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giSi nnanii CDBT TI\ Anrrvarr^nTgir vamvnTTn- uiy : xem xet kT go over(v) : su- vang m$t absence from (n) : chu y vao cai gi, dam me cai gi absorbed in st (a) : vi, boi, boi on account of : giai thich nguyen nhan dan den diSu gi account for st(v) : biet ro va dieu gi xay voi account for sb : giai trinh cai gi voi account for st to sb : che triich dieu gi, buoc toi dieu gi accuse sb of st (v) : tu lam cho minh /cho quen voi cai gi accustom oneself /sb to st (v) : quen voi cai gi accustomed to st (a) : len toi cai gi add up to st : bj nghi?n ngap addicted to st (a) : them vao do, cpng them in addition to : len toi, bang amount to (v) ; xin loi ve dieu gi apologise to sb for st (v) : cong nhan, tan approve o f ( v ) ustijHifVi : tranh luan voi ve dieu gi argue with sb on st : den noi nao arrive at some place (v) arrive in some place (a city, country) (v) : toi mgt nai nao ask sb for st (v) (!^;b A : xin dieu gi attribute to (v) : gan cho, cho la a t^i afraid of (a) : lo sgr, e ngai angry with sb for doing st anxious about st (a) anxious for sb (a) ashamed of st (a) application for a job (n) bark at (v) • beg for (v) believe in (v) belong to (v) bet on (v) beware of (v) blame sb for st (v) boast of(v) based on st (a) busy with st (a) carry on (v) 52 : gian dO vi dieu gi : lo sg ve dieu gi : lo sg cho : xau ho ve dieu gi : don xin vifc lam f tin tuong /^ij.q; (:*|>fj|i#t* iv/fjoju^s khong cong nhan, khong tan thanhm /;.,,, ?>' bo, ban ' A ; ; ? chia jiy devoted to (a) due to (a) to (v) ujq ul? Juf^ hi sinh cho, mai miet } ufls (w do, tai /,) to tun fearful ol'sometiiing (adj) sgdieugi ui HIM fearless of something (adj) khong sg dieu gi fond of something (adj) thich dieu gi -n interfere with (v) hoa I linh vao, xen vao i>t introduce sb to sb (v) giai thieu voi invest in st (v) mua cai gi " 1^®^ involve sb in debt (v) lam m3c ng know about st (v) biCtvC'caigi S J - f i r ,*l4«,i|y*ol keen on st (a) thich dieu gi t tir t4 voi »' '' knock down (v) dap tan, danh v5 listen to someone (something) (v) lang nghe : thugc ve live on something (v) song nha vao cai gi : ca dp, danh cgc vao look at (v) nhin vao : coi chiirng look after (v) : trach ve dieu gi look for something (v) : khoe khoang, khoac lac ve : mong ngong dieu gi make something from something (v): lay cai gi lam nen cai gi den bii make up for (v) quyet djnh make up one's mind (v) : ban cong vi^c gi look forward to something (v) •{4 is,^ : tiep tyc catch up with (v): bat kjp -v, « : phSn nao, chung mirc nao : tin tuong : d^ia tren dieu gi fiw; chay tir dau vao dau kind of : xin , {, muondi^ugi kind to sb (a) : sua lo lang ve viec gi/cho chetvib^nhgi dispose of ( V ) flow from j,^, ^fj^i},, TsnnS hi sinh, dang hien chp;.vjrfi(j£ ohu'-'V] (v) into (v) , khac phiic dugc can (i\r vao vi^c gi die of disease (v) dieforst(\ disapprove of st (v) divide u v v i len toi lam bang, bao gom tai o' quyet djnh a, gop phan vao, gii'ip vao come up to (v) consist of (v) consist in (v) contribute to (v) ,, cope with (v) concerned in/with st (a) ^ j,:, concerned about st (sb) (a) confident in sb (a) devote st to I ivi i( I iv( I V ' cham soc : tim kiem cai gi ' liwiti ' '' """" make over (v) : chuyln giao quySn so liiru make off (v) : mat, chuon mit, di mat make out (v) : nlian tlii'rc, xac djiih made of (v) : lam bang outlook on life (n) : quan diem ve cupc song pay for (v) : phai klio vi, tra tien, deu bCi pick out (v) : chon, plian bi?t dugc pride oneself on (upon) : lianh di?n ve provide someone with something (v): cung cap cho cai gi put an end to (v) : cham durt put off (v) put on (v) i , B A I T A P TRACNGHlfiMaNG DUNG H • ' : hoan lai, tri hoan, gay kho khan ' : mac ao quan /)5?.to : tang can > : hoan thanh, lien lac bSng dien thoai* : theo duoi, duoi theo > : va cham vao, gap go, hpi ngo D • : tau thoat, chay xiet : cham durt, can : can, gay tai nan : mat hut : mat lien lac : hk gap : sanh kjp, bat kjp :matdau : chu y tai : kct thi'ic : lam ngirng lai : chieu c6 den : che nhao : don cho cho : dung, sir dyng : de y den, luu tarn : cham soc : lu-u y : Igi d\mg take note of : de y, ghi chep ,, make a contribution to : gop ph4n make complaint about : keu ca, phan nan make a decision on/make up one's mind : quyet djnh « Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence If we won the lottery, we around the world /V would travel B will have travelled C had travelled D could have travelled opening the door? A Would you like ' B Would you mind j ' C Why don't you D There is no point 3.1 want to have my dress by the woman ^ v^i!' D made A to make B to be made C making 4.1 stay at home than go to the party tonight D suggested A had better B woud prefer C would rather She prefers watching TV listening to music D with' A than B to C from You have your house redecorated next week D had to A had better B would rather C would mind you study harder can you get the scholarship A If only B As though C Only when D As i f It's time we the city for the countryside A leave B had left C are leaving D left She suggested them at the hall A to meet B should meet C met D meeting 10 My mother suggested that he smoking A stops B stopping C stop D stopped 11 If only they carelessly last night ' A wouldn't have driven , B didn't drive C hadn't driven D will have driven 12 By the time you get there, I to London A will fly B had flown C will have flown D am flying 13 He said he had known everything A even though B as i f C whereas D furthermore 14 have you been living here? - For two years A How often B How far C How long D How about 15 If she you, she would apply for the job as soon as possible A were B had been C is D was ' 16 The book was interesting that we couldn't put it down ' A such B very C too D so 17 It me two hours to get there everyday A spends ' B takes C costs D took 55 18 Unfominalely, we B Iiaven't finislied C would have finished 19 It was 36 Hardly had he come when the light ' ,1 A went out B pointed out C put out D gave out 37 Tell me there w i l l be something wrong with my test our homework yet A d i d n l finish D wouldn't finish a boring film that we went home early A such ' ' C X B so D too 20 This question is too difficult for me A answer 21 B to answer C answered D to answering the storm, the ship couldn't reach its destination on time A Because o f 22.1 B without C But for D thanks to 23 le B am fond o f C get on well D approve o f B died o f C died D went o f f ' , A to redecorate B redecorate C, redecorating 25 can"t find my book anywhere A should ha\ left B buy , 28 I f I had knov\ your new address, I you C w i l l have visited D would have visited ) o u to help me with the v\ork A fairly 30 B kind o f C kind enough D worth o f helps us rela.N after a hard working day A Walk 31 You A mustn't B o walk C Walking 32 They were A disappointed B shouldn't A when C don't have to B disappointing She left the room D have to C disappointment D disappoint they left for Ha Noi Capital, B after 34 Lan felt very sad because she has A a few B few C before D since friends in Ha N o i '^^^ ,^ C get used to D used to C prefer D hate home early last night, but she didn't A had gone B would have gone C went , D would go o f hearing your excuses A tired B keen C proud D pride 43 I f the weather worse, they w i l l cancel the flight to Ho Chi Minh City A gets ~ B has got C w i l l get D-got ^W^'^f.^ to go to school I w i l l see you later B w i l l go * C used to D am used to to be interviewed B applicant C employer D management subject is English I study it all day A favoiuite '?'J'' 47 Don't A whether C famous D popular until tomorrow what you can today A cancel 48 Hurry up B feeling ' [} put out ' ' C put o f f D put down '"'^ we w i l l miss the last train B or 49 They study very hard C however A with A don't you D otherwise they w i l l pass the test easily B so that 50 Unfortunately, we lost the match 51 You need a dictionary ' B by C now that D so as to one goal ) Cat D froni {(jo, « ? B you C needn't you ,,.«.,,,,, ; D need you 52 Miss Thuy was born and grown up in QuangNgai Province, but she with her husband in lo Chi Minh city now C little D a little A lives B is going to live C was living C without D i f not Did they come here A bv foot? B with saying a word B except B like A in order to to find that most o f the studens were absent 33 They haven't written to ine A but for D Walked park iiere Move your car to another place n B am used to A would like 46 M y B had visited i 3% walking to taking a taxi A application A would visit 29 It's A am getting 45 You w i l l be the last D patience smoke twenty cigarettes a day A am about B enough patient Imtm.^^ v, j^^^, j D had liouglit an air conditioner 44 to wait for you during the night C too patience 56 another one C w i l l have bought D bought A patient enough 35 D w i l l have left D when, bu\n air conditioner 42 l a m C must have left 26 The car is too old to use lt"s high time you 27 He was D redecorated it at home B am leaving A have bought C \\o\M 41 wish she 24 The house looks very old It needs C which [3 I w i l l buy an air conditioner 40 We lung cancer because he smokes a lot A died for B what 38, I f had a lot o f money A I would have bought an air conditioner 39 I the food I would like to have some soup ,„ A am fed up with /\f , C on D has lived / , ' D- from , 57 Giai nhanh CDBT TN Anh Van - Ng6 Van Minh — 71 A number o f people in the area 54.1 don't know how A expressing my feeling B to express C expressed 55 Many people wear A false teeth today B homemade C imitate 56 a beautiful tree! A What B.How 57 The students are A clever 58 They D express D making B eager D H o w is D A and B C.avoid B made up A made C made from C built A would have done B must have done C should have done D will have done B Without 63 M y father C I f not D consist o f D created 76 64.1 wish B is used to C used to D had better D will have bought 65.1 would like to sit A between Hang and Tuan B among C the middle 66 He moved to Da Lat to live A since 67 D for B Would you like C I don't mind D Would you mind 69 N o sooner A had he come C accustomed D use to B did he come finished C would have finished B not drive C he had come my question D he came C not to driving D don't drive 79 You should finish your homework before going out or You w i l l be punished A else B so on 80 C furthermore D instead o f your help, we could solve the problem quite well B Due to 82 I f only we 83 C On account o f D Despite her." B sees C see D A and C / a passport now B would have /.^ C had had D are having i ( ; u have you learned English? - For two years A How far B How much A to cry A has taken o f f 86 This is the man A who B had finished J am D was finishing A fed up with C How long D How about; i last night B crying J J* C was taking o f f than things went wrong 70 He raised his hand after I A have A not to drive 85 You were too late The plane living in the country B used to D w i l l have been carelessly 84 Her story made me A Do you like A get used to B wouldn't have been A should see speaking slowly? I hardly understand what you are saying 68 It took me ages to tired A hadn't been A had C at D that I realized C On account o f D Although ^ 77 I f you had gone to bed early, you 1999 B in C I realize B In spite o f 81 " I suggest that Tom D x D spends his legs were broken, he managed to escape from the car A Thanks to C would have bought * he was there B did I realize A Despite the book last week B would buy D shall we C takes C w o n ' t be A had bought D at C won't we B wastes 78 She advised me D Had ' ? B shall we A I w i l l realize last week give me some advice whenever I had a problem A get used to C to 75 Only when I saw his shoes he hurried, he wouldn't have missed the train A Unless ' me ten minutes to have breakfast A costs 61 M y brother is angry with me I didn't some work that I 58 1,1 since their country became independent B done B in 74 It always a 60 A lot o f progress has been D has spoken 73 Let's listen to what they are saying, D are likely rice A made o f C have to be spoken 72 We had to book the rooms advance when we decided to visit the city to help me They are kind people 59 Wine is B.speak A w i l l we C successful English very fluently A.speaks A from C Why at maths B good A are w i l l i n g 62 Cty TNHH MTV DWH Khang Vigt C cry D cried five minutes earlier B had taken o f f ' - s) D would take o f f daughter is going abroad to study B whom C o f who * • D whose ' the job I am looking for another one B give up C put o f f D cut down 59 50: prefer doing something + to doing something: thi'ch lam dieu gi ban dieu gi 88 You look more today than you did yesterday A beautifully B beauty C beautiful D and more beautiful 89 - There are only two books on the table , you like better? A What B Which C Where D How 90 There are only two seats left You sit near the window will take one A the other B other ones 91 How many books C the other one Had better + Vnguyen: t6t hon nen lam dieu gi 7C: Only when: chi nao (Only when di'rng dau cau thi hien tuoiig dao ngu xay ra.) gV It's (high) time + simple past: Da den li'ic lam dieu gi 9D: Suggest + V- ing: de nghi lam dieu gi (nguai noi c6 tham gia hanh dong) 10C:S1 + suggest (that) + S2 + (should) + Vnguyen: A i khuyen nguoi khac nen lam gi (nguai noi khong tham gia hanh dong) D others l l C : I f only + past perfect (S + had + V3/ed): gia ma muon khong c6 that qua khi'r so far? A you write B have you written C did you write D are you writing ,'] 92 It is dark opening the window and the door? •\ A Would you mind B Do you like C Why don't you D Do you mind i f 93 of the people are from America ' ' A Most B Almost C The most D Mostly 94 She to me for the accident A complained B apologized C accused D explained 95 You shouldn't have bet the money the horse race A on B at C for D from 96 You shouldn't the bus when it is still in motion A put away B get off C get up D get down 97 She is such a good student that she gets a A scholarship B price C fame every year D awards 98 We of winds to create new people A take advantage B in charge C are on behalf 99 I will A take up 100 The shirt doesn't A suit traveling when I retire B take off C turn off you at all B match C perfect DAP AN VA DIEN GIAI DAP AN dien ta dieu mong 12C: By the time + simple present, the future perfect: dien ta hanh dong se dugc hoan trirac so vai mot hanh dpng khac bk dhu 13B: As if + past perfect: nhu the 14C: How long ? (M^nh de trang ngu-chi the each) - " bao lau? ' ^i'-'^"- 15A: Cau dieu kien loai II - dien ta dieu khong c6 th^rc a hi^n tai • If clause (simple past), main clause (S + couldAvould + Vnguyen) Neu menh de if clause dung "to be" thi "were" dupe dung cho tat ca cac ngoi (Trong van noi "was" doi cQng dupe sir dung) I6D: so + adj/adv + that + clause: qua den noi ' 17B: It takes someone + khoang thai gian + V-to inf: A i mat bao nhieu thai gian de lam gi Han nua, cau ta diing thi hi^n tai dan d& dien ta sir viec diln hang (every day) uv i i u ? « i ; , w ,i» i « J i » •.> ^ O A : Thanks to + something: N h a vao cai gi/dieu gi ^ I D : V o i cSu true "Suggest" ta c6: SI + suggest + (that) + S2 + (should) + 60A: Made progress: tien bg, dat dugc t y u Vnguyen: A i de nghj lam viec gi §: 62 ^ ,, ,y 76D: Although + clause: Mac dau 55A: False teeth: rang gia 56A: Cau cam than dimg v o i What (What + noun!) ' ''"il/' duoi, clu'ing ta phai dung "shall we" hay t r g dgng tir ma chi dung nhat dong tij- thuong thi ta phai mugn trg dgng tir D O de thiet lap phan hoi duoi /-t- 73D: Neu cau hoi duoi (Tag question) c6 dang: L e t ' s + V n g u y e n ? thi phan hoi 51A: Cau hoi duoi (Tag question): Neu ve truoc d the khang djnh thi phan hoi duoi a the phu dinh va ngugc Hon nua, n l u ve truoc khong dung dgng tir dac biet '' ^ 63 biai nnann U L I H I I N Ann v a n —ZZ" - nigo-i/aii iviiiiii - 82A: I f only + ilii qua klur dan: Gia ma N o dien dat mot dieii uoc muon khong pHAN BA CO tliiic a liiC'n tai Can true c6 each dung nlur cau dien dat v i " w i s h " dien ta dieu uoc muon khong c6 thirc a hien tai 83C: How long: Bao lau B O OE LUYEN THI T6T N G H I E P THPT j' i?') V A TUYEN S I N H D A I H O C , C A O D A N G 84C: Make someone + adjective/Vnguyen: Khien nlur the nao/iam gi DE SO 85B: V i hai sir viee "ban den trc va may bay da cat eanh" deu xay qua khii, them vao do, hanii dong "may bay cat eanh" xay truoc so v o i viee "ban den tre" nen ta |)hai diing thi qua khii' iioan thanli cho sir viee "may bay eat eanh" 86D: Dai tir quan lie "whose" (cua ngiioi ma) diing de tliay the cho cac tinh tir so M a r k the letter A , B , C o r D on y o u r answer sheet to indicate the w o r d vvhose u n d e r l i n e d p a r t is pronounced differently f r o m t h a t o f the rest i n each of the f o l l o w i n g questions hCru nlur: her, his, Co mot each giiip cac ban co the lira chon nhanh nia Question A snowed B trained C followed D booked c h i n h xac vc n h u n g t r u o n g liop phiii d u n g "whose" h i : sau Question A hear B dear C bear D clear "whose" luon luon la mot d a i i h tii- (whose + d a n h t i i ) , Question A wjne B kmd C mjce D unjon 87A: To be ted up with something: Chan ngan dieu gi Question A blood B flood C pool D club 88C: Somebody look(s) + adjective: A i nim' the nao Question A women B get C step D let M a r k the letter A , B , C o r D on y o u r answer sheet to indicate the correct 89B: Which: Cai nao 90A: The other + noun: Cai eon lai, cai cuoi ciing (chung ta tliay rang ehi c6 hai cho ngoi lai, ban ngoi cho gan cira so, toi ngoi cho lai (cho lai a day la cho sau eiing dirge xac djnh) ».>,»r*./ + -v hnif-'-h i'.j*fi«» 91B: So far: Den liic nay, cho toi bay gia "So far" duoc diing cau a thi hien tai hoaii u4frffr'?
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