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QUÁN TỪ (A, AN, THE) I/ The ( Quỏn từ xỏc định)

Một phần của tài liệu TÀI LIỆU BỒI DƯỠNG HSG TIẾNG ANH LỚP 8 (Trang 114 -116 )

III/ Động từ +Giới từ

QUÁN TỪ (A, AN, THE) I/ The ( Quỏn từ xỏc định)

1/ The được sử dụng với danh từ được nhắc lại lần thứ 2 :

- There's a man behind me. The man is old. ( Một người đàn ụng ở sau tụi. ễng ta già rồi)

2/ The được sử dụng với vật, thứ mà cả người nghe và người núi đều biết :

- There's a chair in the sitting-room.

3/ The được sử dụng với từ xỏc định chứ khụng phải núi chung :

- I love the people I'm working with. Tụi quớ những người mà tụi làm cựng.

4/ The được sử dụng vật, thứ duy nhất :

- the earth, the sun, the moon, the only one, the smallest house (so sỏnh nhất)

5/ The + adj ( Chỉ một nhúm người) + Động từ số nhiều :

- The rich ( người giàu), the poor, the unemployed, the homeless ( người vụ gia cư), the old ....

6/ The được sử dụng với sụng biển, đại dương :

- The Red Sea, The River Thames, the Atlantic Ocean

7/ The được sử dụng với nước cú đuụi số nhiều s :

- The Philipines, The Netherlands, The United States.

8/ The được sử dụng với từ chỉ quốc tịch :

- The French ( người Phỏp), The English, the Vietnamese + Động từ số nhiều

9/ The Browns ... : Gia đỡnh nhà Brown ... 10/ The thường đi với :

The ground (đất), the source (nguồn) , the root (cội rễ), the cinema, the theatre, the radio, the truth, the police, the same, play the piano, play the guitar ...

- I can't play the guitar. ( Tụi khụng biết chơi ghi ta) - I don't have a guitar. (Tụi khụng cú ghi ta)

12/ The first, the second, the last ... 13/ Cụm từ cố định khụng dựng the:

- at home, at work, go to bed, in bed, at school, go to hospital, go to school, watch TV, in nature

14/ Những trường hợp khụng dựng the :

- Khụng dựng the với hồ : West Lake

- Khụng dựng the với breakfast, lunch, dinner - Khụng dựng the với Room 5, page 12 ....

- Khụng dựng the với địa danh gắn với tờn người : Le Van Tam Park, Camden Town

II/ A, An

- An được sử dụng trước danh từ bắt đầu là nguyờn õm (Sau khi đó phiờn õm) Eg: - a university , a one-eyed man, an onion

- A được sử dụng trước danh từ bắt đầu là phụ õm : a hat, a pen ... - A, an được sử dụng trước danh từ đếm được nhắc tới lần đầu : There's a chair in the sitting-room. The chair is nice.

A khụng dựng với breakfast, lunch, dinner (nhưng ta núi : a good breakfast) Những cụm cố định khụng dựng với a, an : on holiday, by car, do business, on business, on purpose (cú mục đớch)

Exercise: Điền a, an , the vào chỗ trống nếu cần

1/ I saw ... accident this morning. ... car crashed into .... tree. ... driver of ... car wasn't hurt but .... car was badly damaged.

2/ It's ... beautiful day. Let's sit in ... garden.

3/ We had ... dinner in ... most expensive restaurant in town. 4/ Do you often listen to .... radio ?

- No, In fact, I haven't got ... radio.

5/ I lay down on ... ground and look up at ... sky. 6/ Mary and I arrived at .... same time.

7/ You'll find .... information you need at ... top of ... page. 8/ I had ... very nice breakfast this morning

9/ Two people were injured in the accident and were taken to ... hospital this morning.

10/ She usually goes to ... school on ... foot.

11/ I went to ... school yesterday to invite ... headmaster to the party. 12/ ... milk is good for children.

13/ Can you pass me ... pepper please ? 14/ I like meeting ... people.

15/ She likes ... people she's working with. 16/ ... French are famous for their generosity. 17/ He is living in ... Netherlands now.

19/ There was ... knock on .... door. I opened it and found ... small dark man in ... blue overcoat. He said he was ... employee of the gas company and had come to read ... meter. But I had ... suspicion that he wasn't speaking ... truth because ... meter readers usually wear ... peaked caps. However I took him to ... meter, which is in ... dark corner under ... stairs (... meters are usually in ... dark corners under ... stairs).

I asked if he had ... torch; he said he disliked torches and always read ... meters by ... light of ... match. I remarked that if there was ... leak in ... gaspine, there might be ... explosion while he was reading ... meter. He said, "As ... matter of ... fact, there was ... explosion in ... last house I visited; and Mr Smith, ... owner of ... house, was burnt in ... face." "Mr Smith was holding ... lighted match at ... time of ... explosion.". To prevent ... possible repetition of this accident, I lend him ... torch. He switched on ... torch, read ... meter and wrote the readings down on ... back of ... envelope. I said in ... surprise that ... meter readers usually put readings down in ...book. He said that he had ... book but that it had been burnt in ... fire in Mr Smith's house. By this time I had come to .... conclusion that he wasn't ... genuine meter reader; and ... moment he left ... house, I rang ... police.

20/ My aunt lived on ... ground floor of ... old house on ... River Thames. She was very much afraif of ... burglars and always locked up ... house carefully before she went to ... bed. She also took ... precaution of looking under ... bed to see if ... burglar was hiding there. "... modern burglars don't hide under ... beds", said her daughter. "I'll go on looking as ... same", said my aunt. One

morning she rang her daughter in triump. "I found ... burglar under ... bed ... last night", she said, "and he was quite ... young man."

21/ My neighbour is ... photographer; let's ask him for ... advice. 22/ ... poor are many in rural areas in Viet Nam.

23/ " Do you often watch ... TV ?" "- No, I haven't got ... TV set".

Một phần của tài liệu TÀI LIỆU BỒI DƯỠNG HSG TIẾNG ANH LỚP 8 (Trang 114 -116 )