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[...]... you to the detriment of your health, family and career, you have to be addicted to the iron, sights and sounds of the gym, the challenge of “one more rep,” and the accumulation of small bits of iron on the bar You need to almost worship the soreness you suffer on the days after a hard workout And you need the required patience in order not to rush and ruin your progress You must find training to be... proportions e first casualty of drug use is the truth Some bodybuilders and strength athletes who only got to the top because they had drug assistance are still claiming that they never took chemicals Usually they are dishonest because they are ashamed of their drug use, and do not want to tarnish their clean public images And some even promote the charade that they were hard gainers While the harm to. .. experience other than the competitive elite It is not an encyclopedia on the whole of weight training e omitted aspects are readily available elsewhere and include physiology, pondering on the mechanism of muscle growth, detailed descriptions of macronutrients, nutritional breakdown of food, updates on the ever-changing food supplement scene, and history of the Iron Game As interesting as these concerns... would make all the dedication worthwhile When it finally dawned on me that after years of rabid dedication I did not have the physique that I had targeted, I was devastated To invest so much into one target, and then fail to get to that target, produces extreme frustration and disappointment The best way . So much for doing things in the wrong way What you want to know is how to do things the right way... norms is is done for one reason only to provide all hard-gaining trainees, even extreme hard gainers, with the instructional tools they need in order to make good progress Building impressive physiques and strength levels should not be the right of just the gifted minority Learn from the very costly experiences of those who have been through the mill of desperate frustration with conventional training... though there are fat hard gainers Hard gainers respond poorly, or not at all, to conventional training methods    . . Of course, as easy gainers close in on their drug-free potential for muscle and might they can find gains hard to make But until they got to that point they found gains easy to make, almost regardless of what type of program they used ey trained, and they grew But the. .. squatting, then to battle on with the squat is foolish (Note that nearly all the “you must squat” advocates are themselves blessed with very good mechanics for the squat.) . Some people are simply not designed to become very strong, though of course most people can become much stronger But many of these people have very aesthetic body structure So rather than try to make themselves into something they... listened to those “wimps” who urged a conservative approach to training, and had I listened more to my own body, then I would not have caused the long-term damage that I did Today I promote a conservative approach to training in general, and to exercise selection and technique in particular Experience has taught me that the conservative approach is not only the safest way, it is actually the most productive... no exception To dip into this book, and selectively pull statements and segments out of context, will neither do the book justice nor your weight-training education ere is so much vital information crammed into this work and it is all interrelated e book needs to be studied from cover to cover To experience the full force of this book you need to read it more than once, and then, in both the near... going to help you, unless your good attitude keeps you persisting until you find a good program, a good program together with a poor attitude is no good . Be alert to your thoughts Stand back from your mind and watch what goes on in there Notice how much negativity there is Put the negative thoughts aside as soon as they appear e ability to concentrate on the positive will come without trying, so long . for muscle and might owes it to themselves to read, grasp and apply the training information contained in  . is book is the bible of rational. Ph.D.Publisher,  BEYONDBRAWNStuart McRobert The Insider’s Encyclopedia on How to Build Muscle & Might CS PUBLISHING LTDNICOSIA,
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Xem thêm: Tài liệu The Insider''''s Encyclopedia On How To Build Muscle & Might pdf, Tài liệu The Insider''''s Encyclopedia On How To Build Muscle & Might pdf, , I. Establishing a secure foundation, Expectations—how much muscle and might you can expect to make real, Where to train, and the equipment you need, Hard work—the biggest test of training character, How to get a grip on your life, and put all that you have learned from this book into action, now!

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