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Acing_the_GED_Exams . retaking theexams. These fees are usually significantly lower than theinitial exam fee, typically between $5–$30. The Structure of the GEDEach of the five GED. 417Chapter 45 GED Mathematics Practice Questions 423APPENDIX A Online Resources 459APPENDIX B Print Resources 461 ACING THEGED EXAMS 1PARTIPreparing forthe GEDCongratulations
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Xem thêm: Acing_the_GED_Exams.pdf, Acing_the_GED_Exams.pdf, , Calling 1-800-62-MY-GED OR 2. Checking in the blue pages of your local tele- Going to www.acenet.educlllgedarea-contacts-, How does eating affect you? Do you feel most Can you put problems or other pressing con-, Get the correct information. Your first step is to, Find out what you already know and what you need to learn. To create an effective study plan,, Set a time frame. Once you have a good sense of Stick to your plan. Make sure you have your, What is the theme of the story? 2. What is the narrator’s attitude toward her mother?, How many bones are in the middle ear cavity?, Get enough rest. Some of us need eight or more, Eat well. Keeping a healthy diet is often as hard, her mother was acting strangely. b. what her mother said goes against her, her mother was always lying. d. she has ESP extrasensory perception., Identify key words in the stem. These are the, Immediately eliminate all answers you know are incorrect of. This will help you find the cor-, Beware of distracter techniques. Test developers, Read stems carefully to be sure you understand, Beware of absolutes. Carefully read any stem, this superhero, having been created in 1939, this superhero, created in 1939 and known, this superhero, was created in 1939 and, this superhero, who was created in 1939 and, Bob Kane; who was c. Bob Kane. Kane was, Bob Kane, who was e. Bob Kane, while he was, Change hero to Hero. b. Change it’s to its., Replace Superman was with Superman is. d. Insert a comma after Comics., No correction is necessary., Change man flying to flying man. b. Replace bat-like wings with having wings like, Start a new sentence after wings. d. Change reportedly came from to was reported, Move who wore masks to follow the heroes. 5., was a big success c. was successful in a big way, was successfully big e. is a successful thing, Insert a comma after Wayne. b. Replace who with that., Change witnessed to saw. d. Replace as a child with during his childhood., No correction is necessary., Move sentence 11 to follow sentence 7. b. Move sentence 11 to the end of paragraph C., Move sentence 11 to follow sentence 12. d. Move sentence 11 to follow sentence 13., Move sentence 11 to follow sentence 14., and the bringing of criminals to justice b. and brought criminals to justice, and will bring criminals to justice d. and bring criminals to justice, and that he would bring criminals to justice, Change devotes to devoted. b. Replace to fight with fighting., Change high-tech to high, tech. d. Insert a comma after body., No correction is necessary., Therefore, in Batman, we are given c. More importantly, in Batman, Kane gives us, On the other hand, in Batman, we see e. Thankfully, it is in Batman that we have, d. Sentence 4 is best attached to sentence 3 as a, e. The modifier who wore masks should be moved, a. The information after Wayne is a nonessential, embellesh b. embelish c. The most effective transitional phrase to begin, embillish d. embellish c. The most effective transitional phrase to begin, imbellish c. The most effective transitional phrase to begin, change Be sure to Make it sure b. insert a comma after honest, change honest to honesty d. replace you’re with your, change be honest to being honest, informational, with topics such as home com-, business communications, such as memos, let-, how-to documents that provide directions or, Correction. These questions will present you, Revision. These questions will also present you, Construction shift. These questions will present, A narrative prompt asks you to describe an expe-, A persuasive prompt asks you to take a position, An expository prompt asks you to explain or, Response to the assigned prompt 2. Organization of the essay, Demonstration of the development and details 4. Conventions of language grammar, usage,, With a subordinating conjunction to create a, Verb conjugation and usage 2. Consistent verb tense, Subject–verb agreement 4. Gerunds and infinitives, Pronoun cases 6. Pronoun agreement, Comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs 8. Prepositional idioms, Past participle: This verb form describes an, irregular verbs with the same past and past par-, irregular verbs with three distinct forms 3. irregular verbs with the same present and past, place the word more or less before the modifier. place the word most or least before the modifier., with a coordinating conjunction to separate two, to set off introductory words, phrases, or clauses., to set off a direct address, interjection, or transi-, between two modifiers that and could replace., to set off information that is relevant but not, to separate items in a series., to set off most quotations. As a general rule,, to set off parts of dates, numbers, titles, and, to prevent confusion, as in cases when a word is, Capitalize the days of the weeks and months of Capitalize the names of countries, nationalities,, Capitalize titles that come before proper names. Capitalize titles of publications, including, essay structure and organizational patterns 2. effective paragraphs, chronological order 2. order of importance, comparison and contrast 4. cause and effect, indicates what the essay is about its topic and, grabs the reader’s attention. 3. establishes the tone of the passage., restate the main idea. 2. provide a sense of closure not “open a new can, arouse readers’ emotions to make the ending and, You understand what kind of essay to write: You follow the directions exactly and directly answer the questions in the prompt. In the first, introduction states thesis 2. body explains and supports thesis, conclusion brings closure and restates thesis, Friendly neighbors are pleasant to have around, make it nice to live where you live., Helpful is important—know you can count on them for small favors, when you are in need., Need to respect boundaries, not take what is yours, not get too involved in your life—, It expresses the idea you wish to convey. 2. It is exact precise. It is appropriate for the audience and tone., Memorize irregular and troublesome verb forms. 2. Remember that verbs should be consistent in, Use infinitives and gerunds correctly., Identify the organizational pattern. How are the, Identify the main idea of the paragraph or pas-, Look for transitions in the paragraph or passage., Make sure you understand the prompt. What, Make sure you directly answer the prompt., Remember that you only have 45 minutes, so it’s, Remember that in a brainstorm, there’s no such, You must use an appropriate level of formal-, Make sure you have a clear purpose. Know what, Remember that first impressions count. Get your, Remember that writing is a process, and effective, Make sure to provide strong transitions through-, Try to make a few word choice changes so, Check for wordiness and redundancy. Don’t, Be sure you have some variety in sentence, Even if you have only a few minutes left at the, a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a, change the bulleted list to regular text b. replace malfunctioning with malfunction, put the bulleted list items in alphabetical, change a refrigerator that is dirty to a dirty, replace insufficient locker space with not hav-, Change agreed to agreeing. b. Insert a comma after survey., Replace getting with get. d. Delete and., No correction is necessary., and will bring a draft c. bringing a draft of it, therefore, he will bring a draft of it e. that he is going to bring a draft of, Replace cost of with costing. c. Change new to knew., Insert a hyphen between new and microwave. e. No correction is necessary., moving sentence 8 to follow sentence 4. b. revising for parallel structure., deleting the sentence from the memo. d. turning sentence 8 into a bullet point for sen-, starting a new paragraph with sentence 8. 6., Day, for we b. Day, therefore we, Day. We d. Day; and we, Day we Sentence 8: The need for more telephones was, Insert commas after committee and time. b. Change the colon after including to a, Replace that with which. d. Change we to the committee., No correction is necessary., Change noted to had noted. b. Replace improving with to improve., Change the company to The Company. d. Move quickly to follow by., No correction is necessary., Change agreed to agrees. b. Replace before with preceding., Put should in parentheses. d. Delete have., No correction is necessary., Replace will with we’ll. c. Insert commas after Thursday and 28., Place July 28 in parentheses. e. No correction is necessary., Delete the apostrophe in today’s. b. Change oldest to most old., Insert a comma after fads. d. Insert a colon after practices., No correction is necessary., Formed in the correct manner c. Done correctly, Being done correctly e. Doing it in the correct way, requires you to tighten c. it requires you to tighten, requires tightening e. in which you are required to tighten, Remove sentence 6. b. Move sentence 6 to follow sentence 3., Move sentence 6 to begin paragraph B. d. Move sentence 6 to follow sentence 4., Move sentence 6 to follow sentence 7., Change breathing to breath. b. Remove the comma after task., Replace full benefit with benefiting fully. d. Change are coming to comes., No correction is necessary. 16., Change the period to a comm b. Change the period to a semicolon., Change the period to a comma and add so. d. Delete the period., No correction is necessary, Change you’re to your. c. Insert a comma after breath and body., Move of breath to follow body. e. No correction is necessary., I am still relatively new to yoga, the practice of, I am still relatively new to the practice of yoga,, I am still relatively new to yoga, which I have, I have only been practicing yoga for one year,, Because I am still relatively new to yoga, I have, Since b. Surprisingly, Sentence 14: I am addicted to yoga unlike any, In the end, d. Similarly,, However, Sentence 14: I am addicted to yoga unlike any, the belly with knots c. the knots in the belly, the knotted belly e. the belly having knots, Change face to face to face-to-face. c. Replace well with good., Change to listen to of listening. e. No correction is necessary., Don’t daydream, b. Daydreaming should be avoided, and you, Never daydream while you d. If you want to daydream, don’t, and don’t, One thing not to do is daydream, or, changing You should to The second step is to. c. inserting the number 2 at the beginning of the, changing the you’s in the sentence to we. e. deleting sentence 7, responses, including nodding or shaking c. responses. To nod or shake, responses; for example, nod or shake e. responses that include the nodding or shaking, Change be shown to show. b. Replace paying with pay., Change in the eye to in-the-eye. d. Start a new sentence after eye., No correction is necessary., Start a new sentence after affirmations. c. Insert commas after yes and uh-huh., Delete uh-huh. e. No correction is necessary., Move correctly to follow paraphrasing. c. Replace are with do., Change paraphrasing to paraphrase. e. No correction is necessary., The third step is that distractions should be, The third step being to avoid distractions. c. Distractions should be avoided as the third, Avoid distractions. e. The third step is to avoid distractions., Delete if. c. Replace the semicolon with a comma., Move the semicolon to after going. e. No correction is necessary., moving sentence 17 to the beginning of para-, deleting and you will be a more effective, inserting Follow these steps after distractions. d. inserting To avoid distractions at the begin-, changing outside distractions to distractions, Change role to roll. b. Replace builded with built., Delete the comma after Memorial. d. Change monument to Monument., No correction is necessary., Construction on the 630-foot-high structure, The construction on the 630-foot-high struc-, Construction on the 630-foot-high structure, Construction on the 630-foot-high structure,, Construction on the 630-foot-high structure, Change includes to including. b. Replace explores with explored., Change westward to Westward. d. Replace threw with through., No correction is necessary., Change will to would. b. Replace held with did hold., Insert a comma after monument. d. Move in 1947 to the end of the sentence., No correction is necessary., However, c. Later, Sentence 9: The winner of this contest was a plan, In conclusion, e. Therefore,, Change who to that. b. Insert a comma after later., Replace became with would have become. d. Insert a comma after design and Saarinen., No correction is necessary., Move paragraph C to the first sentence of the, Move paragraph C to follow paragraph A. c. Move paragraph C to the last paragraph in the, Delete paragraph C. e. No revision to placement is necessary., engineering. A monument that was even taller c. engineering, a monument even taller, engineering; a monument more tall e. engineering, being a monument even as tall, Change it’s to its. b. Delete the comma after way., Replace at least as with just as much as. d. Change taller to more tall., No correction is necessary., bursts of sunlight that dazzle are often, dazzling, bursting sunlight, reflected by the, often reflected by the Arch are dazzling bursts, the Arch often reflects dazzling bursts of, 5Remove ALL nonfurniture items from the, 6ALL items except computers and tele-, Delete the commas after Sunday and 6. b. Change under your feet carpet company to, Replace your with you’re. d. Change new carpets to new-carpets., No correction is necessary., Replace office with Office. c. Change will get to is getting., Move all to follow areas. e. No correction is necessary., Replace carpeted with being carpeted. c. Change will to would., Insert commas after areas and carpete e. No correction is necessary., Delete the comma after installation. c. Replace have with has., Change Your to You’re. e. No correction is necessary., Except computers and telephones, remove, ALL items should be removed, except com-, Remove ALL items except computers and tele-, From the top of your furniture, you should, following boxes c. following space, following please e. following 425, Delete sentence 8. b. Move sentence 8 to follow sentence 3., Begin a new paragraph with sentence 8. d. Move sentence 8 to the end of paragraph C., Move sentence 8 to follow sentence 10. 48., Since your compliance is very important. I, Being that your compliance is very important,, Your compliance, being very important, I will e. Your compliance is very important. I will, Change will to should. b. Insert a comma after again., Capitalize reminder. d. Replace mourning with morning., No correction is necessary., Change contacting to contact. c. Insert not after don’t., Change the period at the sentence to a ques-, No correction is necessary., Insert a semicolon after year. c. Replace occasions with occasion., Delete throughout. e. No correction is necessary., Delete sentence 2. b. Add for example to the beginning of the, Connect sentence 2 to sentence 1. d. Move sentence 2 to follow sentence 3., No revision is necessary., Add second to the beginning of the sentence. b. Change depend to depends.,