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Speaking Tickets gồm 9 chủ đề:1. Talk about the weather in your country2. Talk about the role of English in your future career.3. Describe your most memorable holiday4. Describe your favorite shopping center.5. Talk about three machines you can buy to make your life easier6. Talk about your favorite pet.7. Describe your favorite photograph8. Describe a historical place9. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in communication. Contents Student B Talk about the weather in your country Vietnam is a tropical country The climate is often hot and humid The weather here is unusual and different in each region In North Vietnam where I live, there are seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, whereas the South has only two seasons: dry and rainy The spring makes people feel the most comfortable and is the most beautiful season of the year The weather is fine and cloudy And spring, it is a special season because there is a long holiday in the season, you know? Tet holiday Tet holiday is the most important holiday of the year in Vietnam At that time, plants are in bud In the summer, the weather becomes hot and wet It can rain dogs and cats in the morning and suddenly clear out in the afternoon But it is very crisp in the winter In winter, we usually wear warm clothes and have a comfortable sleep on a mattress bed The autumn is my favorite season because the weather is very fresh and pleasant The sky is blue and pretty high while the sun is warm The yellow leaf is full of the road Everyone wears simple clothes In the morning, it has many foggy but will dissolve quickly when the sun rises Autumn weather is ideal for walking or meeting friends And you, what season of the year you like? What often you in the summer ? => I usually lie in the air conditioner and eat ice cream What season of the year you not like? => I think I don’t like summer beacause it is so hot, I like a cooler season Student B Talk about the role of English in your future career The importance of English is undeniable For my career to become a prosecutor in the future, English is necessary There are a few reasons I can give First, English is the Language of International Communication English is currently the official language of 53 countries and is spoken by around 400 million people over the world Learning English is important as it allows you to communicate easily with global citizens Second, there are many useful resources for learning to use the English language For example, international law, foreign cases, etc Using English fluently makes it easier for me to access and explore these resources Third, English also improving my knowledge If I have the opportunity to study later in a foreign country, being fluent in English is a huge advantage With all the above advantages and necessity, English for a prosecutor student is important not only in the current study but also in the future career.\ How many skills does English have? => English has skills, including: listening, speaking, reading and writing What skills are you confident about? => I think my reading skill is better than other skills Student B Describe your most memorable holiday As a person who loves to travel, I usually go on holiday with my family every summer but my holiday last summer is different It was the most memorable holiday of my life, the first time I was traveling with my friends, not with my family as usual After many months and days of planning, our trip to Moc Chau was finally successful This Moc Chau trip is an after-term high school graduation reward My place is about 80km from Moc Chau town by car Departing at am, we arrive at am We booked a room in advance at a small homestay called Happyland, that owner is so friendly Coming to Moc Chau, we, who are photography lovers, cannot miss check-in at famous places such as Ang village pine forest, Dai Yem Waterfall, tea hill, plum flower garden, strawberry farm, etc Thanks to shooting photos of my friend that I have had a lot of nice pictures Although the trip only lasted two days one night, we have had lots of memories together I hope we will have more trips together How many friends you go with? => I go with friends What is Moc Chau's climate like? => Moc Chau has a cool climate Student B Describe your favourite shopping center My favorite shopping center is Aeon mall, Ha Dong It is located in Hoang Van Thu urban area, Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong district, and about 3km from where I live I usually go there with my friends on the weekends It has a lot of facilities such as a cinema, restaurants, supermarket and game entertainment It also has shops with the newest and trendy brands like clothes, jeans, mobile phones, and even toys I can find almost everything I need to shop from here The food counter and the cosmetic counter are my two most favorite places here I can roam all day to look at without getting bored Besides, Ha Dong aeon mall is also an ideal place for those who love taking the photo because any corner helps you get beautiful pictures On every festival occasion, the center is decorated beautifully With the most modern facility and safe environment, this is an ideal shopping center for all sorts of shoppers I like this shopping mall most because of the quality of products The security, customer service, and pleasant environment also attract me Which restaurant you like in Aeon mall? => I like Kichi Kichi hotpot How many floors does the Aeon mall have? => Aeon mall has floors Student B Talk about three machines you can buy to make your life easier Talk about three machines you can buy to make your life easier nowadays, modern technology is popular We have many choices For me, I will buy three machines: refrigerators, washing machines, and computers I think they can make my life easier for some reasons First, after learning at school for hours, I don't have to go to the market every day like many people Refrigerators can keep food fresh for a long time Besides, I love ice cream Second, the washing machine is another appliance that has changed my life I can spend the time I wash clothes by hand to other work Third, the computer is an intelligent device for me to study I can search documents relating to my curriculum or any information I am interested in on the internet if that computer has a global network On the other hand, when I am tired after sitting with a computer for study a long time in a day, I can relax my mind with many kinds of films, listen to music, etc In conclusion, I want to talk that machines have many benefits making our life comfortable but don’t abuse them because they also make you lazier If only one were selected, which device would you choose? => I will choose the computer because it helps me in my study How many days you go to the market? => I usually go to the market once every days Student B Talk about the advantages (or disadvantages) of wearing school uniform Nowadays, wearing a school uniform is quite common There are many different types of uniforms as school uniforms, gym uniforms, etc However, there are still many opinions and contrary views The debate about the benefits and limitations of wearing a school uniform as well as whether it should be compulsory or not? From my point of view, having students wear school uniforms has several benefits First, wearing a uniform creates uniformity It would be better if everyone wears the same, thereby creating a uniform and unique mark for your school Also, it minimizes the competition between people for costume value Second, They give a sense of belonging and pride The uniform is considered a sign of the school you are attending, so wouldn't it be beneficial if your uniform belonged to a famous school, right? Third, the uniform takes away social segregation People will not feel discriminated against about their background when all the rich and poor demanded to wear the same clothes at school Besides, Wearing a school uniform is time-saving since you not have to think of what to wear every day, which may help you concentrate on learning It is also economical because you only need two outfits for the whole year With all of the above advantages, I fully support wearing the school uniform What color is your university uniform? => My university uniform is blue How many days a week you have to wear uniform? => I wear uniform every Monday Student B Talk about your favorite pet At present I’m feeding one cat, her name is Meo I named her that because she is round =))) She is two years old She is a Calico cat with three colors: yellow, black, and white Her eyes are bright round blue Meo’s fur is soft and smooth She has a lovely pink nose and a long tail Meo is a very clean cat because she always cleans up after herself when she has to go to the bathroom I put her litter tray in my bathroom After she finishes her bathroom business, she even covers it up with the litter Meo enjoys bathing and grooming I bathe her two times a week Her routine is so simple that consists of three activities: sunbath, eat, and sleep She spends most of her time eating and sleeps, but sometimes she also exercises by catching some cockroaches =)) Although Meo is a lazy cat and sleeps almost every time you can wake her up by shaking the pack of food, she will appear immediately in front of you Her favorite foods are fish and cat food Sometimes I also praise Meo with treats when I train her to stand with two legs She loves cuddling and will make a purring sound whenever I pet her If one day my mood isn’t good, I will hug Meo that makes my mood better When I’m doing my homework, watching TV, reading a book, or anything else, Meo will sleep next to me That’s so sweeties She is an intelligent cat Sometimes she tries to seek attention for no reason at all I love my cat because she is an important part of my life What is your cat weight ? => My cat is 4.2kg How many times you feed your cat a day? => I feed my cat times a day, consits of meals with fish and meal with cat food Student B Describe your favorite photograph People often keep memories, special moments in life through pictures, and so I My favorite photo is probably my family photo It was possibly the picture of my extended family with my grandparent, all daughters, sons, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, and my cousins This photograph was framed and enlarged and it is hanging on the wall in the living room The photo was taken on the occasion of Tet last year to celebrate my grandfather's 70th birthday It is rare for everyone in the family to gather enough to take pictures together, but this is a meaningful occasion Why not something to celebrate? That day, all members gathered at the grandparents' house, beautifully dressed My aunt asked a photographer to come over to take pictures of my family In the photo, My grandparents sat in the middle, surrounded by nephews, granddaughter and standing in the back row were my parents and my aunt's family Standing in the frame with a happy smile, I still remember the atmosphere at that time, the warm reunion of the family Surely this will be a priceless treasure of all members of my family, I deeply respect the photo I love my family so much How many people are there in your family? => My family has people How many cousins you have? => I have cousins Student B Describe a historical place As a son of heroic Son La hometown, I am proud to visit the Son La prison relic - a place to keep remnants of a historical revolutionary struggle, the indomitable spirit of communist soldiers Son La Prison relic was built in 1908 by French Colonial, located on the top of Khau Ca hill, now belongs to group 9, To Hieu ward, Son La city, Son La province It is a unique historical and cultural relic, educating young generations on patriotic tradition From 1930 to 1945, the French colonialists turned the prison into a hell on earth to imprison, torture, drain the vitality and eliminate the will to fight the revolutionary soldiers Under such brutal torture, Son La Prison has become a place to train and foster excellent communist soldiers, contributing to the August Revolution 1945, typically comrades: To Hieu, Le Duan, Truong Chinh, Le Thanh Nghi, etc Son La prison is material evidence of significance, typical proof of the regime's brutal crimes former colonialism towards the Vietnamese people, at the same time, affirmed true patriotism, the indomitable will of the Vietnamese nation If you have a chance to come to Son La, make sure you not miss this meaningful historical place \ When did you visit Son La prison? => I visited Son La prison about years ago What you think after visiting Son La prison? => I feel great admiration for the indomitable, courageous spirit of the communist soldiers Student B Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in communication The mobile phone is a useful technology device which is not lacking in our lives Today, the mobile phone has become popular with everybody since it is very convenient The most advantage of having a mobile phone is you can communicate with your family and your friends no matter where you are, especially for a student away from home like me But everything has two sides to it, mobile phones also prevent us from communicating directly with each other Everyone became focused on looking at the phone screens Going to coffee, and meet friends, but each holds their phones without talking to each other Finally, although mobile phones increase the speed of communication, the lack of face-to-face communication due to the excessive use of mobile phones can worsen certain relationships, making people become far apart Besides, the early use of mobile phones for children also impedes their communication and language development In conclusion, mobile phones bring both pros and cons to users in communication I hope everyone who uses their phones should use them wisely to make their best use How often you call your family? => I call my family every day? How many hours a day you use the phone? => I often use about to hours a day ... unique historical and cultural relic, educating young generations on patriotic tradition From 19 30 to 19 45, the French colonialists turned the prison into a hell on earth to imprison, torture, drain... Sometimes she tries to seek attention for no reason at all I love my cat because she is an important part of my life What is your cat weight ? => My cat is 4.2kg How many times you feed your cat a... revolutionary struggle, the indomitable spirit of communist soldiers Son La Prison relic was built in 19 08 by French Colonial, located on the top of Khau Ca hill, now belongs to group 9, To Hieu ward,
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