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300 SENTENCES OF CERTIFICATE ABI. GRAMMAR (300 SENTENCES)1. Is Susan . home?a. in b. at c. on d. under2. Do the children go to school every day? .a. Yes, they go. b. Yes, they do. c. They go. d. No, they dont go.3. What now?a. is the time b. does the time c. is time d. is it4. They always go to school . bicycle.a. with b. in c. on d. by5. What color . his new car?a. have b. is c. does d. are6. Are there many students in Room 12? .a. Yes there are. b. Yes, they are. c. Some are. d. No they arent.7. You should do your . before going to class.a. home work b. homework c. homeworks d. housework8. Mr. Pike us English.a. teach b. teaches c. teaching d. to teach9. Tom and . are going to the birthday party together.a. I b. me c. my d. mine [...]... The forces were unequal, they were we were a many / few b much / little c few / much d little / much 288 We have imported computers this year than last year a few b less c fewer d many 289 There has been demand for computers this year than last year Page 12 300 SENTENCES OF CERTIFICATE A&B a few b little c fewer 290 Always make sure your luggage has on it when you travel a a card b a cartel... down d gone off 245 Does this jacket my trousers? a go with b go through with c go ahead d go off 246 He about his new car all the time a goes over b goes on c goes out d goes off 247 Do you think you could this work with me some time, Peter? a go over b go on c go out d go off 248 We have permission to with the plan a go ahead b go over c go on d go off 249 I know you find the course boring, Pauline,... the new bridge will as planned a go up b put up c go out d go ahead 264 I see the price of bread has again a gone up b put up c gone out d fallen out Page 11 300 SENTENCES OF CERTIFICATE A&B 265 He was caught shop - lifting but since this was his first offence he was with a warning a gone out b gone ahead c fallen out d let off 266 She her father; everyone says how alike they are! a takes after.. .300 SENTENCES OF CERTIFICATE A&B 242 policeman directing the traffic a Take care of b Take track of c Keep an eye on d Pay attention to 243 The bomb when he rang the bell a went over b went on c went out d went off 244 No one really believed it when the news came through that the "Titanic" had on her maiden voyage a gone over b gone on c gone down d gone off 245 Does this jacket... There was a power cut and all the lights a went up b put up c went out d went ahead 268 You look upset, Sven Have you and Inger again? a gone out b gone grey c fallen out d let off 269 Paul, do you think you could me for the night? It's a bit too late to go home now a let me off b go me out c fall me out d put me up 270 Children made their hair a go out b go grey c fall out d let off 271 Mexico... be b had rained / would have been c hadn't rained / would have been d rained / would be 259 I live in a pleasant room the garden a overlook b to overlook c overlooking d overlooked 260 I hope they this road by the time we come back next summer a repaired b will repair c would repair d will have repaired 261 The book is divided into five parts and each of these three sections a have b has c will... again a electric b electricity c electrician 298 Her was so angry at her attitude that he fired her a employ b employer c employers 299 She looked at me as she said it a direct b directly c direction 300 On my salary we have to live as as possible a economy b economical c economically d more d a traveling-bag d employees d directed d economics d electronic d unemployable d economics d electronic . is a. short b. thin c. tall d. fat 72. That book is not mine. It is , I think. a. her b. she c. hers d. your 73. Who is that? - It is a. book b. Mr. Pike c. ruler d. me 300 SENTENCES OF. 213. If you don't like this one, try something a. other b. more c. else d. another 214. How much should I charge giving her all that advice? a. by b. because of c. owing to d. for 215 a. gone up b. put up c. gone out d. fallen out 300 SENTENCES OF CERTIFICATE A&B Page 12 265. He was caught shop - lifting but since this was his first offence he was with a warning.

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