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Là các bài viết luận ngắn bằng tiếng Anh theo chủ đề cho trước, sử dụng cho các kì thi vào lớp 10,trong thi cao học đầu ra tiếng Anh,.... Tập tài liệu có các chủ đề cho sẵn như: cuộc sống, sở thích,công việc,môn học yêu thích... 123doc.org Viết đoạn văn ngắn chủ đề cho trước Exercise 1: I went to the concert last night with my friends Write a letter to tell your friend about the concert Dear Sandy, Thank you very much for your letter which arrived a few days ago It was lovely to hear from you I am sorry, I haven’t written for you such along time because I studied hard to pass the final exam However, I had a great weekend more than every when I went to live concerts last night with my friends Now, I am writing to tell you how the wonderful concert is It is the beautiful concert I have ever taken part in with many people and the miracle of sound of piano As you know, my pianist is Yiruma and in last concert I couldn’t believe that he appeared in my eyes and gave me a big hug after his performance I also listen a soothing music which is played by him and other professional musicians Only when I heard his song from the stage I feel anything around me seem to disappear and I can fly with many stars on the sky to forget all my fears which I suffered before That is amazing Let’s come back to my live concert It is so cool and until now I can’t forget my feeling about it Do you often to go live concerts? What kind of music you like listening to? Who is your favorite singer? I am glad if you tell me about it in the next letter I am looking forward to your next letter Best wishes, Exercise 2: We had dinner at a new restaurant yesterday Tell your friend about that restaurant Dear Sandy, Thank you very much for your letter which arrived a few days ago It was lovely to hear from you I think the restaurant which you told me in the letter is very interesting I also like to eat out and I usually go to a restaurant for dinner with my family twice a month Our favorite restaurant is a traditional restaurant in Hang Bong street It is not big but it is always busy There are only a few tables in the restaurant and on each table is a vase with lovely flowers There are plants in the room corners I usually order the traditional dishes and eat them with rice For example, fish cooked with sauce, spring roll,…and vegetable and so on The food is delicious so we enjoy it very much The service is also quick and friendly My family always have pleasant evening at our favorite restaurant Shall we go there when you come to visit my family next time? See you next time Love, Exercise 3: Tell your friend about a teacher from your past Dear Sandy, Thank you for our class’ photo you sent me a few days ago I was so glad to write for you and tell you about my feeling after I receive it That photograph made me remember my old teacher who taught us high school She is slim with along hair and blue eyes Do you remember her? Our English teacher, her name is Sara I can’t forget that days when she played game with us in each class and we sang ‘Animal song’ together I also remember that She was very sad when our class didn’t homework and we felt so guilty with her Then we studied English hard to fix our mistakes and she was so happy But now she doesn’t still teach English in Viet Nam Ha - our classmates said she came back England with her husband I hope she would come to Viet Nam, I will meet her because I miss her so much What about you? What you think about her? Have you ever had the old teacher who made you unforgettable? Please tell me in next letter I look forward to your reply Love, Exercise 4: You went to a party last week, didn’t you? Did you have a good time there? Write a letter to tell your friend about that party Dear Sandy, How are you? I hear that you are going to travel with your family next week I wish you will have a good time Last weekend I went to the party arranged to congratulate Lan She won competition in her office That night we had a good time The party was arranged at Lan’s house Her mother and sister helped to us to prepare interesting dinner We want to make her surprised There were many people to join this party and maybe you know some of them After good meal, we talked and listened romantic songs and danced together We had interesting and unforgettable night with friends Ah, Are you going to next Friday? Don’t forget to send me some postcards from places where you will come Goodbye and see you after you come back Regards, Exercise 5: Write your friend to tell her/him about the weather in your country ( Can you describle the weather in your country? What’s the weather like at the monent? What outdoor activities are you able to at this time of year? ) Dear Sandy, It is so wet here I am writing to tell you about the weather in my country In my country, it is in spring with high humidity My country is a tropical monsoon climate Broadly speaking, the weather in Viet Nam is dictated by two monsoon seasons the southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October t late March or early April Moreover the northeast monsoon effects bring lower temperatures to my city, Ha Noi and all days in Ha Noi is in rain In fact, I am fed up with rainy day because I can’t go out to shopping with my friend Only thing I can in these days is writing letter for you and tell you about the terrible weather here All my clothes can’t be dry and the way I go to school every day is daubed with mud Love, Exerise 6: “I’m glad to tell you about my job” Write a letter to tell your friend about your job Dear Sandy, How are you? Thanks for your letter I am so happy because you always miss and think of me Now, I am working as a teacher in the military academy logistics I start my working day at pm every morning and finish it at pm You know I love this job, right? It has been my dream to become a good teacher for such a long time I like my job because I can use my ability and knowledge to finish my work the best Moreover, I can study valuable experience from colleagues not only about work but also about life Now every day is wonderful day with me And you, your job is very interesting, isn’t it? Let you tell me about it in the next letter I look forward to hearing from you Love, Exerise 6: Where should I spend my next summer in ? Could you give me some advice? ( I’m going to spend my next summer holiday in your country? Where should I go? What should I see? ) Dear Sandy, How are you? I hope you are fine I have received your letter asking for my advice for your next summer holiday in Viet Nam I am glad to give you some As you are living in temperature climate It’s a great ideal to have a holiday in tropical country like Viet Nam You can experience sunny and windy days here So, why you go to Nha Trang beach? It is one of our most beautiful beachs and is in recognition of the world as the most attactive destination in Viet Nam I am sure you enjoy bathing in the sunshine and swimming in freshwater and surfing If you like, I can help you book a tour for you to know mre about other interesting places in Nha Trang such as temples, pogodas, Nha Trang is also famous for seafood Therefore, It is a paradise of food for you to enjoy I think this place is good one for you to relax and enjoy yourself and get rid of worries as well as stress Let me know your decision I hope to see you in Viet Nam as soon as possible Love, Exercise 7: Write to your friend to tell her/him about your house Dear Sandy, Thanks for your letter so much My family moved to this house weeks ago My mother is going to arrange a small party to welcome to our new house this week We will be happy if you come And about our new house, This is a three floors house with a neat little garden I will plant some flowers in this garden to make the house more beautifully All members of family want to live in a house near nature, thus we decide to choose this house It is not bigger but I like because of its simple beauty There are sitting room, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen in the house My room is already lovely room in the second floor I like it so much and next weekend if you come, I will show you some little interest of my room My mother want it to be a beautiful house full of joy and wonder so he chose pink to paint it Do you like pink, Sandy? And best of all, it will never get dirty so we not have to spend time just to clean up the mess In our house, there is not very a lot of furniture but I think that everything is harmonious with other things My mother want to decorate it more before the party and I will help him Don’t forget to come here this weekend, Sandy I am looking forward to your next letter Love, Exerise 8: Write to your friend to tell about the last film you saw and whether you enjoyed it Dear Sandy, How are you? I hope you are fine Don’t worry about me I am fine Pass my greetings to yours parents Now I’m in my summer holiday so that I have alot os time to what I want You can’t believe that last week I had a wonderful visit to Vincom tower where I saw Titanic in 3D It was such an interesting experience that I could see that film in 3D Everything seemed to real I was also moved by the content of the film It is an epic romantic disaster film It is fictionalzed based on the account of the sinking of the Titanic Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate winslet stars in this film as members of diffirent social classes who fall in love abroard the ship during its ill – fated mainden voyage It’s a little bit silly when I cried a lots in the end of film, because the female actor was dead It’s worth watching so you should see film soon Let me know your feeling when seeing this film I look forward to hearing from you Love, Exerise 9: Write to your friend to tell about how you keep fit and healthy Dear Sandy, I was very happy after receiving your letter Thanks for your praise Are you putting on weight? Don’t worry I will help you not only to lose weight but also to have a fit and healthy body I think the frist you had better avoid foods high in fats like cookies, fries, You also try to limit amount of animal protein consume I really little eat meat I eat a lot of vegetables, fresh fruit which are full of fiber and vitamin and drink enough water daily The second effective measure is to exercise frequently You can walk or jog in the morning or afternoon everyday Morever, playing sports is also very good for health, espeacially it is very efficient to lose weight In addition, you can join some clubs for examples as dance sport or aerobic clubs if you want to have a fit snd healthy body, you should have regular daily routine I think losing weight will be difficult if you use suitable measures I hope that these experience are helpful for you Good luck, Exercise 9: You’ve just come back from holiday Tell your friend about the holiday and whether you enjoyed it by writing a letter Dear Sandy, How are you? Thanks for your letter I am so happy because you always miss and think of me I have just come back home from Hue In this trip, I went to by train because it is cheap and safe That was a really interesting trip Hue is known for its beautiful imperial architecture and wonderful natural beauty, especially the length of history of Nguyen dynasty I think that Hue is the only city in Viet Nam that still has restored historic beauties with of walls, places, and royal tombs Everything in Hue city make me impressed and surprised Perfume rives is very poetic and peaceful It always make me feel comfortable and relaxing In this trip, my father and I were on a boat in this river to listen to hue songs every night The melody of Hue songs is always very special I love Hue songs very much! The trips lasted days In the first day, we went to visit Tu Duc tombs It is a large and bulky structure We spent all day to discover this historical Structure There are a lot of famous tomb in Hue but because of limited time we only visited Tu Duc tombs The following day, we came to Thien padoga This pagoda was built in the 14th century and is palced on Ha Khe hillock area near the perfume river It is also known as Linh Mu pagoda This is one of the most beautiful and ancient architectural structures for reverence in Hue After that, we went around the city by ’xich lo’ and enjoined some special food of hue I had a lot of remember memories in this trip and I hope I will have more times to visit Hue in the future And you? Have you ever visited Hue city? Let me about your impression about Hue Love, Exercise 10: I’ve just seen a brilliant program about dolphin on television Which programs have you enjoyed recently How much television you watch? Dear Sandy, It was nice to receive your letter I saw the program about dolphins on TV It was really interesting than you told in the letter I also like animals very much, so I am usually interested in watching program ’the animal world’ in VTV2 channel It is repeated at pm on Monday every week This program helps me widen my knowledge about wild animals Terrible activities of human are destroying wildlife and our life There are a lot of forests and a lot of skilled animals I have a deep respect of nature, have all my life, and will continue to and learn more If you haven’t ever seen this program, you should try and I think you will like it Let’s work together to protect wildlife and the environment Love, Exercise 11: You have had learnt an English course Your teacher sounds really nice and your friends too Tell your friend all about your English class Dear Sandy, It was very nice to receive your letter yesterday Have we not met together for months yet? I miss you very much Last week, I went to Hai Phong to visit my aunts but I didn't contact to meet you I'm sorry, And about my English course I started this class weeks ago It is necessary to my English examination in August this year I like this class because it is interesting My teacher is Mrs Dung She is very nice and pretty, Her voice sounds gentle ,too I like her lectures because they are various and understandable I think English is very interesting and our skills will be better if we study hard and especially use it often in life We should speak and listen to English daily In the class, I usually talk to my classmates who are friendly and lovely Our class is always fun and exciting My course will finish ad mid – July this year After that I will take an examination to get the certification Oh, it is one o’clock at night; I have to go to bed I wish to meet you soon, Sandy And hope that all luckiness will to come to you, my close friend Regards, Exercise 12: I know you often sports at weekends, what’s your favorite sport? Tell me about it Dear Sandy, Thanks for your letter I’m glad to know that you and your family are always healthy and happy Now I feel healthier and more comfortable, too I think that is the result of doing exercise frequently These days, I usually jog around the park near my house every afternoon Most of time, I work in the office It will be not good to sit a fixed place Thus I determined to exercise more frequently to keep the body healthy and the sport which choose is jogging I enjoy jogging a lot because jogging helps me to be fitter and more enduring I think jogging gives us a lot of benefits not only for body but for mind It is the most efficient way of achieving fitness through exercise and burns more calories because it is a high - impact exercise Jogging is also very good for your heart, improves the muscle tone and strength, and relieves stress, beside also deal with heart disease I usually spend hours to jog every afternoon with my friends We often make appointment each other at Thong Nhat park to exercise together It is much happier than doing alone And you, what is your favorite sports? Can you share you thinking about it? Love, Exercise 13: In your letter, you said you had some close friends Tell your friend about one of your close friends! Dear Sandy, Thanks for your letter I’m very nice to make friend with you This is the first letter I write to you and I hope we will get in touch together frequently In the last letter you asked me about my closest friend and you wanted to get familiar with him so I want to share you something about him, too That’s Hieu, one of my friends at university We studied in the same major but different classes He is a kind and intelligent guy Moreover, he always studied hard so his studying result was very good In addition, he is an active person and usually joins a lot of social actions, for examples, teaching for poor children, helping alone old people who have difficulties , etc… I think he is the most wonderful friend I have ever had And with me, he is always very understanding, mature, fun, smart, and kind He sticks by me even during the hardest times, something only a true friend does Now he is working at the same office as me We is more and more close and I hope our friendship will be never stop Do you want to meet and talk to him I’m sure you will like him as me Best regards, Exercise 14 : Tell about a story you have had read *The original story* The boy who cried wolf Once there was a boy who looked after sheep every day up in the mountains One day, he felt bored and decided to play a trick on people in the nearby village He ran down the mountain to the market and shouted "Help! Help! Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is going to eat the sheep!" The people ran up the mountain to help the boy, but there was no wolf The boy laughed at them and said, "Ha it's a joke There isn't really a wolf" The villagers were very angry with the boy They didn't laugh at his joke The next day, a wolf really did come to the mountain The boy was very scared, so he ran to the village Again he shouted "Help! Help! Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is going to eat the sheep!" But this time, no one helped the boy No one believed him "There isn't really a wolf" they said And then, the wolf ate all the sheep of that boy That is deserved for that boy! ( There retold story )I was a young shepherd boy who looked after sheep every day up in the mountains One day I felt bored and I decided to play a trick on people in the nearby village I ran down the mountain to the market and shouted "Help! Help! Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is going to eat the sheep!" The people ran down the mountain to help me, but they found no wolf I laughed at them and said, "It's a joke There isn't really a wolf." The villagers were very angry with me They didn't laugh at my joke The next day, a wolf did come to the mountain I was very scared, so I ran down to the village and shouted "Help! Help! Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is going to eat the sheep!" This time, no one helped me because they didn't believe me And the wolf ate all my sheep Exercise 15: Write to your friend to tell her/him about your new neighbor Dear Sandy, How are you? I didn’t write to you earlier because I was quite busy My family has just moved to our new home It’s a very big and lovely house My bedroom is on the second floor and has a nice view over a flower garden In my neighborhood, a girl called Lien lives next door She is five years older than me, and she always has a pleasant smile She always has a pleasant smile She is very good at English and math She is going to be an English teacher when she graduates from university, so she wants to practice teaching as much as possible She promises to help me with my English I’m still thinking about being a writer Do you want me to send you the story I’m writing when it’s finished? It’s all about animals having adventures Write back soon I’m really looking forward to hearing all your news Lots of love, Exercise 16: Write a letter to your friend about your upcoming volunteer event Dear Sandy, I got your letter yesterday I'm happy to know that you're coming to Hawaii to enjoy your summer Hope you have fun there My summer vacation starts next week I'm going to attend an English speaking course as I'm not quite good at speaking English I'm also considering teaching myself cooking by watching videos on YouTube I hope I can cook delicious food for my family and friends What's more, I plan to visit famous spots near my city and watch a lot of movies Summer vacation will be a great time for me Write me soon and tell me your news! Love, Exercise 17: Write a narrative paragraph about your favorite trip If anyone asked me about my favorite trip, I would say my trip to Sa Pa last year was the one I love most I couldn't say how excited I was before the trip because this was the first time I had been to a mountainous area of Vietnam Despite being exhausted after hours sitting on a coach, my friends and I were eager to discover this “city of cloud” First, we found a hotel for breakfast, and then walked up to Ham Rong mountain The journey up to the peak gave us a panoramic view of the whole Sa Pa town During the trek, we also saw an orchid garden, numerous colorful wildflowers and stones in extraordinary shapes After that, we enjoyed some roasted food with special flavor at the foot of the mountain In the afternoon, we hired motorbikes and rode to Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall), one of the highest waterfalls in the country and then traveled to Cat Cat village where we had chance to witness minority group residents' daily activities Nightlife in Sa Pa was fantastic, too Colorful lights made the town more attractive Many visitors and local people gathered at the stone church to take photos and sing songs aloud We joined with them and had lots of fun We also went to the Love Market and got to know the beautiful wedding customs of people in Sa Pa The day after, we continued to discover this beautiful land and prepared for a return trip to Hanoi Until now, the trip to Sa Pa is still the most exciting to me Exercise 18: Write a letter to a friend to tell him or her about a place you’ve just visited Dear Sandy, It’s very nice to write you again How are you? I have just returned from my summer trip to Nha Trang with my family Let me tell you about that interesting trip Well, Nha Trang is a major city of Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam This beautiful city is a popular destination for tourists because of its wonderful beaches with turquoise water Although Nha Trang is more than 1000 km from Hanoi, it only took us two hours to get there by plane On our five days there, we enjoyed eating seafood, sightseeing some famous places and walking along the beach at night All the sights are so magnificent The weather was perfect, too It was sunny and windy during the time we were there Local people are also very hospitable The trip has made a good impression on all members in my family Next year, if we have time, we will come back this great city Where did you go on this summer vacation? Write to me and tell me about your vacation destination Love,
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