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Ngày đăng: 14/10/2021, 19:23

TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS IMAGES ABSTRACT Society is becoming more and more modern and machines and equipment suitable for the 4.0 technology trend appear more and more Human life is gradually adapting and learning to keep up with modern innovations compared to the past People are increasingly civilized, busy with their work all day long, some go to work at companies, stores, or a similar organization, some spend all day practicing Focusing on studying at school, everyone is busy and forgets to take care of themselves Therefore, people's demand for time is increasing rapidly and deserves special attention as the time spent eating and drinking is less and less It is a good opportunity for snacking services to appear, especially mixed rice paper – a snack that is popular among people aged 30 and under Today many young people have started a snack business and have helped them to earn their own income Junk food is very attractive to young people, especially school-age It's refreshing to have a bag of mixed rice paper or a cup of milk tea to sip after a tiring study hour, it will be very filling with a box of rice paper mixed to rush to class when there is nothing in the stomach, it will be fun when a group of close friends enjoys bags of mixed rice paper and chats every recess Almost every day, students have to spend money to eat mixed rice paper because it is a delicious and cheap snack that is very affordable for students.However, today's students have a tight study schedule, so it becomes more and more expensive for them to take the time to buy a bag of mixed rice paper to take home, they will be lazy when they have to go there selling mixed rice paper to buy instead of just sitting at home and ordering take out The special thing is those young people now only like to eat delicious and quality food, especially rice paper with a clear origin, even a specialty of a certain countryside, will sell better than other products products from elsewhere The important thing is that the rice paper imported from famous places in the provinces has not yet been present in the city market Therefore, our group has chosen the topic "Online business of Long An mixed rice paper" to make the final report of the E-commerce course to be able to meet people's dietary needs without spending too much money too much time CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Reasons for choosing the topic: Today, society is developing strongly, requiring people to spend all their time making a living and making money They have chosen snacks to relieve fatigue or used snacks as a means to meet friends to create a more sustainable relationship Snack shops have also since been opened more and more at school gates and sidewalks and parks Most of the ages are very fond of these snacks, especially young people nowadays can eat snacks anywhere and anytime One of the best-selling snacks that year was the traditional mixed rice paper, compared to other snacks, the mixed rice paper was bought the most every day by people because of its delicious taste Until now, most snack shops in big cities have sold spontaneously traditional rice paper, without the unique flavor of a famous area People are also too busy to move and buy a famous rice paper dish to satisfy their own eating needs Therefore, our group's "online Long An rice paper business" will save time and bring customers delicious bags of rice paper with the specialty of Long An province without having to go to the distant countryside Figure 1.1 The graph shows the level of interest in rice paper compared to other snacks 1.2 Store information - Brand: ACELINE - Logo: The logo is designed by us with the image of a large bag of mixed rice paper in the middle containing all the ingredients that are really attractive, the rays of light emanating from the rice paper prove the aura and brilliance in combination with the name The brand name “ACELINE” has a magical meaning that in the future our store will bring a resounding and brilliant success with high profit - Time of establishment: 01/03/2021 - Vision: To become a reputable Long An rice paper distribution shop in the country and spread to foreign countries - Mission: Bring unique flavors and interesting experiences - Core values: Professionalism - Creativity - Quality Professional: We always take orders and deliver on time Creativity: We are committed to creating the latest variety of rice paper for our customers Quality: Quality assurance products are obtained from famous distributors of Long An 1.3 Product Description Our shop sells rice paper mainly from Long An province, ensuring 100% no preservatives or harmful substances to consumers With all ingredients of natural origin, the main ingredients of rice paper are rice and glutinous rice and not contain any other stimulants Rice paper ensures food hygiene and safety and is suitable for all ages, convenient, fast, and can be eaten anywhere, anytime 1.4 The key to success 1.4.1 About the product - The demand for snacks is increasing, the online business attracts many customers, especially young people - Long An rice paper has distinct characteristics, it is more flexible and tough than other types of rice paper - Long An rice paper is a snack that is both cheap, delicious, convenient, and especially reasonably priced, suitable for all ages of students - The product has its own designed packaging, the brand's logo is eye-catching printed and affixed to each bag of rice paper before being delivered to customers 1.4.2 About the staff - As professionals, always have a good business plan - Responsible and creative people - They are energetic, enthusiastic and share the same goal of bringing customers the best quality products 1.4.3 About the scale of operation Starting with a Facebook sales page, then spreading to other social networking sites such as websites, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopee, Wix, Godaddy, Youtube, and Tiktok, which are increasingly widely known and known by many people The store also imported more types of rice paper, received more orders and made more profits 1.5 Timeline of the topic Figure 1.2 Gantt chart of the topic timeline 10 Figure 4.25: Website Publishing 4.5 Tracking Statistics 84 Figure 4.26: Tracking Statistics on Facebook 85 86 Figure 4.27: Tracking Statistics on Facebook 87 Figure 4.28: Tracking Statistics on Instagram 4.6 Using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool Figure 4.29: Desktop site speed score analysis 88 Figure 4.30: Test data on desktop Figure 4.31: Chances 89 and Diagnosis CONCLUDE Implementing a business project on e-commerce platforms and social marketing tools is both an opportunity and a challenge Opportunity to learn, approach, and practice new tools to catch up with 4.0 era trends However, when we first started our business, we had difficulties in finding reputable, quality, competitive prices and could not find an effective marketing strategy But with a passion for learning and efforts, the team has overcome difficulties such as the current situation of the Covid-19 epidemic or many other difficulties and has analyzed and achieved certain results After nearly three months of implementing the project to build a website and other sales channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, ), we have achieved the initial goals of distribution Rice paper mixes of all kinds, both wanting to make a profit but also wishing that after starting the project, there will be certain experiences in doing business and starting a business for the first time on e-commerce sites Although the profit is not much, it has been successful in introducing local specialty products to more people, not only users in Ho Chi Minh City but also in other provinces Receiving the reception of users, positive feedback from customers, is not only a good sign of the success of the business project on the e-commerce platform However, through this project, we believe that the future prospects for the casted rice paper product will be more known, widely used, and will have the potential to bring the name of rice paper too far than Because the implementation time is short, errors and incomplete points cannot be avoided But through the implementation of this project, we had the opportunity to practice applying the knowledge learned in the e-commerce course into the reality of creating a sales website, experiencing the work of business planning, marketing and sales Learning a lot of knowledge 90 and drawing a lot of experience in actual sales are the valuable "profits" of the team after the implementation of this project In the coming time, with the youth, creativity, and new knowledge and skills that are about to be equipped in the next specialized subjects, the Aceline mixed rice paper project of the group will be further improved and developed bring economic benefits and contribute to the development of specialty names with higher influence 91 REFERENCES https://www.wix.com/mystunningwebsites/illustration? utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=paid_referral&utm_campaign=af_24@dailydeals99 com&experiment_id=cake_86855607^20 https://vn.godaddy.com/offers/godaddy? isc=gofkvt23&countryview=1¤cyType=vnd&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5PGFBhC2ARIsA IFIMNcMGmGXxajm8WtQVfvLlz3tTu2ul9Yi5sw5D9xHTKXFvdjBeYg044aAgnEEALw_wcB&gc lsrc=aw.ds https://trends.google.com.vn/trends/?geo=VN https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/ https://vi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ph%C3%A2n_t%C3%ADch_SWOT https://winerp.vn/chien-luoc-stp-la-gi https://www.saga.vn/cach-thuc-hien-phan-tich-pestel~45451 https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/gantt_chart_project_management_task_pl an/76134901301 https://ping.eu/ 92 10 https://sites.google.com/new 93 SURVEY APPENDIX 94 95 APPENDIX FOR REVENUE AND EXPENSE STATISTICS Sell number Sale amount April sales 176 2640000 Sales in may 16 240000 Total 192 2880000 Table Number of sales per week 96 Table Show detailed business plan Sell number revenue capital profit 192 2880000 1183000 1697000 Table Sales revenue 97 Expenses Quantity purchased Số tiền Ricepaper 19,5kg 1170000 Bag 300 bags 50000 Chopsticks 300 pairs of chopsticks 60000 Photo logo 10 sheets of logo-cut labels 20000 Total 1183000 Table Expenses 98 ... https://sites.google.com/student.hcmute.edu.vn/aceline/trang-ch%E1%BB%A7 Figure 3.6 Aceline's website interface on Google 33 Reference: https://acelineecommerce.wixsite.com/my-site-2/contact Figure 3.7 Aceline's website interface on Wix 34 Reference:... choice here is the market: students who are frequent snacking needs person At the same time, the project targets a market where commercial activities are growing in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City University
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