Relative Pronouns ( Exercises )

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Relative pronouns ( Exercises ) Relative pronouns ( Exercises ) I combine these sentences with who , whom , which 1 I thanked the woman She helped me 2 She is the most intelligent woman I’ve ever met[.] Relative pronouns ( Exercises ) I.combine these sentences with who , whom , which I thanked the woman She helped me She is the most intelligent woman I’ve ever met this woman The doctor is famous You visited him yesterday Do you know the music? It is being played on the radio These children are orphans She is taking care of these children She couldn’t come to the party This is a pity The man answered the phone He said Tom was out Who is the woman? We met her here last year Try to read the book I gave it to you yesterday 10 A typhoon is a violet tropical storm It can cause great destruction 11 Her mother wanted to listen to the news on T.V She was interested in weather forecasts 12 Hoa took some change She wanted to buy some drink 13 The boys are interested in football It is a popular game all over the world 14 My clssmates had so much fun at the carnival They wanted to see it again 15 We visited the monument It was built a hundred years ago 16 Minh went back home He forgot to turn off the faucet 17 Mai wants to drink some medicine She has a headache 18 Children like to eat ice-cream It can cause toothache if they have too much everyday 19 Her mom made a delicious for the family She was a cook in a restaurant 20 The boy gave his parents big hugs before he left He went abroad to study II Combine each pair of sentences , Using “ whose” I like the house Its walls were made of glass I read about the child His life was saved by a pet dog The people were nice We visited their house yesterday A boy is a friend of mine You are using his bike Do you know the woman? Her daughter has won the contest We will tell you about the boy You met his parents last night The girl feels happy Her husband has just won a big prize The author is an English You are reading his book The pupils study hard Their parents are proud of them 10 My sister is trying to get a job Her children are at school all day 11 The girl is beautiful Her dress is red 12 The man is a doctor My parents bought the man’s house 13 The woman is a nurse We saw the woman’s daughter last week 14 Lan is my friend Her mother died last year 15 The girl is my sister You took the girl’s picture
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