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1 Đề cương ôn tập khối 12- HK I 1. PHONETICS: 2. 1. A. relaxed B. kissed C. surprised D. stopped 3. 6. A. certification B. disadvantage C. undergraduate D. academic 4. 8. A. application B. understanding C. mathematics D. philosophy 5. 12. A. divisible B. design C. disease D. decision 6. 13. A. accurate B. accept C. accident D. success 7. 16. A. activity b. extremely C. photography D. entertainment 8. 17. A. results B. subject c. records D. games 9. 19. A. finished B. applied C. required D. replied 10. 20. A. recieves B. considers C. accepts D. offers 11. 28. A. propotion B. available C. thoroughly D. tutorial 12. 29. A. international B. psychology C. university D. conversation 13. 32. A. applicant B. maximum c. important D. lecturer 14. 39. A. identity B. economics C. security D. philosophy 15. I/ Choose the word with main stress placed differently from that of the others or the word which is pronounced differently from the others . 16. 2 A.confident B. vacancy C. interview D. fantastic. 17. 6. A. polite B. honest C. resume D. technique. 18. 7. A. irrigation B. manufacture C. imaginary D. engineer. 19. 8. A. concentrate B. journalist C.diploma D.suitable 20. 9. A. popularity B. congratulate C. disappointed D. advertisement. 21. 13. A. future B. resume C. pressure D. enthusiasm 22. 14. A. honest B. humour C. honour D. hour 23. 15. A. whether B. enthusiasm C. clothes D. though 24. 19. A. character B. challenge C. technical D. psychology 25. 20. A. reduce B. retail C. repair D. relate 26. 23. A. confidence B. experience C. financial D. requirement 27. 27. A. manufacture B. future C. nursery D. secure 28. 37. A. pieces B. washes C. goes d. watches 29. 4. A. dissolve B. guideline C. reform D. expand 30. 5. A. reaffirm B. illegal C. substantial D. commitment 31. 6. A. discourage B. pesticide C. insurance D. equipment 32. 9. A. introduce B. achievement C. substantial D. commitment 33. 11. A. promote B. aware C. standard D. affirm 34. 15. A. adopt B. reform C. standard D. promote 35. 17. A. domestic B. investment C. substantial d. undergo 36. 20. A. shortage B. consume C. private D. legal 37. VOCABULARY: 38. 51. Sarah lived _______ campus in her first year at college. 39. A. in B. on C. at D. into 40. 52. Taking part __________ the Advanced Engineering project gave me a chance to use my knowledge to help society. 41. A. to B. on C. in D. for 42. 53. Police are blaming the accident __________ dangerous driving. 43. A. of B. over C. to D. on 44. 54. Are you getting ________ well at college? 45. A. on B. off C. in D. over 46. 55. ___________ the ozone layer were destroyed, most living things on the earth would disappear. 47. A. Provided B. In case C. Unless D. If 2 48. 56. _______ must satisfy the requirement for admission to the university. 49. A. Applications B. Applicators C. Applicants D. Applying 50. 57. The students failed to meet the necessary _________ for admission to the course. 51. A. fulfillments B. qualities C. requirements D. aptitudes 52. 58. No previous knowledge of Arabic is required for _________ to the university. 53. A. admission B. acceptance C. decision D. attendant 54. 59. My brother is 20. He’s still _________ university in York. 55. A. in B. for C. on D. of 56. 60. Students have to apply _________ a place at the university while doing the A level. 57. A. in B. on C. from D. for 58. 61. The college he _________ to has accepted him. 59. A. submitted B. required C. applied D. declined 60. 62. Success should not be measured solely by _________ achievement. 61. A. educated B. educating C. education D. educational 62. Several students failed to reach the __________ standard. 63. A. require B. required C. requisite D. requirement 64. Whenever something goes wrong, everyone _________ it on me. 65. A. blames B. charges C. insists D. accuses 66. He got an excellent grade in his exam _________ the fact that he had not worked particularly hard. 67. A. on account of B. in spite of C. because of D. even though 68. II. VOCABULARY: 69. 58. the children dressed in _________ clothes for the picnic. 70. A. formal B. casual C. serious D. careless 71. 59. He doesn’t smile at all. He seems to have no __________ of humour. 72. A. feel B. taste C. skill D. sense 73. 60. After the argument, we ________ good-bye and went home. 74. A. said B. told C. replied D. spoke 75. 61. Some plans allow ___________ to own part or all of the company’s stock. 76. A. employ B. employer C. employees D. employment 77. 62. The main _________ of this study is that its participants are all people of similar income levels. 78. A. weak B. failing C. failure D. shortcming 79. 63. A major cause of the decline in the number of older men in the ________ was the introduction of social security. 80. A. workers B. workman C. workforce D. workshop 81. 64. Gardening became his ___________ hobby when the first flowers came out. 82. A. surprised B. surprising C. fascinated D. fascinating 83. 65. Many applicants find a job interview _________ if they are not well-prepared for it. 84. A. impressive B. stressful C. threatening D. time-consuming 85. 66. Today modern ________ are applied to traditional crafts, which saves a lot of time. 86. A. kinds B. things C. skills D. techniques 87. 67. Children often dream to be a Batman, ____________ characters in films. 88. A. imagine B. imagination C. imaginary D. imaginative 89. 68. I don’t want to put __________ on you to make a decision but we don’t have much time left. 90. A. pressure B. order C. challenge D. responsibility 91. 69. To become a university student, you have to meet its ___________ such as a GCSE certificate. 92. A. wishes B. needs C. questions D. requirements 93. 70. We have a __________ for a typist, so you can apply for it if you want. 94. A. job B. place C. position D. vacancy 95. 71. Do you have any ___________ to make on the latest report. 96. A. comment B. idea c. effort D. decision 97. 72. _________ he hasn’t any qualifications, he has managed to do very well. 3 98. A. Despite B. Although C. If D. whereas 99. 73. He said the government would do its best to ___________ the problem of unemployment. 100. A. answer B. decide C. solve D. open 101. 74. I am considering ________ your offer. 102. A. to accept B. accept C. accepting D. accepted 103. 75. I’d like to take ________ of this opportunity to thank you all of your co-operation. 104. A. profit B. occasion C. benefit D. advantage 105. 76. The manager ___________ one of the hotel servants of stealing the money. 106. A. complianed B. blamed C. accused D. scolded 107. 77. In some countries, it’s ________ to ask about other people’s income. 108. A. rude B. kind C. likely D. happy 109. 78. We should prepare brief _________ of events when applying for a job. 110. A. application form B. qualification C. re’sume’ D. degree 111. 79. Excuse me, sir. I would like to fill a _________ as a receptionist in your company. 112. A. place B. blank C. space D. vacancy 113. 80. She promises she’ll _________ her address for me. 114. A. jot down B. see off C. point to D. fill in 115. 81. Professional occupations can be divided into many ___________. 116. A. accessories B. categories C. necessities D. varieties 117. 82. What she said made me aware of my own __________. 118. A. shortcomings B. shortening C. shortness D. shortage 119. 83. __________ is buying and selling large quantities, especially goods can be sold again to make profit. 120. A. Wholesale B. Retail C. Business D. Exchange 121. 84. So many well-qualified people _______ for the position that we won’t be able to make a decision for several weeks. 122. A. apply B. application C. applicant D. applied 123. 85. Many people lost their homes in the earthquake. The government needs to establish make shelters to care for those ___________ have homes. 124. A. who don’t B. who doesn’t C. which don’t D. which doesn’t 125. 86. Every man and woman ___________ the right to vote. 126. A. have B. has C. are D. is 127. 87. The play was very boring, ________ they walked out. 128. A. so B. if C. when D. while 129. 88. The clothes are still dirty because I forgot __________ on the machine. 130. A. switching B. to switch C. switched D. switch 131. 89. Don’t get off the bus ______ it is still moving. 132. A. whenever B. until C. while D. incase 133. 90. I didn’t _______ the impression that they were unhappy about the situation. 134. A. receive B. have C. get D. B & C are correct. 135. 91. His trip to India _________ a strong impression on him. 136. A. made B. created C. formed D. all are correct 137. 92. Do you think preparing _________ a job interview can be stressful? 138. A. for B. in C. with D. on 139. 93. Can you tell me how ________ the feeling of pressure before an interview? 140. A. to reduce B. reduce C. reducing D. to be reduced 141. 94. You should ask the job centre or employment agency all the information ________ to the interview. 142. A. relate B. relating C. to relate D. is related 143. 95. You should bring _________ you your school certificates and letters of recommendation. 4 144. A. on B. in C. with D. along 145. 96. You should wear neatly _________ you come to the interview. 146. A. which b. where C. how D. when 147. 97. You should _______ all the questions clearly, politely and honestly when the interviewer asks you. 148. A. answer B. say C. speak D. tell 149. 98. What ________ do you need if you want to become a teacher? 150. A. qualified B. qualificative C. qualify D. qualification 151. 99. I can’t decide what I _________ to earn my living. 152. a. to do B. do C. doing D. will do 153. 100. I think you’d make a good journalist because you love _______. 154. A. write B. writing C. being written D. to be written 155. 101. I could never be a stockbroker because I’m not good _________ making decision quickly. 156. A. at B. in C. on D. of 157. 102. In Japan, large companies tend to give ________ for a lifetime. 158. A. employable B. employment C. employer D. employee 159. 103. We have several _______ to fill in the Sales Department. 160. A. vacant B. vacantly C. vacancies D. vacancy 161. 104. You don’t need any ________ to work here. 162. A. past B. experience C. story D. previous 163. 105. Could you be more specific about what is _________ in this particular job? 164. A. enclosed B. concentrated C. presented D. involved 165. 106. the expansion of the factory will mean the ________ of sixty extra workers. 166. A. employ B. employment C. unemployment D. employed 167. 107. The movie has been highly ________ by critics. 168. A. recommended B. recommendation C. recommend D. recommending 169. 108. A hotel room is being ___________ for their arrival. 170. A. served B. equipped C. prepared D. given 171. 109. A lot of people _______ for the job. 172. A. intended B. requested C. applied D. referred 173. 110. don’t forget _________ goodbye to the interviewer before leaving the office. 174. A. saying B. to say C. telling D. to tell 175. 111. The shop assistant was quite helpful, but she felt he could have given her ________ advice. 176. A. a b. an C. more D. many 177. 112. workers who don’t obey the safety regulations will be ________ immediately. 178. A. dismissed B. rejected C. disapproved D. refused 179. 113. Since he went to university, Mike has become very interested _________ environment issues. 180. A. in B. on C. of D. to 181. 114. She has been _________ for an interview for the manager’s job. 182. A. called B. carried C. hold D. brought 183. 115. The agency will let you know if they have any suitable __________. 184. A. redundancies B. vacancies C. abilities D. capabilities 185. 116. A skilled ________ will help candidates feel relaxed. 186. A. interview B. interviewing C. interviewee D. interviewer 187. 117. With so much _________, I’m lucky to be in work. 5 188. A. employees B. employers C. employment D. unemployment 189. 118. She is not very keen _________ going to Spain . 190. A. for B. on C. for D. with 191. 119. There ‘s not much chance of promotion _________ a job like that. 192. A. in B. on C. for D. with 193. 120. He was offered despite his poor ___________. 194. A. achievements B. preparations C. qualifications D. expressions 195. 121. In addition to a competitive salary, the company offers attractive _________ benefit. 196. A. employing B. employee C. employer D. employment 197. 122. There are few employment prospects in the town for _________ young people. 198. A. qualify B. qualification C. qualified D. unqualified 199. 123. Although we’ve been interviewing all day, we haven’t managed to find a _________ applicant. 200. A. suitable B. self-confident C. successful D. appropriate 201. 124. People usually use more ___________ language when they’re in serious situations like interviews. 202. A. formal B. informal C. serious D. solemn 203. 125. We are _________ to encourage more local employers to work with us. 204. A. interested B. keen C. willing D. enthusiastic 205. III. GRAMMAR: 206. 126. There were 35 passengers on the coach, __________ were British. 207. A. almost all who B. almost all of who 208. C. of whom almost D. almost all of whom. 209. 127. John F. Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States and the fourth _________. 210. A. to assassinate B. to be assassinated 211. C. who assassinated D. who be assassinated 212. 128. The goal of teaching is to help students learn what ___________ to know to live. 213. A. do they need B. they need C. they are needed D. need them 214. 129. Cable cars are moved by cables __________ underground and are powered by a stationary engine. 215. A. they run B. that they run C. run D. that run 216. 130. Not until a student has mastered algebra __________ the principles of geometry, … 217. A. he can begin to understand B. can he begin to understand 218. C. he can begin to understand D. begins to understand 219. 131. Ricky Martin, ________ of the band Menudo, attained great popularity in the late 1990s. 220. A. formerly member B. a former member 221. C. was a former member D. being former member 222. 132. My cousin _________ is going to come and stay with us this summer holiday. 223. A. who I talk to you B. I talk to you about her 224. C. whom I talk to you about her D. I talk to you about her 225. 133. Picasso, _________ works inspired many other artists, lived until he was old. 226. A. who B. whose C. that D. which 227. 134. The Internet has lived up to expectations ________ years ago in changing the way the public researches. 228. A. express B. expressing C. expressed D. that expressed 229. 135. I hate the way you never look at me whenever you speak to me. i. A B C D 6 230. 136. The Old man and the Sea, the novel about an old fisherman’s harrowing adventure catching a i. A B C 231. huge fish, is one of Hemingway’s most famous books. i. D 232. 137. The Prizen Prize is given every year to architects their work benefits humanity and the 1. A B C 233. environment. 234. D 235. 138. The development of transistors made possible it to reduce the size of many electronic devices. i. A B C D 236. 139. The Sun’s rays heat the Earth’s surface, on which then radiates the heat into the air. i. A B C D 140. Anyone worked under conditions that cause a heavy loss of perspiration can suffer heat ii. A B C D 237. exhaustion. 141. Floods which causes billions of dollars worth of property damage in the United States annually. i. A B C D 142. I succeeded _________ my job through sheer hard work. 238. A. with B. on C. in D. from 143. I must congratulate you _________ v your excellent exam results. 239. A. in B. on C. for D. about 144. I’m really tired today. I wish I __________ late at the party last night. 240. A. didn’t stay B. wouldn’t stay C. hadn’t stayed D. mustn’t have stayed 145. I am looking forward to _________ my new job as soon as possible. 241. A. to satrt B. starting C. to starting D. to be started 146. He always did well at school __________ having his early education disrupted by illness. 242. A. on account of B. in spite of C. in addition to D. even though 147. He is determined to finish the job _________ long it takes. 243. A. whatever B. whenever C. however D. no matter 148. My boss had his assisstant _________ the document to him while he was away on business. 244. A. send B. sent C. sending D. to send 149. Rodney __________ for the company for very long before he was promoted. 245. A. hasn’t been working B. didn’t work 246. C. hadn’t working D. didn’t use to work 247. 150.On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person ___________ foot on another celestial body. 248. A. ever set B. ever to set C. ever setting D. who ever setting 150. The manager ________ one of the hotel servants of stealing the money. 249. A. complained b. blamed C. accused D. scolded 151. A home computer ________ an opportunity for convenient and efficient work at home. 250. A. provides B. is provided C. which provides D. providing it 152. On Friday afternoon before a two-day holiday weekend, the highways _______ people on their way out of the city. 251. A. are crowded by B. are being crowded by 252. C. are crowded with D. crowd with 7 153. We were made ________ fifty new words every week. 253. A. to learn B. learning C. learn D. for learning 154. ___________ the government fall, the stock market will crash. 254. A. Provided B. In case C. Should D. Had 155. We regret _________ you that you have not been selected for the post senior manager. 255. A. to inform B. informing C. to have informed D. having informed 156. It would have been a much more serious accident _________ fast at the time. 256. A. if she was driving B. she had driven C. she drove D. has she been driving 157. The Farallon islands are a group of uninhabited islands lying about 40 mile west of San i. A B C D 257. Francisco. 158. The windmill, which has been used for hundreds of years to pump water and grind grains, it is a. A B C D 258. now being redesinged to produce electricity. 159. An interview is a meeting which you are asked questions to see if you are suitable for doing the A. A B C D 259. job. 160. It is hoped that people are able to solve medical problems that are unavoidable today. i. A B C D 161. In his essay “Self Reliance”, Ralph W. Emerson told to his readers why they shouldn’t depend 260. A B C 261. on the ideas of others. i. D 162. What’s the name of the man ___________? 262. A. you borrowed his car B. whose car you borrowed 263. C. which car you borrowed D. his car you borrowed 163. _________ travaller’s checks, you may not need to carry money. 264. A. If you carry B. To carry C. If he carried D. For carrying 164. I don’t like stories __________ have unhappy endings. 265. A. where B. which C. they D. who 165. Colin told me about his new job, __________ very much. 266. A. that he’s enjoying B. he’s enjoying C. which he’s enjoying D. he’s enjoying it 166. Jackie Robinson, whose joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, was the first back american 1. A B 267. to play basketball in the major leagues. 268. C D 167. Today we know that the earth is one of nine planets orbit the sun. i. A B C D 168. While the boy were ice-skating, they slip on the thin ice and fell into the deep water. a. A B C D 169. I hear that Kate had accepted a new position at the East side Clinic. b. A B C D 170. If you setted the plant in a cooler location, the leaves would not have burned. ii. A B C D 171. We are talking about the girl whose used to be a Miss World. A. The girl about whom we are talking used to be a Miss World. B. We hardly know a girl who used to be a Miss World. 8 C. The girl who used to be a Miss World said that she knew you. D. I know the girl who used to be a Miss World. 172. Unless you can swim, you aren’t allowed to sail this boat. a. Anyone who wants to sail this boat must be able to swim. B. If you can’t swim, you’ll have to go in this boat. C. You may sail this boat whether you can swim or not. D. The only person allowed to swim are those in the boat. 173. Tom said: “ If I were you, I wouldn’t trust Peter”. 269. A. Tom wasn’t me and he trusted Peter. B. Tom advised me not to trust Peter. 270. C. I trusted Peter and Tom did, too. D. Whatever Tom said, I trusted Peter. 174. The children couldn’t go swimming because the sea was too rough. A. The children were not calm enough to swim in the sea. B. The sea was rough enough for the children to swim in. C. The sea was too rough for the children to swim in. D. The sea was too rough to the children’s swimming . 175. Passengers unable to show a ticket must pay an immediate fine $10. A. You are fined $10 at once if you can’t show us your ticket. B. A $10 fine will be payable later if you travel without a ticket. C. If you lose your ticket, a new one will cost you $10. D. If you are travelling without a ticket, we may fine you $10. 176. It was clear that the young couple were _________ of taking charge of the restaurant. 271. A. responsible B. reliable C. able D. capable 177. Dr Evan has __________ a valuable contribution to the thief of the school. 272. A. done B. created C. caused D. made 178. Marie, ________ I met at the party, called me last night. 273. A. that B. whom C. which D. whose 179. Unemployment _________ by 4% since January and now stands at just under three million. 274. A. was raised B. has raised C. has risen D. rose 180. Ansel Adams was a landscape photographer __________ photographs show nature. 275. A. whose b. of whom C. of his D. his 181. Jane didn’t check she had enough petrol before she left, _________ was careless of her. 276. A. what B. it C. that D. which 182. __________, an author probably most famous for his tales of terror, also dabbled in some science fiction. 277. A. Edgar Allen Poe B. To Edgar Allen Poe 278. C. Edgar Allen Poe was D. For Edgar Allen Poe to be 183. The periodic table contains all the elements, ___________ has a particular atomic weight. 279. A. which of which B. each of which C. which each D. each 184. Henry ________ a rich man today if he had been more careful in the past. 280. A. would be B. is C. will be D. was 185. The team has trained hard in _________ for the match. 281. A. prepare B. preparing C. preparation D. preparatory 186. This new service will be available for all users __________ up for paid membership. 282. a. that signed B. which signed C. that signed it D. sign 187. If I have to fly, I would get very nervous, so I usually drive. 283. A B C D 188. Do you remember the night which we ate at the restaurant that Bill owned? 1. A B C D 189. In recent years, steps have been taken to guarantee equality job opportunities to the handicapped 284. A B C D 285. and to minorities. 190. Do you know whom wrote the song that Alice was singing last night? 9 1. A B C D 191. girl / case / stolen / go / police station. A. The girl whose case was stolen went to the police station. B. The girl her case was stolen went to the police station. C. The girl the case of which was stolen went to the police station. D. The girl who’s case was stolen went to the police station. 192. Pablo Picasso / die / 1973 / a painter / sculptor. A. Pablo Picasso died in 1973 was a painter and sculptor. 286. b. Pablo Picasso , died in 1973, was a painter and sculptor. B. Pablo Picasso who died in 1973 was a painter and sculptor. C. Pablo Picasso, who died in 1973, was a painter and sculptor. 193. doctor / I speak / tell / not / worry. A. The doctor I spoke told me not to worry. B. The doctor I spoke to told me not to worry. C. The doctor to that I spoke to told not to worry. D. The doctor I spoke to told not to worry. 194. students / leave tomorrow / give back / books. A. Can the students who are leaving tomorrow give back their books? B. Can the students leaving tomorrow give back their books? C. Can the students to leave tomorrow give back their books? D. A & B are correct. 195. tree / branch / be dead / be cut. A. The trees whose branches are dead should be cut down. B. The trees its branches are dead should be cut down. C. The trees the branches of which are dead should be cut down. D. A & C are correct 196. The man _________ you spoke is my uncle. 287. A. to him B. to whom C. whom to D. to that 197. While abroad, he used to travel with an interpreter _________ was well known for his excellent language skills. 288. A. whose b. whom C. which D. who 198. _______ you have to do is sit by the baby and read to her. 289. A. What B. Which C. Who D. That 199. Dawn, ________ is a well-known musician, has been married three times. 290. A. that B. who C. which D. whom 200. These days, I guess nobody would be acquainted with a person __________ identity is not what it seems. 291. A. who B. who’s C. that D. whose 201. He didn’t give any reason ________ he was absent from the conference. 292. A. where B. that C. which D. why 202. Let’s go to Smith’s, __________ we can have a drink before the soccer game starts. 293. A. where B. when C. which D. whether 203. he is trying to buy the same ring _________ he lost two month ago. 294. A. that B. where C. then D. whose 204. Please remind me that I shouldn’t spend more money than ________ we have decided to spend. 295. A. this B. which C. it D. what 205. The dentist had to pull out two of my teeth, _________ was a real pity. 296. A. of which B. where C. which D. that 206. ________ I visist this place, I’m reminded of my youth. 297. A. Whatever B. Whichever C. Whenever D. Wherever 207. She put her prize in a place _________ everyone would notice it. 298. A. where B. which c. in what D. to that 208. This is the village _________ he was born. 10 299. A. when B. how C. from which D. in which 209. It is interesting to meet people whose cultural backgrounds _______ from our own. 300. a. different B. difference C. differ D. differentiate 301. 212. Mary taught me _________ to play the violon. 302. A. what B. where C. how D. when 303. 213. __________ who visisted our class last week. 304. A. Tommy who talked to the policeman B. Tommy talked to the policeman 305. C. Tommy talking to the policeman D. Tommy that talked to the policeman 306. 214. The movie ____________ was really good. 307. A. that we seeing last month B. that saw last month 308. C. who we saw last month D. that we saw last month 309. 215. ___________ whom I told you about. 310. A. These are the author B. This is the author 311. C. This is author D. Is this the author 312. 216. Artists ___________ paint more interesting pictures. 313. A. who find their own identity and style B. find their own identity and style 314. C. that they find their own identity and style D. which find their own identity and style 315. 217. _________ whom we spoke to at the English Zone Club meeting last week. 316. A. Peter Parker is professor B. Peter Parker is the professor 317. C. Peter Parker the professor D. Peter Parker the professor is 318. 218. _____________ are used to classify the different types of animals in the zoo. A. We’re going to discuss the scientific names which B. We’re going to discuss the scientific names that’s C. We’re going to discuss the scientific names who D. We’re going to discuss the scientific names where 319. 219. All of us have times when we feel sad _____________________. 320. A. and other times while we feel happy. B. and other times when we feel happy. 321. C. and other times why we feel happy. D. and other times whenever we feel happy. 322. 220. Volunteers ____________ are special people. 323. A. who helps needy people B. help needy people 324. C. who help needy people D. which helps needy people 325. 221. The cabin ______________ is for sale. 326. A. that on the side of the hill B. is on the side of the hill 327. C. who is on the side of the hill D. on the side of the hill 328. 222. Professor Sanders is the type of lecturer _________________. A. to whom some people would take an instant dislike to. B. whose some people would take an instant dislike to. C. which some people would take an instant dislike . D. to whom some people would take an instant dislike . 329. 223. ______________ in which there is a relaxing and accepting atmosphere. A. Some student learn better in situations B. Some students learn better in situations C. Some students better learn in situations D. Some students learns better in situations 330. 224. English students like to talk to people ___________________. 331. A. with whom they feel comfortable B. whom with they feel comfortable 332. C. who they feels comfortable D. with whom they feel comfortable with 333. 225. ______________ I told you. 334. A. Sam is the man about who B. Sam is the man about whom 335. C. Sam who is the man about D. Sam is who the man about 336. 226. She is the woman ____________________. 337. A. to whom I gave a book B. to who I gave a book 338. C. whom to I gave a book D. whom I to gave a book 339. 227. The concert _______________was good. [...]... try lots of different activities organized by the town's youth club Each activity lasted half a day and they were all exciting I also met new people as many of the tourists staying in the town joined in You could do things like painting, acting, play-writing or computing I met some students from Bulgaria who invited me to visit Bulgaria next year You can imagine how excited I am; in fact it was one of... 244 11 A which to we listened last night B to which we listened last night C which we listened last night to D to which we listened last night to 228 The people _ are friendly A with who I work B with I work who C with whom I work D with who I work with 229 The house isn’t for sale A in we live B which we live C in which we live in D in which we live 230 After the funeral, the residents of... i A B C D 387 break 295 Diabetes is an illness causing by too much sugar in the blood i A B C D 296 If they will want their children to get higher education, they will porbably move to a big city ii A B C D 297 This morning , they asked me what did happen the previous night but I was unable to tell them i A B C D 298 Martin thinks that people who watch television are wasting their time A Martin thinks... since I last went to a cricket match C It’s years since I had last gone to a cricket match D It’s years since I last go to a cricket match In spite of all our warning, he left camp without taking his rifle A Although we had warned him, he left camp without taking his rifle B Despite we had warned him, he left camp without taking his rifle C Although we had warned him, but he left camp without taking... work in the service sector D By the year 2020 workers will work in the service sector of more than 80% how / did / you / first / become / interested / in / this / company? A How did you first become interested in this company? B How did you first become interested in this company? C How did you first become interested in this company? d How did you first become interested in this company? interviews... hard, he didn’t succeed A Despite he tried hard, he didn’t succeed B In spite of he tried hard, he didn’t succeed C In spite of trying hard, he didn’t succeed D Even though he tried hard, but he didn’t succeed 43 My parents wanted me to go to university but I didn’t fancy it A My parents wanted to go to university but I didn’t fancy it 34 B I didn’t fancy going to university as my parents did C I didn’t... A) during B) since C) when D) until IV Choose the word which best fits each of the passage 891 Gianluca Vinti has a (16) …… job at an Italian university , a car , (17) …… clothes and a mobile phone But in reality , Vinti is a boy, who is still living at home at 33 and unashamed of it "It's true that life at home is easier," he says , "I have fewer expenses and my mother still (18) ……… me coffee in bed... he has lost his job 32 I regret not booking the seats in advance 789 A I wish I booked the seats in advance B I wish I have booked the seats in advance 790 C I wish I had booked the seats in advance D I wish I could book the seats in advance 33 If I hadn't had so much work to do I would have gone to the movies A I never go to the movies if I have work to do B I would go to the movies when I had done... 52 I haven’t got money, so I m not going on holiday A Having no money made me go on holiday B Not having money on my holiday got me down C If I have money, I ll go on holiday D If I had money, I would go on holiday 53 I enjoy playing tennis most of the time, but today I m too tired A I like to play tennis but don’t want to play now B I want to play tennis C I don’t want to play tennis D I always like... tennis 54 _ the rise in unemployment, people seem to be spending more 972 A Nevertheseless B Meanwhile C Despite D Although 55 The new law should produce a significant in working conditions 35 973 A escalation B increase C rise D improvement 56 Come and see me if you _ your report 974 A finish B will finish C had finished D having finished 57 He was offered a job _ his qualification . 1 Đề cương ôn tập kh i 12- HK I 1. PHONETICS: 2. 1. A. relaxed B. kissed C. surprised D. stopped 3. 6. A. certification B. disadvantage C. undergraduate D. academic 4. 8. A. application. suitable __________. 184. A. redundancies B. vacancies C. abilities D. capabilities 185. 116. A skilled ________ will help candidates feel relaxed. 186. A. interview B. interviewing C. interviewee. classify the different types of animals in the zoo. A. We’re going to discuss the scientific names which B. We’re going to discuss the scientific names that’s C. We’re going to discuss the scientific
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