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I Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.1. a. sew b. opposite c. stamp d. bookstore2. a. polish b. library c. milk d. dinner3. a. nose b. coldc. go d. pork4. a. rehearse b. hour c. household d. horrible5. a. celebration b. collection c. education d. question6. a. startedb. weighedc. measured d. called Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 Test I I/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. a. sew b. opposite c. stamp d. bookstore 2. a. polish b. library c. milk d. dinner 3. a. nose b. cold c. go d. pork 4. a. rehearse b. hour c. household d. horrible 5. a. celebration b. collection c. education d. question 6. a. started b. weighed c. measured d. called. II/Give the correct from of the words in the brackets. 1. It is ( comfort) to sit in an armchair watching TV on wet and ( rain) day. 2. People can take a look at marine life and discover its ( beautiful) 3. You must be careful when playing electronic games because they can be ( addict) 4. In the countryside, people often know all the poeple in their ( neighbor) 5. It's nice meeting such a ( friend ) person. III/ Put the verbs in the brackets with the correct form. 1. A: What you ( do) in your dressing - room? It's only eight o'clock. B: I ( not feel) very well.I ( have) an early night. A. Oh, dear.I hope you ( feel) better in the morning. 2. My brother ( go) to the Youth Club every weekend. He enjoys ( play) sports very much. 3. We ( rehearse) play at the moment. 4. Hoa learned how ( use) a sewing machine with her neighbor, Mrs. Mai. 5. We got used to ( drive) on the left after living in England for a month. 6. I'd like ( buy) some stamps for overseas mail. IV/ Choose the best answer to complete the sentences: 1. I have to leave before seven, so ( leave you/ you do / do you / you leave). 2. My brother's not keen ( to listen to / listening to / on listening to / at listening to ) pop music. 3.American students take ( part/ care/ with / role) in different activities at recess. 4. They meet their friends and ( have / take / do / has ) some fun. 5. My brother speaks English very ( good / goodly / well / best ) . 6. What was the ( total / entire/ whole/ general) cost of the goods she bought? 7. We need a tent to go ( camping / swimming/ fishing / sailing). 8. ( What's/ What kind / What sort/ What ) sports do you play? 9. Hoa's parents are very busy at ( harvest time/ time of harvest/ harvesting time/ harvest's time) . 10.Oh, my tooth ( is hurting me/ hurts me/ makes me paintful/ hurts )! 11. We'll take a walk in stead ( off/ of / for / with ) riding a bike. 12. ( A walking/ Walking/ To walk / The walking) is a fun , easy and inexpensive activity. V/ Read the passage, then answer the questions below:Her daughter 1 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 People usually give each other gifts at Christmas. Christmas is coming soon. Mr and Mrs Smith have already bought gifts for their children. They will give them their parcels on Christmas morning. Tommy and Irene have presents for their parents, too. Their eldest brother , Jimmy, is working overseas. They have already posted him a Christmas card. The others have all bought presents for him . His presents were sent some weeks ago, so that he would have them by Christmas Day. 1. Do people usually give each other animals gifts at Christmas? 2. How many children do Mr and Mrs Smith have? 3. What do Tommy and Irene have for their parents? 4. Who will not be at home this Christmas? 5. Why did they send Jimmy his presents some weeks ago? 6. Do you often receive gifts at Christmas? VI/ Finish the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first. 1. She spent 30 minutes cooking that dish. → It took 2. He remembered and so did she. → He didn't 3. Where can I find the station? → Could you tell me ? 4.Literature interests my brother a lot. → My brother 5. Mrs Chi's son speaks English fluently. → Mrs Chi's son 6. Let's visit the beautiful Khmer temples Angkor Wat this summer. → How 7. Lan didn't go to school yesterday because of her sickness. → Because Lan 8. How heavy is the chicken? → What ? II/ Complete the dialogue using suggested words. Mary: holiday? Tom: yes, thanks. It was wonderful. Mary: Where ? Tom: To Ha Long, Viet Nam. Mary: What ? Tom: It is famous for many beautiful islands and caves. Mary: How ? Tom: I thought it was very wonderful. Mary: Who ? Tom: Two friends of mine and Hoa's family. VIII/ Use the suggested words to write the meaningful sentences: 1. Hoa/ measure/ height/ the moment/ 2. You/ better/ eat/ too/ candies/ because/ they/ not good/ your teeth/ 2 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 3. We/ go / movies/ last night/ but/ it/ boring/ 4. How much/ cost/ mail / letter/ USA/ ?/ TEST II I/ Read the passage, then answer the questions below: Angela Duffy is a schoolgirl from Liverpool. She wants to be a doctor. " I'm going to medical school next year. It's a long course- about six years- but I'm going to work very hard. It is a difficult job, but I like working with people, and I like the idea of working in a caring profession". She says that later she would like specialize and perharps be a vet." I love animals, and looking after them would be wonderful". Angela's sister is stydying marketing at university. She enjoys traveling , and would probably like to work for a tour company. I'm not sure yet exactly what I want to do . After university, I'm going to have a year off, and I'm going round the world with anther girl . We hope to find work on the way. 1. How long is Angela going to do study at the madical school? 2. Is working as a doctor hard work? 3. Why does Angela want to be a vet? 4. What does Angela's sister do? 5. Who is she going round the world with? II/ Fill one suitable word in each gap in the passage. It is Sunday morning. Mrs Brown is (1) busily in her kitchen. She is preparing (2) for her family. The windows are open because it is rather hot in the kitchen. Mrs Brown is a good (3) . Mrs Brown and the children enjoy her (4) very much. The Brown family is (5) of eating vegetables and fish. They (6) vegetables in their front garden (7) the fish is in a big pond at the back yard. Mrs Brown is frying the fish in oil ans boiling some vegetables in a (8) . She is also cooking the meat in the oven. Today is Sunday and meat is a special dish on holidays. Lunch will be ready in a few minutes. III/ Choose the correct answer to complete the passage. Yesterday Alice and Tim went (1) in Oxford Street. Tim was also intersted (2) a Motor Show at Earls Court, a big exhibition hall in London . So he arranged to meet Alice for lunch at a restaurant in Soho. He (3) for the show and Alice walked (4) the big store to buy some clothes, gloves and shoes. After going in and out many stores, she (5) the things she needed. Alice (6) very tired and hungry. She decided (7) to Soho. When she arrived, Tim was there (8) they had lunch and went home late in the afternoon. 1. a. shopping b. shop c. shops. 2. a. at b. in c. for 3. a. leaves b. leaving c. left 4. a. round b. above c. in 3 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 5. a. thought b. bought c. taught 6. a. fell b. felt c. feel 7. a. went b. goes c. go to 8. a. already b. ready c. really IV/ Find a mistake and correct it in each sentence; 1. Hurry up ! You 'll be late to school 2. They only work a few hour a day 3. What's the wrong with you ? I 've got the backache. 4. he gave up to smoke 2 years ago. 5.Why don't Lan go to school yesterday? 6. She played badminton twice a week. 7. She speaks English very good. 8. Where's your father?- He's to work in his room. V/ Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1. He ( be) sick and he ( have) to stay in bed all day yesterday. 2. Mai usually ( do ) her homework after dinner. 3. We ( be) on a trip to Ha Noi last month. 4. Don and Tony are at a restaurant at present .They ( like) the food . It ( taste) delicious. 5. What you ( do) ? I (look ) at the clock. I want to know the time. 6. You ( study) ? Yes, I am. I have a lot of homework to do. VI/Choose the best answer. 1. Lan made a green skirt ( in / with / on ) flowers. 2. Did they ( make / take / do) a lot of pictures? 3. I visit my grandparents( regular / at regular/ regularly) ? 4. ( May / Could ?Should) you show me the way to the bank, please? 5. I'll give some medicine to ( do/ work / make) you feel better. 6. Letture is very good ( at/ on/ for ) you, but don't eat too much at night. 7. I'm very ( good / fine/ pleased) to meet you . 8. I hope you ( to visit/ will visit/ are visiting) Ha Noi after the school year. 9. Please show me ( what / how / when /) this machine works. 10. Were you absent ( at/ in / from) school last Monday? VII/ Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. a. neighbor b. receive c. weight d. great 2. a. houses b. faces c. horses d. places. 3. a. nine b. fine c. sit d. life 4. a. played b. worked c. studied d. lived 5. a. youth b thank c. thirsty d. there VIII/ Give the correct form of the words in brackets 1. Minh looks ( worry) again. What the matter with him. 2. She never touches ( health) food and keeps the dentist away. 4 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 3. Ba has a large ( collect) of foreingn stamps. 4. Ha is very ( interst) in computer. 5. Walking in the rain gives me ( please) 6. Lan will be a ( fame) artist one day. 7. The ( energy) students often play soccer or basket ball. 8. The most popular ( act) at recess is talking. IX/ Finish the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first. 1. He gets to work in 15 minutes. → It 2. What's your son's weight? → How ? 3. How wide is the West Lake? → What ? 4. Lan didn't go to school because of her illness. → Because Lan 5. How lovely the dress is! → What ! 6. Nam is a bad swimmer → Nam 7. He is a more careful driver than I am . → He drives 8. The black car is cheaper than the red car. → The red car 9. Riding a bike so fast is dangerous. → It's 10. Who does this school bag belong to? → Whose X/ Use the suggested words to write the meaningful sentences: 1.Mai / not go / school / last Wednesday / because / she / have/ bad cold/. 2. When / he / free time / he / play golf/. 3. You / watch TV / last night? 4. Tom / prefer/ classical music/ opera/. 5. There/ be / oranges/ and/ live / 37 Hung Vuong Street / parents/. 6. Linh / fourteen/ old / and / be / ice- cream/ fridge. 7. Brother/ usually/ have / some rice / dinner / but / this evening / have/ instant noodle. 8. We / go / travel / HCM City / train / Sunday. 9. Ha / get / good marks / because / she / work/ hars / final exam. 10. Kien / not play/ lot/ sports/ when / he / be / child. 5 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 TEST 3 I/ Circle a word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. a. laughed b. planed c. hoped d. practiced 2. a. question b. station c. nation d. population 3. a. much b. drug c. future d. buffalo 4. a. everything b. thanks c. theater d. this 5. a. changes b. catches c. comes d. teaches II/ Circle the best answer to complete the following sentences. 1. In his school, children have ( two twenty - minute breaks / two twenty - minutes break / two twenty - minute break/ two twenty - minutes breaks) each day. 2. Very ( little / a little / few / afew) people like durians. 3. ( When / what time / How often /Which) does Dung have Computer Science class? - Every Tuesday. 4. Nam had better ( to study / studied / study / studying) if he wants to get good marks next exam. 5. Hoa: " I can't eat durians" - Minh : " Neither I can / Neither. can't I / I can't neither / neither can I" 6. A farmer needs ( feeding / feed / feeds / to feed) the animals everyday of the year. 7. The men ( to travel / travel / traveling / is traveling) to Japan twice a year. 8. Students in my class ( enjoyed studying/ enjoy to study / enjoy studying/ enjoys studying) English best. 9. Now every student in this class ( have / has / had / is having) their own books. 10.Is your younger brother ( cleverest / more clever / cleverer / the more clever) than you are? III/ Complete the following sentences with an approprite forms of the verbs in paretheses. 1. Tom ( go ) to the doctor tomorow? 2. Children must ( wear ) school uniform at school. 3. His good results ( make ) his parents happy when he was in grade 6. 4. How much a cake and a cup of coffee? ( cost). 5. I will give him a picture story as soon as he ( finish) doing his homework. 6. When my brother and I ( be ) children, we often went swimming together. 7. " Is it still rainy ?" - No, it ( not rain) at the moment. 8. You ( buy ) a lot of food yesterday , Mum? 9. The picture of the students ( be ) on the table. 10. My father ( not smoke) 6 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 IV/ Rewite the following sentences with the words given. Keep their meanings. 1. You had better take care of your ill grandmother. → You had better look 2. Remember to turn off the lights before going out the room. → Don't 3. How much does this stamp cost? → What ? 4. Phong's younger brother is more intelligent than he is . → Phong isn't 5. The doctor will finish filling the cavity in my tooth in half an hour. → It 6. Houng is 1,52 meters, and so is Mai. → Mai is the 7. I like reading books in my free time better than playing video games. → I prefer 8. Her son cycles safely. → Her son is a V/ Complete the following sentences with an approprite forms of the words in paretheses. 1. To have ( health) teeth, you must keep your teeth clean by brushing at least twice a day. 2. Schools in your district start planning to improve water ( safe ) awareness for children. 3. Don't make ( noisy ) in class. The teacher is explaining the new lesson . 4. Newton is one of the famous ( science) in the world. 5. What an ( interest ) soccer match !. 6. The police are interested in the sudden ( appear) of the painting. 7. Go straight ahead and take the ( two ) street on the left. 8. No one can buy ( happily) If you want to be happy you must work hard. 9. Her daughter is ( quick) at Math than Hoa. 10. We should eat body - building food, like dairy ( produce) VI/ Put the words in their correct order to make meaningful sentences. 1. a / means/ a variety of / without / anything / eating / balanced diet / you / much / food/ of / eat / too/. 2. always / me / she / stamps / she / letters / received /gave / the form/ 3. much / you /feel / hungry/ too /but /you /gives / and /do / eat /sugar / less / energy / not. 4. your / food /like / party / you /what /would /for / tonight / kind / of / ?/. 5. was / sister / with / because / yesterday /difficult / helped / it /the /my/ too/ homework /me/. 7 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 VII/ There is one mistake in each sentence, underlike it and then write the correct on the blanks given. 1. Cuong usually spends two hours to do his homework every evening. 2. What were they buy at the souvenir store yesterday? 3. We are intersted at studying Math and English. 4. The worker wear a hard hat to prevent accidents. 5. Ba has olot of stamps. He is a member of the stamp collecter's club. 6. He didn't play chess so good as his best friend did. VIII/ Fill in the blanks suitable words to complete the following sentences. ( 1) many schools, children have to wear school uniform and some (2) them may dislike it , but all teacher are keen (3) it. Teachers say that children in uniform don't look different (4) others in the same school or class, otherwise children should compare with (5) other and the poorer children will be ashamed of the fact that ( 6) will look straight away how poor they are. However, (7) schools give up (8) idea of making children wear uniform. Funnily enough, children can wear whatever they want. In my opinion, (9) should wear uniform at school because uniform makes them look (10) only serious, but also lovely. IX/ Read the passage and answer the question below are true (T) or false (F) Most cold viruses are spread through the hands when you have a cold and blowyour nose, you get viruses on your hands. Then you touch other person's hand and when that person touches his or her mouth, nose, or eyes, the viruses enter the body. It isn't even necessary to touch the person directly. Cold viruses spread when roommates or members of a family touch the same dishes, towels, and furniture. You can even pick up a virus when you touch the doornob in your classroom door , or when you touch things in public buildings. How can you use all this information for your own good health? when someone you know catches a cold, try to avoid physical contact with that person. If you catch your cold yourself, keep your towel and dishes seperate from everyone else's. Try not to touch things that belong to others.Don't touch other people and don't shake hands. Wash your hands often if you have a cold or if anyone around you have. 1. Most cold viruses are spread through the legs 2. One symptom of having a cold is that you blow your nose. 3. The viruses enter the body through mouth, nose, or eyes. 4. Touching other people is the only way to spread a cold. 5. Touching the same dishesdoesn't spread cold viruses. 6. Members of a family are easy to catch a cold. 7. You can catch a cold if you are the same towels with others. 8 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 8. Don't shake hands with someone you know, catches a cold. 9. You shouldn't wash your hands if you have a cold. 10. You catch a cold, you shouldn't touch other people's things. TEST 4 I(3,5d): Chọn đáp án đúng để hoàn thành câu. 1. He'd like a glass of milk. ( So do I / So would I / I am , too/ I do , too). 2. Your room is not tidy. You ought ( clean / to clean /cleaning/ cleaned) it more often. 3. He sometimes studies ( at / about / until / on ) 12 o'clock at night. 4. Yesterday we had ( an / a/ the / O) special dinner. 5. Could you give me ( one / a few / some / any) milk? 6. How ( many / much / old / far) does that shirt cost? - It' costs 50.000 dong. 7. There is a good film ( on of / in at / on at /at in) the movie theater. 9. I don't know what ( wearing / to wear / wear / wears) at her birthday party. 10 Would you ( please / like / to /mind) turn down the radio? 11. Last year I spent a lot of time ( going / to go / go / goes) to the amusement center. 12.Lan often takes ( care / part / place / after ) in many after school activities. 13. He prefers this book ( than / to / into / on ) that one. 14. Don't let your children ( play / to play /playing / played ) in the kitchen. II ( 2,5đ): Chia động từ trong ngoặc. Hoa ( live ) in Hue. She ( work) as a travel writer for a magazine. She ( go ) abroad five or six times a year.Last year I ( spend ) three months in Asia; and she ( like) it. Now she ( travel ) in South America. She ( not speak ) Spanish very well, but she ( (study) at the moment because she ( need) to talk to local people. Every evening, she ( write) notes about people and places. III(2d): Dùng từ trái nghĩa với những từ trong ngoặc, thực hiện biến đổi nêu cần thiết để hoàn thành các câu sau. 1. You must try to ( forget) what you learned. 2. This dest is as ( long ) as that one. 3. Could I have some more ( hot) water , please? 4. Among those cars, the red one is the ( cheap) 5. I hope to ( send) her letter tomorrow. 9 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 6. It is ( possible) for me to go there tonight. 7. How ( ugly ) that picture is !. 8. He listens very ( badly) in his English class. IV/ (2đ): Chọn từ thích hợp trong ô trống để hoàn thành đoạn văn sau. Listening/ in/ or / and / when / socialize / than/ do /home / played / with / learning When I was at school, I often went out (1) my parents at weekends. We went to the zoo, the cinema and the concert. My brother was older (2) me. He didn't go out with us. He often stayed at home and (3) games. He rarely went to the cinema( 4) ate out. He liked to (5) with his friends. My sister, Maria, sometimes went out with usbut she generally stayed at (6) to watch TV or to (7) the gardening. She liked (8) to pop music and (9) how to dance. She wanted to become a famous dancer (10) she grew up. V/ (2đ): Tìm một từ mà phần in nghiêng có cách phát âm khác từ còn lại 1. a. agreed b. missed c. liked d. watched 2. a. whole b. who c. whose d. where 3. a. bathe b. think c. both d. bath 4. a. cousin b. catch c. come d. circus 5. a. weight b. eight c. height d. freight 6. a. chat b. lunch c. orchestra d. teacher 7. a. seashore b. boring c. move d. more 8. a. know b. keep c. book d. chicken VI/(3) Mỗi câu có một lỗi sai.Hãy tìm và sửa lại cho đúng. 1. You must doing your homework before going to school. 2. I won't go there and so will they. 3. The film was excited so we saw it from the beginning to yhe end. 4. We like to swim in the swimming pool, and Herry does so. 5. She feels tirely so she sits down to rest. 6. Hurry up! We don't have many time before the bus starts. 7.I ought go to the market to buy some food for the party. 8. He may go to the seaside, he may doesn't stay at home. 9. We should keep our books and notebooks cleanly. 10. How a beautiful and blue beach!. VII/(4): Viết lại câu theo từ gợi ý giữ nguyên nghĩa ban đầu 1. Ann never drives dangerously. Ann isn't 2. What is her address? Where ? 3. Lan is the tallest in her class . No one in 4. She speaks Russian very well. 10 [...]... by ( this / that / these / they) symptoms that you have a cold and you feel completely miserable 15 When he goes fishing, he often catches ( old boots / rubbish / a lot fishes / nothing) 16 The ( doctor / painist / architect / dancer ) is showing them his plans of the new building 17 If you ( to follow/ follow / following / follows) the directinos, you shouldn't get lost 14 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 18... their farm A B C D 3 We work very hardly but we have fun working together A B C D 4 I think you have few vacations than American students A B C D 5 When wwe have an afternoon free, he go to play badminton A B C D 6 I buyed a different gift for my friend in America last year A B C D 16 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 7 They always think that we were still children A B C D 8 I am going to spend my holiday in Hue, a... thi HSG Ting Anh 7 She is very good 5 You shouldn't drink coffee at night You had better 6 Look afer yourself when I am away Take 7 It is nacessary to learn English well Learning 8 How wide is this room? What ? 9 Do you enjoy listening to music? Are you... year/ sister / work/ engineer/ printing factory// 4 Hanh/ buy / some / overseas/ stamps/ overseas mail// 15 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 5 In future / we / less work / more money / spend// 6 Eat / and talk / friends / be / most / common way / relax / recess / countries 7 Father/ mechanic/ and / work / factory / suburb// ... từ trong ngoặc(2,5đ) 1 This is my favorite chair.It is so ( comfort) 2.Can you tell me the ( different) .between them 3 Hoa goes swimming ( two ) a week 4 His sister got ( marry) last month 5 She had an accident because she is a ( care) .driver 6 Lan has a lot of stamps in her ( collect) 7 You had better do morning exercises( regular) 11 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 8 When she was young,... She 3 I'd rather listen to music at home than go to the concert 19 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 I prefer 4 My house is the oldest house on the street No houses 5 She spent 2 hours doing her homework It 6 How much is this dictionary? How much V/ Hãy viết một tấm thi p mời sinh nhật dựa vào những thông tin sau * Your name : Hien * Your friend's... câu(2,5đ) 1.Her aunt wants to know Lan's ( high) 2 They must remember to eat ( sense) 13 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 3 Nam didn't go to school yesterday beause of his ( sick) 4 Then, Nga ( hot) a pan and stir fried the beef 5 Soon, the ( russia ) started to eat raw meat 6 September ( two) is our national day 7 School ( child ) can have a hot meal at school 8 They ( usual) have it quite early,... interested in the cows? 4 What time did she come back home? 12 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 5 What did she want for the flowers? 6 Why did she place the vase on the table? VII/ Viết lại các câu sau bất đầu bằng từ gợi ý sao cho nghĩa của câu không đổi(4đ) 1 They won't be able to come on Sunday It's impossible 2 I never saw the sharks before This is 3 I didn't have a toothache They didn't have... six? VI/ Give the correct form of the words in brackets 1 His ( bore) lesson made us ( bore) and tired 2 His father is a very( care) drive butt he is the most ( care) driver 17 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 3 What is the ( high) of the tower? How ( high) is it? 4 You will be ( health) if you do some exercises every morning It is very good for your( health) VII/ Rewite thw sentences using... rubbish / alot of fish / nothing) 3 When does Huy go fishing? 4 What do Huy's friends advise him? 5 Where does Huy sit to fish? 6 What does Huy do when he fishes? II/ Chọn đáp án đúng nhất để hoàn thành câu sau 1 My ( chemist / porter / mailman / engineer) always comes early so I get my letters before I go to work 18 thi HSG Ting Anh 7 2 Hung and his brother . D 6. I buyed a different gift for my friend in America last year. A B C D 16 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 7. They always think that we were still children A B C D 8. I am going to spend my holiday. with / because / yesterday /difficult / helped / it /the /my/ too/ homework /me/. 7 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 VII/ There is one mistake in each sentence, underlike it and then write the correct. Russian very well. 10 Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh 7 → She is very good 5. You shouldn't drink coffee at night. → You had better 6. Look afer yourself when I am away. → Take 7. It is nacessary to
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