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Ngày đăng: 12/05/2022, 10:23

TR I H C QU C GIA TP HCM NG I H C BÁCH KHOA VÕ ÌNH THÁI NGHIÊN C U NG L C H C VÀ PHÁT TRI N C C UK PM M Chuyên ngành: K Thu t C Khí Mã s : 8520103 LU N V N TH C S TP H CHÍ MINH, tháng n m 2022 c hoàn thành t i: i H c Bách Khoa- Cán b ng d n khoa h c: PGS TS Ph m Huy Hoàng Cán b ng d n khoa h c: -HCM Cán b ch m nh n xét 1: TS Ph m Minh Tu n Cán b ch m nh n xét 2: TS Nguy n H u Th Lu cb ov t iH Thành ph n H i m: PGS TS Bùi Tr ng Hi u Ch t ch TS Ph m Quang Trung TS Ph m Minh Tu n Ph n bi n TS Nguy n H u Th Ph n bi n TS Lê Ng c Bích y viên Xác nh n c a Ch T ch H ngành sau lu CH T CH H c ch nh s a (n u có) NG ng khoa qu n lý chuyên - - MSHV: 2070618 11/07/1998 TP.HCM Chuyên ngành: : 8520103 I (Dynamics Study And Development Design Soft Gripper Use In Food Industry) II - III : 6/9/2021 IV : 12/12/2021 V : - : : 022 L Th y PGS.TS Ph m Huy Hồng Cơ tr , ch b o tơi su t th i gian th c hi n lu Quý Th B n ih t tình truy n th gi ng c Thi n Lê Bá Du n cho lu Ba, m tr ng h tinh th n cho Anh Phan Chu T n t p th b n h c ng h su t th i gian nghiên c n hồn thi n lu i TĨM T T mm; 80 mm, 69 85×20×18mm ii ABSTRACT In the food industry, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, high-cost automation lines and complex robotic systems are difficult to apply as simple and lowcost systems In addition, for food safety reasons, pneumatic drive systems are more suitable Therefore, I designed a set of soft grippers consisting of four soft fingers The soft gripper integrates two types of structure, which are perpendicular to pick up roundshaped foods and parallel shapes to pick up rectangular-shaped foods At the same time, it is possible to change two levels of the soft mechanism which are 60 mm; 80 mm perpendicular, and 34 mm, 69 mm parallel Soft fingers made by die casting method with the material is Platinum Silicone being commercialized in Vietnam The mold is made using 3D Printing technology Each soft finger is designed in the form of PneuNet (Pneumatic Network) which is a network of 12 chambers in series with an overall soft finger size of 85 × 20 × 18 mm (L × W × H) Finite element simulation to check the design response of soft structures Building a dynamic mathematical model of the soft finger Experimental tests assess the bending motion, the force of each soft finger, and the ability to grasp different foods iii L I CAM K2020 iv M CL C i ii ABSTRACT iii iv vii x 1.1 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.2 11 3.1 3.2 Thi 18 20 4.1 20 4.2 31 35 5.1 35 5.2 38 11 40 6.1 40 6.2 44 46 v 7.1 46 7.2 48 7.2.1 48 7.2.2 53 7.2.3 57 7.2.4 58 63 8.1 63 8.2 63 64 65 69 vi DANH M C HÌNH NH -khí [9] 11 12 13 - -B 16 17 17 18 19 19 21 25 25 vii (Kpa) trung bình 10 3 2.5 20 6 5.5 30 10 13 11 11 11.25 40 15 17 16 16 16 50 21 23 21 22 21.75 60 27 27 27 28 27.25 70 32 31 34 35 33 80 38 39 40 39 39 90 50 50 49 48 49.25 a b 55 c d e Hình 7.8 n 56 7.2.3 Th ng c u Hình 7.9 T t tr Trên Hình 7.9 G ên Hình 7.9 L , d ng 57 xu t s 7.2.4 Thí nghi m g p v t Hình 7.10 nâng 7.11 58 10 STT Bánh sơ la [A] 39 R58x54 55 70×56×30 46 R58x60 Trái quýt [D] 118 R60 Trái cà chua [E] 134 R55 50 R38×H50 64 R45xH22 Bánh Pía [F] 11 0,3 bar 0,4 bar [B] × × [C] × [D] × 0,5 bar [A] × 59 0,6 bar 0,7 bar 0,8 bar [E] × [F] × [G] × × × × Hình 7.11 60 song song 12 STT [g] 95 56 152 Bánh mì [D] 72 13 0,3 bar 0,4 bar 0,5 bar [A] × × × [B] × × [C] × × [D] × × × 61 0,6 bar × 0,7 bar 0,8 bar Hình 7.12 62 K T LU N 8.1 K t qu c i 8.2 ng phát tri tài kích th 63 DANH M C CÁC CƠNG TRÌNH KHOA H C Thien Do Phuoc, Thai Vo Dinh and Phuong Le Hoai, A Soft Pneumatic Robotic Glove For Hand Rehabilitation After Stroke, 20th International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR), 2021 64 TÀI LI U THAM KH O [1] P Polygerinos, K C Galloway, E Savage, M Herman, Robotic Glove for Hand Rehabilitation and Task Specific Training," Proc - IEEE Int Conf Robot Autom, vol 2015-June, no June, pp 2913 2919, 2015 [2] "softroboticsinc," 12 2021 [Online] Available: https://www.softroboticsinc.com/products/mgrip-modular-gripping-solution-forfood-automation/ [3] R F Shepherd, F Ilievski, W Choi, S A Morin, A A Stokes, A D Mazzeo, and X Chen, "Multigait soft robot," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol 108, no 51, pp 20400-20403, 2011 [4] R Deimel and O Brock, "A novel type of compliant, underactuated robotic hand for dexterous," Proc Robotics: Science and Systems, vol 35, no 1-3, pp 161-185, 2014 [5] A H Morin, "Elastic diaphragm," US Patent 2642091A, 1947 [6] S Seok, C D Onal, R Wood, D Rus, and S Kim, "Peristaltic locomotion with antagonistic actuators in soft robotics," International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).IEEE, New York, pp 1228 1233, 2010 [7] W McMahan, V Chitrakaraz, M Csencsits, D Dawson, I D Walker, B A Jones, M Pritts, D Dienno, M Grissom, and C D Rahn, "Field trials and testing of the octarm continuum manipulator," Proceedings 2006 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation ICRA 2006, pp 2336 2341, 2006 [8] C D Onal, X Chen, G M Whitesides, and D Rus, "Soft mobile robots with on board chemical pressure generation," International Symposium on Robotics Research (ISRR), vol 100, pp 525-540, 2011 [9] P Polygerinos, K Galloway, Z Wang, F Connolly, J T B Overvelde and H Young, "softroboticstoolkit," 12 2021 [Online] Available: https://softroboticstoolkit.com/book/fiber-reinforced-bending-actuators [10] F Daerden and D Lefeber, "Pneumatic artificial muscles: actuators for robotics and automation," Eur J Mech Eng, vol.12, no.3, pp 10 21, 1996 65 [11] R Niiyama, D Rus, and S Kim, "Pouch motors: Printable/Inflatable soft actuators for robotics," IEEE Int Conf Robot Autom, pp 6332 6337, 2014 [12] P Polygerinos, Z Wang, K C Galloway, and R J Wood, "Soft robotic glove for combined assistance and at-home rehabilitation," Robotics and Autonomous Systems, vol 73, pp 135 143, 2015 [13] K Suzumori, S Iikura, and H Tanaka, "Flexible microactuator for miniature robots," IEEE MEMS, pp 204 209, 1991 [14] M Zhu, Z Wang, S Hirai, and S Kawamura, "Design and fabrication of a softbodied gripper with integrated curvature sensors," 24th International Conference on Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice, pp 2405-2410, 2017 [15] D Yang, M.S Verma, J.-H So, B Mosadegh, C Keplinger, B Lee, F Khashai, E Lossner, Z Suo, and G.M Whitesides, ''Buckling pneumatic linear actuators inspired by muscle'', Adv Mater Technol, vol 1, no 3, pp 1600055, 2016 [16] H F Schulte, D F Adamski, and J R Pearson, "Characteristics of the braided fluid actuator, University of Michigan, pp.105-120, 1961 [17] T Takagi and Y Sakaguchi, "Pneumatic actuator for manipulator," US4615260A, October 7,1986 [18] Y Elsayed, A Vincensi, C Lekakou, T Geng, C M Saaj, T Ranzani, M Cianchetti, and A Menciassi, "Finite element analysis and design optimization of a pneumatically actuating silicone module for robotic surgery applications," Soft Robotics, vol 1, no 4, pp 255 262, 2014 [19] S Hirai, P Cusin, H Tanigawa, T Masui, S Konishi, and S Kawamura, "Qualitative synthesis of deformable cylindrical actuators through constraint topology," Proc IEEE/RSJ Int Conf Intell Robot Syst, vol 1, pp 197 202, 2000 [20] S Hirai, T Masui, and S Kawamura, "Prototyping pneumatic group actuators composed of multiple single-motion elastic tubes," Proc IEEE Int Conf Robot Autom, pp 3807 3812, 2001 [21] J Bishop, J Moser, G Krishnan, C Kim, and S Kota, "Design of Soft Robotic Actuators using Fluid-filled Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Enclosures in Parallel Combinations," 2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pp 4264-4269, 2012 66 [22] F Ilievski, A D Mazzeo, R F Shepherd, X Chen, and G M Whitesides, "Soft robotics for chemists," Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, vol 50, no 8, pp 1890 1895, 2011 [23] B Mosadegh, P Polygerinos, C Keplinger, S Wennstedt, R F Shepherd, U Gupta, J Shim, K Bertoldi, C J Walsh, and G M Whitesides, "Pneumatic networks for soft robotics that actuate rapidly," Adv Funct Mater, vol 24, no 15, pp 2163 2170, 2014 [24] S Wakimoto, K Suzumori, and K Ogura, "Miniature pneumatic curling rubber actuator generating bidirectional motion with one air-supply tube," Advanced Robotics, vol 25, pp 1311 1330, 2011 [25] Z Wang, K Or, and S Hirai, "A dual-mode soft gripper for food packaging," Robotics and Autonomous Systems, vol 125, 2020 [26] Y Sun, Q Zhang, X Chen and H Chen, "An Optimum Design Method of PneuNet Actuators for Trajectory Matching Utilizing a Bending Model and GA," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol 2019, 2019 [27] P Wu, W Jiangbei, and F Yanqiong, "The Structure, Design, and Closed-Loop Motion Control of a Differential Drive Soft Robot," Soft Robotics, vol 5, no 1, pp 71-80, 2017 [28] Y OH, "Some forms of the strain energy function for rubber," Rubber Chem Technol, vol 66, pp 754 771, 1993 [29] Z Wang and S Hirai, "Chamber dimension optimization of a bellow-type soft actuator for food material handling," in: Proceedings of the First IEEERAS International Conference on Soft Robotics, pp 382 387, 2018 [30] J Low ''Customizable Soft Pneumatic Gripper Devices,'' M.A thesis, National University of Singapore, 2015 [31] Z Wang, K Or, and S Hirai, "A dual-mode soft gripper for food packaging," Robotics and Autonomous Systems, vol 125, 2020 [32] P Polygerinos et al., "Modeling of soft fiber-reinforced ending actuators," IEEE Trans Robot, vol 31, no 3, pp 778-789, 2015 67 [33] P Moseley, J M Florez, H A Sonar, G Agarwal, W Curtin, and J Paik, "Modeling, design, and development of soft pneumatic actuators with finite element method," Adv Eng Mater, vol 18, no 6, pp 978 988, 2016 [34] R Deimel and O Brock, "A novel type of compliant and underactuated robotic hand for dexterous grasping," The International Journal of Robotics Research, vol 35, no 1-3, pp 161 185, 2016 [35] H Zhao, J Jalving, R Huang, R Knepper, A Ruina, and R Shepherd, "A helping hand: Soft orthosis with integrated optical strain sensors andemg control," IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, vol 23, no 3, pp 55-64, 2016 [36] Haravan, "truongthinhsaigon," 12 2021 [Online] Available: https://www.truongthinhsaigon.com/products/silicone-trong-cao-cap-1kg 68 LÝ L CH TRÍCH NGANG - H - Gi i tính: Nam - a ch liên l c: 343A/19 Phan Xích Long, P 1, Qu n Phú Nhu n, Tp.HCM n tho i: 0792.399.994 Email: dinhthai1998@gmail.com TP.HCM Chuyên TP.HCM 69 ... Bá Du n cho lu Ba, m tr ng h tinh th n cho Anh Phan Chu T n t p th b n h c ng h su t th i gian nghiên c n hồn thi n lu i TĨM T T mm; 80 mm, 69 85×20×18mm ii ABSTRACT In the food industry, particularly... Hình 4.3 25 Có Engineering Data: nh p thông s v t li u Geometry: thi t l p mơ hình, nh p mơ hình vào mơi Model: hi u ch nh thông s Setup: thông s t l c Solution: gi i thu t Result: xu t k t qu
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