Key, scripts Big step Toeic 3 - Actual Test 2

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Key, scripts Big step Toeic 3 - Actual Test 2

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1. (A) Two men are walking past a bench. (B) People are moving the chairs nearthe trees, (C) One man ỉ s leanỉ ng on the other. (D) Some people are restỉ ng outdoorsế (A) He ỉ s walkỉ ng đown the corridor. (B) He is entering the room. (C) He ỉ s wỉ pĩng the ha!ỉ way wỉ th a mop. (D) He ỉ s sỉ tting orì the tloor. 2. (A) The ATM is out of order. (B) The machỉ ne is against a waỉ ỉ . (C) Peopie are withdrawing money from the machine. (D) The machỉ ne ỉ s beỉ ng inspected. (A) They are watching the race. (B) They are parking theỉ r bikes. (C) They are riding bikes over rocks, (D) They are getting on bỉ cycỉ es. (A) The man ỉ s typỉ ng â document. (B) The cup ỉ s sỉ ttĩng on the tabỉ e. (C) The woman is tacing the man. (D) The plant ỉ s beíng vvatered. (A) People are packing their bags. (B) People are boarding the bus. (C) The windows are open wideỉ y, (D) The tires are being repỉ aced. 7. (A) The peopỉ e are gettíng ỉ nto boats. (B) The boats are tỉ oatỉ ng on the water. (C) The boats are docked near the trees, (D) The peopỉ e are taking the boats out on the water. 338 BIG STEP TOEIC 3 (A) The people are getting off the buses. (B) The buses are on a City Street. (C) The people are vvaiting for the bus to come. (D) The buses are approaching the bus stop. (A).The dessert is being made. (B) The man is stirring something in the pot. (C) The meal is being served at the table. (D) The food is being spooned onto a plâte. 10. (A) The people are boarding the airplane. (B) The airplane is sitting indoors. (C) The airpiane is on the runway. (D) The truck is moving tovvard the airpiane. Ị (A) 12. ịc) 13. (A) 14. (A) 15 (C) 16. ÍA) 17. (C) 18. (A) J .19. p 20. (AL-21 (A) 22. <B) 23. ipể) 24. (A) 25. (B) 26. (C) 2 t (B) 28 (C) 29. ÍB) 30. (B) 31. (C) 3 Z A Q 33: (B) 34. (A) 11. HowdoyougettoyouroRice? (A) I drive myselí. (B) I was here about forty-five iránutes ago. (C) I work downtown. 12. Can we postpone our dinner meeting until Thursday? (A) They mainly serve seatood. (B) Yes, I postponed it mysetf. (C) No, l’m already booked on Thursday. 13. Do you think we can tinish the project this week? (A) lf we work on nothing else. (B) No, l’m not vvorking on a project. (C) The projector is out of order again. 14. How long have you been waiting? (A) Less than an hour. (B) l’ve vvorked here since my graduation. (C) I don’t mind vvaiting. 15. What does Audrey do for a living? (A) She’s reading a mystery book. (B) She likes to play golf. (C) I believe she’s a teacher. 16. VVhich restaurant do you want to go to? (A) The one right across the Street. (B) l’m allergic to seafood. (C) I tlke coffee in the moming. 17. Do you know where the convention will be held? (A) She’s holding onto it for me. (B) l’m looking forward to it. (C) Why don’t you ask Mr. Edmonds? 18. Payday is every two weeks, isn’t ít? (A) Yes, I always look forward to that. (B) You can And it everywhere. (C) Peter is in charge of payroll. 19. May I ask you a question? (A) lt’s hard to answer. ; (B) Yes, go ahead. (C) Last March. 20. Will you meet your deadline this time? (A) Pll do my best. (B) I haverTt seen him for a while. (C) Meeting someone is tiring. 21. When does the library close today? (A) You can check it at the entrance. (B) You can check them out at the circulation desk. (C) lt's closed for the holiday. 339 22. Don’t you have any plans for the weekend? (A) Yes, that’s my plan. (B) Normally I do, but not thỉs weekendẵ (C) I had so much tun last weekendỄ 23ẵ Would you break this ten dollar bill for me? (A) Because my car broke down. (B) Sure, how do you want it? (C) Here is your billệ 24. When are the conterence proposals due? (A) On January 25th. (B) Three days ago. (C) He will propose it at the conterence. 25. My car has been making strange noises recentlyẼ (A) Yes, I just needed a new car. (B) You should get a car inspection. (C) ỉ have recently vvorked on a project. 26. Do you happen to know where Karen wỉll be relocated? (ệ | lt’s períectly located. (B) She always knows the answer. (C) I wish I knew. 27. You didrTt íorget to pick up the copy paper, did you? (Ả) riỉ pick you up on the way to the ottỉce. (B) Actually, it completeỉy sỉipped my mỉnd. (C) l’m atraid we’re out of paper. 28. Could you check the inventory this atternoon? (A) Pm short-handed. (B) Mine is a checking accounỉ. (C) ỉ’ll take a rain check, 29. Qpnt we need to leave for the airport right now? (Â) At the port. (B) Yes, in a few mỉnutesắ {CJ No, ỉt’s on your letỉ. 30. How can I reach Dr. Shawn? (Aị By express bus. (B) You can ừy his celỉ phone. (C) ỉt’ll be a long joumey. 31. Isn’t this copier vvorking? (A) Yes, momỉng coffee boosts me. (B) It took me 30 minutes to get to work. (0) Yes, it’s workỉng fineắ 32. Do you know how long this fax machine has been out of order? (A) Yes, ỉt was 5 pages aỉtogether. (B) lt’ll be tixed any mỉnute now, (C) Only Cindy knows for sure. 33. How would you lỉke your meat? (A) l’m not a big tan of meat. (B) Medium, please. (C) Of course, I liked it a lotẵ 34. Have you found a new place to live or are you still looking? (A) I carVt decide on a locatỉon. (B) I think I misplaced itỆ (C) Yes, I live downtown. 35. Why don’t you come wỉth us to dinner on Friday? (A) I dỉdn’t bring anyone along. (B) That would be greatễ (C) I saw one on the dining tabỉe. 36. Do you live down by the river? (A) The teny terminal ỉs on the river. (B) The river runs north to South. (C) Yes, that’s where I reside. 37. ril send you a iisting with some updated prỉces. (A) I hope prices haverVt increased too much. (B) My Computer was updated yesterday. (C) The second prize. 38ề Did you test-drive the new car beíore you bought it? (A) You bet I did. (Đ) I passed the testỀ (C) I bought it yesterday. 39. Are you going to Đob’s retirement party or do you have to work on the project? (A) Pd better stay in the offỉce. (B) Yes, I heard about his retỉrement from my boss. (C) No, l’m too tired. 40. This new network system is much easier to use, don’t you think? (A) I think it’s a new system. (B) Yes, it’s quỉte an ỉmprovement. (C) ỉt’s a brand-new Computer. 340 BIG STEP TOEIC 3 41. (B) 42. (C) 43. (A) 44. (D) 45. (C) 46. .(D) 47, (C) 48. (D) 49. (D) 50. (C) 51. (A) 52, (C) 53. (À) 54ắ (B) 55. (A) 56. (D) _ : ■ ■ _ ' ỉ : • „11 . .•••” ' ''1 • 1 , ;57. (D) 58. (B) 59, ịQ I 00. (A) 6 ỊJ A Ì 82. tB) 63. (A) 6 4 (D) 65. ÍC) 66. (A) 67. (B) 68. ÍO 89. (C) 70. (35 i , . ; • [41-43] M; Heỉlo, is this the right place to sỉgn up for the Creative process semỉnar? W: Yes, it is, Can ỉ have your name and the company to whieh you belong so that 1 can write up your name tag and assign you a seat? $ấ: My namé is Gary Smith and ỉ’m wỉth Beanpole Media. Wouỉd you be abỉe to seat me with the representatỉve trom Global Artvvorỉd? W: Well, let’s see. Ms. Àmett from Gíobai is at tabĩe 12, but Pm afraỉd her tabỉe is fullề Wouỉd you lỉke to sỉt at tabỉe 10? There are many representatives from ỉnternational tirms at that table. [44-46] iễ W: Helỉo? I booked a cab last night under the name Winslow to pick me up for an eariy tỉight today. Ifs now 7:10 ạ.m. and a cab hasn’t arrived yet. I M; Ah, yes, Ms. Wỉnslow, I tound your booking. You’re at 1216 Queen Street West, right? W: No, rm at 1216 Queen Street East. What am ỉ goỉng to do? ’ve got to get to the airport. M Don’t worry, Ms. Winslow. Pve aỉready dispatched another cab drỉver to your address, and he wỉll be there ỉn two minutes. We’re very sorry about the eontusion. [47-49] I M: Melanie, thỉs dip is realíy good. Thank you for bringing a dairy-free version. At the last office potluck party, ỉ accỉdentalỉy ate some that had eheese in it, and I had a stomachache fo r the rest of the attemoon. I W: Matt, j-m atraid that the dip I made hasn’t been put out yet. Cheryl put it in the trỉdge because she thought that there was enough food out already, and more peopỉe from accountỉng wĩỉỉ be coming later. Okay. í wỉll stop eatỉng this one. Perhaps it won’t be so bad. I onỉy ate about two or three mouthtuỉs. I W; Have ỵou tried that new medìcine for people who can5t dỉgest dairy toods? My sister takes it, and she says it5s very effectỉveấ You can buy some from the drugstore downstairsệ [50-52] W: Mr. Silver, I íinaỉly tracked down Carl. He came down with a sudden case of the flu this moming and won’t be able to make the one o’c!ock meetỉng. M; Weil, okay. ỉ stilỉ need the report that he was goỉng to present at the meeting, and our partners are going to start ầrriving in ten minutes. W: Carl told me to get the report and give ỉt to you. Íằ : Good. Get it to Bryan as soon as possỉbỉe, and tell him that he’s going to have to present Carl’s report. I’ll meet the partners and try to give Bryan enough time so that he can famỉliarize hỉmselt with the key points. [53-55] W: ỉt was so nice catching up with you over ỉunch. Lỉsten, before we go, tell me quickly how the retirement party fo r your oỉd boss went. ụ : Ít was all right, but ỉ’ve now got to tỉnd a different caterer. The party was supposed to start at 4:30 p.m., and the caterers d id n l arrive until 4 p.m. They weren’t compỉeteỉy set up by the time everyone started arriving. W: Have you tried Urban Caterers? ỉ useđ them for the annual general meeting at my company last month, and I was reaỉỉy pỉeasedỄ M: l’ve only heard about them. They’re a new company, so : I haven’t had a chance to check them out, Do you have a contact number for them? I already have to start planning for the annuai Chrỉstmas party. [56-58] M: Helio, Miss Jones. Thỉs is lan trom Wi-Fi Neighbors. I*ve followed up on the trouble you’ve been having accessing our Internet Service provider, and basicaily, I think the problem is at your end. Ị W; But ỉ’ve aỉready been without my Internet Service for the I whole moming now. f*m going to have to find Internet access soon ỉo make a deadline. M; ì have already put ỉn a request for a technician to visỉt your offỉce, but ỉ’m atraid I can’t telỉ you exactly when he will arrive. [ W: All right. Can you give the technician my celỉ phone number? I’m goỉng to an Internet cafe just down the road to e-maiỉ these documents. Please have him caH me as soon as he reaches my offỉee. 341 [59-61] W: Mr. Smith, you’re going to be staying at the Dhaka Plaza Hotel for the tirst two nights of your trip, then yoiTII be going up to Bogra, where you’ll be staying with the tield officer Roland Headly, for three nights. Then, you’ll be heading back to Dhaka Plaza for the iast night. M: Thank you, Penny. Have you had a chance to find a different travel route? Those stopovers will consume a lotottim e. W: Yes, Mr. Smith, I tound you a red-eye tlight from Toronto to London with just one stopover of two hours and then directiy onto Dhaka. M: Very good. If l’m ỉeaving on the red-eye, it wilỉ mean I can make that tamily dinner with the Singhs. NI most likely sleep during the trip, which wi!l help with adjẾusting to the time difference. [62-64] M: After you complete your presentation points, I can go over the detaiỉs of the new hardvvare features using the prototype blender. W: I took the hardvvare home last night so that I could do more graphỉcs for the presentation. It’s stỉỉl there. M: All right. It’s only 10 a.m. We still have time to bring jt back to the offỉce. How long wilỉ it take you to go home? W: Actually, I don’t think I have time for that. I have a meeting right after I íinish rehearsing this with you. If I give you my house keys, can you bring it back to the office? [65-67] M: Did you go to the annual sale at MandaTs? I hear the offers are really good. W: Not yet, but I plan on going this evenỉng atter work. I need to tinish shoppỉng for Christmasế Mử. Good, can you check out the kids’ wear sectỉon? I have to buy something for my daughter. W: Sure, I can even buy something for her if It’s really nice. It may not be there tomorrovv, you know. [68-70] M: Hello, is this Mrs. Jones? W; Yes, this ỉs she. How may I help you? M: My name is Brett, and rm callỉng from the National Public Television Service. I hope ỉ’m not interrupting your dinner. I notice that your subscriptỉon with us has endedệ As you know, we depend greatly on the support of generous donors like yourselt so that we can provide high quality televisỉon programming without commercials. W: Yes, that’s right! I really enjoy the British mysteries you import. I was meaning to renew my subscription but I torgot. Thank you for reminding me. But would you mind calling later? 71. (B) 72. (C) 73ẳ (A) 74. (A) 75ễ (B) 76, (C) 77. m 78. (C) I 79. (A) 80. (C).ẽ81. (D) 82. (B) 83. (B) 84. (D) 85. (C) 86. (C) 1 8 7 . (B) 88. (B) 89. (0 . 90. (A) 91 (D) 92. ( 0 93. (B) 94. (D) Ị 95. (B) 96. (A) 97. (D) 98. (A) 99. (A) 100; (D) I [71-73] This message is for Luis Pertin. My narne is Bamey Feldman, and I am a building contractor with Weston Homes. I understand that you vvould like an estimate on a possible renovation to your kitchenỆ I believe you want to have a new set of cupboards installed as well as a larger kitchen window built. Although I do not know exactly what type of wood or other materials you vvould like to use, generally such a renovation would take approxỉmateiy two weeks to complete. Our cupboards can be built using oak, maple, or birch. If you can let me know what type of wood you would preter to use, we can determine a better estimate for the renovation. I wiil be available Monday and Tuesday evening to drop by your home and see what the job entaỉís. Please call me at 647-2687 to determine which evenỉng is best for you. Thank youẾ [74-76] Welcome to the Intelliverse exhibit here at the National Safety and Security Expo. My name is Sheryl London, and I would like to show you what Products Intelliverse ỉs creating to make your home safe and secure. Fỉrst, we have a tiny gadget called the Saíesensor, which will automaticaíly lock the front door of your home. ỉf you go to bed and leave the door accidentally unlocked, Satesensor is programmed to automatically lock the door at a certain time of your choosing each evening. Another new product Intelliverse ỉs quite proud of is the Quicklock. Designed for 342 BIG STEP TOEIC 3 bicycles, the Quỉcklock aỉlovvs users to keep their bicycles safe while at work or in school. The third product is the Keyvauỉt. The Keyvault is a small device which stores house and car keys on the back of a persorVs mobỉle phone. The key Chain will be soon obsolete thanks to the Keyvault. [77-79] Welcome to The Daily Money Minute. I’m your host Benson Hollinger, and ỉoday we’re taỉking about time management. Companies strive ỉo do thỉngs more efficiently and quickly each and every day. First, set hourỉy goals durỉng your vvorking day. Do not aliovv yourseif to waste ỉime through ỉdle chatting or being distracted by others. Secondly, be reasonabỉe in plotling your work schedule. Planning to do 20 things in one day when perhaps only 10 things can be tully accomplished leaves empỉoyees teeling heỉpless and depressed. Aiso, rushing to f inish those 20 tasks couỉd otten result in errors that could cost the company money and time. Remember, it is al ways a good idea to set goals throughout the day. Reaching those goals WẾ||Ị result m ateeling of satistaction and self-confidence after a productive work day. For The Daily Money Minute, l’m Benson Hollinger. [80-82] The national torestry industry has seen a ỉarge increase ỉn the demand for lumber over the last 12 months. According to torestry statistics, revenues increased by 21 percent to $1.2 bilỉion. The main reason for this increase has been due to the risẹ in home construction. This has resulted in a shortage of workers ỉn the torestry sector. Hovvever, thỉs shortage of vvorkers should be resolved within the next four months. Employees are eaming more pay for their work compared to ỉast year. The amount of trees planted last year was a record for the country. There is also healthy competition among lumber companies vvithin the country that is expected to continue for the next two years. The only toreseeable threat to the lumber industry ỉs the possibility of the spruce budworm iníecting large torests and destroyỉng trees. Fortunately, scientists and researchers believe the risk is mmimal. [83-85] Ị The Weaver Community Center is pleased to announce I that we wiỉỉ be adding three new cỉasses for senior citizens Ị thỉs summer. We are addỉng a new Exercỉse class designed to give partỉcipants a light aerobics vvorkout. The class wilỉ ị be held three tỉmes a week for one hour each day. Another new class is our Arts and Cratts class that will introduce senỉors to paintỉng as well as teach them how to etch glass. This cỉass will be held twice a week for 90 minutes per cỉass. The third class is a Business cỉass. The Business ciass will be held once a week vvith the class being two I hours ỉn ỉength. The Business class aỉso has a lỉmited I enrollment of 30 people, so pỉease register for thỉs cỉass as Ị soon as possibỉe. Registration tees for the Exercỉse cỉass I and the Arts and Cratts class are $75 per class, or you can I regỉster for both for $125. The Business class has a Ị regỉstration fee of $80. [86-88] Ị lf you’re plannỉng a holiday but can’t decide where to go, ; visit sterling Holidays tcxiay. We offer you the widest I choice of destinations. Our speciaỉty is holidays in the Far East, but we’ll give you the best bargains for holidays I anyvvhere in the worid. To know more about our services and best offers, meet our traveỉ specialists today or visit our vvebsite - [89-91] 7„_ , ■ . ” Good attemoon and vveleome to our monthíy business meeting. Let me first explain the order of the meeting. Our I Treasurer Faisa Azbal wỉỉl reveal the outlook for the tourth I quarter of this fiscal year. She will answer questions the I board of directors may have regarding her tindings. This I should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Following that, I our Financial Director Eric Wentỉ will discuss where Optra I can excel ỉn the current business cỉimate, specitically in our I technology sector, which has seen ỉmproved grovvth. Our ! Human Resources Manager Fred Penget will then speak on the upcoming job openings vvithin Optra and where he sees those positions benetiting the company. There are two openings set for thỉs fall, and depending on how quickly the company grows, there couỉd be two additional openings created. Following FrecTs talk, our Executive Director VVitma Seacress wỉll make a speciaí announcement that ỉnvolves Optra joining torces with a large multinational I Corporation. 343 [92-94] This is VVilỉiam Marshall with this hour’s top story. The City of Plasburg today has announced create a brand new sports compỉex in downtown Plasburg. According to Mayor Jackson Tuttle, the $50 million project wilỉ begin next August and should be completed in 30 months. The sports complex wịlỉ teature an 11,000 Seat hockey arena, a 30,000 square foot gymnasium and four additional titness tacỉỉỉties. Located near the Plainsvỉew Bridge, the compỉex wỉll complement the new tootball and soccer tield that opened last May. The complex is expected to be called the VValden Center after Plasburg’s tirst mayor Henry Walden. An estimated 500 fulỉ-tỉme jobs are expected to be created from the new compỉex. The compỉex is also said to be a necessity shouỉd the City hope to host the Commonvvealth Games six years trom now. This is VVỈỈỈiam Marshall for 1090AMNews. [95-97] This message is for Bethany MacKay. This is Lars Vensin calling with Magno Models, Incorporated. I am calling with regard to the documẹnts and photographs you sent us concemỉng our need for tashion models. We are presently signing contracts wỉth Breedz Department Store for their sprỉng and summer product catalogues. As you probably know, Breedz is the leading department store in the country, and the catalogue is distributed to more than 400,000 homes ỉn the regỉon. We noticed that you have Ị previous experience posing for catalogue photos, and we ! would ỉike to invite you to our offices for an interview. You will íirst meet with our directors and our stylists for a briet dỉscussion in the moming. Then, in the attemoon, you wỉll be posing for two different photo shoots for our spring tashions and summer fashionsẳ lf our company feels you have what it takes, we will offer you a contract wlth a $4,000 signing bonus. Please call me at 429-0031 betore Friday at noon if you are interested in this opportunity. Thank you. [98-100] The Inver Village Transportation Commission is alerting drivers to the changes that will be taking effect beginning June 1. A portion of Highway 10, the main highvvay going through ỉnver Vilỉage, will be closing each night from the hours of 1 a.mỄ to 6 am . to allow potholes to be repaired. This portion wiỉl extend South to Creedmill Lane and north to Piedmont Crescent. Drivers WIẾII have to ỉake altemate highways and streets during this time period. We suggest that you take the Exit 8 Ramp West to access Creedmill Lane. Drivers can also use the Exit 9 Raiĩtp West to Piedmont Crescent. Drivers who attempt to travel along Highvvay 10 during road closures wili be fined a minimum of $400 and could lose their driver’s license for six months. The repairs and ỉmprovements are expected to take approximateiy two weeks. We will keep you updated if there are any delays or changes. 101. (D) 102. (D) 103. (B) 10 4(C ) 105, (A) iỉ)6 ề ( 0 107. (D) 108. (D) 109. (B) 110. (C) 111. ÍD) 112. (D) 113. (B) 114. (D) 115. (D) 116. (D) 117. (D) 118. (c) 119Ế (A) 120ễ <D) 12i. (D) 122. (O) 1 2 3 -(0 124. (D) 125. ( 0 126. Ccj 127. (Đ) 128. (B) ! 129. (A) 130. (C) 131. (B) 132. (B) 133. (Ạ) 134. (B) 135. (B) 136; ÍD) 137. (Bì 138. (c) 139. (D) 140. (D) 141. (D) 142. (B) 143. (C) 144. (D) 145. (A) 146.(0) 147. (D) 148. (B) 149. (C) 150. (C) 151. (D) 152. (B) 1 153. (D) 154. (B) 155. (D) 156. (C) 157. (B) 158. (D) 159. (C) 160. (D) 161. (A) 162. (B) 163. (D) 164. (A) 165; (D) 166. (B) 167. (8) 168. (B) 169. (C) 170. ịD) 171. (A) 17Z (0) m . ỈD) 174 (D) 175. (B) 176. (A) 177. (B) 178. (A) -179. (D) 180. (D) 181. (A) 182. (B) 183. (C) 184. (C) 185. (D) 186. (A) 187. (A) 188: (C) 1® . (A) '190. (b) 191. (B) 193. (D) 194. (A) 195. (D) 196. (D) 197 (C) 198. <B) 199. (B> 200. (C) 344 BIG STEP TOEIC 3 . (O) 1 2 3 -( 0 124 . (D) 125 . ( 0 126 . Ccj 127 . (Đ) 128 . (B) ! 129 . (A) 130 . (C) 131 . (B) 1 32 . (B) 133 . (Ạ) 134 . (B) 135 . (B) 136 ; ÍD) 137 . (Bì 138 . (c) 139 . (D) 140. (D) 141. (D) 1 42. (B) 1 43. (C). airpiane. Ị (A) 12. ịc) 13. (A) 14. (A) 15 (C) 16. ÍA) 17. (C) 18. (A) J .19. p 20 . (AL -2 1 (A) 22 . <B) 23 . ipể) 24 . (A) 25 . (B) 26 . (C) 2 t (B) 28 (C) 29 . ÍB) 30 . (B) 31 . (C) 3 Z A Q 33 : (B) 34 . (A) 11 ỉmprovement. (C) ỉt’s a brand-new Computer. 34 0 BIG STEP TOEIC 3 41. (B) 42. (C) 43. (A) 44. (D) 45. (C) 46. .(D) 47, (C) 48. (D) 49. (D) 50. (C) 51. (A) 52, (C) 53. (À) 54ắ (B) 55. (A) 56. (D) _

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