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  • 100 Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp Tiếng anh có đáp án

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100 Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp Tiếng anh có đáp án Bao gồm 100 câu trắc nghiệm kiểm tra các đề mục ngữ pháp cơ bản và năng cao. Dùng để kiểm tra khả năng ngữ pháp của học sinh THPT trong môn tiếng anh.Có đáp án.Minh Pham Blog www.minh-pham.info 100 CÂU HỎI TRẮC NGHIỆM CHUYÊN ĐỀ NGỮ PHÁP – TỪ VỰNG TIẾNG ANH Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions Question 1: There are different kinds of music to _ your taste A miss B fit C tight D suit Question 2: By the housework done, my mother has more time to pursue her career A ordering B taking C having D making Question 3: In many big cities, people have to _ up with noise, overcrowding and bad air A keep B catch C face D put Question 4: She _ on her computer for more than two hours when she decided to stop for a rest A has worked B has been working C was working D had been working Question 5: _ the weather forecast it will rain heavily later this morning A On account of B Due to C According to D Because of Question 6: The school was closed for a month because of serious _ of fever A outcome B outburst C outbreak D outset Question 7: He’d hardly finished doing his homework when you arrived, _? A didn’t he B had he C would he D hadn’t he Question 8: These chairs are _ better than the others A as B very C much D either Question 9: Be careful with your gun! You may _ somebody A injure B wound C hurt D ache Question 10: These people seem _ for the most successful company in the town A to be work B working C being working D to be working Question 11: All the girls but one _ present yesterday A are B was C is D were Question 12: I don't hate classical music On the _, I like it very much indeed! A contrary B alternative C opposite D contrast Question 13: _ the people in our village buy meat everyday A Not much of B Just a few C Not many of D Only some th Question 14: Applications _ in after 30 April will not be considered A which sent B that is sent C send D sent Question 15: _, the young mother appeared visibly very happy after the birth of her child A Tired as she was B She was tired C As tired D Despite tired Question 16: Boys and girls may behave _ in this situation A differing B differently C difference D different Question 17: Such characters as fairies or witches in Walt Disney animated cartoons are purely _ A imaginary B imagining C imaginative D imaginable Page www.minh-pham.info Question 18: This is _ the most difficult job I have ever tackled A by rights B by all means C by far D by the way Question 19: A molecule of water is _ of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen A created B consisted C included D composed Question 20: Canned food is not as healthy as fresh food, _? A isn’t it B doesn’t it C is it D does it Question 21: When a fire broke out in the Louvre, at least twenty _ paintings were destroyed, including two by Picasso A worthless B priceless C valueless D worthy Question 22: There's a law that says you _ throw trash on the street A don't have to B couldn't C must not D might not Question 23: Gardeners transplant bushes and flowers by moving them from one place to _ A other B others C another D each other Question 24: He can't stand _ in such poor conditions A to be alive B living C to living D live Question 25: Willie Cather, _ a prominent American writer, grew up in Nebraska during the early farming years A it is she who became B became C she became D who became Question 26: Drying flowers is the best way _ them A preserved B by preserving C preserve D to preserve Question 27: The headmaster has decided that three lecture halls _ in out school next semester A will build B will be built C are being built D will be building Question 28: They are always _ of what their children A support B supporting C supportive D supportively Question 29: Someone must have taken my bag I clearly remember _ it by the window and now it has gone A to have left B leave C leaving D to leave Question 30: Much progress on computers _ since 1950 A has been made B has done C has been done D has made Question 31: Core subjects in Vietnamese schools are _ Maths, Literature and English A made for B made of C made from D made up of Question 32: The table in the living room should be moved to _ the new TV set A get rid of B pave the way for C.make room for D take hold of Question 33: When he came to the counter to pay, he found that he had _ cash _ his credit card with him A not - neither B neither - nor C both - and D either - or Question 34: It is _ of businessmen to shake hands in formal meetings A typical B familiar C ordinary D common Question 35: Mexico City, _ has a population of over 10 million, is probably the fastest growing city in the world A whom B who C which D that Page www.minh-pham.info Question 36: Not until I came home _ that I had lost everything A I did realize B I did realized C I realized D did I realize Question 37: Last night’s concert did not _ our expectations A come up to B stand in for C look up to D catch up with Question 38: Education in Vietnam has improved since the government started a program of educational _ A resources B reform C system D experience Question 39: Tom said that he _ his motorbike the day before A lose B lost C has lost D had lost Question 40: You should concentrate _ what the interviewer is saying and make a real effort to answer all the questions A in B at C to D on Question 41: In a formal interview, it is essential to maintain good eye _ with the interviewers A touch B contact C link D connection Question 42: The teacher, along with her students, _ going to school at the moment A are B was C were D is Question 43: The carefully nurtured gardens with a wide _ of flowers and fruit trees have added elegance to this place and made it a major tourist attraction A variety B amount C species D number Question 44: “My secretary will book an afternoon flight and have you _ at the airport.” A picking up B had studied C picked up D to pick up Question 45: He congratulated the team _ all their games A on having won B winning C to win D for their winning Question 46: A number of students nowadays _ ideal jobs when they graduate from university A doesn’t find B wasn’t find C wasn’t founded D don’t find Question 47: _ he arrived at the bus stop when the bus came A Not until had B Hardly had C No longer has D No sooner had Question 48: The book is so interesting that I can't _ A put it down B put down it C be put down D put down Question 49: She took a course in fine arts _ starting her own business in interior design A with reference to B in order to C with a view to D in terms of Question 50: _ the problem of water pollution gets more serious, the government is searching for a way to deal with it A Because B Although C However D Providing Question 51: The death toll in the devastating earthquake and tsunami _ to rise A expected B are expected C expect D is expected Question 52: Cultural diversity supports the idea that every person can _ a unique and positive contribution to the larger society because of, rather than in spite of, their differences A take B make C pay D lead Question 53: _ before I realized that I had made a big mistake A It turned out B It wasn't long C It was a pity D It was impossible Page www.minh-pham.info Question 54: Steve _ his chances of passing by spending too much time on the first question A threw in B threw out C threw away D threw off Question 55: Though his family is _ to be seen, everybody isn't giving up hope A nowhere B somewhere C everywhere D anywhere Question 56: He had already learned the news I _ the trouble to phone him about it A needn't have taken B should have taken C could have taken D mustn't have taken Question 57: He was especially interested in such _ work, and had recently helped to organize the first Brazilian school for deaf-mutes at Rio de Janeiro A humanitarian B humanity C human D humanistic Question 58: For years scientists have been worried about the _ of air pollution on the earth's natural conditions A cause B result C account D effect Question 59: _ the students go to college in their teens every year A A lots of B A good many C A plenty of D A good many of Question 60: Never before _ as rapidly as during the last decades A technology is developing B has technology developed C has developed technology D technology has developed Question 61: Learning English isn't so difficult once you _ A get on it B get off it C get down to it D get down with it Question 62: _ is the natural environment in which plants or animals live A Ecology B Habitat C Extinction D Biodiversity Question 63: Staying in a hotel costs _ renting a room in a dormitory for a week A as much as twice B twice as much as C twice more than D twice as Question 64: When I first came to this village, it was a quiet place But since then a lot of houses _ A had been built B were built C are being built D have been built Question 65: The lecturer's speech _ for the majority of the listeners to get what he meant A wasn't clear enough B wasn't enough clear C was too clearly D wasn't so clear Question 66: He often tells the children _ when they play water sports A be careful B not be careless C to be careful D to be carefully Question 67: The university administrations are introducing new measures to _ that the enrolment process runs smoothly A maintain B improve C facilitate D ensure Question 68: Many plant and animal species are now on the _ of extinction A danger B border C verge D margin Question 69: Bill and Ted _ each other straight away and became firm friends A took after B held together C took to D let in Question 70: She is the new television presenter _ everyone is talking A that B whom C about that D about whom Question 71: Vietnam won their first Olympic gold medal _ Hoang Xuan Vinh won the men's 10m air pistol on August, 2016 A after B when C while D before Page www.minh-pham.info Question 72: If I _ that there was a test yesterday, I would not be punished now A had known B have known C knew D would know Question 73: I can't help you any more because I myself have so many problems to _ A keep up with B put up with C deal with D get on with Question 74: Maths, Vietnamese literature, English are the _ subjects in national exams A additional B core C favourite D center Question 75: _ schooling is compulsory in Australia between _ ages of six and seventeen A The/ Ø B The/ a C Ø/ the D A/ an Question 76: Andrea has a _ rug on the floor in her bedroom A sheepskin lovely long white B long lovely white sheepskin C lovely long sheepskin white D lovely long white sheepskin Question 77: The average watches television for about 15 hours a week A spectator B observer C audience D viewer Question 78: Although Brenda came last, everyone agreed she had _ her best A had B got C done D made Question 79: Sharon did not attend the meeting because she was _ the weather A under B in C due to D on Question 80: A number of young teachers nowadays _ themselves to teaching disadvantaged children A offer B stick C give D devote Question 81: It never _ his mind that his dishonesty would be discovered A crossed B spunk C passed D came Question 82: Education in many countries is compulsory _ the age of 16 A when B until C forwards D for Question 83: Helen is _ seafood, so she never tries these delicious dishes A preferable to B keen on C allergic to D tired of Question 84: For the last 20 years, we _ significant changes in the world of science and technology A witness B have witnessed C witnessed D are witnessing Question 85: All nations should _ hands to work out a plan to solve the problem of global warming A join B hold C shake D lend Question 86: His answer was so confusing that it hardly made _ A meaning B interpretation C intelligibility D sense Question 87: Since _ has been so poor, the class has been closed A attendance B attendant C attending D attendee Question 88: Mary as well as his friends _ their hometown recently A returned B have returned C has returned D returns Question 89: I couldn't decide what to write about, when I suddenly _ upon the idea of doing something on writter's block A thought B hit C chanced D arrived Question 90: It is earth's gravity that _ people their weight A gives B give C giving D given Page www.minh-pham.info Question 91: While everybody else in our class prefers working in groups, Mina likes working _ A on her own B on herself C of her own D in herself Question 92: The Government has brought _ a new law in an effort to prevent further environmental deterioration A on B about C up D in Question 93: It's high time you _ to study harder since last year, you had a very bad result A started B start C to start D will start Question 94: The prices at the garage I use are very _ A logical B reasonable C rational D acceptable Question 95: All applicants must _ their university transcript and two reference letters to be considered for this job A permit B omit C admit D submit Question 96: Be sure not to rely too _ on your mother tongue when you are learning a foreign language A abundantly B severely C numerously D heavily Question 97: When asked about their preference for movies, many young people say that they are in favour _ science fiction A of B in C for D with Question 98: The cinama is no longer as popular as it was in the 1930’s and 1940’s, but it is still an important _ of entertainment A status B source C origin D prospect Question 99: Housewives find it easier to domestic chores thanks to _ invention of labour-saving devices A the B a C an D some Question 100: When Tet holiday comes, Vietnamese people often feel inclined to _ their houses A clean through B clean in C clean over D clean up Page ... interested in such _ work, and had recently helped to organize the first Brazilian school for deaf-mutes at Rio de Janeiro A humanitarian B humanity C human D humanistic Question 58: For years... ensure Question 68: Many plant and animal species are now on the _ of extinction A danger B border C verge D margin Question 69: Bill and Ted _ each other straight away and became firm friends... thanks to _ invention of labour-saving devices A the B a C an D some Question 100: When Tet holiday comes, Vietnamese people often feel inclined to _ their houses A clean through B clean
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