tuyển tập đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng anh 10 các trường trong cả nước rất hay

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  • tuyển tập đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng anh 10 các trường trong cả nước rất hay

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TAI LIEU TRAM KBAO • A • • • BETRI BOC SINR GIOI • � , ANH VAN , I BAO aoM DE THI vA DAP AN cecause she had lost a coin The man said to her that money wasn't important About a week later, the man (3) in the lottery They were all very happy and they had a little party The man put the wallet with the money on the table, and they were all enjoying themselves The daughter threw all the money out of the window and explained to the father" But Daddy, you said (4) " a at home b at house c at hall a lull b love c learn a wet b.won c.warm d at horse d life d gained b money is important a money is importance d money isn't important c money isn't importance II Listen to the tape three times and then fill in the gaps with suitable words or phrases (1 m) How far : ? to my house for lunch on Saturday ? those ear-rings ; ? ···························································· ? B VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR: ( ms) I Choose the best option:( 2ms) l He was offered the job his qualifications were poor a although b in spite of d because c because of It's no use a language if you don't try to speak it a learned b to learn d learning c learn He me to take a lawyer to the court with me a advised c suggested b ·threatened d insisted Slie came in quietly the baby a in order to not wake b so as not to wake c to not wake d to wake you have no keys, you '11 have to get back before I go out d As c Unless b Although a If I really prefer just about anything watching TV a from b or c than d to Gold near San Francisco in 1848 and the gold rush started the following year a has been discovered b discovered c was discovered PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguy~n Thai HQC P.COL Q l -1- d is discovered I re~t you that we can't approve your application a inform b to inform c informing d informed Ifl had gone to the bank this morning, I money from you now a would not borrow b would not have borrowed c will not borrow d will no have borrowed II Give the correct from of the words in brackets: ( 2ms) He is engrossed in doing ( SCIENCE) research They entered the areas without ( PERMIT) He wants (WIDTII) his knowledge of the subject The giant panda is a(n) (DANGER) ' species What makes the computer a (MIRACLE) · devi~ ? You may be surprised at the large (VARIED) of animals in national parks The architecture in the downtown area is a successful (COMBINE) of old and new He came first in the poetry (COMPETED) IIL Give the correct tenses of the ver~ in brackets (2ms) Mary (1 have) .to go to New York last week, but she almost (2.miss) the plane She (3 stand) in the queue at the check-in desk when she suddenly (4 realize) that she (5 leave) her passport athome Fortunately, she ( 6.not/ live) very far from the airport so she (7 have) time to go home to get the passport She (8 get) back to the airport just in time for her flight C READING COMPREHE NSION: (6ms) I Read the following passage and ch.oose the best answer (l.Sms)c· For the last few years, my children have been going to a summer camp in northern Greece called Skouras Camp They always seem to have a good time., so if you' re wondering what to with the kids fot three weeks this summer, you could worse than send them to this beautiful camp on the shores of the Aegean Sea If your children, like mine, are keen on adventure, sports and good company, the Skouras Camp will keep them busy all day doing the things they most enjoy Skouras is an international camp with children from all over the world My children have made friends with children with of their own age from Poland· , China, Denmark and the United States Naturally they get lots of opportunities to practice their English as this is the only langµage spoken The camp is located in one of · the most beautiful parts of Chalkidiki It is huge (120,000 square meters) and is just a stone's throw away from the clear, blue Aegean Sea It takes the children just five minutes to walk to the golden sandy beach on foot The programme is packed with exciting activities such as horse riding and table tennis Other sports include basketball, volleyball and athletics The Camps end with a sports contest in the last week which all parents are invited to attend All the children come to the camp have to a be at the same age b be only keen on adventure c speak English d practice basketball How many kinds ofsports can be played in the Camp? a5 ~2 ~3 , PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguy~n Thai HQC P.COL Q l d.4 -2- All the statements are true EXCEPT a The children will be busy taking part in the Camp's programmed activities b The Camp is quite far from the Aegean Sea c The parents can attend their children's sports contest d The children will talce more chances of English practice The tone ofthe passage could best be described as a negative b disbelieving c supportive d.humourous What should be the best title for the passage? a an international summer camp b Children's summer activities c Advice on children caring in summer d Chalkidiki's landscape- the Aegean Sea How long does it take the children to walk to the golden sandy beach on foot? a an hour b 20 minutes c minutes d a day II Read the following passage and choose the best option to fill in the gap (2.5 ms) The (1) ·········:··· part in Ioannina is the lake front Ships fetch more people and tourists to the island Near the fro~t lake (2) an ancient castle If y~u go for a (3) in the ni~t to the front lake you'll ·see (4) lights that shines_ in the castle A second way is to go around on a mountain There you can see the whole town In the night with so many lights, it looks to you (5) .a sky Another beautiful part in this town(~) the large clock in the square Specifically, the clock (7) in the center of the city My town also has many museums Paul Vrellis, who is a professor, put in many different and other important people from the 1st and 2°d world war with wax In my opinion, it's (8) museum About remains, there are two renowned theaters There's the theater of Dodoni, which is situated in the (9) of the city It's normally out of the city Every summer the most (10) actors of the capital of Greece come to perform there a more beautiful b as beautiful c so beautiful d most beautiful a there is d there has c it has b~ it is a picnic b walk d.run c.jog b as brilliant a more brilliant c much brilliant d most brilliant a from b as d to c.like d to.be 6.a.be b are c is situated b is situated c be situated d are situated a the most best b the better c the best d the well a outskirt b top c side d: edge 10 a famous b fame c famed d known III Read the passage bellow and fill in the blank with ONE suitable word (2ms) Today in China (1) .large scale destruction of forests has occurred, the government has required that every citizen (2) the age of 11 and 60 plant three to five trees (3) year or the equivalent amount of work in other forest services The government claims that at ( 4) 1000 million trees have been planted in China every year (5) 1982 In Western countries, increasing consumer demand for wood products that have been produced cause forest land-owners and forest industries to become increasingly accountable for their forest management and timber harvesting practices ,$ PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 6SF Nguyt§n Thai HQC, P.COL Q l -3- · - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~ - - - - - The Arbor Day Foundation's Rain Forest Rescue programme is a charity that helps to (6) deforestation The charity uses money to buy up (7) preserve rainforest land before the lumber companies can buy it The Arbor Day Foundation then (8) the land from deforestation D WRITING ( 6ms) I Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it (2'ms) Example: I haven't enjoyed myself so much for years · Answer : It's years since I enjoyed myself so much There's a large restaurant in the art gallery -+ The art gallery ~ I haven't seen that man here before -+It's Although Bob didn't speak Dutch, he decided to settle in Amsterdam -+ In spite of : · Without this treatment, the patient have died -+ If the patient hadn't The keepers feed the lions at p.m everyday -+ The lions John finds astronomy very interesting -+ John is , · The cinema didn't become an industry until 1915 -+ It was not "I like Y.Our coat , I'm looking for one like that myself' she said to me -+ She told me " D Read the text below and look carefully at each line Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not b~ there If a line is correct, put a tick (V) by the number in the space provided If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word in the space provided There is an example at the beginning (2ms) · The Spy Returns is a very interesting film that about a wealthy man who visits Italy He doesn't think that Rome is interesting and he is very bored with there Then suddenly one night he is very surprised that a beautiful girl who runs up to him and gives him a mysterious letter From that moment his life is no longer boring He does too a lot of dangerous things For example, he jumped into a lake to save a famous person The film is a very thrilling indeed I have watched it twice but I always want to see it again I think many people it so that 8• III Write an essay of 120-150 words expressing the advantages and disadvantages of c:he Internet (2ms) ·i PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguy~n Th6i H9c, P.COL Q l -4- DAP AN D:t Till CHON HSG M6N ANH: 10 A LISTEN ING (2 di@m) I di@m ( m6i 1118 ch9n diing 0.25 d) I.a 2.b 3.b 4.d II di@m ( m6i cau diing o.25 d) is your from the city centre How about coming How much cost? How·much you spell your family name B VOCAB UALRY & GRAMM AR: (6 di@m) I di@m ( m6i 1118 ch9n diing 0.25 d) a 5.a 2.d 6.d 3.a 7.c 4.b 8.b II di@m (m6i tir diing 0.25 d) scientific miraculous pennission variety 3.widen combination endangered competition III di@m ( m6i thi chia diing dtrCfC 0.25 d) 5.hadle ft 1.had missed doesn't live was standing had realized got C READIN G ( di@m) I 1.5 di@m ( m6i ·1118 c·h9n diing o.25 d) C a b 4.c 5.a 6.c II 2.5 di@m ( m6i ly-a chqn diing 0.25d) a d PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN o5F Nguy~n Thai HQC, P."COL, Q l -5- 2.a 7.b 3.b 4.a 8:c 9.d 5.c 10.a Ill cliSm ( mli tit cliing 0.254) where between per least since prevent and protects D WRITING: ( cliSm) I cliim ( mli ciu clung 0.25 cl) The art gallery has a large restaurant It's the first time ( that) I have seen this man here In spite of not speaking Dutch, Bob decided to settle in-Amsterdam If the patient hadn't been given this treatment, he would have died The lions are fed by the keepers at p.m everyday John is interested in astronomy It was not until 1915 that the cinema became an industry She told me that she liked my coat and (she) was looking fro one like it/that herself n ctiim T : 6291337 9C, 0.1 KY THI CHQN HSG LOP 10 THPT NAM HQ BE THI MON: TitNG ANH (Danh cho h9c sinh THPT chuyen) Thui gian thi: 180 phut, khong kl thui gian giao di LLISTENING Part Listen and complete the form below Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer Questions 1- Firstriame Surname Address Postcode Home Tel Mobile Tel Flight number Seat number From To PAN ASIAN AIRWAYS LOST PROPERTY REPORT FORM Kirsty Allen (1) Windham Road, Richmond {2)_ _ _ _ 020 8927 7651 (3)_ _ _ (4)_ _ _ _ (5)_ _ _ New York London Heathrow Questions - 8: Choose THREE letten from A to F What items did Kirsty's bag contain? A 17 pounds · C Her passport E · 200 dollars B Pens D A book F Her house keys Questions - 10: Choose a letter {A, B, C, or D) that correctly answen questions and 10 What has Kirsty done regarding to the loss of her credit card? A informed the police but not the credit card company B informed the credit card company but not the police C informed both the police and the credit card company D informed neither the police nor the credit card company 10 What must Kirsty after the call regarding to her lost handbag? A Call back after one hour and a half B Just wait for a call back C Call back after one hour and a half if she has heard nothing D Call back the next day if she has heard nothing • Page 1/8 -153- ~ -~~ - ~ Part Choose the correct answer 11: The Counseling Service may contact tutors if _ _ _ _ _ _ A they are too slow in making assignments B they give students a lot of work C they don't inform students about their progress D they take students out too much 12 Stress may be caused by _ _ _ A new teachers B time pressure C unfamiliar matter D new teaching methods 13 International students may find stress difficult to handle because _ _ _ _ A they lack support from family and friends B they don't have time to make friends C they find it difficult to socialize D they are too shy 14 A personal crisis may be caused by _ _ _ _ A studying for too long overseas B business pr~blems in the student's own country C disruptions to personal relationships D homesickness 15 Students may lose self-esteem if_·- - - ' - - - A they have to change courses B they don't complete a course C their family puts too much pressure on them D they have to work part-time 16 Students consult Glenda Roberts if -A their general health is poor B their diet is too strict C they can't eat the local food D they become obese 17 Students in financial difficulties can receive -A assistance to buy books · B a loan to pay their course fees C a no-interest loan to cover study expenses D fmancial help from their friends 18 Loans are also available to students who -A can't pay their rent B need to buy furniture C can't cover their living expenses D need to buy reference books 19 The number counseled by the service ll;lSt year was - - - - - - · A 214 B 240 C 2,600 D 340 20 The speaker thinks the Counseling Service -A has been effective in spite of the staff shortages B is under-used by students C has suffered badly because of staff cuts D is not very effective Page2/8 SACH BAN TAI TRAcLAN 65F Nguyin Th" HQc, a II LEXICO-GRAMMAR E>T : 6291337 Exercise Complete each of the following sentences with the -;co;;;;:;.:~answ~;;;er;;;~~ , .~ Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or Don your answer sheet Millie's father accused her of -A trying not hard enough B not trying enough hard D trying not enough hard C not trying hard enough The public library _ _ _ _ to all readers who are interested in reading and doing research A is opening B is open C is opened D is being opened I bought some new shoes They felt a bit strange _ _ _ _ because I wasn't used to them A ftrst B at first C firstly D first of all money I had on a one-way I quickly packed my new belongings and spent ticket home A little B a little C the little D a little of She believes that all countries should the death penalty as it is inhumane A put down to B catch up on C get down to D away with Keep your ticket you have to show it to an inspector A if B in case · C unless D supposing He always aside some time every day to read to his children A sets B leaves C spares D lets For the past few months she's been working as a street selling fruit and vegetable A dealer B trader C pusher D vendor I use weed-killer to the weeds in the garden B get out of C get away with D get in the way with A get rid of 10 If there is new evidence that proves his innocence, it is likely that the authorities will him :from jail A release B relieve C remove D rehabilitate 11 The defendant's lawyer wasn't very good and he was found _ _ _ _ by the jury A faulty B mistaken C guilty 12 The dish was so tasty that I asked for a second _ _ D sinful A helping B portion C ration D share 13.l'm amazed that this game ever _ _ _ _ - it is so silly! D caught by A took in B caught on C took up 14 - "I'm sure the Whitleys were involved." - "They have since they know nothing about the business." B wouldn't C shouldn't D mustn't A can't to win the prize if she plays 15 "Candy's an excellent pianist, isn't she?" - "She this well during the competition." Page3/8 -155- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A is due B is bound C is about D is set 16.His friends offered to the next time he was in town so that he wouldn't have to pay for a hotel B put him up C back him up D tum him out A place him in 17 The doctor _ _ _the cut on my knee and said it had completely healed up C researched D looked into A examined B investigated 18 My mind went when the official asked· me my phone number - I couldn't remember it at all A empty B clear C blank D vacant 19 During their first date, Jane had nervously peppered the conversation with _ _talk A unimportant B tiny C small D trivial 20 You need a passport to cross the between Mexico and the United States B line C border D rim A edge Exercise There are 10 errors in the following passage Identify and correct them like the example provided Example: success (Line 1) -+ succeed It is very difficult to success in the music business; nine out of Line ten bands that release a first record fail to produce the second Surviving Line in the music industry requires luck and patience, but most of all it Line requires and intricate knowledge of how a record company is Line functioned The process begins when a presenter of a company's Artist Line and Repertoire (A&R) department visits bars and night clubs, scouting Line for young, talented bands After the representative identifies a promised Line band, he or she will work to negotiate a contract with that band The Line signature of this recording contract is a slow process A company will Line spend a long time to investigate the band itself as well as current trends Line I for popular music During this period, it is important that a band Line 11 reciprocates with an investigation of its own, learning as much as Line 12 possible about the record company and making personnel connections Line 13 within the different departments that will handle their recordings Line 14 Exercise Supply the correct FORM of the word ill eapital letters Write your _nswers on your answer sheet Before going to an interview, it is advisable to go through a mock interview This will give you the opportunity to try out your technique and aaswers live It is also a chance to receive in guiding you towards improving your interview feedback that is (I BENEFIT) Page4/8 -156- s· ~BANT ~f 65F Nguy§n'? -h~ - ~ : 62~ H9c, Q.1 style and general (2 PRESENT) Just one mock mterv1ew-wm::J.JiR!!in a ( NOTICE) improvement in your interview skill Why? For the same reason that a (4 SPEAK) doesn't exist while it is still on paper or floating in your head It only exists when you give it (5 ORAL) The first time you give it in front of an audience, it will come out nothing like the one you prepared It is the same with being interviewed It is not enough to look at a question and say, "Yeah, I know the answer to that one." You need to practise your answer live; this is not the time to talk to yourself in front of 1J mirror Seek out a (6 PROFESSION) and have the session videotaped Then you will have two opinions - the interview's and your own You will find you get a completely different (7 IMPRESS) when listening to yourself than when you are watching yourself saying something Just as your voice always sounds different on tape, so your (8 RESPOND) You will be glad the image is captured on tape and not in a potential employer's mind For maximum effect, you should (9 VISin your answers and go through a second mock interview This should help with any (10 EASE) and give you more confidence for the real interview fil.READING Exercise Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each question Identify your answer by writing the corresponding letter A, B, C or Don your answer sheet The ability to weep is a uniquely human form of emotional response Some scientists have suggested that human tears are (1) _ _ of an aquatic past - but this does not seem very likely We cry from the moment we enter this world, for a number of reasons Helpless babies cry to persuade their parents that they are ill, hungry or uncomfortable As they (2) they will also cry just to attract parental attention and will often stop when they get it The idea that having a good cry you (3) _ _ is a very old one and now it has scientific validity since recent research into tears has shown that they (4) _ _ a natural painkiller called enkaphalin By fighting sorrow and pain this chemical helps you feel better Weeping can increase the quantities of enkaphalin you (5) _ _ Unfortunately, in our society we impose restrictions upon this naturally (6) _ _ activity Because some people s~ regard it as a (7) _ _ of weakness in men, boys in particular are admonished when they cry This kind of repression can only increase stress, both emotionally and physically Tears of emotion also help the body (8) _ _ itself of toxic chemical waste, for there is more protein in them than in tears resulting from cold winds or other irritants Crying comforts, calms and can be very enjoyable - (9) _ _ the popularity of highly emotional films which are commonly (10) _ _ ''weepies".' It seems that people enjoy crying together almost as much as laughing together A witness B evidence C result D display Page 5/8 -157- A evolve A better A contain A construct A curing A hint A release A consider 10.A named B change B.fine B.retain B achieve B.treating B symbol B.rid B.remark B entitled C develop C good C hold C provide c healing c feature C loosen C distinguish C subtitled D alter D well D keep D.produce D improving D sign D expel D.regard D called Exerclse Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space Use only ONE word in each space Write your answen on your answer sheet Travel Insurance When going on holiday, it is always a good idea to take out travel insurance This is just in case something goes (1) _ _ along the way You could lose your luggage, you could be robbed, or even become ill and need expensive medical treatment For millions of holiday makers, travel insuran~e is just a precaution (2) · will help them have an enjoyable and worry-free holiday But for (3) travel insurance is a way of earning money (4) _ making false claims against insurance companies For (5) some people pretend that they have Jiad expensive equipment stolen which in (6) never even existed, and then claim large sums in compensation Such claims cost insurance company a total (7) £50 million per year But the cheats' luck is about to run (8) (9) to a new computer system, companies will be able to tell at a glance (10) _ _ someone has made a claim within the last three years Honest travelers will no longer have to pay through the nose for other people's dishonesty Exercise Read the passage then choose the best answer to each question that follows Identify your answer by writing the COITespOnding letter A, B, C or Don your answer sheet The symptoms of hay fever include watery and itchy eyes and a runny, congested nose People suffering from hay fever may experience occasional wheezing and repeated bouts of sneezing and may even lose their sense of smell Some victims of hay fever may also have stopped-up ears About 30 percent of those who suffer from hay fever may develop the symptoms associated with periodic asthma or a sinus infection The allergen-antibody theory · does not fully explain allergic reactions because the membranes and glands in eyes and ears are controlled by the independent nervous system, which keeps these organs in balance But the independent nervous system itself is part of the emotional-response center and may cause the feelings of anger, fear, resentment, and lack of self-confidence in reaction to allergy-causing substances The most common cause of hay fever is the pollen of ragweed, which blossoms during the summer and autumn When airborne pollen particles, as well as mold, come into contact Page 6/8 -158- with the victim's membranes, they can cause allergic reactions that release histamine and result in virtual blockage of air passages To prevent hay fever or to decrease the severity of its symptoms, contact with the ragweed pollen should be reduced Although some communities have attempted to eliminate the plants that cause the reactions, elimination programs have not been successful because airborne pollen can travel considerable distances Antihistamine can help with short but severe attacks Over extended periods of time, however, patients are prescribed a series of injections of the substance to which they are sensitive in order to increase immunity and thus be relieved of the seasonal allergy (Resource: Toejl test strategies by Eli Hinkel, PkD) It can be inferred from the passage that the phrase "hay fever" refers to_ A fodder for cattle B a seasonal discomfort c: viral bacteria D a lung disease According to the passage, the symptoms of the allergy are predominantly_ A abdominal B intestinal C respiratory D chronic What can be inferred from the first paragraph? ,-A Hay fever may cause severe allergic reactions and even d i '";;S:'1A"";;:C:7'.t':-:B:-A-;-.N-T-~ ,- B The cause of allergic reactions has not been determined TRAC LAN C The nervous system balances allergic reactions SSF Nguv_in Thai HQc, a D People should not have an emotional response to allergic reac o T · 62 13374 According to the passage, patients suffering from hay fever may also experience_ A hunger pains B mood swings C nervous blockages D sensory perceptions The word "resentme nt" is closest in meaning to_ A reprieve B reprisal C irritation D grief According to the passage, the irritants are transported by_ A wind B food C travelers D air passages the word "blockage " in the passage is closest iri meaning to_ A obstruction B bleeding C enlargement D dryness According to the passage, to avoid incidents of hay fever, patients need to_ A avoid interactions with other patients B avoid exposure to pollen C increase their self-confidence D take doses of prescribed medicine Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage as a cause of allergies? A pollen B mold C flowers D injections I A paragraph following this passage would most probably discuss_ A how the nervous system alerts patients B how the immune system reacts to allergens C what other diseases can be relieved by vaccines D what flowers are harmless to hay fever patients Page 7/8 -159- IV WRITING Exercise Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meaning Return the product to the shop if you have any complaint about it Should It's almost nine months since I-stopped subscribing to that magazine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- I cancelled~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~· Her success went beyond her expectation Never· His fondness for the game increased with his proficiency The more S Simon hadn't expected that he would feel so weak after the operation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The operation left~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am sure he reco~ us at the airport He must The journalists only heard about the changes to the wedding plans when they arrived at the avenue Not until "Why can't you your work more carefullyT' Helen's boss said to her Helen's boss criticized Someone has suggested raising the parking fees in the city ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~· ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ' fi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ' 10 That dress is a third of the cost of the blue one The blue dress is three ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Exercise Write an essay (about 250 words) about the following topic: Sometimes tourists may damage tourist sites Explain what some ofthe negative effects may be Suggest some solutions to this problem Hit Thi sinh kh8ng rtlr(IC sri' d(lllg tal u;u Cdn bp coi thi kh8ng glai thlch gl thim HQ va tenth( sinh: ; sA bao danh •.•••• •.••.•••.••.• Page 8/8 s(JGD& BT KY Tm CHQN HSG LOP 10 THPT NAM HQC 2014-2015 (Dap an gt5m 02 trang) (Danh cho hvc sinh THPT chuyen) HUONG DAN M MON: TiiNG ANH s· T!~{i1 tij~ T~I -:r.RA:c r "" 65F Nguyin ih7,"1" L LISTENING (20pts) Part (I Opts: pt/each correct answer) 48 R16 GH7 - B, D, E in any order T e; : s2 91 07754 897 432 PA 365 C i , H9c, O 10 C Part (10pts: pt/each correct answer) 111 C 16 C 112 B 17 A 113 A 18 B II LEXICO-GRAMMAR (25 pts) Exercise (lOpts: 0.5 pt/each correct answer) 1.C 2.B 3.B 6.B 7.A 8.D 11 C 12.A 13 B 16 B 17.A 18.C 114.C 115.B C 9.A 14.A 19.C 5.D 10.A 15.B 20.C 19.B 20.A Exercise Each sentence below contains mistake IDENTIFY the mistakes and WRITE THEIR CORREC T FORMS (10pts: 0.5 pt/each correct finding+ 0.5 pt/each correction) Exercise (5 pts: 0.5 pt/each correct answer) beneficial presentation noticeable professional impression responses speech revisit orally 10 unease m READING (30pts) Exercise (10pts: pt/each correct answer) 11.~CB 12.~DC 13.LBC Page 9/8 -161- 14.A 9.A 15.D 10.D I _l_ Exercise (lOpts: pt/each correct answer) · others/ some 4.by which wrong 9.Thank s 8.out 7.of fact Exercise (10pts: pt/each correct answer) 13.B 12c ~B l~A 11.B ~A , 4.B 9.D S example/ instance 10 whether/ if 15.C 10.B IV WRITI NG (25 pts) Exercise (I Opts: pt/each correct answer) Should you have any complaint about the product, return it to the shop I cancelled my subscription/ subscibing to that magazine nine months ago Never had she expected she was so successfuV she got so much/ such success The more proficient he was at the game, the more he was fond ofit The operation left Simon feeling weaker than he (had) expected He must have recognized us at the airport Not until the journalists arrived at the avenue did they hear about the changes to the wedding plans Helen's boss criticized her for not doing her work more carefally It has been suggested that the parkingfees in the city (should) be raise_d 10 The blue dress is three times as much/ expensive as that one Exercis e (15 pts) Sometimes tourists may damage tourist sites Explain what some ofthe negative effects may be Suggestsome solutions to this problem Markin g scheme The mark given is based on the following scheme: Task achievement (25 % of total mark) Coherence and cohesion (25 % of total mark) Grammar range and Accuracy (25 % of total mark) Lexical resource (25 % of total mark) -H it - Page 10/8 -162- s(J GD&BT vlNH PHUC KY Tm CHQN HSG THPT NAM HQC 2014-2015 Bt Tm MON: TIENG ANH (Danh cho h9c sinh THPT kb6ng chuyln) Thui gian lam bai: 180 phut, khong kJ thui gian phizt di IBtLUY $NTPI B m!in B .Qbese B.gesture B.mature B explanatory B repository B psychological B payroll B ceremony C immediately C magnificent C contributory C accent C astronomy QUESTION II Vocabulary (10 points) · Select the best option for each blank B B D C A C C A D democracy D mistake D hype~nsi tive D regretful D investiture C 10 D QUESTION m Grammar (20 points) A Put each verb in brackets in an appropriate form (lOpoints) I She has made up her mind • ••• (have) a garage • (build) next to the house The statue • • (break) while it • •• (move) to another room in the museum ' The highway patrol advised (take) the old route through the city The bell is ringing I must stop (do) my homework (answer) the phone Why you all (laugh)? Roger (tell) you his funny stories? Don't worry We (fmish) the report by 11 B Put the suitable preposition(s) in each of the following blanks (10 points) I We're all very obliged you He's quite careless danger She's very nervous .- the new boss I'm faithful my principle I've been so anxious you This service is free charge They went ahead contrary my advice He was married Sue for a day .the devil and the deep blue sea I Have a card your sleeve QUESTION IV Reading (30 points) A Read the text below and then answer the questions - (10 points) The World and Its Global Economy The world as man knows it today is getting smaller and smaller because of technology such as the Internet and high speed modems In fact, on March 3, 2005, a man flew entirely around the globe without refueling or stopping in a one-person jet The world is changing the world, and as· the 21 st century continues, the global -163- economy will play a larger and larger role As Thomas Friedman so eloquently put it in Lexus and the Olive Tree, globalization is "the inexorable integration of markets, nation-states, and technologies to a degree never witnessed before." B With today's technology it is possible for people to solicit business from the far side of the globe • A company like Dell Computers can order parts from several different countries, take shipment in North Carolina where the new computers will be assembled, and then ship them to all regions of the globe • • An American oil firm can a satellite survey in Siberia for oil deposits and then contract with a Russian oil finn to drill the actual Well, while the petroleum engineer, acting as the project sqpervisor, remains in the US and runs !he p!:2i,ect by using a computer, a high speed Internet connection, and a cellular telephone for quick questions.m A global economy poses some serious problems If a company doesn't act fast enough, it can lose, and if the company loses heavily, what will happen to the employees working for the company, and then in tum what will happen to the stores that depend on those employees buying their goods? As can be seen, there is a definite trickle-down effect How is the child who is about to graduate from high school supposed to decide on what career field to enter? A career field that is here today might be gone long before the child can graduate from college, so not only does it become vital that a person gain the needed knowledge to enter a given career field, but the person also needs to learn how to learn Leaming how to learn may prove to be even more necessary than the knowledge needed to enter a given career field A person who is good at learning how to learn can quickly adapt to changes in the global economy by quickly preparing to enter other career fields if his job is here today, but gone in the morning If the world turns into a global economy, a person will need to be able to get along and work with people from different cultural backgrounds However, unless a person has spent time living in different parts of the world, this might be hard to While many students from foreign countries, especially the Asian countries, come to the US to earn a graduate degree, how many students from the US spend even a semester abroad studying in another country? The answer to this question is of course a very small percentage While individuals from some of foreign countries and some individuals from the US and the US econom will ad'ust to lobalization will the rest of the world? When a person in a developing country sees all the cars on the streets of Beijing, of course that person wants a car so he can show his neigfibor how wealthy be is, -and alhhis -does is promote unneeded consumption Why does the person who has nowhere to go and no money to spend for travel want to own a car? The simple answer is because the media paint owning a car as a symbol of wealth and it is human nature to want to become wealthy or at least to appear wealthy On the positive side, as prices rise due to increased demands on scarce resources, there will be an incentive to find affordable alternatives For example, as the price of oil rises and along with it the price of a gallon of gasoline, a point will be reached at which people are no longer willing to purchase gasoline so they can drive their cars, and they will demand both alternative transportation methods and cars which use another source of energy A current online survey says $2.50 per gallon of gasoline is the point at which the people in the US will start making demands on the auto manufacturer, which will open up new career fields in a few countries that have the technology needed to meet the demands; however, people around the globe will work together on it The word "inexorable" in the passage is closest in meaning to A upward B recent C inevitable D preposterous The word "solicit'' in the passage is closest in meaning to A lure B sell C help D ask for According to par.2, what can be inferred about the role of a project supervisor? A To make sure the project is finished correctly and on time B To hand-check each of the steps in a project C To assign each of the items that needs to be done in a project -164- Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential infonnation in the underlined sentence in the passage? A The mass media are like a witch stirring her cauldron B The mass media always report the truth since this keeps the ratings up and brings in the most advertising revenue C The mass media will report half-truths if it will keep their ratings up so they can sell advertising D The mass media report every angle of a story since reports are apolitical and never present only one viewpoint In paragraph 5, what can be inferred from the description of the media about owning a car? A A car needs to be painted certain colors ifit is going to show others a person is wealthy B The media are so biased that they will provide paint if a person needs to paint his car so as to project the car as a symbol of wealth C The media slant the stories, so it will appear to viewers that only wealthy people own a car D The members of the media don't own cars, so they are jealous of those wealthy people who own cars Look at the four squares[•] in par.2 that indicate where the following sentence could be added to the passage E-businesses will be the lucrative businesses in the future since they are available to everyone with an Internet connection Where would the sentence best fit? Directions: An introductory sentence for a brief summary of the passage is provided below Complete the summary by selecting the THREE answer choices that express the most important ideas in the passage Some sentences not belong in the summary because they express ideas that are not presented in the passage or are minor ideas in the passage The Internet and technology are making the world a smaller and smaller place today, and this is creating a global economy• • • • A As Thomas Friedman so eloquently put it in Lexus and the Olive Tree, globaliz.ation is "the inexorable integration of markets, nation-states, and technologies to a degree never witnessed before," B A global economy poses some serious problems and if a company doesn't act fast enough, it can lose, and if the company loses heavily, the employees working for the company and the stores that depend on those employees buying their goods can go out of business C A person who is good at learning how to learn can quickly adapt to changes in the global economy by quickly preparing to enter other career fields, if his job is here today but gone in the morning D A career field that is here today might be gone long before the child can graduate from college, so it becomes vital E People are always going to be willing to pay any price they need to pay in order to buy something they want, which is why the price of gasoline will not be a factor in the global economy -165- F Individuals from some foreign countries, some individuals from the US and the US economy wilJ adjust to globalization, but the real question is, how is the rest of the world going to react to living in a global economy? B Close test (20 points) Art as a career ends meet early on in their careers (3) hard to (2) Many celebrated artists have found (1) _ _ _ a few well-known exceptions, however, (poor Van Gogh being perhaps the most famous one) went on to find recognition within their own lifetime Picasso's life story is the kind ofrags-to(4) unknown artist In 1904, he was sharing a gives hope to many (6) riches tale (5) his death, he was thirty other artists But (8) draughty and primitive studio complex (7) every a multi-millionaire and probably the most celebrated modern artist ever Nevertheless, (9) success story, there must be dozens of artists (perhaps some potential 'greats') who have endured a lifetime they were never recognised because their work was hardship in obscurity (11) (10) they lacked talent, is impossible to or (13) fashion, prevailing the of sympathy with (12) a career There (16) _ (15) rather vocation a (14) art see people Most say exceptionally dedicated to artists need to (18) indeed be some truth in the idea (17) supplement their income by succeed, and even relatively successful artists sometimes have (19) other areas occasionally working (20) QUESTION V Use of English (30 points) A Sentence transformation (20 points) Part Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it (10 points) Someone has suggested the resignation of the minister It I have frequently made stupid mistakes like that Many's You think that fat people are always jolly, but you are wrong Contt'afy • •.• •.• • • : • - •• 4.You should have called the doctor at once It was S Gary is proud of the fact that he is never late Gary prides • Part Write a new sentence similar in meaning to the one given, using the word given in brackets Do not alter the ~ord in any way (10 points) AWAY ·Many customs restrictions within the EC have been abolished At the moment I can't afford to buy a new car QUESTION I assume you're hungry GRANTED I know I can convince Dave that rm right about this matter; BRING Students at the school are not allowed to go into the Rainbow Disco BOUNDS B Error correction (10 points) Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be · mrr~t -166- [...]... You think/you/able/come? 79.Please give me/ring/let/ know /you/make it 80.1/really/look forward/see you again Love, Jenny The end 4 PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguy~n Thai HQc P.COL Q l -11- BAJ> AN B:t Tm DSG MON TIENG ANH LOP 10 THPT(2 010- 2011) T&ng s6 di@m :80/80 ciu.M~i ciu dung dU'CfC ldi@m PART A:(5 di@m) 1 informal 2 30 street children 4 1998 5 Volunteers-June PART B: (10 di@m) I 6.B 7.C 8A 9.B 10. C... Phonology L(lO pts) 3.A 1.A 2 C 4.A S.A 8.B 6.C 7.A 9.C 10. C Il. (10 pts) 11.A 12 D 13.D 14.D 15.D 16.C 17.B 18 B 19.C 20.A Part 2: Vocabulary 1. (10 pts) 3.c· 1.B 2 A 4.D s.c 6.B 7.D 8.C 9.A 10. A (20 pts) !.survival 2 distributed 3 exist 4 sources 5 increasing 6 developing 7 di~charged 8 agriculture 9 conservation 10 inefficient fart 3: Grammar and structure l- (10 pts) l I've yet to meet anyone who is more generous... LAN 65F Nguyen Thai HQc P.COL Q l -29- - - - - 7 Do you think these children are (nourish) ? They look very thin 8 Have you read the latest (reveal) about Madonna's private life? 9 We try to ensure the (be) of our employees 10 Tourists forget their (conceive) ideas as soon as thay visit our country DI.Choose the best answer. (10 pts) I.I'd rather you at my party last night A be B were... 7.00 to 9.00 in the evening 8 I hope you are able to come 9 Give.my regards to your family 10 Look forward seeing you again THE END PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguyen Thai HQc, P.COL Q l -21- BE Tm CHQN HQC SINH GIOI CAP TRUONG St1 GD & IJT Nghl An Trwng THPT Anh SO'nl Nam h9c: 2008-2009 MON Tm: TffiNG ANH - LOP 10 ThO'i gian: 120 phut I PHONETICS A Identify the word whose underlined part is pronounced... ago 8 A secret declaration left Simon feeling weaker than he had expected 9 Juliet could only long for his return 10 I have no intention of apologizing to either of them 11. (10 pts) 1.C 2 C 3 C 4 B 5 C 6 A 7 B 8 B 9 A 10. B Part 4: Reading comprehension 1. (10 pts) l.B 2.E 3.D 4.G 5.F II (10 pts) 1 Guidelines for increasing aircraft passenger survival 2 before takeoff 3 The two closest to the passenger's... tomorrow 85 Unless you have a reservation you can't travel on this train B 15 points + Useful language: spelling, vocabulary, connectors (5 points) + Grammar: tense (past tense), structures ( 5 points) + Content: creative, understandable (5 points) PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguy~n Th6i HQc P.COL Q l -27- I>~ thi d~ nghj mOn tif'ng anh lcjp 10 (olympic 30/4-1,n tht viii-2007) Tntcmg 1HPT chuy!n Tr~ Hung... house-warming party on May 3rd 78.Do you think you will be able to come? 79.Please give me a ring and let me know if you can make it 80.I'm really looking forward to seeing you again Love, Jenny PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguy~n Thai HQC, P.COL Q l -12- Dt Tm CHQN HQC SINH GI6I SN Tm: TIENG ANH - LOP 10 Thuigian: 180 phut I PHONETICS A Identify... the aircraft n 4 PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguy~n Thai HQC, P.COL Q l · -32- SO GIAO Dl)C VA DAO T~O TiNH BEN TRE TRUONG : THPT CHUYEN BEN TRE KY Tm OLYMPIC TRUYiN THONG 30 - 4 LAN THif 15 D:t THI D:t NGIIJ MON: ANH VAN; LOP: 10 A MULTIPLE CHOICE -1 Phonology: (5 pts) a Select the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest D APril C !J>Ple B stm,le 1 A m_!Ple D leotard C leonine... at Bob?" - "I don't like it when he makesjokes my expense." A for B on C at D to 10 A car many different pars A is made B is made up of C is made of D makes up of Part 4: Reading comprehension A.Choose from the phrasesA-H the one which fits each gap (10 pts) Scientists estimate that at the beginning of 70th century 100 ,000 tigers flourished throughout Asia, from estern Russia and Korea through eastern... try to see where his keys had gone.As he did so, the bridge collapsed and he fell into the river This was the last straw The fisherman crawled out of the river and went back to his car There he discovered that he had locked the doors and could not get in His anti-thief had immobilized his car There was nothing left for him to do but walk sadly home 61.How did the tin of bait get into the river? A.The ... ctiim PHOTOCOPY TRAC LAN 65F Nguy~n Thai Hqc, P.COL, Q.1 -6- Ki THI CHQN HSG LOP 10 THPT NAM HQC 2 010- 2011 I)~ thi moo :TiEng Anh (Thui gian lam bai: 180 phut) PART A: LISTENI NG You will hear... MON TIENG ANH LOP 10 THPT(2 010- 2011) T&ng s6 di@m :80/80 ciu.M~i ciu dung dU'CfC ldi@m PART A:(5 di@m) informal 30 street children 1998 Volunteers-June PART B: (10 di@m) I 6.B 7.C 8A 9.B 10. C ·... for his return 10 I have no intention of apologizing to either of them 11. (10 pts) 1.C C C B C A B B A 10. B Part 4: Reading comprehension 1. (10 pts) l.B 2.E 3.D 4.G 5.F II (10 pts) Guidelines
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