimer 187 What does Ms 187 Cô Reinheimer i Reinheimer want formally request an mu n ông Guss -refund: Hoàn ti n Mr Guss to do? exchange for the làm gì? -Broken: H ng (A)Find a nice TV for TV I purchased (A)Tím m t ti four days ago p cho her (B)Hồn tr ti n (B)Give her a cho chi refund for the TV mua she purchased (C)Exchange a TV she i m t TV cô purchased (D)Ghé nhà cô (D)Visit her house and s a ch a ti vi h ng fix a broken TV 188 What CANNOT Mr Guss for Ms Reinheimer? (A)Sell her any electronics products we cannot charge you for the external speakers from the money left over from your first purchase u ơng Guss KHƠNG th làm cho cô Reinheinmer? (A)Bán s n ph m n t cho n t -Policy: (n) Chính sách -External: (a) Bên (B)Explain about the exchange process (C)Send a check through the mail (D)Include a set of external speakers with the exchange 189 How long will the The actual exchange process take? exchange process will only take one (A)A day day (B)Three days (C)More than three days (D) According to the e-mails, what can be inferred? (A)Ms Reinheimer is interested in buying more TV sets (B)Mr Guss wants to 190 of how long this is going to take when I was talking to you on the phone exchange policy (C)Ms Reinheimer will probably buy the Whopper Sound speakers (D)Ms Reinheimer and Mr Guss have already talked before (B)Gi i thích (C)G i chi phi u qua mail (D)Bao g m c p i i di n bao lâu? (A) M t ngày (B) Ba ngày -Process: (n) Q trình (D) Khơng ch c ch n 190 u có th suy t email? (A)Cơ Reinheimer thích mua thêm TV (B)Ông Guss mu i -Be interested in: Thích thú -Infer: (v) Suy lu n c a cơng ty (C)Cô Reinheimer s mua loa Whopper Sound (D)Cô Reinheimer t ng nói chuy n v Questions 191-195 refer to the following article and e-mail Local Business Are Suffering Doanh nghi by Winston Gandhi Vi t b i Winston Gandhi According to recent reports, the cause of the economic recession is because local businesses are not making as much profit as they used to Only ten years ago, market share in the manufacturing, food, and clothing industries was fairly evenly divided between local businesses and large corporations However, in recent years, local businesses are basically being crushed by cheaper products from large corporations Theo báo cáo g a n n kinh t suy thối doanh nghi p c nhi u l i nhu c, th ph n s n xu t, th c ph m công nghi u gi a doanh nghi p công ty l n nghi chèn ép b i s n ph m r công ty l n ng b nh ng Is the government taking any action in order to fix this unbalanced market share situation? In fact, they're doing the exact opposite Some of the government's policies are making local businesses suffer even more First, due to low tariffs on imported goods, local businesses are not able to compete Moreover, because large corporations have been dominating the market with their cheaper products, they have been able to invest in producing better quality goods In other words, now small businesses cannot compete against large corporations in both the price and quality of their products Có ph i ph i hành s a ch a tình hình m t cân b ng th ph n? Trên th c t , h c l i M t s sách c a ph p m u tiên, m c thu th p c a vi c nh p c ng hàng hóa, doanh nghi a c n a nh ng công ty l n chi n th ng v i nh ng hàng hóa r a h , h có th n xu t hàng hóa ch ng t cách khác, nh ng doanh nghi p nh không th c nh tranh l i nh ng công ty ng c a s n If this unbalanced market share l n c giá c ch continues for a long period of time, the ph m overall economy will suffer N u vi c m t cân b ng th ph n ti p t c th i gian dài n a, c n n kinh t s g p khó Dear IHB Bank, Thân g i Ngân hàng IHB Tên Jim Cooke, ch nhân Ch n bi t My name is Jim Cooke, the owner of Th c ph m H y, h u h t doanh nghi n kinh t bây know, most local businesses are not không th gi M t nh i doing very well right now ti economically One of the reasons for cho s n ph m m i Vì chúng tơi khơng kh s n xu t hàng hóa v i money to invest in new products ch ng t Because we cannot afford to produce m t khách quen cho nh ng s n ph m better quality goods, we are slowly giá r a nh ng công ty l n losing our regular customers to large gi i quy t v này, công ty chúng c m t d t o i D án In order to address this problem, our m t th c ph m h n công ngh sinh h u company has been working on a project p s n xu t ngô to create a new organic food product This project involves biotechnology có ch a nhi u ch ng s d ng m t that enables us to produce corn that contains more nutrition than normal n c a b n gi i thi u corn does while using the same amount s n ph m m i cơng ngh có liên chúng tơi ti n hành a presentation of our new product and d án này, c n vày m t kho n the technology involved in it n th y b n gi i For us to proceed with this project, we t y need to get a loan from the bank As thi you can see on the presentation attached h a h n có th mang l i cho chúng to the letter, the project is very nh ng th a thu n t t v ti n b c promising and could make us a good Chúng s có th khơng ch tr lãi c a deal of money We will be able to not kho n vay mà cịn tốn m t kho n only pay the interest on the loan but nh hàng tháng c a kho n vay Xin hay also make small monthly payments on xem xét d án c a c n th n the loan itself Please consider our tr l i l i b n có th project carefully and get back to me Trân tr ng Jim Cooke when you can Ch nhân Ch th c ph m H Sincerely, Jim Cooke 191Why are local businesses suffering according to the article? (A)Because co spending as much lately local businesses are basically being crushed by cheaper products from large corporations 191 T i doanh nghi p l ig t? (A) B i g khách hàng khơng chi tiêu nhi u (B) Vì nh ng cơng ty l n Businesses: Kinh doanh Suffering: Kh s Recession: Suy thoái Profit: L i nhu n Manufacturing: s n xu t (B)Because of large corporations (C)Because the interest rate has gone up (D)Because of inflation 192According to the article, which of the following is one of the advantages that large corporations have? (A)Better advertisements (B)Better business networks (C)Lower prices (D)Cheaper labor (C) Vì kho n lãi su (D) Vì s l m phát because large corporations have been dominating the market with their cheaper products, vi u sau n l i mà cơng ty l n có c? (A) Qu ng cáo t t (B) M i kinh doanh t (C) Giá th ng r 193Why does Mr For us to proceed Cooke need the with this project loan? (A)He needs money to invest in a new project (B)He wants to advertise his product (C)He wants to expand his store (D)He has to hire more employees 194According to the passages, what is NOT true? (A)The government -Cheap: R 193 T i ông -Expand: (v) M Cooke l i c n m t r ng kho n vay? (A) Ông y c n ti t d án m i (B) Ông y mu n qu ng cáo cho s n ph m c a ơng y (C) Ơng y mu n phát tri n c a hàng c a ông y ông y thuê thêm công nhân We will be able to not only pay the interest on the loan u khơng but also make small monthly (A) Chính ph c -Competitive: (a) C nh tranh -Loan: (n) Món is taking measures that are worsening the problem (B)Small businesses are less competitive than large corporations payments on the loan itself Food Market has been losing customers (D)Jim Cooke cannot pay the interest on a loan 195In the article, in paragraph 2,line is closest in meaning to (A)Tax on imported goods (B)Tax on domestic goods (C ) Price (D)Discount n vay pháp làm x v (B) Nh ng doanh nghi p nh c nh v i nh ng công ty l n (C) Ch th c ph m h t khách hàng (D) Jim Cooke không th tr lãi cho kho n vay 195 Trong vi t -Tariff: Thu t n 2, dịng g n nh t có (A) Thu nh p kh u hàng hóa (B) Thu hàng hóa n a (C) Giá (D) Gi m giá Questions 196-200 refer to the following letters To: Catherine Sylstra G n: Catherine Sylstra Dear Ms Sylstra, Thân g i cô Sylstra, Hello, Ms Sylstra I hope your Chào cô Sylstra Tôi hy v ng mùa hè c a cô summer is going well As you n tri n t University of Michigan for its IOE ng i h c Michigan t thúc b ng program vi c áp d ng chung m t s ti u lu n b the general application and some i h c Michigan n a supplemental essays for the Hôm vi cô bi t r ng th i h n t p c ih c writing you this letter today to let Michigan s m t tháng so v i you know that the Early Action ng khác deadline for the University of Không gi uh ng khác Michigan is actually a month earlier có h n t ih c than other schools Michigan yêu c u t c n p vào ngày I t danh sách tài Unlike most of the schools that have li u ph cg it ih c an Early Action deadline of Michigan November 1st, the University of -B m Michigan asks that applications be submitted by October 1st I made a i thi u list of materials that must be sent - Gi i thi u c ih c directly from the school to the m AP University of Michigan - Transcripts - Recommendation Letter - Recommendation - AP Score These are all the documents I need from the school and hope two months is enough time for you to prepare all of them I hope the rest of your summer goes well and lookforward to seeing you back at school! Sincerely, | David Zhao Dear David, Hi, David Thanks for your letter I'm actually on my holiday, but fortunately I was able to read your letter By the time I get back home, I'll still have more than enough time to get all the documents together Actually, I wanted to point out that you also need to submit an SAT t c nh ng tơi c n t ng hi v ng tháng s chu n b ct tc Rôi hi v ng k ngh hè c a cô di n t t p mong mu c nhìn th y quay tr l ng! Trân tr ng, David Zhao Thân g i David, Chào David C a b n Th c s ngh may m n thay tơi có th a b n B c v nhà, tơi s có nhi u xem t t c tài li u Th c ra, mu n ch r ng b n p m t k t qu SAT n n i score as well I spoke to the registrar so I could order the rest of the necessary documents, and they should be ready by the time I go back to the school Meanwhile, why don't you send me your essays so that we can discuss it later on? I've had many students who made simple mistakes on their college admission essays just because they are too nervous about it I could probably take a look at it from a more objective point of view and offer some suggestions If you send it within the next two days, I'll be able to have it checked by my husband as well, which would be helpful because he's an English teacher So, just let me know what you think about this idea! Take care Catherine 196 Who most I wanted to likely is Ms point out that Sylstra? you also need to (A)A college submit an SAT admissions staff score as well I spoke to the (C)A college registrar so I counselor could order the of the (D)A math teacher rest necessary documents, and they should be ready by the time I go back to the school 197Why did David write a letter to this letter today Ms Sylstra? to let you know (A)To tell her that that the Early cán b ng tơi có th t ph n cịn l i c a tài li u c n thi t, h s n sàng vào th i gian quay tr l ng i b n không g i cho ti u lu n c a b chúng tơi có th b n lu n v u sinh viên m c nh ng sai l n lu i h c c a h b i h q lo l ng v có m t nhìn t nh m t s g i ý N u b n g i hai ngày t i, tơi có th s c ki m tra b i ch ng tôi, s h u y giáo viên ti ng Anh Và, cho bi t b ý ki n này! Thân Catherine 196 Cô Sylstra có kh nh t? -Counselor: (n) C v n (A) M t nhân viên ng ih c (B) Cha m c a David (C) M t c v n ih c (D) M t giáo viên toán 197 T i David -Convine: Thuy t ph c l i vi -Recommendation: (n) Sylstra? S ngh he has been accepted to the University of Michigan (B)To let her know about the University of Action deadline (C )To convince her to write a good recommendation for him (D)To tell her that his documents Action deadline nói v i c for the y r ng anh University of c ch p nh n Michigan is ih c actually a month Michigan earlier than cô y bi t other schools v h n cu i Bài t p c ng i h c Michigan thuy t ph c cô y vi t l i gi i thi u t t cho nói v i y r ng tài li u c a anh c g i cho b t k ih c out to any colleges yet 198In which month did David write his letter to Ms Sylstra? (A)June (B)August (C)September (D)November I hope the rest of your summer goes well 199Which of the following is NOT a document that Ms Sylstra is supposed to prepare? (A)Transcript (B)Recommendati on letter (C)SAT score (D)An English -Transcripts- t Sylstra vào tháng nào? (A) Tháng (B) Tháng (C) Tháng (D) Tháng 11 Recommendatio n Letter -College u sau i tài li u mà cô Sylstra ph i chu n b ? (A) B m Recommendatio i thi u n you also need m SAT to submit an (D) L i gi i thi u SAT score as c a m t giáo viên well ti ng Anh recommendation 200Why does Ms I'll be able to Sylstra want David have it checked to send his essay by my husband within two days? as well (A)So that her husband can read the essay as well (B)So that she can enjoy the rest of her vacation (C )Because the deadline has been moved up (D)Because he has to write essays for other schools as well 200 T i cô Sylstra mu n David g i ti u lu n ngày t i? ch ng y có th c ti u lu n y có th t ng ngh g k ngh c a y (C) B i h n cu i s c lùi l i (D) B i anh y vi t ti u lu n cho ng khác n a ... Avenue Trump Tower - To register in person will cost you an extra $50 .00 - 08:3 0-0 9:30 Breakfast and assignment of groups 09:3 0-1 0:30 10: 3 0-1 2:00 12:0 0-1 3:30 13:3 0- 17: 00 17: 0 0-1 8:30 Official opening... 172 M t kh u cho nhân viên Webb i mà sinh vào gì? A We 050 91980 B We 050 91990 C WE 050 91980 D WE 059 91980 Questions 173 - 176 refer to the following letter Norwalk Community Counseling Center 55 ... thêm - Shuttle: (n) H th ng xe ch ng ng n - Rural (a): Nông thôn - Election: (n) Cu c b uc - Offer: (v) : T ng khuy n -Handicapped: (a) Khuy t t t -Sample: (n) M u th ng d n Question 171 - 172 refer

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