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ENGLISH 8 UNIT 1 - MY FRIENDS I. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. generous - orphanage - sociable - planet - next-door humor joke reserved 1. The Earth is the name of the we live on. 2. He has a good sense of we live on… He always makes people laugh. 3. After the death of his parents, he was sent to an 4. Don't do it as A It's a serious thing. 5. She lives next to my house. She is my neighbor. 6. It was of you to share your food with me. 7. Mai has a lot of friends. She is very 8. She never talks about her feeling. She seems quite II. Arrange the adjectives in brackets in the correct order. e.g. Mrs. Thanh has a (black/ long/ straight) hair. Mrs. Thanh has a long straight black hair. 1. It is a (wooden/ round) table. 2. She is wearing a (green/ new/ beautiful) dress. 3. What a (sunny/ lovely) day! 4. My uncle lives in a (old/ lovely/ small) house. 5. That girl has (blue/ nice/ big) eyes. 6. He gave me (black/ leather) gloves. 7. My teacher has a (round/ pink/ small) face. 8. It's a (small/ metal/ black) box. III. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into one sentence, Using (not) adjective + enough + to-infinitive. e.g. He is tall. He can play volleyball. He is tall enough to play volleyball. 1. My sister is old. She can drive a car. 2. The radio isn't small. You can't put it in your pocket. 3. This coat isn't warm. I don't wear it in winter. 4. She is beautiful and intelligent. She can become Miss World. 5. The weather was fine. We could go camping. 6. Those apples aren't ripe. We can't eat them. 7. Mr. Robinson isn't rich. He can't buy a house. 8. The worker is clever. He can make fine things from wod. IV. Complete the dialogues, using enough as an adjective (before nouns) or adverb (after adjectives) with the word in brackets. e.g Is she going to get married? No, she's not old enough to get married. (old) 1. Did he pass the examination? Yes, he worked the examination. (hard) 2. Do you want to play tennis today? No, I don't feel tennis today. (well) 3. Why don't we go swimming? Well, it's (warm) 4. Are they going to buy that house? You must be joking. They aren't such an expensive house. (rich) 5. Would you like to go away on holiday? I’m sorry I can't. I haven't got on holiday. (money) 6. Hurry along, children! We must get to the airport on time. Don't worry, Mom. We have to the airport. (time) 7. Could you move the piano? ~ I'm afraid I'm not it. (strong) 8. Can she read a newspaper in French? ~ No, she doesn't know a newspaper. (French) 9. Let's get a taxi. No, I think it's not a taxi. (far) 10. How many people will be there for the meeting tonight? There'll be twenty. Have we got for everyone. (chairs) V. Change the following sentences into exclamatory sentences, using "What (+ a / an) + adj + noun!" e.g. The room is very dirty.  What a dirty room! 1. The boys are naughty.  2. The weather is awful.  3. The girl is very beautiful.  4. The dresses are very lovely.  5. The story is very interesting.  6. The milk is very sour.  VI. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple tense. e.g: The sun (rise) in the east. The sun rises in the east. 1. She (not drink) coffee. She (drink) Coca Cola. 2. It (be) often hot in the summer. 3. What you (do) every evening? 4. The earth (circle) the sun once every 365 days. 5. I (see) her very often. 6. Most rivers (flow) into the sea. 7. Vegetarians (not eat) meat. 8. Bees (make) honey. 9. Rice (not grow) in cold climates. 10. Where Martin (come) from? - He (be) Scottish. VII. Make questions in column A to which the answers in column B. A B 1. ? Nguyen Thai An. 2. ? fifteen. 3. ? tall, thin, short curly hair. 4 ? humorous, kind and helpful. 5. ? at 16, Tô 10, TT Madaguoil. 6. ? his parents and elder brother. 7. ? swimming, reading, and fishing 8. ? Vinh and Trung. VIII. Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition. 1. There are lots of parties Christmas. 2. I received a letter my friend yesterday. 3. She usually goes swimming Sunday mornings. 4. Khoi is my close frienD. I spend most of my free time him. 5. He does volunteer work a local hospital. 6. His friends didn't laugh his jokes. 7. My friends usually enjoy my sense humor. 8. He lives 26 Tran Phu Street Ha Noi. IX. Complete the passage with the words from the box. days lot time younger free with large some ones listening Hang is fourteen years old. She is a pretty girl (1) long black hair. She goes to school five (2) a week and usually goes swimming with (3) friends on Saturday mornings. She lives in a (4) house with her mother, father and (5) brother at 2/34 Nguyen Trai Street. Hang has a (6) of friends. Of all her friends, Nga and Thuy are the (7) she spends most of her (8) with. They all like (9) to music and playing sports in their (10) , time. X. Complete the dialogue. Hung: Hi, Ba. Ba: Hi, Hung (1) ……………………………………weekends? Hung: I went to Dalat. Ba: Lucky you! (2) Hung: I went with some of my friends and my cousin, Lien. Ba: Lien? (3) her? Hung: I don't think so. Lien is one of my first cousins. She lives in Hue. Ba; (4) ? Hung: She's very beautiful. She's slim and tall. She has long black hair and big, brown eyes. Ba: (5) ? Hung: Fifteen (6) …………………………her? Ba: I'd love to. TEST FOR UNIT 1 I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently. 1. A. happy B. character C. fat D. classmate 2. A. teacher B. pleasure C. please D. meet 3. A. character B. Christmas C. children D. school 4. A. tomorrow B. brown C. now D. how 5. A. slim B. thin C. smile D. visit II. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to fill in the blanks. 1. I a letter from my old friend last week. A. sent B. gave C. received D. took 2. She spends most of her free time volunteer work. A. doing B. to do C. do D. for doing 3. He is ………….to ride his bike to school. A. not enough old B. enough not old C. not old enough D. enough old 4. She is wearing a dress. A. red new pretty B. new pretty red C. pretty red new D. pretty new red 5. Her mother this city two years ago. A. left B. leaves C. is leaving D. will leave 6. I find Peter is not communicative. He's rather in public. A. kind B. reserved C. sociable D. humorous 7. He enjoys to music while he's studying. A. to listen B. listen C. listening D. to listening 8. Each of them …… a different character. A. have B. has C. to have D. having 9. A child whose parents have died is called a(n) …………… A. cousin B. neighbor C. nephew D. orphan 10. Lien is very shy but her sister is A. reserved B. generous C. outgoing D. kind III. Complete the paragraph. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form or tense. Nga (1) (be) An's next-door neighbour in Cat Tien. She (2) (be) very beautiful. She (3) (have) big brown eyes and a lovely smile. Last week, she (4) (go) to HCM City (5) (visit) her cousin. They (6) (travel) around the city and (7) (see) a lot of interesting places. Nga (8) (think) HCM City (9) (be) beautiful but so noisy and busy, so she (10) (not like) (11) (live) there. IV. Supply the correct word form. 1. People in my country are very warm and (friend) 2. An is a home for children whose parents are dead. (orphan) 3. L.A. Hill is A writer. (humour) 4. I'm sorry for the delay. (extreme) 5. She looks more than her sister. (beauty) 6. They were very to survive a shipwreck. (luck) 7. I love the of summer evenings in the countryside. (peaceful) 8. Those cats look (love) 9. Bao is very , kind and generous. (social) 10. Each of my friends has A character. (differ) V. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting. 1. I (A) strongly believe that friends (B) plays an (C) important role in (D) our life. 2. Children nowadays spend (A) more time (B) to play video games (C) than (D) reading books. 3. (A) This software isn't (B) good enough (C) for children (D) use. 4. Hoa (A) is very (B) happy when she (C) received a letter (D) from her friend this morning. 5. We are (A) very close friends (B) although we (C) have quite different (D) character. VI. Read the passage carefully, then write true (T) or false (F) for the following sentences. Do you have any close friends? I think everybody at least has one close friend in their life. And so do I. I have two close friends, Hoa and Nga. We are in the same class at primary school, and then secondary school. We are also neighbours so we spend most of our time in learning and playing together. Hoa is a beautiful girl with big black eyes and an oval rosy face. She is an intelligent student who is always at the top of the class. She likes reading, and she often goes to the library whenever she has free time. Nga isn't as beautiful as Hoa, but she has a lovely smile and looks very healthy. Nga is very sporty. She spends most of her free time playing sports. Nga is a volleyball star of our school. She is also very sociable and has a good sense of humor. Her jokes always make us laugh. I love both of my friends and I always hope our friendship will never die. 1. The writer formed her close friendship at primary school. True…… False ……. 2. The writer lives far from her friends. True…… False ……. 3. Hanh always spends her free time in the library. True…… False ……. 4. Mai is good at sport. True…… False ……. 5. Mai's friends sometimes get tired of her jokes. True…… False ……. 6. The writer hopes to have a lasting friendship. True…… False ……. VII. Put the words or phrases in correct order to make sentences. 1. enough/ Jane/ stay/ to/ alone/ old/ isn't/ at home. 2. you/ going/ to/ are/ what/ do/ next weekend? 3. she/ hair/ black/ has/ long/ straight. 4. in the east/ rises/ sun/ the/ in the west/ sets/ and. 5. table/ large/ was/ in the kitchen/ there/ a/ wooden/ round. 6. awful/ an/ what/ house! 7. have/ money/ buy/ that/ we/ enough/ to/ didn't/ car. 8. free/ he/ most/ time/ sports/ spends/ of/ his/ playing. VIII. Write a paragraph about Trung, using the information in the box. Name: Le Anh Age: 15 Appearance: tall, fat, short curly hair Characters: sociable, generous, kind Address: 46 Le Loi Street, Ho Chi Minh City Family: mother, father and two younger sisters Hobbies: swimming, reading Friends: Vinh, Trung, Son His name is …………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………. . ENGLISH 8 UNIT 1 - MY FRIENDS I. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. generous - orphanage - sociable - planet - next-door humor joke reserved 1. The Earth is the. piano? ~ I'm afraid I'm not it. (strong) 8. Can she read a newspaper in French? ~ No, she doesn't know a newspaper. (French) 9. Let's get a taxi. No, I think it's not. fine. We could go camping. 6. Those apples aren't ripe. We can't eat them. 7. Mr. Robinson isn't rich. He can't buy a house. 8. The worker is clever. He can make fine things
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