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Ngày đăng: 14/10/2021, 18:59

Sáng chủ nhật hôm ấy, trong lúc tôi đang học thì em trai tôi chơi điện tử3. Anh ta đang ăn sang thì cô ấy gọi điện 5.[r] (1)PAST TENCES I Past simple or past perfect: When I (come)… there, they (leave)… When I (get up)… this morning, my father (leave)… After the children (finish)… their homework, they (go)… to bed I (do)… it before he (come)… I (meet)… them after they (divorce)… each other If I (not buy)… this dress, I (have)… money They (come) …………… back home after they (finish) ………………… their work She said that she ( meet) …………… Mr Bean before Before he (go) ………………… to bed, he (read) ………………………… a novel 10 He told me he (not/wear) ………………………… such kind of clothes before 11 When I came to the stadium, the match (start) ………… 12 Before she (listen) ……… to music, she (do)………… homework 13 Last night, Peter (go) ………… to the supermarket before he (go) …………… home II Rewrite the sentences beginning given words: David had gone home before we arrived - After We had lunch then we took a look around the shops.- Before we The light had gone out before we got out of the office - When we After she had explained everything clearly, we started our work.- By the time we started My father had watered all the plants in the garden by the time my mother came home - Before my mother came home, Lan said:”I was chosen as a beauty queen two years before”. > Lan said she… III Combine two sentences: Ann wasn’t at home when I phoned She was in London >Ann … I came there They had left >When… >Before… >After… >Before the time… IV Translate in to Vietnamese: Cô đã mua cái xe trước năm 1995 phải không? Bạn đã làm xong nó trước anh đến phải không? Sáng chủ nhật hôm ấy, lúc tôi học thì em trai tôi chơi điện tử Anh ta ăn sang thì cô gọi điện Tối hôm qua, tôi lướt web thì điện V Choose the best answer: I saw/ was seeing the accident when I was waiting for the taxi What were you doing/ did you when I phoned? They didn't visit/ weren't visiting their friends last summer holiday It rained/ was raining heavily last July While people were talking to each other, he read/ was reading his book Chris was eating/ ate pizza every weekend last month While we were running/ run in the park, Mary fell over Did you find/ Were you finding your keys yesterday? Who was she dancing/ did she dance with at the party last night? 10 They were watching/ watched football on TV all day VI Change the verbs in brackets into the simple past or past continuous They (study) _ in the library when the fire alarm (go) _ off When I (see) _ him He (wear) _boots Charles (start) to build the house last week At that time my wife (cook) (2) It (snow) _ when I (get) up this morning Albert Einstein (die) in 1955 I (make) _ a cake when the light (go) out I (have) to finish it in the dark He always (wear) _ a raincoat and (carry) an umbrella when he walked to the office I (share) _ a flat with him when we (be) students He always (complain) _ about my untidiness 10 Tom (go) to the office twice yesterday 11 At the end of the week she (phone) me that she (return) 12 He was busy packing, for he (leave) _ that night 13 Yesterday we (listen) _ to an interesting play on radio while our mother (prepare) dinner 14 Professor John (teach) English at Harvard for almost 50 years 15 The wind (blow) _ very hard when I (go) out this morning 16 I-Choose the best answer among A, B, C, or D When I last saw him, he _ in London A has lived B is living C was living D has been living We _ Dorothy since last Saturday A don’t see B haven’t seen C didn’t see D hadn’t seen The train half an hour ago A has been leaving B left C has left D had left Jack the door A has just painted B paint C will have painted D painting My sister for you since yesterday A is looking B was looking C has been looking D looked I Texas State University now A am attending B attend C was attending D attended He has been selling motorbikes A ten years ago B since ten years C for ten years ago D for ten years Christopher Columbus _ American more than 500 years ago A discovered B has discovered C had discovered D had been discovering He fell down when he towards the church A run B runs C was running D had run 10 We _ there when our father died A still lived B lived still C was still lived D were still living 11 They table tennis when their father comes back home A will play B will be playing C play D would play 12 By Christmas, I _ for Mr Smith for six years A shall have been working B shall work C have been working D shall be working 13 I _ in the room right now A am being B was being C have been being D am 14 I to New York three times this year A have been B was C were D had been 15 I’ll come and see you before I _ for the States A leave B will leave C have left D shall leave 16 The little girl asked what _ to her friend A has happened B happened C had happened D would have been happened 17 John a book when I saw him A is reading B read C was reading D reading 18 He said he _ return later A will B would C can D would be 19 I have been waiting for you A since early morning B since 9a.m C for two hours D All are correct 20 Almost everyone _ for home by the time we arrived A leave B left C leaves D had left (3) (4)
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