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I. There're ten mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. Japanese young today study English for six years at junior and senior high school, but very little can speak it by the time they graduate. If the Japanese want to acquire practice oral skills, they have to do a conscientious effort by themselves as going abroad or taking English conversation classes in their private country. In Japan, grammar is emphasized too much at Japanese high school, and there is no balance with the speaking language. People study English mainly for passing exams. They're so tied to grammar teaching in the textbooks that they find spoken English naturally very difficult. They should consider English more as a means of communication than of a science. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10 II. There're ten mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. Scientists have established that influenza viruses took from man can cause the disease in animals. On addition, man can catch the disease from animals. In fact, a great number in wild birds seem to carry the virus without show any evidences of illness. Some scientists conclude that a large family of influenza viruses may have evolved in the bird kingdom, a group that has been in the earth 100 million years and is able to carry the virus without contracting the disease. There is even convincing evidence showing that virus strains are transmitted from place on place and from continent to continent by migrating birds. It is known which two influenza viruses can recombine when both are present in an animal at the same time. The result of such recombination is a great vary of strains containing different H and N spikes. This raises the possibility that a human influenza virus can recombine with an influenza virus from a lower animal to produce an entirely new spike. Research is underway to determine if that is the way that major new strains come into being. Other possibility is that two animals influenza strains may recombine in a pig, for example, to produce a new strains which is transmitted to man. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10 III. There're eighteen mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. English - The International Language There are more than 3.000 languages on the world today, but only six are major languages of the world. Two-thirds of the world’s population speak those six languages. More than 300.000.000 people speak English as their first and native language. Another 300.000.000 speak it like a second language. No one knows how many people speak it as a foreign language. Chinese is the only language with more speakers that English. This is because of the huge population of China, more than one billion people. English is the native or official language on one-five of the land area of the world. It is spoken in North America, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. In South Africa and India it is one of the office languages. More people study English than any other language. In many countries, textbooks in universities are of English. Many universities classes are taught in English even thought the native languages is not English. English is the language of international communication. It is the language in international business, research, and science. More than three-fourths of the world’s radio station use English. More than half of the scientific and research journals are in English. Most other language have borrowed many English words. Why did English become the international language ? In the middle of the nineteenth century, French is the international language. Then Britain became very powerful in the world. England started colonies in North America and India in the nineteen century. By 1990 England also had colonies in other parts of Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific. The people in the colonies had to use English. Slowly it become more important than French internationally. After the Second world War, the United States became very powerful, and even more people began to learn English. Is English a good international language ? It has more word than any other language. The grammar is simpler than in the other major languages. However, English spelling is difficulty. Foreigners all have trouble spelling English. So do native speakers ! Since 1880, people have intented over fifty artifical language. No one speaks them as a native language. However, none of them has ever become popular. Some people don’t want to study English, but it is the international language. There is no way changing that now. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1. 10. 2. 11. 3. 12. 4. 13. 5. 14. 6. 15. 7 16. 8. 17. 9. 18. IV. There're ten mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. The word laser was coined as an acronym to Light Amplification by the stimulated Emission of Radiation. Ordinary light, from the Sun or a light bulb, is emitted spontaneously, when atoms or molecules get rid of the excess energy by themselves, without any outside intervention. Stimulated emission is difference because it occurs when an atom or molecule holding onto excess energy has been stimulated to emit it as light. Albert Einstein was the first suggest the existence of stimulated emission in a paper published in 1917. However, for many years, physicists thought that atoms and molecules always were much more likely to emit light spontaneously and that stimulated emission thus always would be much weak. It was not until after the Second World War that physicists began trying to make stimulated emission dominate. They sought ways by which one atom or molecule could stimulate many other to emit light, amplifying it to much higher powers. The first to succeed was Charles H. Townes, then at Columbia University in New York. Instead of working with light, however, he works with microwaves, which have a much longer wavelength, and built a device he called a “maser”, for Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Although he thought of the key idea in 1951, the first maser was not completed until a couple of years laterly. Before long, many other physicists were building masers and trying to discover to produce stimulated emission at even shorter wavelengths. The key concepts emerged about 1957. Townes and Arthur Schawlow, then at Bell Telephone Laboratories, wrote a long paper outlining the conditions needed to amplify stimulated emission of visible light waves. At about a same time, similar ideas crystallized in the mind of Gordon Gould, then a 37-year-old graduate student at Columbia, who wrote them down in a series of notebooks. Townes and Schawlow published their ideas in a scientific journal, Physical Review Letters, but Gould filed a patent application. Three decade later, people still argue about who deserves the credit for the concept of the laser. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. V. There're twenty mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. Six year ago when I was a student, I was short for money. So once a week I had to go home to see my parents and get a decent meal. Although I had a good relationship to my mother, I never got in well with my father. I could never live up to him high expectations of me. One day I did a very terrible thing. I stole some money of him. I asked him if he could lend me ten pounds. He refused to say he had already give me enough and it was time I became more responsible to money. You know what it is as being a student. I'd run out of money and wanted to take a girl away. When he refused I accused him off being mean. And we have had a terrible row. He left the house and I was so angrily that I stolen ten pounds from his wallet. When he found in that the money was gone, he knew who had done it and banned me from the house. Since then I have returned but he has never really forgiven me and still looked down on me for that I did. My mother is very upset and I really try to work towards creat a happy relationship with my father for our own sakes. Half of me want to say: " Sorry, Dad" while the others half still thinks he is ridiculous in having kept this attitude up for so long. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1. 11. 2. 12. 3. 13. 4. 14. 5. 15. 6. 16. 7. 17. 8. 18. 9. 19. 10. 20. VI. There're ten mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. At the age of sixty-five, Laura Ingalls Wilder began writing a sery of novels for young people based in her early experiences on the American frontier. Born in the state of Wiscosin in 1867, she or her family were rugged pioneers. Seeking better farm land, they went by covered wagon to Missouri in 1869, then on to Kansas the next year, return to Wisconsin in 1871, and travelling on to Minnesota and Lowa before settling permanently in South Dakota in 1879. Because off this continuing moving, Wilder's early education took place sporadically in a succession of one-room schools. From age thirteen to sixteen she attended a school more regularly although she never graduated. At the age of eighteen, she married Almanzo James Wilder. They bought the small farm in the Ozarks, where they remained for the rest of their live. Their only daughter, Rose, who had become a nationally known journalist, encouraged her mother to write. Serving like agent and editor, Rose negotiated with Harper's to publish her mother's first book, Little House on the Big Woods. Seven more books followed, each chronicling her early life on the plains. Written from the perspective of a child, they have remained popular to young readers from many nations. Twenty years after her death in 1957, more than 20 million copies had been sold, and they had been translated into fourteen languages. In 1974, a weekly television series, " Little House on the Prairie ", was produced based on the stories from the Wilder books. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. VII. There're ten mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. MTV stands on Music Television. It's a television channel dedicated into pop music. It was born on 1st August 1981 in the United States. Because of MTV's instant success on the US, the company expanded into other areas. MTV Europe started operating on 1st August 1987. MTV Europe broadcast 24 hours a day from its London studios. It can be seen in 33 countries and reach an estimated audience of 110 million viewers. People of 19 different nationalities work at London headquarters, and they try to offer a mixture of music from all ever Europe. The channel broadcasts in English but Germany provides the biggest number of viewers. Currently, one five of the music is by German artists. Most of TV output is video and concerts, but there is also a programme called Unplugged, where major artists play live and acoustic on front of a small studio audience. In addition for music, the channel's programmes deal with new, movie information and comedy. MTV has also broadcast special report on racism, immigration and unemployed teenager. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. VIII. There're ten mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. Regrets Most of us are always forgetting important date, apart to the lucky few who are blessed with a good memory or the ability to organize themselve so they don't forget importance obligations. How many times have we all said, "I wish I had remembered!" How often have we offended people by failing to remember their birthdays or name days? Although they say it doesn't matter, we know, deep down, that we have hurt their feelings. We can always try to make it up to them next time but unfortunately the damage has been done and our relationship with that person can never quite be the same again. In the other hand, we sometimes do too much for someone else because we want to please them and then feel we have damaged our own interests in doing so. When friends are involved we may find it difficulty to say "no" when they ask us to do them a favour, but true friend should mean that we can say "no" without risk to relationship. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. IX. There're ten mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. Our classes take place in three hours every morning from Monday to Friday. The maximum class size is twelve or the average is ten. We use modern methods of teaching then learning, and the school has a language laboratory, a video camera and recorders. You will only be successful on improving your English, however, if you work hard and practise speak English as much as you can. You will take a short test in English as soon as you arrive. In this way, we can put you in a class at the most suitable level. There are two classes at the Elementary level; one is for complete beginners and the others is for students who know only a little English, in both classes you will practise simple conversation. In the class beginners the intermediate level you will have a lot of practice in communication in real-life situation because of we help you to use the English you have previously learnt in your own country, You will also have the chance to improve your knowledge of English grammar and to build on your vocabulary . Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. X. There're ten mistakes in this passage. Find them and correct them. Advertising has come into existence for the beginning of period when people did not use the barter system, but bought and sold. Before the inventions of newspapers, radio and television, merchant and salesmen used to shout or singing about things that they were selling. Those who were hired to advertise things as that were called criers. They even used musical instruments when crying about their wares. Today, some vendors still do so. Nowadays, newspaper and magazines are full off advertisements which look attraction and sound interesting. There is no channel on T.V or on the radio without advertisement. Along the streets posters are installed for advertising with many eye-catching pictures. In the store windows, goods at all kinds are displayed and available for every taste. Computers have become the most modern device for advertising. Customers even can buy things on using the internet. Mistakes Correction Mistakes Correction 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10.

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