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Teaching plan form 9 REVISION , INTRODUCING SUBJECT I. Giới thiệu chương trình: - Phân tích theo môn: 2 tiết/ 1 tuần - Phân tích theo đơn vị bài: 5  6 tiết /1 bài - Cả năm :10 bài ( học kì I ,5 bài / học ki II , 5 bài II. Hướng dẫn cách học Tiếng Anh: - Học từ - Học ngữ pháp + ngữ âm lồng trong bài học - 4 kỹ năng: nghe, nói, đọc, viết III. Một số qui định đối với học sinh học môn Tiếng Anh, Lớp 9: - SGK: 2 quyển (Bài học + Bài tập) - Vở : 2 quyển (Bài học + Bài tập) - Hai quyển dùng riêng biệt không viết lẫn lộn giữa bài học và bài tập. - kiểm tra (15’) đột xuất không thông báo trước. - Kiểm tra một tiết theo phân phối chương trình và có báo trước 1 tuần - Khi đến lớp phải học thuộc bài cũ – chuẩn bị bài mới theo yêu cầu của giáo viên - Mang đầy đủ dụng cụ học tập - Tích cực phát biểu xây dựng bài - Khi kiểm tra bài + phát biểu phải nói lớn, rõ và mạnh dạng. III. Revision 1.Tenses ( simple present , simple past , Present perfect ) 2.Reported speech 3.Passive form (simple present , simple past , Present perfect , Modal verbs) Week: 1, Period:1 Date : August 15 th , 2011 Teaching plan form 9 UNIT 1: A VISIT FROM A PEN PAL Lesson 1: Getting started – Listen and read I. OBJECTIVES: - Introduce, leading to the topic of a unit - Talking about places to visit II.PREPARATION OF TEACHER AND STUDENTS 1.language contents: Vocabulary : Grammar :Wish sentence & Past habit (Used to + Verb) 2.techniques :Chatting, Explaination , asking & answering 3.teaching aids:books , pictures III.PROCEDURES: Teacher’s activities Student’s activities Content * Getting started. Showing 6 pictures of places of interest of Vietnam. Can you tell me the names of the places in 6 pictures? -Asking Ss some questions 1. Do you have any pen pals? 2. Do you like to have pen pals? 3. Where will you take him if he visits Vietnam for the 1 st time? * Listen and read - Introducing the situation of the passage: Maryam ,Lan’s pen pal, visited her for the first time and Lan took her to some places of interest in Hanoi. - Playing cassette once the 1 st paragraph. - Asking them questions: What do you know about Maryam? - Looking at the 6 pictures and guessing what places they are. - Answering the questions. 1.Yes , I do / No, I don’t 2. Yes , I do / No, I don’t 3.I’ll take her to - Listening to the teacher’s explanations then write the vocabulary down. - Listening to the teacher - Listening to cassette. (HungTemple ,Temple of Literature, DongXuan Market the City hall , history museum Ben Thanh market ) * Vocabulary: to correspond , at least , be really impressed , mausoleum , as well as , mosque, peaceful atmosphere, to pray, to depend on, to keep in touch, a trip abroad * Old Structure: Past habit Used to + V * Ex: Lan used to walk past the mosque on her way to primary school. Week: 1,Period: 2 Date : August 16th ,2011 Teaching plan form 9 - Having them a silent reading then identifying the places of interest. - Playing cassette again. - Asking them to have silent reading for information to answer the questions. - Calling some students to say their choices. - Briefly explaining the use of Wish Ex: I wish I had more time. I wish + clause (Past simple) - Answering the question. - Having a silent reading. - Listening to the cassette. - Writing down the new words. - Finding out structures. - Identifying new structures. - Having silent reading and get more information. - Saying the choices. - Doing the practice. 1. I wish I had enough money. 2. I wish I could sing that song. 3. I wish it wasn’t raining. 4. I wish I weren’t too fat. 5. I wish the weather were fine today. * New structure : Wish sentence: Present unreal wish * Ex: I wish I had more time. S + wish /wishes +S + Vp1 ( were ) Multiple choice : Key : 1. C 2. B 3. D 4. B - Explain the way how to do these exercises. - Do exercise 1 workbook (p.5-6). IV.CONSOLIDATION AND HOMEWORK 1. Consolidation 1.Where did Lan take Maryam to visit? 2.What place did they visit on Friday? 3.Does Maryam invite Lan to visit Malaysia? Key 1.Lan took her to many famous places in Ha Noi 2.They visited the mosque on Hang Luoc Street. 3.Yes, she does 2.Homework -rewrite the sentences in the textbook -Prepare “Speak and listen “ Teaching plan form 9 UNIT 1: A VISIT FROM A PEN PAL Lesson 2: Speak – Listen I. OBJECTIVES: - Developing speaking and listening skills. - Introducing oneself II. PREPARATIONS OF TEACHER AND STUDENTS 1.Language contents: 1.Grammar: Yes – No questions. 2.Vocabulary: Some words relating to capitals and big cities in the world, especially in Asia. 2. Techniques: Asking and answering – Pair work – Role play – Matching. 3. Teaching aids: Pictures, cassette player and tape. III. PROCEDURES: SPEAK Teacher’s activities Student’s activities Content - Making questions: 1. Where does Maryam come from? 2. Does she like Vietnamese people? 3. Does she like Ha Noi? - Answering the questions: 1. Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur 2. Yes.Because they’re friendly 3. Yes. Because it’s interesting Some details about the country - Introducing situation:Nga is talking to Maryam. They are waiting for Lan outside herschool. Asking Sts to work in pairs. - Matching and putting the dialogues in the correct order.  Finishing part (a) -Work in pairs -Arrange the sentences given into a complete dialogue. - Correct Ss’ arrangement Keys :1-c-5-b-4-d-2-e-3-a-6 - Correcting part (a) - Sticking the answer key on the board. - Asking Sts to read the information in three boxes at - Replacing - Making similar dialogues. - Practicing new dialogues (Pair work) Ss make new dialogues about Paul ,Jane and Yoko Week: 2,Period: 3 Date: August 22, 2011 Teaching plan form 9 the end of the page 8. - Asking Sts to match countries and their capitals (ASIA). - Asking Sts to play roles. - Matching - Playing roles with their old names and their own words. LISTEN Teacher’s activities Student’s activities Content Pre-Listening - Introducing the lesson:”Tim Jone’s Mexican pen pal, Carlos is visiting the USA” - Looking at the picture and talking about them. -Thinking of three things that Tim and Carlos are doing Pictures in textbook –page 9 -While -listening -Taking about the situation of the lesson. Tim John’s pen pal is visiting The USA.They are going to somewhere and do something.Listen and choose the correct pictures Playing the tape. - Listen and find out where Tim and Carol are and what they are doing. - Listening and choosing the correct answers. - Comparing their answers with the partner’s. *Keys: a. 1. b. 2. c. 2 - Checking the answers with the whole class. 1.Which sentence tell you Carlo is walking on the grass? 2.Do they take the bus 103 3.Does Carlo like American food or Mexican food ? - Saying the answers. 1. “Be careful .You are walking on the grass”. 2. No, they don’t 3. She likes American food The conversation in the tape IV.CONSOLIDATION AND HOMEWORK 1.Consolidation -How can you express your feeling when you meet SO? -What ‘s the picture about ? (show the picture –Don’t pick flowers 2.Homework : learn the vocabulary,prepare :Read Teaching plan form 9 UNIT 1: A VISIT FROM A PEN PAL Lesson 3: Read I. OBJECTIVES: 1. Developing reading comprehension. 2. Help students know more about Malaysia. II. PREPARATIONS OF TEACHER AND STUDENTS 1. language contents: Vocabulary: divided, separated, comprise tropical climate, official, language of instruction. 2. techniques: Q-A ,True-false statements , complete the information in the box 3. teaching aids : books , map of Malaysia III PROCEDURES: Teacher’s activities Student’s activities Content Warm-up - T shows the map of Vietnam and asks students: 1. Which country is on the map? 2. Which city is the capital of Vietnam? 3. How many regions are there in Vietnam? - Answering the questions. 1.Vietnam 2.Hanoi 3.Three Some details about Vietnam Pre-reading - T introduces the passage by showing the map and the picture about Malaysia. - T asks “What do you know about Malaysia?”. - T asks sts to read the passage silently and underline the new words. - Sts answer (in Vietnamese) - Reading the passage in silently an underline the new words - Listening to the explanation. -Repeat , read, write vocabulary *Pre teach vocabulary: -to divided, to be separated, to comprise, tropical climate, official religion language of instruction. While reading - T reads the passage and students listen and find the right information about Malaysia to fill in the table. Key -Sts work in pairs , find the right information . Some Ss give the amswer - Correcting the Key 1.329,758 sq km 2.over 22 million ( in 2001) 3.tropical 4.Ringgits Week: 2,Period: 4 Date: August 24, 2010 Teaching plan form 9 -Tgives some questions : a. Where is Malaysia? b. What is the capital of Malaysia? c.What is its population? d.How big is Malaysia? e. What language is spoken in this country? - T hangs a cardboard and gets sts to do T/F exercises in pairs. mistakes. Write the corrections into their notebooks Ss answer : a.It’s in South East Asia. b.Kuala Lumpur. c. over 22 million ( in 2001) d. 329,758 sq km e.Bahasa Malaysia 5.Kuala Lumpur 6.Islam. 7.Bahasa Malaysia 8.English -Post reading -T asks Ss to work in groups, read the sentences given, decide whether they are true or false ( correct ) Ss work in groups , do the exercise in their books ( true-false ) *Keys : 1. T 2. F ( There are more than two religions) 3. F (English, Chinese, and Tamil are also widely spoken) 4. F (One of the three : Malay, Chinese, Tamil) 5. F (English is a compulsory second language , not primary language of instruction) IV.CONSOLIDATION AND HOMEWORK 1.Consolidation T gives some questions about Malaysia: 1. Is Malaysia one of the countries of the ASEAN? 2. How many regions are there? 3. Is Kuala Lumpur the largest city in the country? 4. Which language is taught on secondary school? 5. What’s the weather like in Malaysia? 2.Homework -Reread the passage , redo exercise -prepare “Write “ UNIT 1: A VISIT FROM A PEN PAL Lesson 4: Write I. OBJECTIVES: Sts can practice the skill of writing a letter (a normal letter and a friendly letter) II. PREPARATIONS OF TEACHER AND STUDENTS 1.language contents : how to write a letter. 2 techniques : Explanation 3. teaching aids: Week: 3,Period: 5 Date : August 29,2011 Teaching plan form 9 Pictures of some places of interest ( Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, London Bridge, etc), Overhead, projector. III. PROCEDURES : Teacher’s activities Student’s activities Content Warm-up - T asks sts some questions about his/ her trip: a. Where did you go last summer? b. How did you get there? c.Did you visit any places of interest ? d.Did you buy anything? e. Do you have any relatives? f. Have you ever visited them? - Answering the questions. a.I went b.I went there by c.Yes, I did / No, I didn’t d. Yes, I did / No, I didn’t e.Yes, I do / No, I don’t f.Yes,I have /No, I haven’t Some details about a trip Pre-writing - T reads a sample letter. - T guides sts how to write a letter (address, heading, body, closing, signature…) -T sets the scene : “Imagine you are visiting your relatives or friends in another part of Viet Nam or a different country” - Listening to the teacher. -Answering the questions -T gives some questions : 1.Where are you now? 2.How did you get there? 3.Who did you meet? 4.What places have you visited? 5.What kinds of food have you tried? 7.What souvenirs have you bought? 8.How do you feel now? 9.What do you think interest you most? 10.When are you returning home? -While-writing T lets sts write letters ( in group )basing on the cues given in their books - T has some sts read their letters in front of the class. - T corrects the mistakes. - Sts read the outline, pay attention to he content of each part. - Sts base on the outline and teacher’s instructions and write a letter. - Sts discuss in groups and write letters by themselves. T can give sts the outline: 1 st .“I arrived at ( Da Nang airport /train station ) at ( 2 pm ) on ( Tuesday ) (Hoa ) met me at the ( airport ), the she took me home by (taxi )” 2 nd “I’ve visited many places such as I’ve tried different foods : ( sea food ) I’ll visit tomorrow /on 3 rd . “ I feel so happy.The Teaching plan form 9 people here are so friendly, the foods are delicious, the sight are beautiful I’ll leave Da Nang at next Please pick me at the Post-writing -Choose some letters to correct in class. Ss listen to the teacher , correct some mistakes Ask sts to write letters. - - IV.CONSOLIDATION AND HOMEWORK 1.Consolidation - Sts write letters to invite their friends to their places where they are living, tell them what they’ll do, what food they’ll eat … 2.Homework :Sts prepare Language Focus. UNIT 1: A VISIT FROM A PEN PAL Lesson 5: Language focus I. OBJECTIVES: Students can retell their preparations before a special occasion and express their wishes. II. PREPARATIONS OF TEACHER AND STUDENTS 1.language content: Grammar: Revision: - Past simple. - Wish sentence. Week: 3,Period: 6 Date: August 0, 2011 Teaching plan form 9 2 techniques: Question – Answer. 3. teaching aid: Pictures, colored chalk. III. PROCEDURES: Teacher’s activities Student’s activities Content Language focus 1:Past simple tense - Creating the situation by asking some questions: 1. Where was Maryam last week? 2. What did she do in her first day in HN ? - Asking the students to pick out the tenses in 2 answers. - Having some students give the formation of past simple tense. - Asking the students to do pair work (exercise 1) - Having some pairs present in front of the class. -T asks sts to give the past form of verbs given -T asks sts to match verb with noun phrases. - Answering the T/s questions. 1. She was in HN 2. Lan took her to Hoan Kiem lake. 1.What did Ba do on the weekend ? He went to see a movie called “Ghosts and Monsters” 2.When did he see it ? He saw it on at Some activities of Maryam when she was in Hanoi Past simple revision (V ) Vp1 ( Ved / column 2 of irregular verbs ) 1. What did Nga do on the Weekend? - She went to the concert . 2. When did she go there? - She went there on Saturday at 8pm. Exercise 2: - Lan made a cake - Tan hang colorful lamps. - They bought flowers. - Huy painted a picture of HN - They went shopping. Language focus 3 : Wish sentences - Creating the situation by asking questions: “What did Lan say to Maryam at the end of the week?” - Asking the students to analyze the sentence. - Having the students withdraw conclusion. - Asking the sts to do exercise 3 page 12 (group work) - Having some of the sts write their sentences on - “ I wish you had a longer vacation” - Wish sentence => a complex sentence. - Verb is used in the past subjunctive. - Ss give the formation of wish sentence. - Ss write five wish sentences. The past simple with wish: I wish you had a longer vacation. I wish I had more time. S1 + WISH/ WISHES +S2 + verb _be (were)_/v(past) Exercise 3: a.I wish I were taller b.I wish It were not so hot c.I wish I had a computer d.I wish I didn’t live far from school e.I wish I had a sister. f.I wish I drew well ( I didn’t draw badly) [...]... -worldwide economic situation -Listen to the tape *Keys : - Read the text aloud 1.18thcentury………jeans - Have a silent reading cloth…… - Do gap filling 2 196 0s…… students……… 3 197 0s……… cheaper……… - Doing task B in pairs 4 198 0s……… fastion………… 5 199 0s sale………… - Work in pairs , answer Key the questions 1.The word jeans comes from Listening to the keys a kind of material that was made in Europe 2.The... clothing in 198 0s 5.Because the worldwide economic situation got worse in the 199 0 IV.CONSOLIDATION AND HOMEWORK 1.Consolidation -Ask some more about jeans -Do you like wearing Jeans? Why -Can you give some names of own styles of jeans ? -Have jeans been ever out of fashion ? Who are now often wearing Jeans? Why? 2.Homework : Ask Ss to do exercise , prepare “Write” Teaching plan form 9 UNIT 2: CLOTHING... news Mr Thanh will have a meeting 2pm and 4pm We have lived here 199 5 Tom will be here _Monday What do you often do the morning ? Most of us watch TV _school 2.Homework:Ask Ss to do the exercise ,Do exercises page 20 – 21,Prepare next lesson: Unit 4/Lesson 1: Teaching plan form 9 Week: 10,Period: 20 CORRECTION Date:October 19, 2010 I.Multiple Choice: 1.Workers like wearing jeans because they... workbook (page 14.15) -Prepair “Listen” Week: 5, Period: 9 Date: September 12, 2011 UNIT 2: CLOTHING Lesson 3: Listen I OBJECTIVES: - Developing listening skills - Listening for realistic information about some events II.PREPARATIONS OF TEACHER AND STUDENTS 1 language contents: a Grammar: Passive construction of past simple b Vocabulary Teaching plan form 9 lost girl = missing girl ,announcement, entrance,... his family had a day trip 2T 3 F (There is a big old banyan tree 4 F ( a snack under the banyan tree) 5T 6 F ( a picnic on the river bank) 7T 8 F (Liz took a lot of photos 9 T Keys 1 It’s 60 kilometers to Teaching plan form 9 pairs to answer the questions (page 23) answer the Questions -write the answers into their notebooks the north of Hanoi 2 They got to village by bus 3 It’s at the entrance to... form 9 last bus and we arrived home very late in the evening Post writing -having Ss show their writing on the board Content of part write Write the passage into their notebooks -correct mistakes -ask some question IV.CONSOLIDATION AND HOMEWORK 1.Consolidation Ss look at the pictures , describe the picnic 2.Homework Write a passage describing a picnic Prepare Language focus Week: 10,Period: 19 Date:November... “could” with wish sentences b.The past simple simple with wish a lot of money c.Prepositions of time Ex :He wishes he could fly Ex: I wish I were taller / She wishes she had Ex : I was born in 197 6 Teaching plan form 9 d.Adverb clauses of result Ex:I was tired so I went to bed early 2 techniques:Questions – Answer , gaps –fill , matching 3 teaching aids: Pictures, cards , miniboard III PROCEDURES: T’s activities... form 9 ( result) -He was tired.He went to bed early He was tired so he went to bed early -We didn’t have a trip because the weather is bad. The weather is bad so we didn’t have a trip sentences , change sentences from “because” to “so” 5+c IV.CONSOLIDATION AND HOMEWORK (Preposition) 1.Consolidation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 It often hot .the summer He goes home 7 o’clock to watch the 7 o’clock news Mr Thanh... designers do to the Ao Dai? 2.Homework Learn vocabulary , reread the passage , redo exercises , rewrite sentences into their notebooks Week: 4,Period: 8 Date: September 9th , 2011 UNIT 2: CLOTHING Lesson 2: Speak Teaching plan form 9 I OBJECTIVES: - Develop speaking skill - Ask & answer about the hobby and the habits of dressing II.PREPARATIONS OF TEACHER AND STUDENTS 1 language contents: Vocabulary:words... freely - Making questions - Reading the passage for missing information -Teaching vocabulary : -material (n) -style of jeans -cotton (n) -name after sailor -to wear out -young generation Teaching plan form 9 *While-reading - Playing cassette twice - Calling some students to read the text aloud - Asking the students to have a silent reading to do the gap filling A - Task 2: asking the students to do task . Hướng dẫn cách học Tiếng Anh: - Học từ - Học ngữ pháp + ngữ âm lồng trong bài học - 4 kỹ năng: nghe, nói, đọc, viết III. Một số qui định đối với học sinh học môn Tiếng Anh, Lớp 9: - SGK: 2 quyển. in pairs. *Keys : 1.18 th century………jeans cloth…… 2. 196 0s…… students………. 3. 197 0s……… cheaper……… 4. 198 0s……… fastion…………. 5. 199 0s sale…………. *Post-reading - Calling some students to answer. cheaper. 4.Jeans at last became high fashion clothing in 198 0s. 5.Because the worldwide economic situation got worse in the 199 0. IV.CONSOLIDATION AND HOMEWORK 1.Consolidation -Ask some more
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