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TÀI LIỆU BỒI DƯỠNG HSG KHỐI 12 I. Choose the best word from A, B, C or D that fits each blank. 1. The hotel room was furnished with only a bed, a wardrobe, and an ancient armchair. A. thinly B. sparsely C. lightly D. sketchily 2. The main disadvantage to our house is that the only to the garden is through a bedroom. A. passage B. doorway C. access D. communication 3. The demonstrations in one hundred students being arrested. A. culminated B. erupted C. escalated D. concluded 4. Although he was a hardened criminal, his one feature was his love of children. A. saving B. redeeming C. recovering D. acquitting 5. Following the accident, he was prosecuted for driving. A. rash B. heedless C. irresponsible D. reckless 6. In many places in Wales we found that place-names in English had been with green paint – the work of ardent Welsh Nationalists. A. suppressed B. disguised C. obliterated D. destroyed 7. She took up so many hobbies when she retired that she had hardly any time A. on her hands B. in hand C. at her hand D. at hand 8. He was hardened criminal without a scrap of for his crimes. A. pity B. reproach C. remorse D. penance 9. We might just as well have stayed at home the enjoyment we had. A. on account of B. as far as C. for all D. concerning 10. Don’t stick your elbows out when you eat. them in by your sides. A. tuck B. bend C. place D. turn 11. Nothing was arranged – it was all very . A. take away B. worn out C. slapdash D. slap up 12. She gave me the same advice you did. A. like B. than C. as D. who 13. He was with an extraordinary musical ability. A. ensured B. entrusted C. entreated D. endowed 14. Not being able to find my phone number is a pretty excuse for not contacting me. A. fragile B. frail C. feedble D. faint 15. Fearing for his life, he the muggers for mercy. A. pleaded B. petitioned C. urged D. begged 16. I am sorry to have bothered you – I was under the that you wanted me to call you. A. mistake B. miscalculation C. misconception D. misapprehension 17. A special committee was set up to on the problem of football hooliganism. A. investigate B. inform C. research D. report 18. After the flash flood, all the drains were overflowing storm water. A. from B. with C. by D. for 19. The factory is working below because of the shortage of essential materials. A. range B. scope C. capacity D. density 20. If the work-force respected you, you wouldn’t need to your authority so often. A. assert B. affirm C. maintain D. inflict 21. I’ve had my car examined three times now but no mechanic has been able to the problem. A. pinpoint B. focus C. specify D. highlight 22. Our hosts had prepared a meal withseven courses to celebrate our arrival. A. generous B. profuse C. lavish D. spendthrift 23. I explained that I wanted to my legal right to consult a solicitor. A. entertain B. exercise C. grant D. insist 1 24. We were all rather in awe the new computers when they arrived. A. about B. before C. by D. of 25. The case was by the judge for lack of evidence. A. disallowed B. dismissed C. abandoned D. discarded 26. Once she’s a few tears she’ll resign herself to the situation. A. shed B. split C. sobbed D. released 27. the regular written work, you will be required to submit a long essay. A. Apart from B. Beside C. In addition D. Beyond 28. the difficulty of the task, I shall be lucky to complete it by May. A. Regarding B. Given C. Presuming D. Accepted 29. He was so in answer to my questions that I knew he has something to hide. A. effusive B. elusive C. allusive D. evasive 30. There is no for hard work and perseverance if you want to succeed. A. alternative B. substitute C. equivalent D. imitation 31. People in this village have got an appetite for now. A. inexorable B. inevitable C. insatiable D. inedible 32. Hardly had he sat down he was sent for again. A. when B.than C. after D. that 33. Many children who get into trouble in their early teens go on to become offenders. A. persistent B. insistent C. consistent D. resistent 34. Race regulations in this country are unlikely to improve until people overcome their feelings of hostility towards foreigners. A. interior B. internal C. inverted D. innate 35. Here is an example of an accident Chinese vase. A. beautiful B. tiny C. patterned D. exotic 36. Even the other convicts considered it a crime. A. guilty B. hard-bitten C. heinous D. hell-bent 37. Working with the mentally handicapped requires considerable of patience and understanding. A. means B. resources C. stocks D. provisions 38. The book took me the part of a year to write. A. most B. greatest C. best D. largest 39. I utterly your argument. In my opinion, you have distorted the facts. A. confound B. dispute C. decline D. refute 40. I offer you my most apologies for offending you as I did. A. repentant B. servile C. candid D. abject 41. Having decided to rent a flat, we contacting all all accommodation agencies in the city. A. set to B. set off C. set out D. set about 42. Don’t thank me for helping in the garden. It was pleasure to be working out of doors. A. plain B. mere C. simple D. sheer 43. The school authorities the child’s unruly behaviour on his parents’ lack of discipline. A. attribute B. accuse C. blame D. ascribe 44. After months of bitter arguing the couple had to accept that they were . A. incongruous B. incompatible C. dissident D. disaffected 45. My sunburnt nose made me feel rather for the first few days of the holiday. A. self-effacing B. self-centred C. self-conscious D. self-evident 46. The peace of the public library was by the sound of a transitor radio. A. smashed B. fractured C. demolished D. shattered 47. Anticipating renewed rioting, the authorities erected to block off certain streets. A. barrages B. barricades C. ditches D. dykes 2 48. In the hands of a reckless driver a car becomes a weapon. A. lethal B. fatal C. mortal D. venal 49. What the company needs is a actor who can take on a variety of roles. A. variable B. changeable C. versatile D. diverse 50. With their modern, lightweight boat, they soon the older vessels in the race. A. outstripped B. caught up C. overran D. exceeded 51. The feuding families have been enemies for years. A. sworn B. promised C. cursed D. blood 52. Not only was there no tea, there was no food either. A. and B. nor C. but D. so 53. He so much harm on the nation during his regime that it has never fully recovered. A. indicted B. inferred C. induced D. inflicted 54. Please don’t it amiss if I make a few suggestions for improvement. A. think B. assume C. take D. judge 55. It’s a shame they didn’t pick you, but it doesn’t out the possibility You might get a job in a different department. A. rule B. strike C. cancel D. draw 56. When facing problems, it is important to keep a sense of . A. proportion B. introspection C. relativity D. comparison 57. The hotel, though obviously grand in it days, appeared rather neglected and when we checked in. A. tumbled-down B. downcast C. run-down D. down-and-out 58. In order to explore the city I left my luggage at the station. A. unladen B. unencumbered C. undeterred D. unrestrained 59. The air-sea search operation is continuing although hopes of finding survivors are . A. dimming B. fading C. dissolving D. reducing 60. If you in arriving late, I shall have to report you to the Manager. A. persist B. persevere C. insist D. prevail 61. I meant to sound confident at the interview but I’m afraid I as dogmatic. A. came out B. came through C. came off D. came over 62. The switchboard at Television Centre was so by complaints about the programme that they had to take on extra staff. A. overrun B. overcome C. overwhelmed D. overhauled 63. She had mind which kept her alert and well-informed even in old age. A. an examining B. a demanding C. an enquiring D. a querying 64. The police decided to the department store after they had received a bomb warning. A. abandon B. evacuate C. evict D. expel 65. There were so many people me in the crowd that I couldn’t hold the camera steady. A. jostling B. jerking C. obstructing D. agitating 66. “Frankly, I couldn’t care less!” he said with a of his shoulders. A. twitch B. flick C. hunch D. shrug 67. I’m not by a particularly ambitious man. A. inclination B. habit C. character D. tendency 68. After the robbery, the shop installed a sophisticated alarm system as an insurance further losses. A. for B. from C. against D. towards 69. He still suffers from a rare tropical disease which he while in Africa. A. infected B. complained C. gained D. contracted 70. I was proud to be out for special praise for my performance. A. selected B. singled C. separated D. distinguished 71. When money into the slot, be sure to use undamaged coins. 3 A. on insertingB. having inserted C. to insert D. inserting 72. The mother sat by her child’s bedside all night. A. asleep B. sleep C. sleeping D. overslept 73. It’s much more expensive if you use the phone at rate. A. high B. busy C. peak D. heavy 74. The politician gave a press conference to deny the charges that had been at him. A. targeted B. levelled C. accused D. blamed 75. People in financial difficulties sometimes fall to unscrupulous money lenders. A. prey B. fool C. scapegoat D. sacrifice 76. If you too much of your energy on the climb, you’ll have none left for the descent. A. spend B. lose C. expend D. invest 77. He was caught using forged bank notes to pay for goods and charged with . A. deception B. fraud C. embezzlement D. theft 78. I can lend you five pounds to help you until you’ve had time to go to the bank. A. by B. up C. on D. out 79. The restaurant is popular with film stars and the . A. like B. same C. similar D. such 80. Although I explained the situation he didn’t seem to the degree of danger he was in. A. seize B. grab C. catch D. grasp 81. The company was declared bankrupt when it had more debts than it could hope to repay. A. inflicted B. incurred C. entailed D. evolved 82. Architectural pressure groups fought unsuccessfully to save a terrace of eighteenth century houses from . A. disruption B. abolition C. demolition D. dismantling 83. Before I went to drama school, I had to quiet a lot of family pressure for me to study medicine. A. resist B. restrain C. refuse D. reconcile 84. Strong protests were made with demands for an international enquiry. A. joined B. added C. coupled D. included 85. His English was roughly with my Greek, so communication was rather difficult ! A. level B. on a par C. equal D. in tune 86. What her problems all seemed to to was lack of money. A. analyse B. condense C. boil down D. sum up 87. The radio received was regular messages. A. giving over B. giving off C. giving out D. giving up 88. If the door had jammed, there’s no point in trying to force it open. You’ll probably the handle off ! A. gouge B. wrench C. pluck D. drag 89. The job requires a(n) for hard work in difficult conditions. A. ability B. skill C. faculty D. capacity 90. He left the meeting early on the unlikely that he had a stick friend to visit. A. claim B. excuse C. pretext D. motive 91. That song me of my youth. A. recalls B. remembers C. reminds D. recollects 92. Giving up smoking is just one of the ways to heart disease. A. push off B. put off C. ward off D. throw off 93. The girl felt with hunger. A. faintly B. fainting C. fainted D. faint 4 94. you are, the more you laugh. A. The happier B. More happy C. The happy D. Happier 95. All equipment must be sterilized and germ . A. vacant B. free C. vacuous D. vacated 96. During the war, the black market in luxury goods . A. flourished B. flowered C. bloomed D. blossomed 97. He looks much older. His financial worries seem to have taken a terrible on his health. A. burden B. toll C. strain D. tax 98. I haven’t got the time to do my own work help you with yours. A. leaving aside B. not counting C. let alone D. apart from 99. A statement will be made after the police have finished the evidence. A. straining B. sifting C. shredding D. sieving 100. You should be grateful to have opportunities which were to me at your age. A. refused B. declined C. denied D. restricted 101. In my view, the changes to the education system have been to good . A. influence B. outcome C. upshot D. effect 102. As a full story , the public reacted with shock. A. uncovered B. unfolded C. unwrapped D. undid 103. This song is not as original as their previous ones. A. almost B. virtually C. nearly D. practically 104. In any transport system, the safety of passengers should be . A. paramount B. eminent C. chief D. prime 105. It is expectedly that all members will to the rules of the club. A. comply B. concede C. conform D. compromise 106. It was decided that the cost of the project would be and so it was abandoned. A. repressive B. prohibitive C. restrictive D. exclusive 107. Karen was terribly nervous before the interview but she managed to pull herself and act confidently. A. through B. over C. together D. off 108. It just so that I was in their area that day, so I went to visit them. A. occurred B. happened C. chanced D. arose 109. We up a friendship the very first time we met. A. struck B. launched C. cropped D. settled 110. I left the company by , not because I was forced to. A. choice B. option C. selection D. preference 111. Tessa was determined to become wealthy and to that she started her own company. A. view B. aim C. end D. object 112. I can’t understand why you have to make such a about something so unimportant. A. mess B. stir C. fuss D. bother 113. If you don’t want to that wardrobe, I’m sure I could put it to good . A. value B. use C. benefit D. worth 114. Even though it was clear that that he was wrong, he was unwilling to and admit it. A. take back B. stand down C. draw back D. back down 115. The police are looking into new ways of major crime. A. contending B. wrestling C. combating D. striving 116. He made a number of remarks about my cooking, which upset me. A. slashing B. stabbing C. chopping D. cutting 117. it or not, I’ve just been given a totally unexpected pay rise ! A. Believe B. Accept C. Presume D. Allow 118. Recent defeats have his confidence in himself as a player. 5 A. underminedB. disabled C. impeded D. hampered 119. The plumber agreed that he had made a mistake and promised to put it the next day. A. correct B. proper C. sound D. right 120. Poor management brought the company to the of collapse. A. brink B. rim C. fringe D. brim 121. Why don’t the police take measures against crime? A. affective B. ineffective C. effective D. efficient 122. The strikers agreed to stick a substantial pay rise. A. up for B. out for C. together D. up to 123. As she is so heavily overworked, there is a possibility that she will have a nervous breakdown. A. distinctive B. distinct C. little D. manifest 124. When Mr. Spendthrift ran out of money, he his mother for help. A. fell in with B. fell upon C. fell behind D. fell back on 125. You will have to give to the manager for your actions. A. report B.account C. narrative D. explanation 126. The truant was from school for unbecoming behaviour. A. dispelled B. repelled C. expelled D. compelled 127. What he did was the height of bad . A. manner B. conduct C. actions D. behaviour 128. The of two houses prove such a financial burden that they were forced to sell one. A. upkeep B. upshot C. upsurge D. uproar 129. Of course he can lift that! He’s as as a horse. A. tough B. big C. heavy D. strong 130. to the invention of the steam engine, most forms of transport were horse-drawn. A. Akin B. Prior C. In addition D. With reference 131. There is no doubt about the outcome of the trial. The man is a criminal. A. self-conscious B. self-contained C. self-confessed D. self-centred 132. My husband’s continual keeps me awake at night. A. sneering B. snoozing C. snarling D. snoring 133. There was a of brakes as the car took the corner too quickly. A. squawk B. squelch C. screech D. scream 134. I’m afraid I’m rather about the existence of ghosts. A. sceptical B. partial C. adaptable D. incapable 135. You must pay import on certain goods brought into this country. A. fees B. surcharges C. supplement D. duties 136. Her hands were swollen and wrinkle, but she still had her nails regularly. A. manufactured B. manicured C. maintained D. managed 137. The girl’s large, heavy earrings had her earlobes permanently. A. displaced B. dismayed C. disfigured D. diseased 138. More and more people are having satellite dishes on their roofs. A. installed B. introduced C. implanted D. inserted 139. Cut flowers may through lack of water. A. faint B. collapse C. wilt D. drop 140. The actor was so nervous that he could only remember small of dialogue. A. shreds B. pieces C. patches D. snatches 141. Her business must be going rather well, by the car she drives. A. deducing B. deciding C. inferring D. judging 142. My cousin obviously didn’t much of an impression on you if you can’t rememeber meeting him. A. create B. do C. make D. build 143. I was kept awake for most of the night by the of a mosquito in my ear. 6 A. whine B. moan C. groan D. screech 144. If you would like to wait for a moment, sir, I will just your file on the computer screen. A. call up B. pull down C. bring in D. pick up 145. He looks very aggressive and threatening, so his soft, gentle voice is rather . A. disembodied B. disconcerting C. dismissive D. discordant 146. If I were you, I would regard their offer with considerable , because It seems too good to be true. A. suspicion B. doubt C. reservation D. disbelief 147. My sister’s confidence in her ability to play the piano was badly by her last music teacher. A. subsided B. weakened C. underminedD. loosened 148. Fearing for his life, he the mugger for mercy. A. pleaded B. petitioned C. urged D. begged 149. I am sorry to have bothered you – I was under the that you wanted me to call you. A. mistake B. miscalculation C. misconception D. misapprehension 150. I am not convinced that financial advisers always act in their clients’ best . A. advantage B. interest C. intention D. result 151. Many children who get into trouble in their early teens go on to become offenders. A. persistent B. insistent C. consistent D. resistant 152. Race relations in this country are unlikely to improve until people overcome their feelings of hostility towards foreigners. A. interior B. internal C. inverted D. innate 153. The real test of your relationship will come when you start to see your new boyfriend and all. A. faults B. spots C. moles D. warts 154. It’s a shame they didn’t pick you, but it doesn’t out the possibility that you might get a job in a different department. A. rule B. strike C. cancel D. draw 155. The case against the bank robbers was for lack of evidence. A. discarded B. dismissed C. refused D. eliminated 156. Please from smoking until the plane is airborne. A. refrain B. exclude C. resist D. restrain 157. We’re planning a holiday in Hong Kong when Peter retires but I don’t know whether it’ll really ever come . A. on B. out C. off D. round 158. No matter how angry he was, he would never to violence. A. resolve B. recourse C. exert D. resort 159. The best soil was away by a torrential rainstorm. A. gushed B. flowed C. flooded D. washed 160. Five readers the correct solution to our recent competition. A. communicated B. qualified C. submitted D. subscribed 161. People who take on a second job inevitably themselves to greater stress. A. offer B. subject C. field D. place 162. The building work must be finished by the end of the month of cost. A. ignorant B. thoughtless C. uncaring D. regardless 163. Sarah’s friends all had brothers and sisters but she was a(n) child. A. singular B. individual C. single D. only 164. from being embarrassed by his mistakes, the lecturer went on confidently with his talk. A. Distant B. Far C. A long way D. Miles 165. The increased pay offer was accepted although it short of what the employees wanted. 7 A. fell B. arrived C. came D. ended 166. The old lady’s savings were considerable as she had a little money each week. A. put by B. put in C. put apart D. put down 167. His poor handling of the business on negligence. A. bordered B. edged C. approached D. neared 168. After the accident, there was considerable doubt exactly what had happened. A. as to B. in the shape of C. for D. in the question of 169. Price increases are now running at a(n) level of thirty per cent. A. highest B. record C. uppermost D. top 170. The police a good deal of criticism over their handling of the demonstration. A. came in for B. brought about C. opened up D. went down with 171. The stage designed was out of this but unfortunately the acting was not so impressive. A. moon B. planet C. world D. earth 172. To discuss this matter with anyone else would our professional regulation. A. contradict B. counteract C. contrast D. contravene 173. I on the grapevine that George is in line for promotion. A. heard B. collected C. picked D. caught 174. This monument is to the memory of distinguished former students. A. erected B. dedicated C. commissioned D. associated 175. To begin studying chemistry at this level, you must already have proved your ability in a related . A. line B. discipline C. region D. rule 176. This sad song movingly conveys the of the lovers’ final parting. A. ache B. argument C. anxiety D. anguish 177. Do you expect there will be a lot of to the project from the local community? A. rejections B. disapproval C. disagreement D. objections 178. As a parent, my main concern is balancing the needs of a small child with the need to earn a living. A. solo B. single C. sole D. solitary 179. By the time we got home, we were frozen and starving hungry. A. extremely B. very C. absolutely D. exceedingly 180. She says that unfortunately, in the circumstances, she cannot afford to help us. A. ongoing B. contemporary C. actual D. present 181. Mr. Average was just a run-of-the- worker. A. road B. mill C. week D. wheel 182. The masterpiece of four parts. A. constitutes B. composes C. comprises D. consists 183. Mr. Lightfinger was charged with the funds of several charities. A. mislaying B. mistaking C. misplacing D. misappropriating 184. He was with emotion at seeing his team win the championship. A. carried over B. carried forward C. carried out D. carried away 185. Romeo’s family had been at with Juliet’s for generations. A. struggle B. contention C. variance D. discord 186. Of course, the price of the flat was a big in my decision as to whether to buy it or not. A. portion B. factor C. aspect D. element 187. It was confirmed that the accident was caused by human . A. error B. slip C. fault D. blunder 188. It has been established dispute that this disease can be cured. A. past B. over C. beyond D. outside 189. All candidates will be treated equally, of their age or background. A. discounting B. irrelevant C. irrespective D. notwithstanding 8 190. Despite all the interruptions, he with his work. A. stuck at B. held on C. hung out D. pressed on 191. In the of security, personnel must wear their identity badges at all time. A. requirement B. interests C. demands D. assistance 192. The strike was owing to a last-minute agreement with the management. A. called off B. broken up C. set back D. put down 193. Lindsay’s excuses for being late are beginning to rather thin. A. get B. turn C. wear D. go 194. , the people who come to this club are in their twenties and thirties. A. Altogether B. To a degree C. Virtually D. By and large 195. My cousin was nervous about being interviewed on television, but she rose to the wonderfully. A. event B. performance C. incident D. occasion 196. The police carried out a search for the missing diplomat. A. thorough B. through C. throughout D. thoughtful 197. He was fined parking near a pedestrian crossing. A. at B. by C. with D. for 198. Don’t forget the bank first thing tomorrow morning. A. to phone B. phoning C. having phoned D. to have phoned 199. I’m having to pay yet another visit to the dentist. A. dreading B. frightened C. terrified D. afraid 200. I wish I could give you the to your problems. A. reply B. conclusion C. answer D. end 201. The cheered when the final goal was scored in the match today. A. viewers B. onlookers C. spectators D. audience 202. Most people family heirlooms and keep themselves safe. A. cosset B. cherish C. nourish D. nurture 203. The man’s laugh had a very cruel to it. A. ring B. boom C. resonance D. noise 204. The job you’ve been offered is a(n) opportunity to travel and meet people. A. sole B. only C. unique D. single 205. He a yawn as the actor began yet another long speech. A. squashed B. suffocated C. submerged D. stifled 206. The rock was so heavy that it was only with the greatest difficulty that the climbers could it out of their way. A. heave B. fling C. throw D. cast 207. The barriers suddenly collapsed and the crowd of supporters forward on to the pitch. A. swirled B. gushed C. surged D. trickled 208. The crowed roared with excitement when Benson his partner off her feet and carried her above his head around the skating rink. A. skimmed B. ripped C. hurtled D. swept 209. After several ferocious punches both boxers were unsteadily on their feet. A. bouncing B. lunging C. swaying D. swinging 210. A burst tyre caused the car to off the road and into the river. A. swerve B. fire C. curve D. skate 211. It is not yet known what made the aeroplane stall and then into the sea. A. swoop B. dip C. hurl D. plummer 212. She didn’t the idea of having to go to the party on her own. A. savour B. agree C. relish D. delight 213. Many athletes have reached their by the time they are twenty. A. summit B. top C. point D. peak 214. Many famous people resent their private lives being held up to public . A. observation B. deliberationC. scrutiny D. investigation 9 215. You could make a formal complaint to the committee, but I wouldn’t go down that if I were you. A. lane B. street C. avenue D. road 216. Oliver Twist had already had his fair of food. A. ratio B. help C. ration D. division 217. Some great men have had an school record. A. indistinct B. indistinguishable C. extinguished D. undistinguished 218. Buyers and sellers were over prices. A. hacking B. hugging C. heckling D. haggling 219. Within a few weeks all this present trouble will have blown . A. along B. over C. out D. away 220. The six (and last) volume in the series is with its predecessors. A. uniform B. similar C. like D. identical 221. Politicians often promise to solve all a country’s problems . A. thick and fast B. on the whole C. of set purpose D. at a stroke 222. When the detectives finally trapped him, he had to lying. A. resource B. retort C. resort D. recourse 223. My late grandmother me this silver teapot. A. bequested B. willed C. bequeathed D. inherited 224. It was getting midnight when he left. A. on B. on to C. to D. past 225. In his student days he was as poor as a church . A. beggar B. miser C. mouse D. pauper 226. She may have been poor, but she was honest. A. finally B. in the end C. at least D. at last 227. The manager was very with me about my prospects of promotion. A. sincere B. friendly C. just D. frank 228. The unmarried ladies regard him as a very young man. A. ineligible B. illegible C. illicit D. eligible 229. Mr Lazybones to work harder in future. A. excepted B. agreed C. accorded D. accepted 230. He believed that promotion should be awarded on , not on length of service. A. equality B. merit C. characteristics D. purposes 231. It is a criminal offence to the facts. A. oppress B. suppress C. repress D. express 232. He the cart before the horse by buying the ring before he had proposed to her. A. fastened B. tied C. put D. coupled 233. Every delicacy Miss Cook produces is done . A. there and then B. at will C. sooner or later D. to a turn 234. She tells her small boy everyday not to be rude, but it’s like water off a duck’s . A. wings B. beak C. back D. feathers 235. Announcing that he was totally done , Grandfather retired to bed. A. out B. with C. in D. down 236. Several passengers received minor injuries when the train unexpectedly came to a . A. delay B. stand C. brake D. halt 237. John refused to put his career in by opposing his boss. A. jeopardy B. hazard C. risk D. stake 238. Angela’s work was praised for its attention to detail. A. meticulous B. significant C. subtle D. concentrated 239. Motorists should well in advance of changing lanes. A. sign B. signal C. flare D. flicker 240. The student had no money left and took out a loan to him over 10 [...]... been met with a (12) (know) sneer in many respected (13) (science) circles Nowdays in fact, claiming (14) (conscious) for your pets is commonplace The problem now is providing an adequate (15) (define) of what this actually means Is it about having sensations like hunger and pain, or is it more about the ability to be aware that you are experiencing something? Exercise 12 HARD TO BELIEVE... boss, and my job’s twice as interesting I work exactly as long hours – but I’m glad I moved I haven’t got to the top yet – but I’m far on the way! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 Exercise 2 The following paragragh has 12 mistakes Identify the mistakes in the lines and correct them Write your answer in the space provided Who were the people responsible for collection and sending plants... as high as my old boss, and my job’s twice as interesting I work exactly as long hours – but I’m glad I moved I haven’t got to the top yet – but I’m far on the way! 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Exercise 2 The following paragragh has 12 mistakes Identify the mistakes in the lines and correct them Write your answer in the space provided Who were the people responsible for collection and sending plants... among our children we’re often embarrassed to find similar emotions ourselves Yet we do sometimes have (10) (pain) animosities that can cause some of the most (11) (resolve) problems of adult life (12) (compete) is inherent in all aspects of life If nations compete, it shouldn’t be surprising that siblings do too – for their parents’ affection and then for the (13) (admire) of bosses, peers... reputation has been greatly by the success of his new book A expanded B enhanced C enlarged D heightened 286 If this animal had escaped from its cage it could have killed or maimed several people 12 A equally B both C well D severely 287 Time was running out, so the committee had to make a decision A brief B snap C sharp D curt 288 Because of an unfortunate your order was not despatched by... minds We start by describing our problems I’ve got the usual (10) (complain): tiredness, insomnia, (11) (anxious) Six years ago, Jonathan was a typical 40 cigarettes-a-day executive under too much (12) (stressful) Then he learnt self-hypnosis What is particularly (13) (impress) is that he can stop the bleeding when he cuts himself shaving, and have his teeth filled without needing an (14)... traced to genes as well as to social (10) (condition) One estimate, based on research with twins, is that around 15 percent of the population are born with a (11) (dispose) to 21 shyness Some (12) (psychology) believe there are two types: an early developing, fearful and shyness and a later developing, (13) (conscious) shyness The fearful version emerges often in the first year of life... ……………… a fortune on her death A upon B across C into D up against 13 311 As he walked along the landing, he ……………… himself in the mirror at the top of the stairs A glimpsed B glanced C gazed D glared 312 I’ve got such a ……………… headache that I can’t concentrate on the lecture A beating B drumming C hammering D throbbing 313 The rules are dearly stated and admit ………………… no confusion A to B for C of D... picture (10) (reason) well, but they are (11) (able) of changing their ways in more crowded situations Living in cities and towns, and in the homes of their human owners cats show a remarkable and (12) (expect) degree of sociability Anyone doubting this must remember that, to a pet cat, we ourselves are gaint cats The fact that domestic cats will share a home with a human family is, in itself . TÀI LIỆU BỒI DƯỠNG HSG KHỐI 12 I. Choose the best word from A, B, C or D that fits each blank. 1. The hotel room. next day. A. correct B. proper C. sound D. right 120 . Poor management brought the company to the of collapse. A. brink B. rim C. fringe D. brim 121 . Why don’t the police take measures against. affective B. ineffective C. effective D. efficient 122 . The strikers agreed to stick a substantial pay rise. A. up for B. out for C. together D. up to 123 . As she is so heavily overworked, there is
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