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101. Nelson Employment Agency is looking for an _______ administrative secretary to manage a busy legal office specializing in employment law. (a) experience (b) experimental (c) experienced (d) experiencing 102. Because the vote on the budget has been _______, I need the cost estimates from the Housekeeping Department today. (a) pushed up (b) phased out (c) pushed back (d) pulled out 103. The meeting room in the Johnson hotel features state-of-the-art _______ not offered at any other downtown conference facility. (a) technological (b) technologically (c) technology (d) technical 104. Applicants for the front clerk position are _______ to go down to the Personnel Department on the first floor and speak with Ms. Jameson. (a) supposed (b) suppose (c) supposedly (d) supposing 105. Our employees must strive to always remember that this company was founded on the _______ that providing customer satisfaction is our most important goal. (a) principal (b) principles (c) principled (d) principle 106. Since _______ the new product, profits have increased by sixty-eight percent, and customer surveys show a strong, positive response. (a) starting (b) beginning (c) opening (d) launching 107. The Board of Directors _______ the motion to hire additional staff for the branch because of limited funding and recent market changes. (a) rejected (b) resigned (c) considered (d) approved 108. The boss is so pleased with our hard work on the sales report that he said he will _______ us to dinner at a fancy restaurant on Wednesday night. (a) buy (b) treat (c) tip (d) pay 109. Automobile manufacturers today have to spend more on engineering to improve their safety designs to _______ up with industry standards. (a) make (b) clear (c) keep (d) hold 110. I will be _______ with our sales, marketing and advertising departments on the new product line at the team meeting on Friday. (a) coordinating (b) coordination 1 (c) coordinate (d) coordinator 111. In light of recent problems, we need to tell the accounting staff that an excessive amount of data entry errors could be grounds for ______. (a) termination (b) classification (c) reduction (d) promotion 112. Your first paycheck will be two weeks in arrears, but after that you will be paid _______ the first and fifteenth of every month unless these dates fall on a holiday. (a) at (b) in (c) on (d) by 113. This afternoon, _______ from the Southern Valley plant were laid off in an unexpected factory closing that left employees angry and confused. (a) employ (b) employers (c) employees (d) employment 114. Although current employees are encouraged to apply for the new management positions, they will not receive _______ treatment and must compete with external candidates. (a) preferring (b) preferential (c) preference (d) prefer 115. I'd like to ask everyone to come by my office tomorrow and meet my new _______ assistant, Marcella. (a) administration (b) administrative (c) administrator (d) administer 116. Before you leave today, please try to contact the executive secretary, _______ ask her for the CEO's contact information and availability. (a) but (b) and (c) although (d) despite 117. Please confirm that the London office has received the fax _______ after you send it, and then report back to Mr. Getty's office for the afternoon briefing. (a) approximately (b) immediately (c) usually (d) normally 118. I just spoke with Marion in Human Resources who is insisting that we turn _______ a memo justifying the large salary increase for Ms. Brito. (a) in (b) on (c) off (d) at 119. In a press release dated March 3, Charter Travel Corporation _______ a record-setting $3 million increase in last quarter revenues. (a) announced (b) announce (c) announcing (d) has been announced 120. It is important that we provide _______ information to our clients when they call to either 2 inquire about their statements or the status of their claims. (a) accurate (b) evident (c) efficient (d) approved 121. I am very saddened to announce that our Chief Financial Officer of thirty-two years, Martin Fogo, will _______ at the end of the company's fiscal year. (a) check out (b) run into (c) look into (d) step down 122. Mr. Anderson has decided that we are going to bring in a _______ from Miracle Software to design our new client management database. (a) consultation (b) consultant (c) consulting (d) consulted 123. It was recently reported in the Sun Times that many furniture manufacturers have temporarily cut back on using quality materials due to a _______ profit margin. (a) rising (b) receding (c) mounting (d) expanding 124. Carrie explained yesterday afternoon that all of the office templates can be accessed on the hard drive _______ on the network directory. (a) or (b) yet (c) so (d) for 125. A Money Maker article _______ the vice president of Super Jet Company saying that the company's stock is on the rise again. (a) repeated (b) stated (c) listed (d) quoted 126. Because some employees have complained about discomfort, next year we are planning to order adjustable chairs in _______ of our old ones. (a) places (b) placement (c) placed (d) place 127. Please _______ the new policy states that you must work the day before and the day after a holiday in order to qualify for holiday allowance. (a) remembrance (b) remember (c) memory (d) memorable 128. Most companies are legally prohibited from _______ any specific information on former employees when asked for information by future employers. (a) released (b) releasing (c) release (d) to release 129. It has been a challenging year, but the president's announcement that the company is in strong financial shape left most of the staff members _______. (a) reassuring (b) reassurance (c) reassure (d) reassured 3 130. To increase productivity, the office has _______ strict rules regarding personal phone calls, appropriate dress, and personal email use. (a) imposition (b) imposter (c) imposed (d) imposing 131. From what I understand, you will need to _______ the chef's purchase orders pending approval from the Vice President of Operations. (a) has verified (b) verify (c) verified (d) be verified 132. Mr. Chaderton came through at the last minute with fifteen new investors, _______ the company once again from a hostile takeover. (a) saving (b) to save (c) will save (d) saved 133. If the air in the computer room rises _______ a certain temperature, the server will automatically shut down and critical data could be lost. (a) outside (b) above (c) beneath (d) upon 134. Even though many workers complained, all employees at the electric company had to _______ a safety training course before their official start dates. (a) comply (b) compose (c) compile (d) complete 135. My supervisor _______ me on my delegation of office tasks and said if I continued my pattern of demonstrating leadership, I would be promoted. (a) complained (b) complimented (c) completed (d) complemented 136. Please contact the courier _______ and have them pick up the documents at noon today or else they won't reach Amanda before she leaves for Detroit. a) service (b) servitude (c) servant (d) serve 137. It is normal procedure and fully expected that you provide _______ for any office supplies you charge to the company credit card. (a) receipts (b) recipes (c) replies (d) recourse 138. The new finance manager is in charge of _______ a reasonable budget for the company as well as managing the budget by overseeing all company expenditures. (a) compilation (b) compile (c) compiling (d) compiler 139. The face of modern commerce would not look the same _______ the affordability of personal computers and the success of Internet businesses. (a) provided that 4 (b) without (c) on the condition that (d) granted that 140. The Project Manager set the prices for the _______ service and researched different marketing strategies before launching the new campaign. (a) cleaner (b) cleaning (c) cleaned (d) cleanable Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM VALLEY MEDICAL SUPPLY, INC. To: All Employees From: Steven Rice, President Subject: Community Service Program Promoting a healthy society is an important goal we all share. As a result, I am writing to remind you about one of our most popular and meaningful activities here at Valley Medical Supply - our community service program. I encourage you to participate in this year's program if you haven't done so _______. 141. (a) again (b) already (c) moreover (d) twice In line with our mission to provide quality supplies for doctors' offices, we volunteer our time each year to provide low-cost medical care at locations throughout the city. _______ locations include health clinics, hospitals, schools and even supermarkets. The services we provide range from flu shots to free blood pressure tests to assistance with major operations. No matter what your capabilities or interests are, we can find the right volunteer opportunity for you. 142. (a) This (b) Them (c) Theirs (d) These Employees consistently tell me that our community service program is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable aspects of their work here at Valley Medical Supply. The organizations and individuals who benefit from our services also express their appreciation. To learn more about the details of this program, including paid time off and free training, please speak to your supervisor. I'm sure you'll agree that _______ health services to our community benefits everyone. 143. (a) be provided (b) providing 5 (c) provide (d) provided Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. Red Line Clothing Company 5688 S. Silver Street San Diego, CA 93422 (456)234-1232 Re: Late payment Dear Mr. Charles, I have enclosed a copy of your invoice which shows an outstanding balance of two hundred seventy-five dollars. According to my records, this is the third notification of late payment, and you _______ not submitted a payment. 144. (a) would (b) have (c) could (d) will I recently spoke to my manager regarding your account, and it appears that you may be _______ for a payment plan if you contact a collections representative today. 145. (a) eligibility (b) eligible (c) illegitimate (d) illegitimacy I would like to arrange a time for _______ to discuss this option. If we cannot resolve this, I will be forced to turn your delinquent account over to a collection agency. 146. (a) you (b) they (c) us (d) them Red Line Clothing Company Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter. Romero's Heating and Furnace RepairR We've Got the Hottest Deals in the City – Guaranteed With winter just around the corner, you'll want to be sure your office is ready for Mother Nature's Arctic blasts. You'll depend on your furnace all winter to meet the comfort needs of your business, and that's 6 why you can't depend on anyone but Romero's to make sure everything is in _______ order. 147. (a) to work (b) working (c) work (d) had worked Romero's Heating can provide you with _______ of options for energy-efficient operation. Our furnaces operate at over ninety percent efficiency, which means that ninety percent of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your office. Since all of our customers are different, our service representatives can work with you to choose a system that's right for your needs. 148. (a) some (b) plenty (c) many (d) several We also offer free _______ if you buy a furnace or heating unit from Romero's. Don't get left out in the cold. Come see us today. 149. (a) consultation (b) information (c) training (d) installation Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter. Great Computer Workshops for Your Employees! Available through High Star Training, Inc. Have you been wondering how to keep your staff current with new software and technology advances? Do you want to provide the best available computer training for your employees without _______ your budget? 150. (a) exceeding (b) has exceeded (c) will exceed (d) to exceed Then call High Star Training and find out more about our affordable, high-quality computer workshops! Our current catalog of workshops _______ offerings on word processing, database design and management, network administration, and accounting for small businesses. 151. (a) include (b) included (c) including (d) includes We're confident that you'll find a workshop or two that is relevant to your employees' needs and interests. If not, give us a call at 283-3627 and ask about our customized training programs! We'll be happy to 7 design a _______ training program for your company. 152. (a) compulsory (b) constructed (c) comprehensive (d) committed We offer the best training available - and with prices starting at just $50 per workshop per person! Visit our website at www.highstartraining.com to view our catalog and learn what we can do for your company. You can even register for workshops online with a few easy steps! But hurry - workshops fill up quickly and spaces are limited. Contact High Star Training today! Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes To: All Employees, Knight Accounting Agency From: Ted Knight, Chief Executive Officer Subject: Staff Retreat I am writing to remind you that our annual staff retreat will be held on Wednesday, December 13 and Thursday, December 14 at the City Convention Center, 1510 Parkland Avenue. Attendance is mandatory for all employees. Please plan to arrive promptly at 8 a.m. on both days; continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. Our annual staff retreat is an opportunity to acknowledge our accomplishments, receive training and support, and set our goals for the coming year. We've hired a professional trainer to start the retreat with some fun and informative activities designed to help us work more effectively as a team. Next, we'll meet in small groups to talk about our jobs and what we can do to become more successful. Finally, we'll come together as a group to share insights and to write our mission statement and objectives for next year. In preparation for the retreat, please write a personal mission statement and a brief description of your job. Please email these to me at tknight@kaa.com no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, December 12. I will compile your responses into a handout that will be distributed to all employees. In addition, managers should submit to me a list of objectives for their divisions no later than 10 a.m. on Tuesday, December 13. Taking a few moments out of your busy schedules to do this advance preparation will make the retreat more valuable for all of us. I look forward to seeing you at the City Convention Center! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 153. What is the memo mainly about? (a) Some mandatory meetings for managers (b) A proposed luncheon for new employees (c) A required employee training session 8 (d) An optional planning retreat for the staff 154. Who will lead a session on teamwork? (a) The company president (b) A hired facilitator (c) A group of executives (d) The business manager 155. When is the deadline for managers to submit their list of division goals? (a) December 12 (b) December 13 (c) December 14 (d) December 15 Route 187 Parker Avenue – Airport Note: All times are approximate. Arrive at your stop at least five minutes early. For your safety, please stand on the sidewalk behind the yellow line painted on the curb while waiting for your coach. Southbound Northbound Main St Coal Av Lark Rd Airport Airport Lark Rd Coal Av Main St 7:30a 7:42 7:51 7:57 8:00a 8:06 8:15 8:27 8:30 8:42 8:51 8:57 9:00 9:06 9:15 9:27 9:30 9:42 9:51 9:57 10:00 10:06 10:15 10:27 10:30 10:42 10:51 10:57 11:00 11:06 11:15 11:27 11:30 11:42 11:51 11:57 12:00p 12:06 12:15 12:27 12:30p 12:42 12:51 12:57 1:00 1:06 1:15 1:27 1:30 1:42 1:51 1:57 2:00 2:06 2:15 2:27 2:30 2:42 2:51 2:57 3:00 3:06 3:15 3:27 3:30 3:42 3:51 3:57 4:00 4:06 4:15 4:27 4:30 4:42 4:51 4:57 5:00 5:06 5:15 5:27 5:30 5:42 5:51 5:57 6:00 6:06 6:15 6:27 6:30 6:42 6:51 6:57 7:00 7:06 7:15 7:27 7:30 7:42 7:51 7:57 Thank you for using Parker Valley Public Transportation. Call 832-8362 for customer assistance. 156. Where is this time table most likely to be found? (a) At a subway station (b) At an airport boarding gate (c) At a bus stop (d) In a train station 157. When does the last northbound run pass Lark Road? (a) 6:06 pm 9 (b) 6:51 pm (c) 7:06 pm (d) 7:51 pm. Internal Job Posting Plainview Distributors, Inc. Supply Chain Manager Due to rapid growth, Plainview Distributors is seeking applications for a Supply Chain Manager. This is a career advancement opportunity open to current employees only. The Supply Chain Manager will oversee all aspects of warehouse storage and transportation for product deliveries in the southwestern United States. The Supply Chain Manager will be required to work out of the Phoenix office, and frequent movement within the region to check on branch operations (approximately ten trips per year) will be expected. The successful candidate will be an experienced professional, familiar with the company and its clients, who can manage a complex network and succeed under pressure. Preferred qualifications include experience in one of our warehouses or truck depots, familiarity with the Southwest, and experience in personnel management. Company benefits associated with this position include a competitive salary, company car, personal expense account, and payment of relocation expenses, if needed. In addition, the successful candidate will continue to receive the excellent insurance benefits, vacation pay and tuition support offered to all staff of Plainview Distributors. To apply, please fill out an application using our secure company website at www.plainviewdistributors.com/~hr. No paper copies or phone calls, please. As part of the online application, you will be asked to submit a current resume and a list of three (3) professional references. Submit all application materials no later than Friday, March 28. Plainview Distributors is an equal opportunity employer. 158. What is the announcement about? (a) A call for applications for new product suppliers (b) A career opportunity for staff members of the company (c) A job competition open to external candidates only (d) A change in company benefits affecting some workers 159. Which of the following topics is mentioned in the announcement? (a) The monthly pay rate for the job (b) The number of employees supervised (c) The amount of business travel required (d) The type of products being distributed. 160. What should interested people do? (a) Fax a resume and list of references (b) Call to request a personal interview (c) Submit an application via Internet (d) Put an application package in the mail 10 [...]... 18 1 B 19 1 C 10 2 A 11 2 C 12 2 B 13 2 A 14 2 D 15 2 C 16 2 B 17 2 D 18 2 D 19 2 B 10 3 C 11 3 C 12 3 B 13 3 B 14 3 B 15 3 C 16 3 D 17 3 A 18 3 C 19 3 D 10 4 A 11 4 B 12 4 A 13 4 D 14 4 B 15 4 B 16 4 C 17 4 B 18 4 C 19 4 B 10 5 D 11 5 B 12 5 D 13 5 B 14 5 B 15 5 B 16 5 B 17 5 D 18 5 C 19 5 A 10 6 D 11 6 B 12 6 D 13 6 A 14 6 C 15 6 C 16 6 A 17 6 B 18 6 B 19 6 D 10 7 A 11 7 B 12 7 B 13 7 A 14 7 B 15 7 C 16 7 D 17 7 C 18 7 C 19 7 B 10 8 B 11 8 A 12 8 B 13 8 C 14 8 B 15 8... A 14 6 C 15 6 C 16 6 A 17 6 B 18 6 B 19 6 D 10 7 A 11 7 B 12 7 B 13 7 A 14 7 B 15 7 C 16 7 D 17 7 C 18 7 C 19 7 B 10 8 B 11 8 A 12 8 B 13 8 C 14 8 B 15 8 B 16 8 B 17 8 A 18 8 A 19 8 B 10 9 C 11 9 A 12 9 D 13 9 B 14 9 D 15 9 C 16 9 D 17 9 B 18 9 A 19 9 A 11 0 A 12 0 A 13 0 C 14 0 B 15 0 A 16 0 C 17 0 A 18 0 D 19 0 B 200 C 22 ... policy 19 9 What does Mr Sanchez suggest? (a) Giving employees more choices 21 (b) Returning to the previous policy (c) Making holiday work optional (d) Giving employees more money (a) Pursue legal action (b) Contact a labor rights lawyer (c) Have a meeting with Mr Regan (d) Call a meeting for all employees 200 What will Mr Sanchez probably do next? ANSWER 10 1 C 11 1 A 12 1 D 13 1 B 14 1 B 15 1 D 16 1 C 17 1 B 18 1... products from Document Plus We hope you enjoy your Document Plus 250-E Office Document Shredder At Document Plus, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction If you have any questions or complaints about your shredder, please contact us at 80 0-3 7 2 -1 19 3 You can also visit our website at http://www.documentplus.com for helpful information 16 8 Where is this notice most likely to be found? (a) On an office... place to work (c) The new company security guard 16 1 What is the subject of the memorandum? (a) A recent break-in (b) An alarm malfunction (c) A new security protocol (d) A security system code change 16 2 Who is the author of the memorandum? (a) The head of the police department (b) An employee in charge of safety (d) A concerned department manager 16 3 What should employees do if they encounter a threatening... a computer software website 16 9 What regular maintenance is recommended? (a) Remove all metal objects in the machine (b) Clean and dry all shredder teeth (c) Empty shredder receptacle monthly (d) Grease the shredding component 17 0 Which of the following objects need to be removed before using the shredder? (a) binder clips (b) staples (c) cardboard (d) manila folders 13 17 1 How can owners register their... Emma at the Human Resources office, emma@mrassoc.com or 74 2-2 4 51 178 What is the topic of the announcement? 16 (a) Plans for expanding the company to overseas locations (b) Plans for providing a new educational benefit to staff (c) Information about the company's activities in Canada (d) Information about the new company building in France 17 9 Who should attend the meeting? (a) Employees who will be... Daily News 16 7 Why is Billy Roybal thinking of leaving Centerville? (a) Training in his field is not available 12 (b) He cannot fulfill his employment contract (c) The community college is going to close (d) He is unable to find work in the area Using Your New Document Plus 250-E Office Document Shredder We are pleased that you have chosen Document Plus for your office needs Our Model 250-E Office Document... speak with me privately Sincerely, 15 Jack Kemp Manager, Electronic Resources Division 17 5 Why did Mr Kemp write this letter? (a) To explain how the committee-review process will work (b) To consider options for redesigning the company website (c) To announce that the company plans to lay off employees (d) To clarify that the division's work will not be reassigned 17 6 What does Mr Kemp believe is the... (d) Contact the local authorities Hard Times Ahead for Local Graduates 11 Billy Roybal just graduated from Centerville Community College with a degree in semiconductor manufacturing technology Like the other 30 students who enrolled in his class two years ago, he was told that after graduation, he was virtually guaranteed a well-paying job at the Supreme Semiconductor plant However, Billy and most . 7: 51 7:57 8:00a 8:06 8 :15 8:27 8:30 8:42 8: 51 8:57 9:00 9:06 9 :15 9:27 9:30 9:42 9: 51 9:57 10 :00 10 :06 10 :15 10 :27 10 :30 10 :42 10 : 51 10:57 11 :00 11 :06 11 :15 11 :27 11 :30 11 :42 11 : 51 11: 57 12 :00p. 11 :57 12 :00p 12 :06 12 :15 12 :27 12 :30p 12 :42 12 : 51 12:57 1: 00 1: 06 1: 15 1: 27 1: 30 1: 42 1: 51 1:57 2:00 2:06 2 :15 2:27 2:30 2:42 2: 51 2:57 3:00 3:06 3 :15 3:27 3:30 3:42 3: 51 3:57 4:00 4:06 4 :15 4:27 4:30. 3:57 4:00 4:06 4 :15 4:27 4:30 4:42 4: 51 4:57 5:00 5:06 5 :15 5:27 5:30 5:42 5: 51 5:57 6:00 6:06 6 :15 6:27 6:30 6:42 6: 51 6:57 7:00 7:06 7 :15 7:27 7:30 7:42 7: 51 7:57 Thank you for using Parker Valley
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