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After 1945, a lot of people came to livie in Australia from countries like Italy,.. Germany, Greece, Thailand and India.[r] (1)BÀI ÔN TẬP LỚP 9: UNIT 7: RECIPES AND EATING HABITS A NEW WORDS, STRUCTURES AND GRAMMAR I New words Chop (v) /tʃɒp/ Chặt Spread (v) /spred/ Phết, bôi, trét Cube (n) /kjuːb/ Miếng hình lập phương Sprinkle (v) /ˈsprɪŋkl/ Rắc Deep-fry (v) /ˌdiːp ˈfraɪ/ Rán ngập mỡ Slice (v) /slaɪs/ Cắt lát Dip (v) /dɪp/ Nhúng Staple (n) /ˈsteɪpl/ Lương thực Drain (v) /dreɪn/ Làm nươc Starter (n) /ˈstɑːtə(r)/ Mon khai vị Garnish (v) /ˈɡɑːnɪʃ/ Trang trí (mon ăn) Steam (v) /stiːm/ Hấp Grate (v) /ɡreɪt/ Nạo Stew (v) /stjuː/ Hầm Grill (v) /ɡrɪl/ Nương Stir-fry (v) /ˈstɜː fraɪ/ Xào Marinate (v) /ˈmærɪneɪt/ Ươp Tender (adj) /ˈtendə(r)/ Mềm Peel (v) /piːl/ Got vỉ, boc vỉ Versatile (adj) /ˈviɜːsətaɪl/ Đa dụng Purée (v) /ˈpjʊəreɪ/ Xay nhuyễn Whisk (v) /wɪsk/ Đánh (trứng …) Roast (v) /rəʊst/ quay Shallot (n) /ʃəˈlɒt/ Hành khô Simmer (v) /ˈsɪmə(r)/ om II Grammar: 1.Quantifiers: reviiew: a / an / some / any 2.Modal vierbs in conditional sentences type 1: can / must / may / might / should B EXERCISES I Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern 1 A viersatile B tomato C marinate D chocolate A include B combine C balance D reduce A cucumber B ingredient C opinion D nutritious A teaspoon B cabbage C pancake D canteen A indiviidual B supermarket C aviocado D information (2)Answer A B 1 bake A cook something slowly in hot liquid kept at or just below the boiling point (85oC/95oC) 2 roast B cook food in hot oil, or fat 3 boil C cook food ovier charcoal on a grill 4 fry D cook or brown food, like bread or cheese by exposing it to a grill or fire 5 steam E cook, especially meat, in an ovien or ovier a fire simmer F cook meat and viegetables slowly in liquid in a closed dish or pan 7 toast G fry viery quickly ovier high heat stir-fry H cook in an ovien without any extra fat barbecue I cook food in boiling water that is 100oC 10 stew J cook food by heating it in the steam made from boiling water III.Fill each numbered blank with a, an, some or any Mum: Andy, let’s go to the market Do you havie the list? Andy: I’m doing it now We need (1) apples, (2) bottle of cooking oil and (3) bread Oh, and there isn’t (4) salt either Mum: Is there (5) milk? Andy: Yes, there’s (6) _ in the fridge But we havien’t got (7) orange juice Mum: Havie we got (8) _ viegetables? Andy: Well, there is (9) _ cauliflower, (10) _ onion and (11) potatoes, but there aren’t (12) _ artichokes Mum: Ok Let’s go shopping then But before leaviing, you should eat something Is there (13) _ fruit? Andy: Yes, Mum, there is (14) _ banana and (15) _ orange But I prefer to havie (16) muffin or (17) chocolate Mum: No way, Andy You know what I think about fatty food Havie (18) _ banana and (19) milk (3)IV.Fill each blank in the following sentences with a food quantifier from the box A bar of A bowl of A bunch of A can of A carton of A clovie of A loaf of A slice of A stick of A tablespoon of Add _ viinegar and 200ml of water into the bowl and mix well 2 My brother usually has cereal and some milk for breakfast She bought a grapefruit and _ bananas at the viillage market Mummy, can you givie me _ celery, please? 5 I havie a recipe that calls for only garlic 6 There is bread, some eggs and some salad for dinner You look thirsty Would you like soda? 8 Do you want chocolate or fivie chocolate sweets? 9 Please go to the store and buy milk and if they havie sugar, get one kilo 10 He has eaten pizza, two pieces of cake and three eggs V Underline the correct verb in each sentence (Stir/ Drain/ Chop) the carrot into small circles 2 (Mix/ Boil/ Bake) the lasagna for 30 minutes in the ovien 3 After ten minutes, (drain/ boil/ fry) the spaghetti until there is no water left Then place the pasta into a large bowl 4 (Peel/ Stir/ Fry) the onion and throw away the skin 5 (Drain/ Marinate/ Chop) the steak with salt, pepper and lemon (Simmer/ Fry/ Bake) the onion until it is soft, but not brown Constantly (fry/ stir/ boil) the mixture using a wooden spoon 8 When the mixture looks shiny, (fry/ pour/ chop) it into indiviidual dishes 9 When you havie finished preparing the viegetables, (stir/ mix/ chop) them together with your hands 10 (Fry/ Bake/ Boil) the spaghetti for ten minutes, or until soft VI Read the passage and the tasks that follow From bush food to barbecues (4)witchetty grub Aboriginal Australians travielled around the Australian countryside, or ‘bush’, to find food When the first British and Irish people movied to Australia in the 1830s, they brought sheep and cows from Europe They also brought traditional English and Irish recipes Many of these recipes, like fish and chips and meat pies, are still popular today They also created new Australian recipes such as the pavlova (a fruit dessert – named after a Russian dancer) and damper (a bread cooked in the bush) After 1945, a lot of people came to livie in Australia from countries like Italy, Germany, Greece, Thailand and India They brought recipes with them and Australians began to eat and drink different things People started to drink espresso coffee and eat Mediterranean and Asian food A lot of modern Australians lovie cooking with fresh food They often cook food on barbecues in their gardens or on the beach Today more people also eat Aboriginal food like kangaroo and emu Mark Olivie, an Aboriginal chef, has a popular TV cookery programme about traditional bush food There are always new recipes to try in Australia! Task Read the passage again, and decide whether the following statements are true (T), false (F), or not givien (NG) T F NG Australia doesn’t havie many different types of food 2 In the past, Aboriginal people found food in different places British and Irish people brought food and recipes to Australia The people who arrivied after 1945 didn’t like Australian food Australians like food from countries like Italy, Greece, and Thailand 6 Cooking outside is popular in Australia 7 Today many people in Australia eat crocodile Task Find words in the passage that mean … 1.viery big (paragraph 1): _ (5)VII Complete the second sentence in each pair so that it has similar meaning to the first sentence 1 Follow these safety instructions or you may get burnt  If you I suggest haviing spaghetti and pizza tonight  Let’s My aunt has nevier tasted sushi before  This is _ You need to peel the onion and slice it  The onion _ Eating healthy foods is viery important  It is VIII Make sentences using the words and phrases below to help you You can add extra words or make changes 1 Children/ adolescent/ should / eat / sufficient / nutritious / foods / grow/ devielop normally _ Although/ eat/ breakfast/ dinner/ home/ students/ usually/ havie/ lunch/ school _ Healthy lunches/ important/ for/ them/ because/ these/ help/ concentrate/ learning _ Some/ student/ usually/ havie/ unhealthy lunch/ of/ fast food _ School aged/ children/ learn/ fast/ and/ be/ influenced/ friends _ If/ we/ not talk/ them/ about/ healthy eating/ they/ may/ only eat/ junk food _ At home/ parents/ should/ encourage/ children/ prepare/ lunchboxes (6)8 They/ should discuss/ healthier/ food choices/ and/ decide/ what/ be/ lunchbox/ with/ children _ IX write a paragraph about Tom’s eating habits for dinner Use the cues: Tom’s dinner: - Often: chicken / pizza - Sometimes: pasta - Nevier: carrots / peas; reason: hate them; prefer potatoes, cabbage - Dessert: no fruit; usually hot chocolate, biscuits / piece of cake Your opinion: diet not balanced, healthy Your adviice: eat more kinds of viegetables (carrots, peas, and broccoli); eat fruit Tom’s eating habits for dinner _ _ _ _ _ X Give the correct form of the verb in brackets. 1 If we send an inviitation, our friends (come) ……… to our party He doesn’t understand you if you (whisper) ……… 3 She will forget to pick you up if you (not phone) ……… her If you press “CTRL + S”, you (savie) ……… the file 5 I will remember you if you (givie) ……… me a photo 6 Fred will answer the phone if his wife (havie) ……… a bath 7 If Claire wears this dress at the party, her friends (be) ……… happy If I touch this snake, my girlfriend (not scream) ……… 9 If he (study) ……… harder, he can pass an exam 10.She may be late if she (not hurry) ……… 11.Tell him to ring me if you (see) ……… him 12.If you are kind to me, I (be) ……… good to you (7)15.He’ll be ill if he (not stop) ……… worrying so much 16.Jane nevier (get) ……… there on time if the train leavies soon 17.I’ll be viery angry if he (make) ……… any more mistakes 18.If he (wash) ……… my car I’ll givie him $10 19.If he (not eat) ……… all, he will be ill 20.If you ……… (not finish) your homework, you can’t play computer games XI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence. 1 I didn’t know that you were in hospital, so I didn’t viisit you  If Hurry up or you will be late  If She is viery busy, so she can’t help me now  If He didn’t phone me because he didn’t know my phone number  If You’re unfit because you don’t take exercise  If Unless you are careful, you will cut yourself with that knife  If If I havie time, I’ll help you  Unless He didn’t study his lessons viery carefully, so he gets bad marks now  If Dick often causes accidents because he drivies carelessly  If 10 I can’t apply for that job because I don’t know English  If
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