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Ngày đăng: 10/06/2021, 17:54

Don’t eating III.Hãy khoanh tròn một lỗi sai trong số những phần gạch chân A, B, C hay D ở những câu sau: 1.On the way to Ha Long Bay, we often stopped in the restaurant for lunch and di[r] (1)Name: Class: 7/ REVISION I.Chọn từ không cùng loại với các từ khác dòng sau: A.fish B.dolphin C shark D aquarium A.went B.wore C gave D talked A.saw B.teach C ate D took A.souvernir B.present C shop D gift A places B aquarium C beach D zoo A dentist B doctor C nurse D toothache A painful B scared C hygiene D.serious A eat B polish C wash D clean A brushed B showered C.ironed D combed 10.A scared B serious C pleased D nervous 11 A papaya B pineapple C potato D orange 12 A scared B serious C pleased D nervous 13 A chicken B fork C beef D meat 14 A pepper B taste C salt D sugar 15 A delicious B sweet C health D good 16 A cyclist B diver C swimmer D carelessly 17 A scuba diving B swimming C footballer D table tennis 18 A must B should C can D play 19 A badly B well C dangerous D accurately 20 A run B singer C sleep D work 21 A movie B drammar C book D watch 22 A theater B program C cinema D.opera house 23 A.cowboy B detective C documentary D concert 24 A song B actor C music D news 25 A enjoy B like C love D interesting 26 A football B table tennis C chess D stadium 27 A play B see C television D watch 28 A amusement center B theater C arcade D country 29 A quite B pollution C noisy D busy 30 A cartoon B news C.music performance D.library II.Chọn đáp án thích hợp A, B, C hay D để hoàn thành các câu sau: 1.My mother me a new shirt last Sunday A.gave B.give C.gives D will give 2.We saw may different types of in the aquarium yesterday A.fish B.birds C.chickens D animals 3.Last week my mother bought material and this dress for me A.made B.got C.had D took 4.Liz always remembers her trip Nha Trang A.in B.at C.to D from (2) 5.Minh and her close friend are all the same A.old B.years C.height D tall 6.We often talk to each other .English A.by B.of C.in D with 7.We often go vacation when we have free time A.on B.in C.with D for 8.Do you think cooking is also a useful ? A.work B.hobby C.time D meal 9.What did you have lunch yesterday? A.at B.for C.with D to 10.I bought .my friends a lot of nice gifts A.to B.for C.about D X 11.They stopped at a restaurant a long time A.for B.in C.with D on 12.We often for dinner at weekend A.go out B.come out C.have out D went out 13.What a nice view ! A.she is B.it is C.is she D is it 14.I decided how to sew in free time A.learn B.and learn C.and learned D to learn 15.The Johnson family came back to Hanoi A.by bus B.in bus C.by the bus D in the bus 16.Liz is the same age me A.with B.at C.as D.like 17.Were you absent school yesterday? A.in B.at C.from D out 18.We a party last Sunday A.have B.are having C.will have D had 19 you to Vung Tau last vacation? A.Did go B.Were go C.Did went D will .go 20.Thank you very much your nice present A.with B.about C.for D as 21.Children are of seeing the dentist A.afraid B.scared C.worried D A &B are correct 22.The nurse will your height again A.weigh B.take C.measure D 23.How are you? -I’m 1.50 meters A.high B.tall C.long D height 24.Clean teeth are teeth A.beauty B.healthy C.kind D health 25.Milk is good your health A.at B.for C.to D of (3) 26.The past form of the verb learn is A.learnd B.learned C.learnt D B&C are correct 27.The dentist a cavity in his tooth last week A.did B.filled C.made D took 28.I hope you .better soon A.feel B.feels C.will feel D feeling 29.When you have a toothache, you should go to the A.doctor’s B.nurse’s C.buthcher’s D dentist’s 30.Why you go to school yesterday? – Because I had a flu A.not B.don’t C.didn’t D weren’t 31.Would you open your mouth, please? – I need to take your A.height B.weight C.temperature D health 32.Your parents want you to yourself when they go away from home A.take care of B.take part in C.forget your exercise D participate in 33.How long does it you to cook this food? – About 20 minutes A.make B.take C.give D spend 34.Which you prefer, meat or fish? A I prefer fish than meat B I prefer fish better than meat C.I don’t prefer meat D.I prefer fish to meat 35.Mai is because the doctor is going to check up her teeth A.hungry B.nervous C.happy D worry 36.How about going to the theater this weekend? – That great1 A.sounds B.hears C.listens D seems 37.Don’t forget .your hands before meals A.wash B.to wash C.washing D to washing 38.He felt sick because he ate meat A.to many B.a lot C.little D too much 39.I’m hungry now I didn’t eat enough this morning A.so B.and C.because D but 40 too much candy because it’s vad for your teeth A.Not eat B.Not eating C.Don’t eat D Don’t eating III.Hãy khoanh tròn lỗi sai số phần gạch chân (A, B, C hay D) câu sau: 1.On the way to Ha Long Bay, we often stopped in the restaurant for lunch and dinner A B C D 2.Sewing is Hoa’s hobby and she learned how to using a sewing machine from her neighbor A B C D 3.Hoa’s new skirt was blue with small white flowers at it A B C D 4.Last years my parents didn’t had any holidays because they had to work very hard A B C D 5.Last year I writes to my American penpal more often than I this year A B C D (4) 6.Hoa receives a letter from her mother yesterday morning A B C D 7.Keep the sweets in at nights, we will have healthy teeth AB C D 8.After the dentist filled the cavity on my tooth, I felt better A B C D 9.Minh is a little scared when he entered the dentist’s surgery A B C D 10.My father never eat unhealthy food so he has a very good health now A B C D 11.The common cold is terrible but whatever you your cold will last for a few days A B C D 12.Yesterday I go to the drugstore to buy some medicines for cold “cure” A B C D 13.My brother is 1.73 meters high and he weighs about 65 kilos A B C D 14.Yesterday the doctor measured my mother’s temperature and told that she had a fever A B C D 15.The nurse want to know about my height, my heavy and my age A B C D 16 She feels sick now because she eats too much fried meat and cucumber salad last night A B C D 17.Have a good health will help us to have many things in our life A B C D 18.Unhealthy food can you sick A B C D 19.Takes these medicines to make you feel better A B C D 20.Today many people are too fat because they eat so many fatty food everyday A B C D 21.Excuse me, but should I ask you a few questions? A B C D 22.I am now staying in a very comfortably hotel in the South of Australia A B C D 23.In our country we ought wear uniforms on Monday and Friday A B C D 24.You should have aware of your behavior when you go to this place A B C D 25.I have a lot of difficulties in this exercise A B C D (5)
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