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Trờng THCS Ngs Thuy Bài thi olympic năm học 2011-20112 Họ và tên: Môn : Tiếng Anh - Thời gian: 60 phút Lớp: 6 Câu1: Tìm những từ có cách phát âm khác với những từ còn lại ở phần gạch chân: 1. A. picnic B. sometimes C. like D. exercise 2. A. movie B. sport C. soccer D. jo g 3. A. heavy B. leave C. head D. ready 4. A. black B. gymnast C. gray D. paddy 5. A. bus B. museum C. drugstore D. lunch Câu 2: Em hãy tìm từ không cùng nhóm với các từ còn lại: 1. A. warm B. weather C. cool D. hot 2. A. soccer B. swimming C. fishing D. camping 3. A. what B. where C. how D. weekend 4. A. travel B. go C. walk D. noisy 5. A. this B. the C. these D. that Câu 3: Chọn phơng án trả lời tốt nhất cho mỗi câu sau: 1. My brother ( goes / go / plays / is going ) swimming every Sunday . 2. Are there ( a / an / any / the ) stores on your street ? 3. My sister and I ( am watching / are watching / is watching ) TV in the living room now ? 4. ( how / how many / where / what ) do you go to school ? - I walk . 5.Does Nga play volleyball ? - No, ( she not plays / she don't / she doesn't ) . 6. How many floors ( is there / are there / there have ) in your school? 7. My school ( have / there are / has ) four floor s in my school. 8. How ( usually / often / always ) do you have a picnic? 9. I have English ( at / in / on / from ) Monday and Thursday . 10. He lives ( in / at / on ) 12 Tran Phu Street. 11. Which language does Lee speak? - He speaks (China/ Chinese/ Chines) 12. (Would/ Can/ Do/ Does) you learn French? - No, I don't 13. How (many/ much/ often/ long) bananas are there on the table? 14. The Red river is (longer/ very long/ the longest) in Vietnam. 15. What is (her/ his/ their/ your) name? - My name is Ba. 16. What are you going to do (at/ on/ in / for) the weekend? 17. How (usually/ often/ sometimes/ always) do you have a picnic? 18. A paddy field is a rice (yard/ paddy/ park/ garden). 19. That is his sister. (He/ she/ It/ Her). is a doctor. 20. Lemonade, apple juice, soda and (beans/ noodles/ vegetables/ iced tea) are cold drink. Câu 4: Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc: 1. What you (do) next Sunday? 2. He usually (jog) in the morning. 3. My brother (watch) TV at the moment. 4. Hoa (not go) fishing in the winter. 5. Her sister (skip) now. 6. There (not be) any water in the bottle. 7. I can (speak) English. 8. She (visit) her aunt next week. 9. At the moment, the children (play) soccer in the garden. 10. She (go) camping tomorrow. Câu 5: Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc: 1. There are fifteen in my school. (CLASS) 2. Lan has a white (TOOTH) 3. Mr. Nam is a truck (DRIVE) 4. In the , there is a hospital and a factory . (neighbor) 5. what is his ? (nation) Câu 6: Viết lại các câu sau sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi: 1 . What is Lans favorite food? > What food ? 2. Is your house beautiful? > Is it ? 3. He often drives to work. He 4. I want some milk I'd 5. What about going to Dam Sen park? Why ? Câu 7: Hoàn thành câu sử dụng từ gợi ý: 1. he/ like/ cold drink? -> 2. orange juice/ her/ favorite drink. -> 3. We/ visit/ Nha Trang/ this/ summer vacation. -> 4. how/ much/ milk/ your/ mother/ want?. -> 5. I/ write/ a letter/ tomorrow. -> Câu 8: Đặt câu hỏi cho phần gạch chân: 1. I feel tired now. -> 2. This man brings us milk in the morning. -> 3. She would like apple juice. -> 4. A pen is 7.000đ -> 5. They always have dinner at home. -> I. Give correct form of word: 1. My mother is a______________ of English. (TEACH) 2. Her father is a______________ (FARM) 3. She sent her best wishes for my future______________ . (HAPPY) 4. He was punished for his______________ . (LAZY) 5. We like going in his car as he is a______________ driver. (CARE) 6. AIDS is a______________ disease. (DANGER) 7. She looks______________ in her new coat. (ATTRACT) 8. He turns out to be the______________ student in his class. (GOOD) 9. Nam is always ______________ (BUSINESS) 10. There are four _____in my house. (Bookshelf) 11. The photocopy is between the _____ and the drugstore. (Bake) 12. Is your brother an_____? (act) 13. Mai's sister is a ______ (sing) 14. We must be ____ when we cross the road. (care) 15. This tree has a lot of green _____ (leaf) 16. Is your father a ______ ? (business) 17. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your ______ ? (nation) 18. Air is a big problem in many cities in the world. (pollute) 19. Yoko is from Japan. She is _____ (Japan) 20. Mary likes attending the English contests. (SPEAK) 21.My neighborhood is for good and cheap restaurants. (FAME) 22.I like the city life because there are many kinds of (ENTERTAIN) 23. Lan’s classroom is on the floor. (TWO) 24. These children like weather. (SUN) 25. Lan speaks English than me. (WELL) 26. The Great Wall of China is the world’s structure. (LONG) 27. What’s Mary’s ? - She’s British. (NATION) 28. We should not waste and water. (ELECTRIC) 29. Let him do it (HE) 30. My aunt is a good ………… (TEACH) 31. Thao is my friend. She is very ………. (BEAUTY) 32. I want to go ………… in the summer. (SWIM) 33. My sister ……………gets up early in the morning. (USUAL) 34. Don’t go out at night because it is very …………… (DANGER) 35. This exercise is very ………… I can’t do it. (DIFFICULTY) 36. He can speak English ………….than his brother. (GOOD) 37. How do you feel now? – I feel …………. (TIRE) 38. My uncle lives in the city. He is a ………… (DRIVE) 39. Where is Tom? – He is in the ………… room. (LIVE) 40. Nam is the … of the three boys. (TALL) 41. Vietnam has a lot of …… beaches. (BEAUTY) 42. Air … is a big problem in many cities in the world. (POLLUTE) 43. Our school children sometimes go … on the weekend. (CAMP) 44. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your ….? (NATION) 45. Mount Everest is very high. It is … mountain in the world. (HIGH) 46. Don’t make a fire here. It’s very … (DANGER) 47. Is your father a … ? (BUSINESS) 48. We went to bed early because we had a ……… day. (tire) 49. There were two ……… yesterday:fire-making and rice-cooking. (compete) 50.The old lamp ……………… in China is five dollars. (make) 51.“Quynh Coi” is …………… for good and cheap “Canh Ca”. (fame) 52. At school we have a lot of ……………… (act) 53. Mai and her friend sing very (beauty) 54. Both my father and my mother are……………. (farm) 55. Ba’s house is the ………….to the tow center. (near) 56. The math book is…………… than the hitory book (thick) 57. Is the Underground in London … than the Metro in Paris? (good) 58. It's very in the city. (noise) 59. Ho Chi Minh city is the city in Viet Nam. (big) 60. They have two (child) 61. We live in a house in the country. (beauty) 62. He goes at the weekend. (fish) 63. Lan is very tall, but Hoa is even (tall) 64. Lee comes from China. He speaks (China) 65. What's your ? - I'm American. (nation) 66. This is the temple in my village. (old) 67. My brother is a of English (teach) 68. Nam is the … of the three boys. (TALL) 69. Vietnam has a lot of …… beaches. (BEAUTY) 70. Air … is a big problem in many cities in the world. (POLLUTE) 71. Our school children sometimes go … on the weekend. (CAMP) 72. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your ….? (NATION) 73. Mount Everest is very high. It is … mountain in the world. (HIGH) 74. Don’t make a fire here. It’s very … (DANGER) 75. Is your father a … ? (BUSINESS) II. Which is the odd one out: * Exercise 1: Choose the words that has the underlined part pronounced differently: 1. A. now B. how C. cow D. show 2. A. lead B. great C. seat D. eat 3. A. so B. show C. who D. though 4. A. think B. thank C. that D. three 5. A. door B. zoo C. fool D. soon 6. A. worry B. sorry C. come D. ton 7. A. easy B. dear C. meat D. seat 8. A. bed B. decide C. get D. general 9. A. early B. weather C. heavy D. head 10. A. one B. song C. sorry D. long 11. A. teachers B. thanks C. pupils D. farmers 12. A. foot B. door C. good D. book 13. A. teeth B. thin C. mother D. math 14. A. gymnast B. vegetable C. dangerous D. Geography 15. A. black B. work C. knee D. look 16. A. young B. house C. our D. trousers 17. A. cool B. good C. room D. look 18. A. watches B. brushes C. classes D. lives 19. A. station B. question C. invitation D. intersection 20. A. chest B. school C. lunch D. bench 21. A. cottage 22. A. climbing 23. A. sound 24. A. problem 25. A. grew 26. A. oversea 27. A. show 28. A. tour 29. A. conduct 30. A. always B. village B. basket B. amount B. popular B. threw B. feel B. folder B. proud B. culture B. delicious C. luggage C. subway C. country C. convenient C. knew C. living C. money C. pronounce C. double C. ours D. stage D. club D. noun D. rod D. flew D. mean D. shoulder D. sound D. lunch D. themselves 31. A. love B. hotel C. mother D. brother 32. A. store B. sister C. factory D. picture 33. A. many B. paddy C. country D. recycle 34. A. stay B. vacation C. citadel D. day 35. A. know B. how C. tomorrow D. show 36. A. history B. swim C. visit D. summer 37. A. tennis B. aerobics C. music D. exercise 38. A. theater B. with C. three D. they 39. A. goes B. games C. times D. watches 40. A. books B. pens C. shelves D. schools 41. A. summer B. uncle C. Sunday D. museum 42. A. tonight B. high C. million D. fire 4 3. A. chair B. school C. cheap D. chicken 44. A. flowers B. students C. pens D. schoolbags 45. A. stool B. room C. floor D. noodle 46. A. capital B. trash C. range D. animal 47. A. grow B. plow C. cow D. tower 48. A. hungry B. fly C. usually D. activity 49. A. weather B. head C. bread D. great 50. A. wear B. meat C. pea D. read 51. A. call B. fall C. shall D. wall 52. A. clown B. down C. own D. town 53. A. above B. glove C. love D. move 54. A. cow B. show C. know D. throw 55. A. clear B. dear C. hear D. pear 56. A. thank B. that C. this D. those 57. A. cost B. most C. post D. roast 58. A. arm B. charm C. farm D. warm 59. A. come B. home C. some D. none 60. A. cow B. now C. how D. show 61. A. love B. hotel C. mother D. brother 62. A. store B. sister C. factory D. picture 63. A. many B. paddy C. country D. recycle 65. A. stay B. vacation C. citadel D. day 66. A. know B. how C. tomorrow D. show * Exercise 2: Choose the words that has the underlined part pronounced differently 1. grow throw pagoda cow 2.destroy collect forest market 3.tube student music ruler 4.meat beef bread tea 5.white hotel hour why 6.weather thick father brother 7.skip citadel finally fishing 8.cold orange box strong 9.winters cameras eggs watches 10.camp apple range cat * Exercise 3: Choose the words that has the underlined part pronounced differently 1. A. chair B. school C. couch D. children 2. A. game B. change C. vegetable D. geography 3. A. intersetion B. eraser C. bookstrore D. history 4. A. tenth B. tooth C. brother D. theater 5. A. boot B. tooth C. food D. flood 6. A. usually B. thirsty C. fly D. hungry 7. A. read B. teacher C. ahead D. eat 8. A. face B. small C. grade D. late 9. A. twice B. swim C. skip D. picnic 10. A. bottle B. job C. chocolate D. movie * Exercise 4: What is odd one out? 1.is am open are 2.home goodbye thanks hello 3.engineer doctor nurse teach 4.country city live school 5.classroom big small nice 6.sixth seven eighth tenth 7.seventy sixty third fourteen 8.what where how answer 9.my his nice your 10count come vocabulary close 11.greeting morning afternoon stand 12.eraser teacher player worker 13.armchair couch family bench 14.brush wash listen teach 15.geography housework history volleyball 16.behind between yard opposite 17.noisy bus taxi bike 18.roadsign businessmantraffic light straight ahead 19.noisy quiet fast worst 20.blue dark thin brown 21.face strong light heavy 22.nose chest fat toe 23.when where were how 24.man fan fat table 25.happy fly sky dry 26.that make take cake 27.find thing nine wine 28.gun fun sun june 29.call fall shall wall 30.clown down own town 31.above glove love move 32.cow show know throw 33.clear dear hear pear 34.thank that this those 35.cost most post roast 36.arm charm farm warm 37.come home some none 38.cow now how show 39.name classmate paper thank 40.hi fine night children 41.old morning bingo hello 42.clock teacher studnt school 43.nurse doctor engineer classmate 44.school teacher house classroom 45.name family class open 46.small big fine student 47.grade class city school 48.get country wash go 49.third twelve eleven nine 50.math history timetable literature 51.game soccer volleyball housework 52.Friday Monday Tuesday Today 53.do homework watch listen 54.dinner shower breakfast luch 55.lake river factory well 56.near opposite between temple 57.beautiful bakery drugstore bookstore 58.play ride bike drive 59.doctor hospital teacher businessman 60.dangerous road sign intersection 61.apple orange juice banana 62.milk meat tea coffee 63.carrot tomato lettuce chicken 64.want thirsty cold favorite 65.tea oil soda milk 66.beef fish chicken soap 67.tent kite swim stove 68.always often early usually 69.one twice three four 70.boring morning interesting exciting * Exercise 5: Choose one word which is different from the others. 1. A. working B. crossing C. something D. traveling 2. A. train B. ride C. bus D. car 3. A. teacher B. doctor C. driver D. soccer 4. A. are B. for C. with D. at 5. A. peas B. mushrooms C. eggs D. beans 6. A. wine B. beer C. lemonade D. whisky 7. A. sausage B. juice C. soda D. coffee 8. A. month B. fifth C. ninth D. eighth 9. A. farmer B. driver C. flower D. writer 10. A. coke B. milk C. sode D. full 11. A. carrot B. tea C. tomato D. pea 12. A. hungry B. thirsty C. tired D. orange 13. A. water B. rice C. noodles D. bread 14. A. fish B. lemonade C. meat D. lamb III. Choose the best answer: Part i 1. Nam______English on Monday and Friday. A. not have B. isn’t have C. don’t have D. doesn’t have 2. We go to school at ______ in the morning. A. a quarter to seven B. seven to a quarter C. seven quarter D. a quarter seven to 3. Do children have math on Monday ? -………………. A. Yes, they have B. No, they don’t C. Yes, they don’t D. No, they not have 4. Mr. Nam gets up at 7.00 and eats ______ A. a big breakfast B. the big breakfast C. big breakfast D. a breakfast big 5. Is her school ______the park ? A. in front of B. next C. in front to D. near to 6. Is this her______? A. erasers B. books C. an eraser D. eraser 7. Tan likes ______ weather because he can go swimming. A. hot B. cold C. windy D. foggy 8. ______straight across the road. A. Don’t run B. Not run C. No run D. Can’t run 9. I hope the ______ can repair our car quickly. A. mechanic B. reporter C. architect D. dentist 10. The Bakers ______ dinner at the moment. A. is having B. are having C. eating D. is eating 11. ______ fruit does your father produce? A. How much B. How many C. How long D. How often 12 When it becomes hot , people often feel ______ A. hungry B. thirsty C. happy D. worried 13.The sign says “ No smoking “ . You ______ smoke . A. can B. are not C. must not D. must 14 . I’m playing table tennis . _______ you like table tennis ? A.Have B .Is C. Are D. Do 15 . There is an English examination ______ Friday , 11 th December . A. at B. in C. to D. on 16. What time _____ back ? A. is she coming B. comes she C. she does come D. does she comes 17. The students have got ______ news about their exams . A. many B. some C. any D. a 18 . The boy looks a little thin , ______ he is strong. A. and B. for C. or D. but 19. Mary and _______ would like to join the English Club speaking . A. me B. my C. mine D. I 20. There _______ any milk in the glass. A. isn’t B. aren’t C. is D. are 21. Nam lives ________ a market A). near B). on C). between D). at 22. She ___________ breakfast at six thirty. A). have B). haves C). to has D). has 23. ________ sports can Nam play? A). Who B). How C). Which D). What 24). __________ is your class room? It is on the second floor. A). Who B). Where C). How D). What 25. I am ________ sister. A). we B). they C). his D). he 26. He hates fish. He _____ eats fish A). usually B). sometimes C). often D). never 27. How _________ wine can he drink? A). far B). much C). many D). long 28. Everyday, Phuong ________ up at six o'clock in the morning A). to gets B). get C). to get D). gets 29. Is your school big or ________? A). tall B). nice C). small D). long 30. Mr.Li is from China. He can speak ___________ A). Chinese B). Canada C). China D). England 31. What ________ do you like? - Fall A). drink B). color C). season D). sports 32. How __________ people are there in your family? A). old B). much C). many D). number 33. What ________ do you go to bed? A). time B). x C). o’clock D). hour 34. ________ go swimming A). How about B). Would you like C). Let's D). Why don't 35. You ____________ drink too much coffee. You cannot sleep well at night. A). shouldn't B). should C). do D). don't 36. Where can we look for information…….recycling things? a, on b, of c, about d, in 37. Tell me … coffee and bread. a, Why do you like b, Why you like c, because of you like d, you like because 38. You look so……… in your new blue skirt. a,beauty b,beautifully c,beatiful d,beautifuly 39. He finally……… with the decision to go abroad. a, came b, came up c, came on d, come 40. I think it is really good to spend time …………… English pronunciation. a, in b, with c, at d, on 41. My parents ………………. at home. a, are all b, are both c, both are d, is both 42. Some people learn a language by reading passages …………… a, loud b, aloud c,loudly d; aloudly 43. “Would you mind dancing with me ?” “No” He invited me to dance with him but …………… [...]... 62 Id like a of cooking oil, too A liter B kilo C dozen D packet 63 After school, I help my mom with the A homework B housework C roomwork D classwork 64 Theres a in front of my house We play there A paddy B village C yard D museum 65 long or short? A Does Nga have hair B Is Ngas hair C Is Nga hair D Does Ngas hair have 66 is she travelling? - By coach A How long B How often C How much D How 67 ... free 8p.m and 10p.m 5 Please take care . everything while Im not at home 6 I listened . the news on the radio 7 Snow is falling all the country 8 The students go to school 7 am in the morning 9 Where is Long? He is the bedroom 10 I am very good .English kỳ thi chọn học Gioi cấp huyện Lớp 6 Năm học : 2010 - 2011 đề thi môn: Tiếng anh Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút ( Không kể thời gian giao đề ) I Choose... Exercise 1: 1 Every morning , Linda ( get ) up at 6 She ( have ) breakfast at 6: 10 After breakfast, she ( brush ) her teeth She ( go ) to school at 6: 30 She ( have ) lunch at 11:30 at school 2 We ( watch ) T.V every morning 3 I (do ) my homework every afternoon 4 Mai and Lan ( play ) games after school 5 Vy ( listen ) to music every night 6 Where ( be ) your father now ? 7 He ( read )... short hair 16 How many milk would you like? 17 Ho Chi Minh city is biger than Hanoi 18 His school is mini 19 There are a lot of money in the pocket 20 How many student are there in the classroom? 21 Hoa is more prettier than her sister 22 What does the children often do in their free time? 23 How much is those rulers? 24 They isn't at home now 25 Do you want a ice-cream? 26 Lan and I am in class 6A2 27... an c any d a 56 Is she hungry full ? - She isnt hungry She is full a and b but c so d or 57 What about some lemonade ? - Thats a good idea a have b having c has d having 58 It is too far Lets go there minibus a with b in c on d by 59 The Eiffel Tower is than the Statue of Library a with b highest c higher d the highest 60 Hurry up ! We ve got time a few b much c a little d some 61 I need half... (be) many tall and bigs trees there 6/ How much rice those farmers (produce) every crop? * Exercise 4: Use the correct tense of these verds in each sentence: 1 He (work) .in the office now 2 My friend(enjoy) .hamburgers very much 3 The students(look) up these new words right now 4 We always (do) .English exercises carefully 5 The sun (rise) in the east 6 They (talk) to John at the moment... They (build) a new factory soon to recycle old plastic * Exercise 6: Suply the correct forms of the words in brackets: 1 What .she (like / do) .in her spare time? 2 Why we( not go) out for a meal? 3 This job (be) .interesting You should (apply) for the job 4 She (wear) .a white T- shirt now 5 Tom (look) very well 6 He (need) (study) harder if he (want) to pass the exam 7 She always(clean)... (explain) the lesson 6 There are twenty in the hall (child) 7 The of this book is 2.000d (cost) 8 There is today (storm) 9 This is the pen in the box ( cheap) V Rewrite: 1 Mai is not as tall as Lan -> Lan is 2 The black car is cheaper than the red car -> The red car 3 This film is more interesting than that one ->That film is 4 Our school has 160 0 students -> There... 5 What / there / front / your house? 6 If / you / not feel / well / should / see / doctor 7 What color / your baby / eyes? 8 My father / 4 years / old / mother 9 I / beef/ so / sister 10 Hoa / learn / languages / bad * Exercise 6: Make meaningful sentences using the following cues: 1 How... of milk B many milk C lots milk D a few milk 6 We are polluting the air gases A by B with C at D of 7 What's his job ?- He's a .He likes working with children A teacher B engineer C farmer D doctor 8 How often do you visit your grandparents ? A one a week B once a week C two week D twice week 9 Can I help you ? - , thanks A No B Yes C Sir D Oh 10 Thanh is going a new bicycle next week A to . banana 62 .milk meat tea coffee 63 .carrot tomato lettuce chicken 64 .want thirsty cold favorite 65 .tea oil soda milk 66 .beef fish chicken soap 67 .tent kite swim stove 68 .always often early usually 69 .one. (China) 65 . What's your ? - I'm American. (nation) 66 . This is the temple in my village. (old) 67 . My brother is a of English (teach) 68 . Nam is the … of the three boys. (TALL) 69 . Vietnam. B. hotel C. mother D. brother 62 . A. store B. sister C. factory D. picture 63 . A. many B. paddy C. country D. recycle 65 . A. stay B. vacation C. citadel D. day 66 . A. know B. how C. tomorrow
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