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I wish I had studied French last year Peter, whose father is a policeman, is my close friend Jean invited me to come to her party the next day.. Michael congratulated Mary on winning/ ha[r] (1)PRACTICE : - "Would you like to join our volunteer group this summer?" - " " A Do you think I would? B I wouldn't Thank you C Yes, you're a good friend D Yes, I'd love to Thanks 2: - "Wow! What a nice coat you are wearing!" - " " A Certainly Do you like it, too? B I like you to say that C Yes, of course It's expensive D Thanks My mother bought it for me 3: - "Which hat you like better?" - " " A Yes, I like it best B The one I tried on first C Which one you like? D No, I haven't tried any 4: Judy: “Don’t fail to send your parents my regards.” -Jenny: “ _” A You’re welcome B Good idea, thanks C Thanks, I will D It’s my pleasure 5.- “You really have a beautiful blouse, Mary I have never seen such a perfect thing on you” - “ ” A Good idea Thanks for the news B Thanks, Tom That’s a nice compliment C Well, that's very surprising! D Yes, it's our pleasure A: “Can I smoke in here?” - B: “I’d rather you _.” A don’t B didn’t C won’t D can’t Peter’s got so _ to opera that it has become a constant companion of his life A used to listening B used to listen C used in listening D use to listen 8.This knife is very blunt It needs _ A sharpeningly B sharpen C sharpening D sharply Not until the end of the 19th century _ become a scientific discipline A plant breeding has B did plant breeding C plant breeding had D has plant breeding 10 Another satellite, Vina-sat2, up into space by Viet Nam recently A has been sent B has sent C sent D was sent 11: Little Jimmy is very much keen manga and story books A for B on C at D in 12: Because of his reaction, the problem became than we had thought A a lot more complicated B so much complicated C much less far complicated D more a bit complicated 13 As humans keep cutting down forests, more and more wild animals are _ threat _ n extinction A at - of B on - with C under - of D in - with 14.He always did well at school _ having his early education disrupted by illness A on account of B in spite of C in addition to D even though 15 the fifth largest among the nine planets that make up our solar system is not surprising to me A The Earth being B The Earth is C That the Earth is D Being the Earth 16: , women are responsible for the chores in the house and taking care of the children A With tradition B On tradition C Traditional D Traditionally (2) 17.What chemical is this? It is a horrible smell A giving down B giving off C giving up D giving out 18 Would you mind me a favour and posting this letter for me? A making B doing C getting D giving 19 Only when he arrived at the airport that he had left his passport home A did he realize B he realized C had he realized D he was realized 20 The lecturer explained the problem very clearly and is always _ in response to questions A attention B attentively C attentive D attentiveness 21 The girl _ is my new neighbor A talks to the lady over there B is talking to the lady over there C talking to the lady over there D was talking to the lady over there 22 If you want to join the History Society, you must first this application form A fill in B write down C up D make up 23 You will spend at least one year working abroad you can find out how things operate overseas A as long as B so as to C because D so that 24 He me to buy my air ticket immediately or it would be too late A suggested B convinced C insisted D advised 25 "My daughter, Mary, tries to to see me at least one c a week" Mrs Jones told the social worker A call up B drop in C go up D come on 26 As soon as the fire bell rang everyone walked quickly downstairs and out of the building, gathered in the car park A then B while C to D before 27 The noise of the traffic prevented me from to sleep A going B falling C beginning D starting 28 drives so quickly that I am afraid that one day he will someone crossing the street A knock down B crash down C turn over D run across 29.Because it rained very heavily all day they had to the garden party until the following Sunday A prearrange B rearrange C postpone D preserve 30 He retired early ill health A in front of B ahead of C on account of D on behalf of 31 It is imperative towards a solution to global warming before the weather patterns of the world are disrupted irreparably A the world would work B that the world worked C that the world work D the world to work 32 There’s somebody walking behind us I think we are A followed B being followed C following D being following 33 : Luisa does a full-time job and A looks after also the house C look after the house too B look after the house either D also look after the house 34 I am going to _ my dress dry- cleaned A make B send C get 35 Although the exam was difficult, _ the students passed it D take (3) A most of B none of C a few D a lot 36 It was not until she had arrived home remembered her appointment with the doctor A that she B and she C she D when she had 37 They would go by air than travel by train A always B better C prefer D rather 38." _ anyone ring while I’m away, please take a message." A Will B May C Should D Would 39: The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer A speed B expect more C better D treat better 40: I would really your help with this assignment A respect B take C appreciate D thank 41 It me only five minutes to get to school A cost B took C brought D spent 42 The boy made his father him a new bag A buy B to buy C buying D buys 43 Don’t worry He’ll the job as _ as possible A economizing B economic C uneconomically D economically 44 As all of us cannot be available today, let's put off the discussion till later A present for the event B scheduled for the event C arranged for the event D appointed for the event 45 _ that the company has shown rapid growth in the last two ears A It is reported B They are reported C The report was D It was reported II Rewrite the sentence to have the same meaning with the first one No body in my class is more intelligent than Mark > Mark…………………………………………………………………………………………… But for your help, I couldn’t have finished my project > Had…………………………………………………………………………………………… The children will go swimming if it is sunny  Unless 4.I’m sorry that I didn’t study French last year  I wish Peter is my close friend His father is a policeman - Peter, whose……………………………………………………………… “Would you like to come to my party tomorrow?” Jean invited me - Jean……………………………………………………………………… “I hear you won the first prize in the singing contest at school Congratulations!” Michael said to Mary  Michael Immediately after his arrival, things went wrong - No sooner………………… The football match was put off because of the bad weather > Because _ - (4) Key Mark is the most intelligent (student) in my class Had you not helped me, I couldn’t have finished my project I wish I had studied French last year Peter, whose father is a policeman, is my close friend Jean invited me to come to her party the next day Michael congratulated Mary on winning/ having won the first prize in the singing contest at school No sooner had he arrived than things went wrong Because the weather was bad, the football match was put off Nhận dạy kèm tiếng anh hè HCM, cấp hai trở lên! 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