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[해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 9월 토익 예상 문제 101. Having returned from a long business trip Mr. Thompson was advised to rest throughout the _______ of the week. (A)Remaining (B) remain (C) remainder (D) reminder 102. Should you find _______ able to rectify this situation, we would be pleased to hear from you. (A)You (B) your (C) yourself (D) yours 103. Dr. Hiroki arrives at 10:30 A.M. and is expecting a representative from our office to meet _____ in the baggage claim area. (A)Him (B) himself (C) theirs (D) them 104. Mr. Jefferson definitely needs to improve _______ knowledge of English grammar before thinking of teaching the students. (A)himself (B) his (C) him (D) he 105. _______ still prefers to have his business luncheons in small, informal places rather than at more formal places. (A)Yourself (B) your (C) yours (D) you 106. Once you have experienced MDPIXX you probably may want to give _______ feedback and propose improvements. (A)Our (B) us (C) ours (D) ourselves 107. As Independent Financial advisers we are able to offer _______ clients advice on products from every financial product provider in the UK. (A)Us (B) our (C) ourselves (D) ours 108. This handbook has been designed to offer _______ advice and some suggestions to you. (A)Us (B) our (C) ourselves (D) we 109. If you are not currently a client of _______, and you'd like to find out more about what we can offer, please call one of our offices to obtain information on how to become a new client. (A)Us (B) ours (C) ourselves (D) we 110. I deeply appreciate that honor of being asked to review work as valuable as _______. (A)You (B) yourself (C) yours (D) your 111. This small business guide is intended to serve as a roadmap for _______ starting a business. (A)Successful (B) successfully (C) succeed (D) success 112. _______ experienced significant growth in Western Europe, the company is planning to expand operations in Eastern Europe. (A)To have (B) have (C) had (D) having 113. We are offering Graduate positions _______ students who are currently completing their final year and would like to begin work in the next calendar year. (A)With (B) as (C) For (D) in http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 9월 토익 예상 문제 114. We provide a range of services _______ to meet the specific industry and market dynamics our clients face. (A)Design (B) to design (C) designing (D) designed 115. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within 2 weeks of the closing date _______ an interview. (A)To arrange (B) arranging (C) arranged (D)arrange 116. _______ in 1840, JBWere is one of the longest-established and largest financial services firms in Australasia. (A)Found (B) founded (C) founding (D) to find 117. Competition between landlords means rental levels _______ and are unlikely to rise in the coming quarter. (A)has stabilized (B) have stabilize (C) have stabilized (D)has stabilizing 118. 53 per cent of people _______ believed the housing boom would continue next year, with 19 per cent expecting further double-digit growth. (A)Will survey (B) Surveying (C) have surveyed (D) surveyed 119. If you have trouble ______ connected, call our customer service number 1-800-777- 7878. (A)To get (B) getting (C) gets (D) get 120. Google reserves the _______ to modify, suspend or discontinue the Service with or without notice at any time and without any liability to you. (A) recommendation (B)right (C) suggestion (D) way 121. An important step in the small business startup process is deciding whether or not _______ into business at all. (A)Go (B) going (C) to go (D) goes 122. The fire and evacuation plan will work successfully _______ an adequate communication system is set up within the building. (A)Only if (B) despite (C) as well (D) however 123. Confirmation of dates will be announced on September 2008, and if dates change, deposit will be ________. (A)conserved (B) reimbursed (C) reserved (D) exchanged 124. To _______ the preparation of rooms for new arrivals, guests are requested to vacate their rooms by 10 am on the day of departure. (A)Extend (B) offer (C) facilitate (D) accommodate 125. Please be aware that the prices listed in this brochure are _______ to change without any notice. http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 9월 토익 예상 문제 (A)Subjected (B) subjective (C) subject (D) subjectively 126. Residents are asked to fill out and return the questionnaire _______ in the provided postage-paid envelope. (A)carelessly (B) promptly (C) variously (D) recently 127. We are urgently seeking logistic staff and only ______ with experience in Oil and Gas companies will be processed. (A)This (B) which (C) whose (D) those 128. Some suggested _______ for Brazil are detailed below, and depending on the amount of time you have to spend in the country, your choice can include quite a lot of activity. (A)Circuit (B) position (C) itinerary (D) pattern 129. _______ going online in 1998, MagazineCity.Net has served tens of thousands of customers without a single case of a shopper’s personal information or credit card data being leaked. (A)while (B) since (C) before (D) when 130. This modern property has benefited from ________ renovation and modernization by the present owners and is offered in fantastic condition. (A)Matured (B) substantial (C) consumable (D) producing 131. Choosing the right location for your business can be a _______ factor in its success or failure. (A)Majority (B) Energetic (C) major (D) marginal 132. Some of the disadvantages of electric cars are that the autos are expensive, are _______ slow, and require constant recharging. (A)Nearly (B) closely (C) promptly (D) relatively 133. Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained _______ consultation with a physician or trained health care practitioner. (A)For (B) by (C) through (D) as 134. The local government buys _______ products and services it needs from suppliers who meet certain qualifications. (A)Many of (B) many the (C) almost (D) many of the 135. Materials developed by SBA are not copyrighted and may be reproduced _______ further permission. (A)For (B) as (C) about (D) without 136. All orders are fully cancelable _______ the cancel request is received within 48 hours of the time the order is placed. (A)In the time of (B) as long as (C) for the period of (D) concerning 137. Many web sites use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt the credit card information that you _______ over the Internet. http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 9월 토익 예상 문제 (A)Are send (B) has been sent (C) send (D) sending 138. If you need technical support for the products then please contact the _______ or service provider directly. (A)Manufacture (B) manufacturer (C) manufacturing (D) manufactured 139. To receive these great price please call (940)723-6631 and ask _______ to one of our trained Internet salesmen. (A)Speak (B) speaking (C) to speak (D) speaks 140. Most of the information available from the Web site may be freely downloaded and reproduced, _______ the content has not been changed or modified. (A)provided (B) nevertheless (C) despite (D) however Dear John Mayer, It is with reluctance I inform you that, _______ conditions improve measurably, ABC will have to terminate your employment. 141. (A) If (B) whatever (C) unless (D)about Personnel performance and productivity rates have shown _______ declines in the past six month period. 142. (A) Steadily (B) steady (C) steadiness (D)steadying Frankly, unless improvement is observed, ABC will need to take drastic measures. To be realistic, we estimate that such improvement will take a minimum of three months to become visible. _______ your excellent performance record in the past, there is no reason to assume anything but success. 143. (A) In case (B) given (C) unless http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 9월 토익 예상 문제 (D) even so Sincerely, Dear Siobhan Donaghy, Because of the extreme slowness of your payments over the past two years, we can ______ extend credit to you. 144. (A) Any longer (B) no longer (C) longer that (D)not longer We have discussed this time and time again, but to no avail. Starting today, all sales will be cash- with-order. We will be happy to continue serving you under these conditions. You can expect the same quality of merchandise and same fast service - and our super fast emergency service. We do expect you to _______ regular payments on your present balance. 145. (A) Take (B) do (C) have (D)make Appropriate collection or legal action will be taken if your delinquency _______. 146. (A) Will continue (B) continued (C) continues (D)have continued. Sincerely, Response to Complaints Dear Lucy Kellaway, Thank you for taking the time to contact ABC Company to explain the concerns you are experiencing with your software. We regret any inconvenience you have experienced and assure you that we are anxious to _______ you as a satisfied customer. 147. (A) Remind http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 9월 토익 예상 문제 (B) Remain (C) Retain (D)Resume A summary of your concern _______ to our support department. 148. (A) Has sent (B) Have been sent (C) Have sent (D)has been sent If you need further assistance, you may recontact us at 888-888-8888. To help us _______ you more quickly in the future please reference the above file number. 149. (A) Observe (B) Conserve (C) Serve (D)Reserve Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you. Sincerely, Dear Mr. Lee It is with reluctance that I’m submitting this letter. Although my time with UPI Corp. has been, on the whole, _______ and productive, for quite a while now I have become less and less satisfied with the work situation. 150. (A) Satisfy (B) Satisfied (C) Satisfying (D)Satisfies The direction of the company, the group _______ I work, and the new targets and the methods of accomplishing 151. (A) Which (B) In where (C) In which (D)Whenever them are making it increasingly difficult for me to feel that I’m contributing sufficiently. Therefore, it is with regret that I ask you _______ this as my resignation from UPI Corp. effective November 11. 152. (A) accept (B) to accept http://www.Hackers.co.kr [해커스 어학원] Lynn 한 선생님의 9월 토익 예상 문제 (C) have accepted (D)accepting Sincerely, 101. (C) 102. (C) 103. (A) 104. (B) 105. (D) 106. (B) 107. (B) 108. (B) 109. (B) 110. (C) 111. (B) 112. (D) 113. (C) 114. (D) 115. (A) 116. (B) 117. (C) 118. (D) 119. (B) 120. (B) 121. (C) 122. (A) 123. (B) 124. (C) 125. (C) 126. (B) 127. (D) 128. (C) 129. (B) 130. (B) 131. (C) 132. (D) 133. (C) 134. (D) 135. (D) 136. (B) 137. (C) 138. (B) 139. (C) 140. (A) 141. (C) 142. (B) 143. (B) 144. (B) 145. (D) 146. (C) 147. (C) 148. (D) 149. (C) 150. (C) 151. (C) 152. (B) http://www.Hackers.co.kr
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