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Tài liệu dạy thêm Tenses Ex: 1. My father (plant) some fruit trees in the garden now 2. What your father (do) in the evening? - He usually (watch) TV but sometimes he (read) book. 3. Hoa's brother (be) an engineer, but now he (not work) at the moment. 4. We (not go) to the zoo very often. 5. Lan and Phong (be) in the kitchen. They (cook) dinner. 6. What about (play) soccer this afternoon? 7. My sister (be) in the garden. She (water) the flowers. 8. Be quiet! I (study) 9. Look! The plane (fly) toward the airport. It (land). 10. What you (feel) now? - I (feel) hot. 11. We'll go out when the rain (stop) 12. I (stay) here until he (answer) me 13. Wait until I (watch) you. 14. I (send) you some postcards as soon as I (arrive) in London. 15. Listen! Birds (sing). 16. She (not come) until you (be) ready. 17. Bears (like) honey. 18. What you (do) now? - We (play) soccer. 19. Mr. Thanh (teach) me English. 20. Where your mother (be)? - She (be) in the bathroom. May be, she (have) a bath. 21. My father (jog) every morning. 22. Look! The bus (come). It (stop) here. 23. The birds (build) their nests when the spring (come) 24. We (visit) Huong pagoda next week. 25. She (have) a meeting tonight. 26. Mai (brush) her teeth after meals. 27. He (have) a lot of friends soon. 28. They (live) with her grand mother in HN now. 29. She (be) 12 on her next birthday. 10. Poor him! He (not have) any money in his pockets. 30. Mr Thanh (be) a doctor. He (work) in a hospital in the city center. Everyday he (catch) the bus to work. 31 What your father (do) now? - He (plant) trees in the garden. 32. We (not go) camping next week. We (visit) the museum. 33. Miss. Lien is a journalist. She (write) for Lao Dong newspaper. She (not write) for Nhan Dan newspaper. 34. I like (join) your English club. 35. We often (play) tennis in the afternoon. 36. Long (watch) TV an hour everyday Trang 1 Tài liệu dạy thêm 37. He (take) part in the march on May Day at present. 38. My sister (listen) to music in her free time. 39. What your mother often (do) in the evening? - She often (play) card but today she (make) cake in the kitchen. 40. Hoa's husband (be) an engineer, but he (not work) at the moment. 41. Trang usually (look) out of the window while the teacher (teach) 42. Where is your father? - He (be) in the bathroom. He (brush) his teeth. 43. Be careful! That bike (break) 44. Lan likes (play) games on computer. 45. He ia tall enough (play) basketball. 46. When I was a child, I used to (study) hard 47. I (live) here since last week 48. They (know) each other for 2 years 49. My sister love (read) in her free time. 50. My sister is old enough (drive) a car. 51. My father used to (smoke) a lot two years ago. 52 We (not see) her since yesterday. 53. Nam (learn) English for two years 54. We like (watch) TV after school. 55. I'm very busy at the moment. I (decorate) the sitting room. 56. I always (buy) lottery but I never (win) anything. 57. I (get) it in a car accident two days ago. 58. She (teach) English at ML school for 8 years. 59. I never (forget) what you (just tell) me 60. Long (work) at U so far. 61. My teacher wasn't at home when we (arrive). He (just go) out. 62. My father (not smoke) for 5 years. 63. People (speak) E all over the world. 64. Where are you, Nam? - I'm upstairs. I (have) a bath. 65. Some one (cut) down all the trees in the garden. 66. Listen! The birds (sing) 67. Mr. Nam (buy) that motorbike since last September. 68. Manh (watch) a film on TV at 8 last night. 69. Some animals (not eat) during winter. 70. Be quiet! The teacher (be) angry. 71. The birds (build) their nests when Spring (come) 72. My parents (give) me a new bike on my next birthday. 73. Why didn't you listen while I (speak) to you? 74. Up to now, the teacher (give) us 5 tests. Trang 2 Tài liệu dạy thêm 75. We (be) in grade 8 this year. 76. Hoa and Lan (buy) some books yesterday. 77.Our friends (watch) .a game on TV at the moment. 78. Ba’s teacher (give) .him a lot of homework last week. 79.Our class (go) to the zoo next week. 80. Their grandmother (tell) them a lot of stories last year. 81. Look! Lan (wear) .a new dress. 82.They enjoy (watch) .TV. 83. Hoa’s mother (go) shopping everyday. 84. We(visit) our grandparents this weekend. 85. I (receive) .a letter yesterday. 86. Listen! The birds (sing) beautifully. 87. We (live) .in a big city. 88. She (have) breakfast at 7 a.m every morning. 89. They (learn) something about Geography. 90. Lan (help) her mother with the houseworks. 91. My sister(listen) .to music at the moment. 92. The children often (play) pingpong after school. 93. Lan (spend) .most of her time with Lien, her best friend. 94. Tam (watch) .TV every night. 95 you . (do) the homework yet? 96. It is very exciting .(see) that film. 97. Lan (see) this film three times. 98. We (wait) you since two o’clock. 99. My brother is good at .(fix) things. 100. May I .(go) out now , Mom? 101.We (not go) to the cinema last week. 102 Mrs. Loan (teach) .us Math two years ago. 103 Last Sunday, Daisy (iron) all her clothes. 104.She (do) .her homework recently. 105.I want (come) with my mother. 106.The doctor advised me(not smoke) .cigarettes. 107. The boys stopped (play) football because of the rain. 108. Students have (wear) uniform when they go to school. 109. Mai’s mother told Mai (correct) .the mistakes in her dictation. 110. Would you like (listen) to some music? 111.Yesterday, Ba ( go) .to Danang by car. 112.Nam enjoys ( play) soccer after school. 113.Lan asked me (go) .to the supermarket. 114.Mai is (buy) .a new bicycle next week. 115.I think you should (do) .the morning exercise. 116.They used (go) to work by train. Trang 3 Tài liệu dạy thêm 117.Don’t let children (play) .alone. You ought to (do) the homework yourself. 118. My father stopped (smoke) 119.Mai has enough money (buy) a new bicycle. 120. Hoa often (do) .the homework after school. 121. Look! A baby (cross) .the road. 122. I need (buy) some notebook. 123. My teacher said I should (spend) .more time on my English. 124. Mr Hung told me (tell) him the truth. 125. Nga likes ( play) badminton. 126. They asked their children ( stay) at home. 127. Nam must (do) the homework himself. 128. My mother ( buy) a house last week. 129. I’d like (buy) .some eggs. 130. Everyone( enjoy)…………………… the play last night. 131. English and French (teach)………………………… in our school. 132. The accident (happen)………………….right here yesterday. 133. Miss Hien (teach)…………………….in our school since 1995. 134. The food (prepare)…………………….early tomorrow. 135. Hung (bring) ………………… milk to us everyday. 136. His new novel (publish)…………………………next month. 137. English ( speak)…………………………in many countries. 138. My father (just/fix)…………………… the electric cooker. 139. I enjoy (play) ……………………soccer after school. 140. I ( lose ) my pen. I can’t find it everywhere. 141 .We ( see ) .a road accident near the shopping center this morning. 142. Nam ( buy ) .a new dictionary yesterday. 143. His hair is very short . He ( have ) a haircut. 144. Last night my father ( arrive ) home late .He ( have ) a bath and then (go) . to bed. 145. My bicycle isn’t here anymore .Somebody (take) .it. 146. When .you( start ) school ? - When I was six. 147. I (not / eat) anything yesterday because I(not/ feel) hungry. 147. The glasses look very clean . .you ( wash ) them ? 149. Why Long ( not / want ) .to play soccer last Sunday ? 150. I don’t know Hung ‘s sister . I ( never /meet ) .her. 151.The sun always ( rise)………… in the East?. Look, it………… (rise). 152. She doesn’t think She ( go ) …………….out tonight. She is too tired. 153. Where you (spend) ……… your summer holiday last year , Tam ? 154. In my country , It ( not / rain )much in the winter. 155. Let ‘ s wait for Lien ( arrive ) .and we ( have ) dinner. Trang 4 Tài liệu dạy thêm 156. The moon ( move ) around the earth. 157. Mai ( be ) happy when she ( receive ) a letter from her sister this morning . 158. Would you like ( join ) my class next Sunday ? We ( visit) the local museum. 159. A friend of mine ( call) me last night .,but I ( not / be ) at home .So my brother ( take ) a message. 160. Are you busy this evening ? Yes . I (meet ) Tuan at the library at seven .We ( study ) together. 161. Mai ( telephone ) you when she comes back . 162. The boys like ( play ) games but hate ( do ) lessons. 168. Please stop ( talk) .I ( try ) .(finish ) a letter to the Y & Y Green group. 169. The doctor advised him ( give up ) ( smoke ) 170. By (work) day and night he succeeded in (finish ) .the job in time. 171. He (cut) my hair too short.- Don’t worry , it (grow) . again quickly . 172. I (not/ go ) out this evening. I ( stay ) at home. 173. The film (begin ) . at 7 . 30 or 8. 00 ? 174. You (be) away ?. Yes I (go) .to the country last Sunday. 175. They just (phone) . to stay that they ( not/come ) back till Friday night . 176. My uncle ( not /visit ) us since he (move ) to the new town. 177. You should practice ( speak) English yesterday. 178. It (get) hotter and hotter in June 179. The movie (start) .at 8.15 this evening. 180. We already ( finish) the first semester. 181 .you . (do) the homework yet? 182. It is very exciting .(see) that film. 183. Lan (see) this film three times. 184. We (wait) you since two o’clock. 185 . My brother is good at .(fix) things. 186. May I .(go) out now , Mom? 187.We (not go) to the cinema last week. 188. Mrs. Loan (teach) .us Math two years ago. 189.Last Sunday, Daisy (iron) all her clothes. 190. She (do) .her homework recently. 191. I want (come) with my mother. 192. The doctor advised me(not smoke) .cigarettes. 193. The boys stopped (play) football because of the rain. 194. Students have (wear) uniform when they go to school. 195. Mai’s mother told Mai (correct) .the mistakes in her dictation. 196. This bike ( use ) for six months. 197. I ( watch) . T V when the phone (ring) 198. Would you like ( take) a photo? 199. It is interesting ( study) English. Trang 5 Tài liệu dạy thêm 200. Tom used ( like) .riding the bike when he ( be) a child. He (not drink) .(some) . wine last year. He often (go) out at night although he (use) to stay home and (watch) TV at night. He (tell) about (he) last night to us. There (be) .a TV set at his house 3 years ago. He (be) going ( buy) a new . next month. 201. Mrs. Ha (like) playing volleyball when she (be) young. She prefers (look) .children playing volleyball together. 202. She never (allow) her students (go) out. She (use) . think that children (ought) get up early in the morning and (go) . to bed early . the evening . 203. The disease (spread) .fast now. Marconi (invent) .the radio. The students must (be) back by 5.30 p.m Nam (like) . basketball. I hope (visit) .you in Hanoi soon. Why (be) . Lan absent from school yesterday? I’d like (buy) .a new dictionary. Nga (receive) .a letter two days ago. Yesterday, Mai(go) . to the supermarket. Nam would like (tell) .you about his family. Vegetables often (have) .dirt from the farm on them. Be careful, the children (cross) the street. Mai (be) .15 years old next year. I (not watch) .TV last night, he(read) .a newspaper. You should (add) .a little salt. I (be) .very tired when (catch) . a bad cold two day ago. You should (go) to bed early. I hope you (feel) .better soon. All of students (wait) .for the principle in the school yard now. Hoa (need) .a lot of sugar. Ba (not come) .to the meeting last week. Nga never (take) medicines. 204. Mai lived in Hanoi last month, but now she (live) . Danang. Last week, she (go) .shopping with her mother. She (buy) .a lot of things there. Yesterday, She (had) .a small party at her house. She (invite) . some new friends in her new school and the neighborhood. This morning, she (go) to her new school. And she (feel) very happy. She (think) .that she (go) . to school by bus because there is a bus stop near her house. 205. He (go) to school when he was 14 years old. He (see) . Tom in a small house and they(write) many stories in 1997. They (live) there 3 months and (move) . to Hue . They (build) . a new house(live) . They (work) . with deaf-mute and (invent) . a device (name) . phone. Now they ( live) . in a big house with modern equipments. Tom (watch) . TV news every night (know) . the world. They(be) .proud . themselves . Trang 6 . (sing) beautifully. 87 . We (live) .in a big city. 88 . She (have) breakfast at 7 a.m every morning. 89 . They (learn) something. Mom? 187 .We (not go) to the cinema last week. 188 . Mrs. Loan (teach) .us Math two years ago. 189 .Last
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