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Full name: Form: Marks ONE HOUR TEST Date: I.Choose the word pronoumced differently: (1m) 1. a. bad b. had c. hate d. hat 2. a. my b. baby c.spy d. cry 3. a. carry b.hard c.card d. yard 4. a. name b. fame c. lady d. man II.Choose the best answer: (3m ) 1. He failed the exams____ his laziness (because, because of, though) 2. How many lesson do you_____ at school a day? (have, see, read) 3. People usually laugh________ him (in, on, at) 4. Mrs.Nga speaks English quite_______ (good, well, better) 5. It’s raining,_______ I can’t go out.(so, however, or) 6. Is she a teacher_______ a nurse? (and, but, or) III. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer: (2m) For most North American households, lighting accounts for 10 percent to 15 percent cuûa the eletricity bill. However, this amount can be reduced by replacing an ordinary 100_watt light buld with an energy_saving bulb. The bulds use a quarter cuûa the electricity cuûa standard bulbs and last eight times longer. Therfore consumers can save about US$ 7 to US$ 21 per bulb. 1. For most Morth American households, lighting accountsfor: a. 10% - 15% b. 15% -20% c. 20% - 25% 2. We can spend less on light with a. an ordinary 100 – watt light bulb b. an energy – saving bulb c. a quanrter cuûa the electricity IV. Writing : Math column A to column B : (4m) A B 1. Introduction A. summing up what you have said 2. Body B. getting peolple’s attention and telling them what you are going to talk about 3. Conclusion C. giving details in easy – to – understand language.
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