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HOÀNG VAN VÂN (Tổng chủ biên) - LƯƠNG QUỲNH TRANG (Chủ bién) NGUYỄN THỊ CHI - LÊ KIM DUNG - PHAN CHÍ NGHĨA - NGUYỀN THỤY PHƯƠNG LAN - vũ MAI TRANG Với cộng tác DAVID KAYE NHÀ XUẤT BẢN GIÁO DỤC VIệT NAM TẠP ĐOAN XUẤT BẢN GIÁO DỤC PEARSON UNIT 1: LOCAL ENVIRONMENT A PHONETICS Look at the sentences below Put the underlined words into the correct column according to whether they are normally stressed or unstressed in a sentence My village is famous for making drums Hand-embroidered tablecloths are very expensive What is your favourite place of interest in the city? This park isn't attractive to young people When will you finish weaving the basket? The artisans are carving the eggshells carefully Stressed Unstressed Underline the content words in the sentences Practise reading the sentences aloud My carpets were woven by a famous artisan In his free time, my brother often goes for a walk in the park They didn't make this table by hand People love going to museums to widen their knowledge Where can I find similar vases? We changed the design of our traditional products to attract more customers B VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR Complete each sentence with a word/phrase from the box There is one extra word/phrase paintings pottery drum silk lacquerware conical hats baskets These products are called because they are decoratively covered with lacquer These _ are made of thin bamboo strips that are woven together To play this _ you should use your hands, not sticks This vase is a beautiful piece of _ It's made from clay dug from our river banks Lots of Vietnamese girls like wearing _ and ao dai When I go somewhere on holiday, I usually buy _ as souvenirs because I love works of art PAGE Choose A, B, C, or D complete each sentence 1, The flower was A, carved / out of a single piece of valuable wood B moulded c cast D given In this town, they all the frames in steel _ A make B have c mould D cast / c doing D carving She is skilled at cloth A giving B weaving / If you like, I can flowers on the cushion covers for you A grow B make c embroider / D knit Is it true that you this woollen hat yourself? A knitted B wove c did The doll has been „ out of clay A embroidered B cast D carved D moulded / c woven Complete the passage by filling each blank with the correct form of the word in brackets Some people ask me if I like living in my hometown The answer is certainly ‘yes’, The simple reason is that it has lots of (1 interest) _places If you want to widen your knowledge of the past, you can go to the museum It's a (2 history) _ building, with a big collection of valuable artefacts There is also a craft village in my hometown There, the (3 village) _ make drums Their drums are not only famous in the (4 local) _but also nationwide You can visit the old workshop, where drums are still made in the traditional way, Some of them are huge! Another (5 attract) _ in my hometown is the local library It's an (6 educate) _where anyone can borrow books and take them home to read Besides, it also has a (7 read) _club I'm one of its members, and we gather once a week to discuss what we've read together My hometown is also a (8 culture) _ centre, with many I traditional festivals and activities I love it very much Choose A, B, c, or D to complete the sentences I love going to this place it's the quietest place in the city, A so B though y C so that D as They keep changing the decoration of the shop they can attract more young people A so that B because C although D when she's young, she's the most famous artisan in the village A When B Although C Whereas D In order to Do you know who's his pottery workshop? A bringing out B taking over C passing down D turning down I've the product catalogue and decided to buy this table, A found out B closed down C looked through D lived on This sports centre is so small that it cannot the demands of local residents, A keep up with B face up to C deal about D set up PAGE Make a complex sentence from each pair of sentences Use the subordinator provided in brackets and make any necessary changes There are modem knitting machines The artisans in my village like using traditional looms Many children like to go to BatTrang Ceramic village They can make their own pottery there, (as) We have to follow more than ten stages We can make a simple conical hat (so that) Sinh paintings are special.They are burned after worship, (since) We'll have to phone you first Then well organise the trip, (before) We were visiting an old building.They were going to a traditional market, (while) Complete each sentence using a verb from A in the correct form and a particle from B You can use any particle more than once (although) A find turn bring close get deal B out down with up What time does your mother usually 1‘p in the morning? We must pwf the train times so that we can take the earliest train to Hai Phong My favourite writer has 1^0kanother best-seller We're …… lots of complaints from customers about the quality of We're these shirts Why did you if ksc npy h your workshop? I thought that it was PAGE C SPEAKING Complete the conversation below with the statements (A G) Then practise it with a friend A Shirts, ties, scarves, handbags, and 50me other things B Well, they are of high quality and very versa tile, ihey make the wearers feel cool In and warm in winter C It's well known for silk and silk products We're very proud to be one of the most famous silk villages in Viet Nam D Yes, we We still use traditional looms to wetive the silk E We have to change the* designs of our products and improve their quality all the time,There's a lot of competition from the other silk villages F Yes, of course A lot of households open their own shops I r) the village We also export our silk products to other countries It depends If you buy Ồ silk scarf with hand-embroidered decoration, it'll be very expensive, Other else/l think …….are reasonable Reporter: Could you tell us what your village Is famous for? Artisan: (1) Reporter What kinds of silk products you make? Artisan: (2) Reporter: Are your products expensive? Artisan: (3) Reporter: Do you weave your own silk? Artisan: (4) Reporter: What's special about your silk product}? Artisan: (5) Reporter: Fantastic! Can you make a living from illk making? Artisan: (6) Reporter: That's great! What you foot? Artisan: (7) Reporter: That's understandably rlghơ Thank you for the interview Artisan: You're welcome, Now think about a famous product made in your local area or a famous product you know about Work with another student and make up a similar conversation to the one in Focus on:      the name of the product reasons why it is famous its special characteristics any challenge it facts whether people can live on product/making it PAGE D READING Choose the correct answer A, B, c, or D to complete Mi's email to her new friend, Elisa From: mi@fastmail.eom 44J To: elisa@qickmail.com Subject: My favourite places of interest Dear Elisa, Thanks very much for your email It was fun to read about the places you find interesting 1(1) _like going to museums in my free time There are several museums in my city, but I like the Museum of Fine Arts the most I love art, so (2)'™L_l have free time, I go to this museum There's a great mix (3) art from across the eras, including iome really impressive modern Vietnamese paintings What I especially like about the museum is that (4) n[L of its galleries have an introduction in Vietnamese, English, and French It (5) IW*A that I can learn lots of English while enjoying the art works Another place of interest that I love is the (6) loCctỊ', park It's near my house, so I go there almost every day Sometimes I go for a walk around the park with my mother Sometimes I choose a beautiful place in it to sit and draw some sketches And sometimes I just sit (7) ỐỴV a bench, doing nothing, just watching people passing by It's really relaxing I hope someday I'll have a (8) _ to visit your National Portrait Gallery and Hyde Park Until the next email, Mi A don't like B interested in c also ^ D will A because B though c that D when / A.in B of / c on D with A all ^ B one c none D not A means B shows c proves D tells A locality B small c area D local ^ A in B at c on / D with A.chance / B opportunity c time D choice PAGE Fill each blank with a suitable word from the box to complete a passage about Doi Tam Drum-making village Famous more since amazed takes follow sold introduced - We went to Doi Tam, a village (1) ………… its drum making techniques, in Ha Nam Province last month The craft was first (2) ………… to the village sometime in the 8th or 9th century Today there are (3) ………… than six hundred drum makers living in Doi Tam village I was (4) ………… to see big drums in front of every house in the village People say that it (5) ………… four workers three days to make a drum with a diameter of 1.5 metres To make a drum, the craftsmen have to (6) ………… ỵan eight stage process Stretching the drumhead is the most challenging stage (7) ………… they have to carefully assess the sound it makes.The other steps'do not require such high skills Nowadays, Doi Tam drums are not only famous in Viet Nam but are also (8) ………… to other countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Japan, and the USA Read a passage about the Somerset Levels and the exercises that follow Last year I visited the Somerset Levels, a coastal plain and wetland area in Somerset, South West England This area is home to one of Somerset's oldest traditional crafts - willow basket making Basket making began in the area a long time ago At the beginning of the 19th century, more than three thousand acres of willow trees were planted commercially there because the area provided an excellent natural habitat for their cultivation I'd seen willow baskets before I visited the Levels, but I was still amazed at the variety of products made by the basket makers there They make lobster pots, bread trays, and even passenger baskets for hot air balloons Although the arrival of plastics in the 1950s caused the basket making industry to decline, willow growing and basket making have continued to play a significant role in Somerset's rural economy Willow growers and basket makers have dealt with this challenge by finding new markets and innovative ways of using willow(They make willow charcoal for artists, and bower seats for gardens Some even weave willow coffin Therefore, people here can still live on the craft that their great-grandparents passed down to them C Match the words with their definitions willow commercially numerous significant innovative charcoal A existing In large numbers B introducing or using new ideas, ways of doing something, etc C in a way that Is connected with the buying and selling of goods and services D large or Important enough to have an effect E a black substance made by burning wood slowly in an oven with little air used F a tree with long branches and long thin leaves that often grows near water PAGE b Decide if the sentences are T (true) or F (false) Willow basket making is the oldest traditional craft in Someset Willows can grow well in the area because of its favourable natural condition The presence of plastic products did not afffect the growth of basket making industry in the area in the 1950s Basket making does not play an important role in the in the area Willow growers and basket makers have found new ways to promote their industry Basket makers can live on their craft nowadays c Answer the questions Where are the Somerset Levels? How many acres of willows were planted commercially there at the beginning of the 19th century? How did the author feel when he visited the place? What are some innovative products made in the area? Is basket making passed down through generations? E WRITING Make sentences using the words and phrases below You can add extra words or make changes There/be/some/famous/pottery village/Viet Nam/as Chu Dau/BatTrang/Bau True ………………………………………………………………………………………………… Bau Truc/one/old/pottery Village/Southeast Asia ………………………………………………………………………………………………… It/locate/ten/ kilometre/ Phan Rang City ………………………………………………………………………………………………… There/young girl/twelve to fifteen years old/begin/learn/how/make/pottery ………………………………………………………………………………………………… They know/how/make/pottery product/from/pot/to/small jar ………………………………………………………………………………………………… PAGE Complete each complex sentence using your own ideas While I was shopping in my favourite fashion shop ………………………………………………………………………………………………… My mother goes to Bat Trang Ceramic Village every month so that……………………………………………………………………………………………… My close friends love doing yoga in that centre because………………………………………………………………………………………… though we have lots of similar products at home We decided to have a picnic in Green Park after J You receive an email from Elena, your pen pal in the UK She asks you to write to her about your favourite places of interest in your area Write an email telling her about these places [; ^JSsnd ệ » t jL T ÉÉÚ ilì Oẹtions.- * I HTML * I ,■ -J From: _(your email address) oJ To: i elena@fastmail.uk " T ' in • ., • ~ Subject My favourite places of interest Hello Elena, I really enjoyed reading your email! Now I'm going to tell you all about my favourite places of interest When you come to my city, I hope I'll be able to show you some of these places Bye for now, Practise reading the short conversations, paying attention to the difference in the underlined pronouns pfl Mi: Mai: Chau: Duong: She's still sleeping Is she? You don't seem happy about the new gym being built don’t What about YOU? Daughter: Everybody's going to the party What about us, mum? Shall we go, too? Mother: Nick: Phong: won't But YOU can go Thev live in the inner city, but thev're homeless Are they? Where they sleep at niqht? Mark the underlined words as w (weak) or s (strong) Then act out the conversations with a partner A: Look at those people over there Do YOU know B: know her but don’t know him A: Who broke that vase? B: You did! A: No didn't, YOU did! A: Are you feeling all right? B: i am, but my dog isn't A: She said she knew the wav B: But she's not here now Work with a partner Create a similar conversation strong and weak forms them? in which there are pronouns pronounced in f^VOCABULMY&SRAMMAH Complete the following puzzle Across The noun form of the word 'poor’ A long line of cars that moves very slowly or doesn't move at all When the air, water, etc., is dirty and dangerous People who live by asking others for money or food An area of the city where living conditions are very bad A situation where too many people live in one place Having no home or nowhere to live An act that goes against the public good Complete the sentences with the words/phrases from the list Make changes to the words where necessary set up packed metropolitan roundabout go around melting pot feature keep up with Some people believe that skyscrapers are a of big cities We have to .more schools to meet the demand of the increasin of children in the area Ho Chi Minh City is like a ………… of people from different areas While visiting Da Nang, we all the World Heritage Sites nearby The is a kind of circular junction, where traffic flows continuou a central island It is difficult to ……… the raoid Dace of chanae in bia cities of big cities more schools to meet the demand of the increasing numbers is a kind of circular junction, where traffic flows continuously around J^jí£jsầ the rapid pace of change in big cities wtfy area includes the city itself, and the surrounding suburbs or other a central island It is difficult to amazed sold If F (It s one of the olclt St.) |r stj|| p|ayS an important role in the area now.) 5,T V (It made the basket making Industry decline.) r c I They're in South Wost I ngland, 2, More than three thousand acres, He was anwod by the numerous products created by the basket makers Charcoal fot artists, bower seats for gardens, lobster pots, balloon baskets, or willow coffins 5, Yes, it Is There are some famous pottery villages in Viet Nam such as Chu Dau, Bat Trang, and Bau True Bau True is one of the oldest pottery villages in Southeast Asia It is located about ten kilometres from Phan Rang City 4.There, young girls from twelve to fifteen years old begin to learn how to make pottery 5.They know how to make pottery products from pots to small jars Ũ0 PHONETICS Mi: She's still sleeping, (she: weak) Mai: Is she? (she: strong) Chau: You don't seem happy about the new gym being built (You: weak) Duong: i don't? What about you? (I, you: strong) Daughter: Everybody's going to the party What about us, mum? Shall we go, too? (us, we: strong) Mother: I won't But you can go (I, you: strong) Nick: They live in the inner city, but they're homeless (They, they: weak) Phong: Are they? (they: strong) Where they sleep at night? (they: weak) A: Look at those people over there Do ypjj (W) know them (W)? B: I know her (S), but I don't know him (S) A: Who broke that vase? B: You (S) did! A: No i (S) didn't, you (S) did! A: Are you (W) feeling all right? B: \ (S) am, but my dog isn't A: She (S) said she (S) knew the way B: But she's (S) not here now SpfllBULARY & GRAMMAR 6 V E R T Y T AF F c J AM p L L u T Ị|§| N IgB&jgll E G G A R s s u Ms V R c R w D1 NG H E L E s s c AL E Vj L feature roundabout affordable more - more - better set up keep up with melting pot metropolitan pleasant - convenient smallest A lie B A A c E F B A B D c D will turn live got broke give keep went around packed multicultural go find When Laura was a university student in the city, she found it very difficult to live on her grant when prices were going up all the time, so she decided to look for a part time job When she saw an advertisement in the paper for snack bar staff she sat dọỵvo to apply for the job She wasn't sure how best to present herself on paper, so she just put down the details of her education and experience The owner of the bar rang some days later to ask her to come for an interview the following day When she arrived, she was nervous because she felt sure he could see through her claims to have worked as a waitress before, and would turn her down But finally the interview was over, and he shook hands with her and said, ‘See you next week, then!’ going up: increasing put down: write (down) look for: try to find or get see through: realise the truth sat down: gave time and attention turn (her) down: reject READING Built on many islands/has no roads/boats are the main means of transport In California, USA They can visit Piazza San Marco/museums Los Angeles is (Dependent on students' preference.) Suggested answers from producing B A country up better than A c D D crowded running WRITING The last exhibition was not as interesting as this one 2.The teacher says that I'm the noisiest student in the school 3.1 have never read a less interesting/more boring book than this one 4.1 think there is no city in Viet Nam (that is) more ‘liveable’ than VungTau City This city hasn't changed since the 1990s He felt quite depressed by/about the visit to the gallery pp ìIhuiM use a dictionary to look up new words Mw visK UM told my father to give up smoking I'Hf vv'M v‘l Itvmy hds been going up considerably in the past few weeks \Mujv>ioi I hatt her was born and grew up In the town of Grantham, Lincolnshire, England Hu Kistoess is going badly, so he'll have to close it down soon My sUUM, got two teenage children, but they don't seem to get on well with each other DŨ0 is it important for teenagers to learn life skills? Isn't It important for teenagers to learn life skills? / He was frustrated - Was he frustrated? - Yes, he was s - Isn't swimming your favourite sport? Yes, swimming is my favourite sport, but today the water IS too cold for me v' Swimming is my favourite sport He wasn't depressed He was just a bit worried Isn't this painting beautiful? 3.1 Are you going to the supermarket now? I Yes, I am Do you need something? 11 thought he wasn't good at cooking - Oh yes, he is He can cook almost anything - Is it raining? - No, it isn't We can go now surprised depressed delighted happy delighted left-out 1.d € f c a b overcome stress resolve r conflicts take risks b, d, g form healthy habits make informed decisions ask for support a, f c, h Thanh asked me if I had seen her recently She told me she couldn't sleep the night before He said he was on his way They said they wanted to send their son to a university in the UK The teacher asked Ngoc if she had ever tried calling a helpline She told me to tell Emma she missed her very much fYou should visit the company's website,’ he told me 'He didn't come to the meeting,’ they said fDo you want to become a doctor?’ she asked me 'The support service will be set up in December,’ they said *1 sent you the book last week,’ my mother told me *ls it too late to apply for the course?’ he asked 1, Nguyen asked his teacher when to start the computer 2.1 don't really know what to say in my graduation speech Can you help me? They can't decide what to in this situation He wondered whether to tell this to her She was not sure who to contact He didn't know where to find more information about this .A 3.1 4,1 A B (He was accepted to top colleges in the USA.) (He played video games to relax.) 5,1 2.1 (He focused more on compute 4.T 6.T Bill Gates said he didn't think dropping out was a good idea He told his father that he always said he would come back and get his degree normal 4, is shouldn't positively deep 2.'relax’; 'take it easy’ solve things; feel better can Try 'this is not the end of the world doesn't work feedback ahead of time look over format entire review 4, timeline Before the test 1,2,10 When taking the test 3,4,6,7,9 After the test The areas the test will cover, and the format of the test Make an outline of the main ideas, or a timeline of important events Answer the easiest questions first, then the ones with highest point value Look over the work Keep it for review Read the teacher's feedback Learn from the mistakes WRITING B c D I a s didn't, picture she (B) Who, he am they She (A), her Are c A D 6, c 7,c 8.8 give up brought out turned down attractions forbidden Confidence dealt with broke down 10 set off live up ran out paintings 3, embroidery populous/populated 7, historic 10 informed although —► because/slnce/as 3, get on -+ get on with most g| more what —* how B I.Trang D 4, A Long 5, c 3, Nga 10 A go on keep up 4, Unemployment embarrassed i stressful -► stressed 4,Trang been 2, ỉf/whether 3, most/bìggesưgreatest children/offspring example/instance too most Long reason time/opportunity 10 with 1.1 have no Idea when to take that English test 2,The prospect of moving to I new flat on the outskirts of Ha Nol cheered me up Why did you dress up yesterday? 4, We went out for I picnic, although the weather was bad, His parents haven't decided who to consult to deal with their son's problem, HUM PHONETICS -Don tWou see the sign? -Yes, I do, but what does it mean? - It means vou(rnusti?t>walk on the grass I You &orVt)have the key, you? - No, âorytì I'm going to climb through the window I Are you really? - Just kidding I'm using the back door lt(isnjt)locked - I've just come back from Scotland I Wow I Did you visit Edinburgh? - Yes, I and I spent a whole day on the Royal Mile I l(ăo)wish I could visit it one day B VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR to light to act out/acting out passed down 1.d 2.f h pastime entertainment didn't use to be used to dream used to be A B 3.B 1.A A 3.B 4.g A B to transport preserve changed worry Communicating/Communication 5.C a 7.e extended family a family tradition used to lead didn't use to have used to be painted 5.B 5.C 6.B B A 7.C 8.b generations seniority didn't use to be used used to ride A 8.D B 10 D SPEAKING 1.C F The right order: D L D liftlMjiG A B la B A D b A B A A B B le c D 5.E B 7.H F-E~C-G~B~H c c 4.D 5.C D A D A G c D 10 A c Suggested answers 1.1 don't like that I don't think that adults are always right 2.1 love intensive activities I can't imagine a life without them 3.1 wish I could return to that time Most children now spend a lot of time indoors playing gar the computer 4.1 suppose that's because travelling was not as cheap and convenient as it is now It was probably very slow and inconvenient 6.1 don't like the way young people nowadays post all their feelings in public MNM I \ A: What are you looking foi? {for: strong) t>: I'm looking for my new pen/(for: weak) B A; Who you live with? (with: strong) ft: I live with my little brother, (with: weak) 3, A; How can we use the word ‘tmt’? {but: strong) B: We can use It at the beginning of a sentence, or in the middle, but we can't use it at t (but weak) 4, A: Would you like io go to the cinema tonight? {to: weak) B: Yes, rd love ÍQ (to: strong) 5, A: Was this cake made hỵ your mother? (by: weak) B: No, it was made for her, not by her [for, by: strong) Stressed a, achieve, the to, but fond, bananas, oranges of, and order, law, or, and but cheap, bad but Attempts, solution, failed to, a Listening, what, of to need, problem and, to conjunction, but, sentence at, the Unstressed V ® Ỉ>A ỉ* N 4|f 5,D 6,1) 7, A 8, A 9.B 10 í Ki M> 4,11 5, A Ị,former ì structures 3.surrounded 4.ride $ culture 6* destination history 8, archaeological 9, base 10, beauty It Is expected that fflajoi* reforms will be suggested by the report It Is said that th® digital camera was Invented by him 3, It has discovered by scientists that there Is water on Mars It is expected that the professor will be arriving this morning 5, it is considered by many employers that computer skills are more important than work experience was announced were/have been arrested is/was reported H was/had been stolen Is known is said were driven Is widely rumoured are being held are asked/are being asked e SPEAKING 1 1.C 2.F D G J 6.1 7.E A H 10 B 2a best good visiting about b best recommend definitely worth c bother worth Don't wouldn't d 1.know sounds useful heard Rgg II 3.Í 4,c; R 6,1 7,A 8.A tips must 9.B 10.A H 23 IA 4, I I tU'Crtuse It Is overlooked by the majorlry of travellers coming to Viet Nam ' It Is highly recommended to those who want to experience the 'real’, unspoiled side of Viet Nam It Is the sight of Ke Ga Cape's untouched unique cliffs speading out the coast and the sound of the casuarina trees rustling in the breeze 4, Because It Is quick, convenient, and safe 5,They are friendly, warm-hearted, and sincere VI 2.F F 4.T 5.T 6.F 7.T 8.F WRITING We suggest that the number of daily visitors should be limited by the government 2.1 suggest that the deforestation should be controlled 3.1 suggest that the amount of smoke and exhaust fumes should be reduced 4.1 suggest that money should be raised for charity 5.1 suggest that valuable things should be put in places of high-security 00 I PHONETICS 00 Don't move! OoO Go away! 000 Turn it off! OOo I Keep working! Think twice! Straightahead! Put it down! Come closer! Watch out! Don't forget! Try it on! Keep silent! Go ahead! Turn it off! 000 Come here! 00 Finish it! Ooo Try it on! 000 Keep working! OOo Straightahead! OoO Come closer! Ooo B VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR 1 thatched houses uniforms trenches straw hats facilities tiled roofs Suggested answers: There have been dramatic improvements in the school facilities in the last three years 2.The number of children going to school this year has slightly increased 3.The number of nuclear families in the countryside has risen gradually 4.There has been a considerable reduction in the number of poor families in the countryside There has been a significant increase in the number of students attending university in Viet Nam, in recent years In spite of slower changes to the pace of life in the countryside compared to the city, the changes seem significant Suggested answers: Ways for pedestrians: underpass, elevated walkway, sidewalk, pavement, footpath Ways for trams or trains: railway, railroad, underground, tube, overground railroad, skytrain Ways for motorbikes or ears: road, highway, flyover, tunnel nuclear disobedient privacy tolerant annoying patient cooperation Suggested answers: It was unprofessional of her not to prepare for the presentation She was confident that she would win first prize Our teacher was relieved to hear that all of his students had made progress 4.1 was surprised to learn that he is the only child in his family 5.They are fully aware that physical education is an important school subject 6.The mother was happy to know that her daughter had enjoyed the party to her => of her that develop => to develop be closely monitored => are closely monitored § that considered => to be considered that find => to find to the => that the Suggested answers: Motorists are happy that they are driving on the new flyover It was courageous of him to jump down to rescue the boy 3.They were delighted that the traffic system has been improved considerably We are glad to have much better working conditions The residents were annoyed that a new railway track was being built through the village 6.1 will certainly tell you if I need help with my homework SPEAKING B K So has the school system in your country changed a lot recently? - I think there are considerable changes, the most obvious being the number of betterequipped schools - How much better are they? - Classrooms with tiled roofs are no longer only seen in big cities, and each classroom has a good blackboard, much better tables, and proper school desks In many schools, they even have air conditioning Many more schools also have good libraries and laboratories - What about the quality of the teachers? - In general, they are better-qualified Moreover, they can enjoy more on-the-job training - That sounds great! Are there any other changes you find significant? - The school curriculum, for example More emphasis is put on developing students' skills, rather than just academic knowledge - Can you give me an example of that? I Sure Now they pay more attention to physical education, arts, and music Students also have the chance to work in groups on assigned projects III! - Wow.That is an amazing change! 1 B A 3.C A B D A c 2a indicated junctions b 1.F 2.1 F D A c significantly tips proposed interconnected 4.T 5.T ■ 6.T 7.1 4.D c c WRITING Suggested answers: It would be beneficial to build a skytrain system in the city There are many advantages of investing more in education There has been a sharp increase in the number of well-equipped schools 4.There have been gradual upgrades to the traffic system in the country in the last decade There has been a significant improvement in the quality of life of people in the countryside Recently investment in school facilities has risen considerably TEST YOURSELF I 1.E H A J Who, take, after mustn't, smoke, here finished, essay, haven't 10 Watch, out, boy 2.B D c G B 7.1 take, quality didn't, email Put, that, down F D 10 c the, man, talk, to do, hope, enjoy Remember, to, wash, it B A 7.C 8.B 9.C 10.A 1-A 2D A B 5.A D c 8.D A 10.C were extended used took leaves throughout her stories responsible 10 memory 1,T 2.T 3.1 4.1 5.T m 2.1 B c A It was established in 1908 It is a very nice, spacious school with great views of the lake from the class windows He was a famous Vietnamese Confucianism teacher during the Tran Dynasty Because it is one of the top schools in Ha Noi Moreover, many famous people like exPrime Minister Pham Van Dong, Doctor Ton That Tung, or poet Xuan Dieu used to be the school's students 5.1 think it is because he used to be a famous and dedicated teacher The right order: CAHFDGEIJB 1.1 wouldn't use the village's land to build new roads It is worth visiting the historical places of the area What about visiting Trang An, a natural wonder of our area? The sleepy villages are supposed to mushroom into crowded towns within two years It is necessary to educate children to preserve traditional values
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