Poor performance of business development team at outsourcing department in first alliances ltd

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UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS HO CHI MINH CITY International School of Business PHAN KIM KHANH POOR PERFORMANCE OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM AT OUTSOURCING DEPARTMENT IN FIRST ALLIANCES LTD MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Ho Chi Minh City - Year 2021 UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS HO CHI MINH CITY International School of Business PHAN KIM KHANH POOR PERFORMANCE OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM AT OUTSOURCING DEPARTMENT IN FIRST ALLIANCES LTD MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUPERVISOR: PROF TRAN PHUONG THAO Ho Chi Minh City - Year 2021 Table of Contents LIST OF TABLES LIST OF FIGURES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY COMPANY OVERVIEW 1.1 Vision: 1.2 Mission: 1.3 Company structure 1.4 Main business: 1.5 Strength 11 1.6 Weakness 11 1.7 Target customers 11 1.8 Main competitors 12 PROBLEM CONTEXT 12 2.1 Symptom 12 2.2 Potential problems 16 2.2.1 Potential problem 1: Client’s business planning 17 2.2.2 Potential problem 2: Poor performance of Business Development team 17 2.2.3 Potential problem 3: Ineffective cooperation between Business Development team and Marketing team 18 2.2.4 2.3 Potential problem 4: Undiversified service offers 18 Validate potential problems 19 2.3.1 Client’s business dealing planning 19 2.3.2 Poor performance of Business Development team 20 2.3.3 Ineffective cooperation between Business Development team and Marketing team 21 2.3.4 Undiversified service offers 22 2.4 Main Problem 22 CAUSE 24 3.1 Potential causes 24 3.1.1 Poor annual sales strategies 24 3.1.2 Weak sales force 25 3.1.3 Unsuitable training schedule 26 3.2 Real causes validation 27 3.2.1 Poor sales planning 27 3.2.2 Weak sales force 28 3.2.3 Unsuitable training schedule 29 3.3 4.1 Main cause identification 29 SOLUTION SUGGESTION 31 Alternative solutions: 31 4.1.1 Increasing the workforce capacity 31 4.1.2 Enhancing internal training 38 4.2 Solution selection 39 ACTION PLAN 40 CONCLUSION 49 SUPPORTING DOCUMENT 50 LIST OF TABLES Number Detail Page Table Main business at First Alliances Table First Alliances Revenue from 2018 to 2020 15 Table The status actual allocation of human capital of the Outsourcing Department 30 Table Cost breakdown for solution 1.1 34 Table Cost breakdown for solution 1.2 37 Table Proposed Business Development Manager recruitment planning 46 Table Interviewee’s Demographic 50  LIST OF FIGURES Number Detail Page Figure Company Structure Figure Business Development Team’s standard process for new client 12 Figure Outsourcing Department’ revenue summary from 2018 to 2020 15 Figure Problem mess 16 Figure Initial Map 24 Figure Final Cause-and-Effect Map 27 Figure Outsourcing Department Career Road Map 28 Figure Proposed Business Development Manager recruitment planning timeline 48 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nowadays, in Vietnam, there are many companies operating in the field of Human Resources services Established in 1998, First Alliances is one of the largest Human Resource consultancies in Vietnam specializing in Executive Search & Selection, Human Resource Outsourcing, which includes payroll, staffing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing With the increasingly fierce competition, in order to keep a firm's competitive advantage, the company needs to not only better serve the needs of customers, but also to build up its sales activities However, First Alliances Ltd has not yet built up a viable effective long-term sales strategy Conversely, the sales performance has reduced in the past year, which leads to a drop in revenue for the corporation According to the company's data, the number of clients who successfully signed service contracts after bidding with First Alliances decreased, leading to a decrease in the company's revenue The sales of Outsourcing Department's services are carried out by the Business Development team The purpose of this study is to investigate why the sales of this team decreased recently Therefore, the topic Poor Performance Of Business Development Team At Outsourcing Department In First Alliances Ltd is raised to evaluate the performance of the sales team, offer solutions to contribute to maintaining sales activities, increase competitiveness and promote the development of the company Based on the analysis as well as the company view, it is recommended that the firm should target its human capacity On this basis, an increasing in headcount of the team is proposed, as this aligns with the company’s key needs Furthermore, an enhancement in internal training is proposed to improve the necessary knowledge and skills in sales activities By adopting these recommendations, the key issue of Business Development team is expected to be resolved Last but not least, a completed implementation plan for the most alternative solution is proposed, which is hiring a Business Development Manager As such, the performance of the team is expected to be improve, and of a similar time, driving the success of First Alliances in the near future COMPANY OVERVIEW Established in 1998, First Alliances is one of the largest Human Resource consultancies in Vietnam specializing in Executive Search & Selection, Human Resource Outsourcing, which includes payroll, staffing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing In 2016, First Alliances became a member of PERSOLKELLY – a joint venture between PERSOL Holdings (previously Temp Holdings) and Kelly Services, to provide end- to-end workforce recruitment services It has nearly 1,800 employees in 42 offices spanning across 13 markets in Asia Pacific Combining the strengths of both PERSOL Holdings - Japan’s second largest recruitment firm, and Kelly Services - a global leader in workforce solutions with a strong track record in Asia Pacific, First Alliances bring the best of both cultures and the full spectrum of our talent recruitment services, providing clients with seamless, cross-border Human Resource solutions 1.1 - Vision: Recognizing the growing need for workforce solutions in the emerging APAC market - Become the number Human Resource Service Provider in the region - Revolutionize Human Resource infrastructure and impact social workforce practices 1.2 Mission: - To be the industry leader - To provide customers with "world best practice" standards - To be recognized as a company with the highest standards of business ethics and professionalism - To attract and retain the best available talents - To establish a happy, professional, & performance-driven workplace 1.3 Company structure Figure 1: Company structure Source: First Alliances Internal Data 2020 Director: is the person who is in charge of all aspects of the company operations, directs and makes decisions and carries out plans, determines and coordinates finances, assigns duties and administrative responsibilities, establishes the policies of the company, exercises discipline, and appoints or dismisses officers, and rewards employees Associate Director: is the person who mainly directly support Director in managing the business of the company in HCMC The firm has its head-office in Ho Chi Minh City and one branch is in Hanoi We will concentrate on resolving the issue at the headquarters in this article In Ho Chi Minh City, the organization employs over 120 consultants who specialize in three areas: search-recruitment services; human resource outsourcing services; and compensation services For the Executive Search & Selection service, the organization is presently divided into 11 distinct industry segments, including information technology, healthcare, finance, and industrial, etc with a total of approximately 90 employees Head of Recruitment and Head of Department; the team leader is the leader of each recruiting team On Outsourcing service, each department employs approximately 30 people and is led by a department manager, supervisor, human resources consultant, and human resources workers Additionally, the administrative department consists of administrative personnel, data entry personnel, and financial accounting personnel At First Alliances, in Headhunting Department, each head-hunter is a salesman who specifically links applicants with customers However, there is a reversal for the Outsourcing Department that this Department has no or less opportunities to approach clients Therefore, the firm set up a “Sales team” called Business Development Team, which will sell Outsourcing products/services to clients 1.4 Main business: The Executive Search and Selection team consists of more Executive Search than 120 consultants with at least 20 years of senior recruitment, & Selection (Headhunting): Human Resource and talent management experience and indepth industry knowledge, specialize in the following fields: - Accounting - Human Resources & Legal - Banking & Financial Services - Manufacturing & Industrial - Consumer Goods - Real Estate - Construction - Supply Chain - Healthcare - Japanese Speaking Jobs - Hospitality - Korean Speaking Jobs - Information Technology & Telecommunications Temporary/Contract Staffing: Outsourcing First Alliances’ staffing expertise extends to a wide range of (including industries The specialists connect employers with highly skilled services) job seekers First Alliances is one of the leading employee leasing services in Vietnam, offering a full service, cost-effective, and efficient Human Resource Management services to organizations that may not have the necessary infrastructure or inclination to perform these labor-intensive tasks The company provides reliable temporary staffing solutions that offer their clients the ability to build their staff strength without absorbing them full time, assist overloaded employees during critical times, and keep projects moving They act as a 3rd party employer to assist companies who wanted to hire temporaries, part-time or full- time staffs or on a project basis They undertake in handling labour contracts and payroll processing for our clients for them to meet employment needs at peak and retain good employees during their absence or leave When the client hires them as a temporary staffing agency, they would work just like a company's own Human Resource Department, minus the hassles and tediousness that the client otherwise have to deal with Payroll: Payroll Services is a global trend is becoming so popular, with many reasons but usually that benefit of Payroll Services to help their client keep confidential in payroll and saves cost and time, no need to invest in payroll software, ensuring the full, smooth, and accurate, on time payroll Payroll is not just about calculating simple payment There is annoying paperwork and undesirable cost derived from it First Alliances’ payroll administration service helps the clients to relieve the unbearable administration burden Enhanced by new model Human Resource solution Software with employee selfservice function, the company guarantee to provide the most privileged practice which combines expertise, technology and outstanding service performance First Alliances helps to manage the monthly payroll calculations and other payroll administration tasks including leave recording and reporting Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): RPO is the act of delegating the responsibility to execute core 10 tasks more quickly and easily, which will make them feel more confident and comfortable with the processes of their new employment Prior to transitioning into a managerial role, a high degree of thoroughness and clear understanding of the present situation of the Business Development team, as well as the entirety of the outsourcing team, are needed In a new role and organization, it will help them settle in and get them on their feet This step will assist them in becoming accustomed to their new role and company, as well as helping them attain long-term growth and success Ms Tu Bui and Ms Ngan Nguyen will be responsible for the handover for the new Business Development Manager During this period, Ms Tu Bui will still assist the activities of the Business Development team while continuing to have a parallel role and will officially step down at the beginning of 2022 From above estimated timeline, it is expected that from the beginning of 2022, the new Business Development Manager will fully in charge the Business Development team With the satisfaction of the requirements in the job description, the new Business Development Manager is expected to leverage his past skills to improve the sales situation, according to current projections Additionally, it is expected that he/she will establish plans and tactics to bolster the whole team Beginning from this place, helping the entire team improve, and driving the success of First Alliances in the future Below is the summary of recruitment process for Solution 1.1: Recruit a Business Development Manager in Alternative solution 1: Step Process Hiring need identification Estimated benefit budget planning Person In Charge - Person in charge of BD team Timeline 8th July 2021 (Associate Manager) - Associate Manager By June 2021 - Manager of HR & Legal team - Finance Manager Job Description review - Associate Manager By June 2021 - Manager of HR & Legal team Job posting - HR & Legal team 46 By July 2021 Screening & Shortlisting Interview - HR & Legal team By July 2021 By August 2021 - Manager of HR & Legal team Individual interview - Senior Consultant - General Director Group interview - Associate Director - Manager of HR & Legal team - PERSOLKELLY Representative - First Alliances team: Final interview General Director Associate Director Manager of HR & Legal team Evaluating - General Director - Associate Director By 10th September 2021 - Manager of HR & Legal team Job offering - HR internal team Onboarding - HRBP 10 Handover By September 2021 October 2021 - Associate Director - Outsourcing Manager October 2021 to By December 2021 Table 6: Proposed Business Development Manager recruitment planning Source: Conducted by the Author 47 Timeline Step Process Jun-21 Jul-21 Jul-21 Step Hiring need identification Step Estimated benefit budget planning Step Job Description review Step Job posting Step Screening & Shortlisting Step Interview Step Evaluating Step Job offering Step Onboarding Oct-21 Aug-21 Nov-21 10 Step 10 Handover Figure 8: Proposed Business Development Manager recruitment planning timeline Source: Conducted by the Author 48 Dec-21 CONCLUSION The thesis has explored the principal difficulty that the First Alliance Business Development team is facing in regard to their poor sales performance Thus, using the available data, the shortfall in headcounts in the Business Development team is proven to be the major reason for the sales performance below expectations Investing in the BDM recruitment process will have a positive impact on the company's present sales scenario When everything is considered, the advantages expand the likelihood of a company succeeding in the market A specific focus for this thesis was established, and it will help shed light on the major challenges that are currently occurring inside First Alliance's Outsourcing Department To save time and money, based on the assessment of solutions' benefits and costs, it is advisable to move forward with the solution as soon as possible Finally, recommended alternative ideas and the action plan to turn the situation around for longterm growth can also assist the organization in dealing with the current issue 49 SUPPORTING DOCUMENT Data is vital to academics since it plays a critical role in giving the information necessary for researchers to assemble an efficient logical flow and a rationale for the research The results of this thesis include a critical and extensive investigation of both primary and secondary data The secondary data was derived from some reliable sources such as: internal reports, internal procedures, and company policy and operation processes In addition, a relevant variety of internet sources, books, and other publications were all utilized to aid in developing the theory and its conclusion when contrasted with the individuals who were interviewed and the existing problems at First Alliance In order to acquire primary data for analysis, qualitative is employed as the primary methodology Depending on the interviewee and their working schedule, both offline and online in-depth interviews were applied to collect information Several interviews were conducted from January 20, 2021 to June 5, 2021 Additionally, there are some short talks through messages to discuss any points that were not thoroughly explained during the interview to clear up any lingering questions In order to guarantee the confidentiality of responses, participants were interviewed individually and given the assurance that the data would be used for research purposes only No Interviewee Name Short Name in Thesis Position Bui Thi Tu Ms Tu Bui Associate Director 10 years Nguyen Ngoc Kim Ngan Ms Ngan Nguyen Outsourcing Department Manager years Tran Thi Lan Phuong Ms Phuong Tran Finance Manager years Nguyen Hoang Ha Anh Ms Anh Nguyen BD Assistant year 50 Working Interview Experience Place First Alliances Office Le Nhu Van Ms Van Le HRBP at company A years Via phone Table 7: Interviewee’s Demographic TRANSCRIPTION: Meeting 1: - Interview date: March 1st, 2021 – 19:00PM - Interview place: First Alliances Office - Interviewees: Ms Tu Bui - Associate Director Ms Anh Nguyen - BD Assistant Interviewer: Good evening Ms Tu First of all, I would like to say thank you for spending your precious time with me today Ms Tu Bui: No problem, Khanh Interviewer: The purpose of today’s interview is for me to have an overall view and understand about our company, especially in Outsourcing Department Could you please share me a brief introduction about the company? Ms Tu Bui: Ok Khanh Actually, I joined Fist Alliances from very first foundation days The company establish in 1998 with the head office is in HCMC We are one of the leading employee leasing services in Vietnam, offering a full service, cost-effective, and efficient Human Resource Management services In 2016, First Alliances became a member of PERSOLKELLY – a joint venture between PERSOL Holdings (previously Temp Holdings) and Kelly Services, to provide end- to-end workforce recruitment services Currently, we are running two main business field, Executive Search & Selection which is known as a Headhunt service and Outsourcing Solution which is briefly understanded as a Payroll service Interviewer: Thanks Ms Tu Could you please share me our current mission and vision? 51 Ms Tu Bui: Please refer the details of mission and vision in our company website In short, our vision is “To be the number Human Resource Service Provider in the area” so our mission is “To be the industry leader” That’s why during the past years, Fist Alliances is trying to seek the clients sources by our own capital, meaning that we limits to depend too much on our Head Office in Singapore Interviewer: As I am working in the Outsourcing Department, I would like to focus more on my Department Knowing that our department are providing several payroll services to clients How can we approach and sale our product? Ms Tu Bui: The difference between Headhunting team and Outsourcing team in the way having clients is that Outsourcing team does not directly hunt clients, but Headhunting team does In the Headhunting team, a salesman is also a hunter Therefore, they can make a connection between candidates and clients directly Moreover, each payroll consultant cannot directly sales our services as they are quite specific So the company created a small sales team in the Outsourcing Department to promote our sales easier, we called the Business Development team, in short BD team Currently, 70% our client’s sources are come from the introduction of Head Quarter When BD team receives a request from Head Office, we will connect with the client’s representative to verify what is their demand to serve properly Interviewer: How we advertise for Outsourcing service? Ms Tu Bui: Through our website, and also by the introduction of the Head Office Interviewer: In your opinion, what is the current problems of BD team? Ms Tu Bui: I think there are problems First one is the affection of Covid-19 We lost a lot of potential clients as they not have demand in HR service, because they want to cut cost It is reasonable The second one is our weak marketing activities to promote our Outsourcing service To be honest, the company is not promoting much of the Outsourcing service There are still ads on the company's website and currently by the Marketing team in Hanoi in charge However, they not often work with our team often, so they still not fully understand their services to have reasonable promotion plans The next one is our service offers currently are considered as undiversified We 52 used to have great prospects clients with very high percentage of bidding winning However, they are large corporations, though, they request to stabilize the daily business activities, which always need the back-office team always be available First Alliances has not yet provided this ad-hoc service as we have no troops for these staffs And finally, it is the performance of BD team In my opinion, it is quite poor compared with previous years Ms Anh Nguyen: That’s right chi Tu Previously, our team is still strong as we had a BDM to lead the team Currently only me in charge of the whole team However, I am just a fresh graduated student, so I usually face with a lot of challenge when I work alone Ms Tu Bui: Right now, there is no performance measures for the team We work independently without any common target and we only know that we have to try to bid as much as client we can However, compared with previous data in the past years, in 2020, we clearly see that we not serve much walk-in clients Currently, the BD team is lacking human capital, which also means that we not have enough BD consultant for our sales activities Even though I am support to in charge the team, both me and Ha Anh still have less experience in this field as well as the upper-level Law knowledge Ms Anh Nguyen: I usually face several challenge questions regarding the Vietnamese regulations, and no one has supports me on this Although there still exists the help from Ms Tu Bui but I mostly have to some research by myself and this takes me a lot of time Interviewer: Thank you both for your time Based on your sharing, I am having a draft picture about what the BD team is facing with and some causes lead to them Meeting 2: - Interview date: April 14th, 2021 – 19:00 - Interview place: First Alliances Office - Interviewees: Ms Tu Bui – Associate Director 53 Ms Ngan Nguyen – Outsourcing Manager Interviewer: Thank you for your time after the stressing working days After doing some research and based on your advices I did come up with some alternative solutions for your review and feedback if any Kindly refer Ms Tu Bui: So there is solutions rights? Recruit a BDM, recruit more members to support Ha Anh and enhance training? Interviewer: Yes, it is correct Ms Tu Bui: Regarding the first solution, actually we are trying to recruit the BDM as soon as possible but it seems that the company does not assign which Headhunt team will it, and I am really busy to it by myself so still leave it pending Recruiting more fresh members is great, as it may give us the better cost but I still not prefer this solution because we not have a standard performance process for BD team so freshers may work independently without any control Ms Ngan Nguyen: I think the most pressing issue here is that the company really needs someone with real-world experience to develop plans and tactics From there, we can collaborate to develop processes and training courses to increase the overall effectiveness of each member, lead to the improvement in performance of the whole team Ms Tu Bui: That’s right Ngan For the training solution, you can raise your idea first as you are the main person who arrange all trainings for Outsourcing Department Ms Ngan Nguyen: Thanks chi The training solution I think will cost less as they are arranged internally However, to me it is currently just be advantage to Payroll consultant As BD team usually be at client’s place in working hours so they cannot intend The company also knows that the current training plan will not be suitable for Business Development team However, as you can see that the current Business Development team has only member, too small compared to the other 30 consultants so we need to give priority to our payroll consultants Moreover, I am only strong in the Law knowledge basic, but not ensure the Sales skills It is great if the company has 54 the BD manager, he/she can well understand and share with me his/her demand for the team so I can arrange better in training Ms Tu Bui: I agree with you Ngan The training is very important to improve our team but currently it is quite useless with the BD team so I think this solution in the short term is not effective However, we can consider in the long term as training is one of the key factors to improve the performance Ms Tu Bui: So I think the solution 1.1 to hire a BDM is the most suitable one to solve to current BD team situation Interviewer: Thank you so much hai chi Your valued opinions are well noted for the next phrase of my thesis Short interview: - Interview date: May 3rd, 2021 – Lunch time 12:00PM - Interview place: First Alliances Office - Interviewees: Ms Phuong Tran – Finance Manager Interviewer: Hello Ms Phuong, can I have a short talk with you? Ms Phuong Tran: Sure Khanh Interviewer: Currently, I am doing the research regarding some issues at our BD team With the support of Ms Tu, we are come up with several solutions and I would like to seek for your advices regarding our labour cost So firstly just a short question that between an experience employee and several freshers, which one you prefer if your Finance team wants to hire more? Ms Phuong Tran: This is a sudden question Actual, I think we always want to hire the experience one as they adopt to their new job faster and the company does not need to spend more In my case, if my team has demand in recruiting new member, I will prefer the first option However, experience not the only condition that we will consider As I am the finance person so I still have the habit of comparing cost to see which option is better If we offer the experience one with very attractive package just because we like 55 them, the company may face with the labour cost issue So in general, I will make the estimated calculation Interviewer: Great, thanks chi In fact, we are considered to keep following our plan to recruit a BDM or to hire more junior staffs to support Ha Anh And we also made the estimated cost, based on the Salary Guide info and the salary info of previous BDM After discussing with Ms Tu, she tends to prefer the BDM recruiting solution, but that solution will cost more, so I would like to seek your opinion whether this one is alternative? Ms Phuong Tran: Let me see So the difference between solution is VND156,300,000 per year right? Interviewer: Yes, the estimated monthly discrepancy will be around VND13,000,000 Ms Phuong Tran: If it is only VND13,000,000 per month, we can come with this solution Our company always have the estimated annual cost for each team, the BD team will also have that We currently calculated based on the ideal headcounts of for that team So, in case you want to suggest to hire a new BDM with your estimated cost, you can it as currently only Ha Anh is considered as the cost of that team Therefore, even if the solution 1.1 in the first alternative solution costs more than the remaining but it is only around VND13,000,000 per month It is the reasonable cost for the whole BD team that we can handle Therefore, it is not a problem.” Interviewer: Your opinion is well noted Thank you so much Ms Phuong Tran: No problem Khanh However, be careful that in the future of BD team wants to hire more members, be considered the new package because it may affect the cost Interviewer: Once again, thank you chi Have a great lunch Short interview: - Interview date: June 30th, 2021 – 05:00PM - Interview method: via Phone - Interviewees: 56 Ms Van Le – HRBP of company A Interviewer: Hello Ms Van, it is been awhile since we last talked How are you doing? Ms Van Le: Hi Khanh, I am doing well Thank you So, what you need now? Interviewer: Currently, I am doing some research regarding BD activities We all know that your company is our potential client and we really want to corporate with you I just want to learn more about why your company decides to not sign a contract with us As far as I know, we already came to the final step of agreeing the Service contract It is appreciated that you can share some information Ms Van Le: Well, time pass so fast, it is nearly a year from that time At that moment, our company seemed for the Payroll service We already got the approval from our Headquarter in UK for this service Unfortunately, in around May or June 2020, the Covid-19 hit us so bad Our business in UK did not run well and we had to withdraw financial capacity from other activities for our main business in UK Therefore, we had to stop the HR service demands for Vietnam office Interviewer: So now, your HR team is handling all Payroll activities? Ms Van Le: Yes Khanh, we are doing it by ourselves as we have to reduce as much cost as we can Our priority now is to invest our capital for critical financial activities The Covid-19 epidemic is breaking out again, and this time directly affects our business in Vietnam This puts even more pressure on not only the office in Vietnam but also our headquarter Interviewer: That is the bad news, First Alliances is also planning for the worst situation and we hope this pandemic will end soon Thank you so much for sharing Hope your company will not be affected by this epidemic and continue to develop We still look forward to cooperating with you in the future Ms Van Le: Thank you Khanh Of course, we are still having HR service demands and First Alliances is always in our top choices Stay health and safe Interviewer: Thank you Hope to see you soon 57 REFERENCE [1] Eibe Sørensen, H Why competitors matter for market orientation European Journal of Marketing, 2009 p.43 [2] Adler, Paul S MIT Sloan Management Review; Cambridge Vol 45, Iss 1, 2003 p 53-60 [3] Jakobsons, L J., Brown, J S., Gordon, K H., & Joiner, T E When Are Clients Ready to Terminate? 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Potential problem 2: Poor performance of Business Development team The interview reveals many challenges in attracting new clients in 2020 The first mentioned thing that the Business Development manager
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