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Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 1 Extra Practice For each of the sentences below, rewrite a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence, but using the word given in capital letters which are not to be altered. EXAMPLE: John inflated the tyres of his bicycle. BLEW John blew up the tyres of his bicycle. 1. I don’t think he'd be able to do the job. CAPABLE 2. You shouldn't pay any attention to what he says. NOTICE 3. I persuaded him to go with me. CONVINCED 4. We haven't any milk left, I'm afraid. RUN 5. We all like the show, except George. ONLY 6. Did he explain why he was late? REASON 7. He hasn't paid back the money I lent him. BORROWED 8. What time does the plane reach New York? ARRIVE 9. I'm surprised he refused your offer. TURNED 10. She despises us because she went to such an expensive school. LOOKS 11. He told me all about it. EXPLAINED 12. To be honest, I don't understand what you mean. TRUTH 13. We very seldom get inquires of that kind. HARDLY 14. Of course it's mine. BELONG 15. It’s no use arguing about it. POINT 16. It's a pleasure to talk to her. SHE 17. Did you manage to reach an agreement? SUCCEED 18. I refuse to work overtime unless I'm paid for it. OBJECT 19. I almost went mad with the noise. DROVE 20. I don’t agree with the way they bring up their children. APPROVE 21. I'll investigate your complaint, Madam, and find out who was responsible. LOOK Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 2 22. I'm not to blame for what happened. FAULT 23. I'm sure he will know the answer. BOUND 24. I suddenly thought of a brilliant plan. OCCURRED 25. Unlike you, I have a family to support. DIFFERENCE 26. Who gave you my name? RECOMMENDED 27. We were all there, except John. APART 28. All he cares about is money. ONLY 29. He's an awful man, I don’t know how she can stand him. PUT 30. She has recovered from her illness. GOT 31. Who is responsible for this department? CHARGE 32. The consequences don’t scare me. AFRAID 33. How did he answer the accusations? REPLY 34. What I like about this method is that it’s simple. ATTRACTS 35. "I'm not going to stand up," he said. REFUSED 36. "You stole it," I said to him. ACCUSED 37. "I'm sorry I'm late," she said. APOLOGISED 38. "Let's go to the countryside for fresh air," he said. SUGGESTED 39. Have you always wanted to become a doctor? INTERESTED 40. He said ST funny. JOKE 41. They are no longer fashionable. DATE 42. I'm afraid we haven’t any left. STOCK. 43. Many people are unaware of what has been achieved. KNOW 44. They settle down where it suits them. FEEL Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 3 45. Two dams in Brazil collapsed after weeks of torrential rain. RESULT 46. Most dam failures occur soon after construction or after a long uneventful period of operation. PLACE 47. A Danish priest sold roses from his garden in aid of local orphans. HELP 48. The flags were originally fastened with pins. USED 49. He had to retire because he was too old. AGE 50. His education affected him for the rest of his life. INFLUENCE 51. As I was going to the station, I met Marry. WAY 52. I was just going to do it myself. POINT 53. He hasn't got enough money. SHORT 54. Did he explain why he behaved like that? REASON 55. She stopped asking for advice. GAVE 56. Shouldn’t you smoke fewer cigarettes? CUT 57. You can try as hard as you like but you won't succeed. HOWEVER 58. We believe that the government has prepared a plan. HAVE 59. Jill's parents are making her study hard. MADE 60. Cathy hasn’t been on holiday with her sister before. FIRST 61. So exhausted were the runners that none of them finished the race. TOO 62. Sue thought it would be a good idea for me to see a doctor. ADVISED 63. If they offered you the job, would you accept? WERE 64. If you are in London by any chance, come and see me. HAPPEN 65. I didn’t have the money so I didn't buy a new suit. WOULD 66. Keith told me about the hotel. WHO Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 4 67. The dog that chases our cat belongs to those people. WHOSE 68. When I asked him about the results of his exams, he didn’t like it. ON 69. I'm sorry I didn’t go to University. REGRET 70. Winning the football pools meant we could buy a new car. ENABLED 71. They said they would like me to stay with them in Florida. INVITED 72. Jean succeeded in finishing all her work on time. MANAGED 73. Calling Jim is pointless, because his phone is out of order. USE 74. It’s pointless to worry about someone else's problems. THERE 75. My passport needs renewing. GET 76. There is ST on your mind, isn’t there? ABOUT 77. It was only when I checked that I noticed the tyre was flat. DID 78. Please inform the relevant authorities at once. DELAY 79. What's your opinion of Wendy's new painting? THINK 80. Sunrise is at 4.30 tomorrow morning. SUN 81. Neil has the bad habit of getting in people's way. ALWAYS 82. What time is the train for Nottingham? LEAVE 83. What do you intend to do now? GOING 84. You'll find me waiting outside the station. BE 85. Scientists are on the point of making a vital breakthrough. ABOUT 86. Maria is pregnant again. HAVE 87. I'll be home late. UNTIL 88. Mary and Alan's wedding is next weekend. MARRIED 89. Susan booked out before we got to her hotel. BY THE TIME Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 5 90. This has been my home for 30 years. HAVE 91. Eating Chinese food is new to me. BEFORE 92. I bought me car in 1985 and I'm still driving it. BEEN 93. Tony hasn't been to Paris before. FIRST 94. People say that Mrs. Tuner was having business difficulties. BEEN 95. The police towed away Alan's car. GOT 96. We're moving to Bristol next week but we promise to stay in contact wit you. TOUCH 97. I hate winter, it really depresses me. DOWN 98. He can speak French well enough to go to the conference. FLUENT 99. Sarah wore dark glasses so that no one would recognise her. AVOID 100. I wonder if you could possibly open the door for me. MIND 101. If only you had tried harder, you might have passed the exam. EFFORT 102. She was dismissed because her typing was poor. LOST 103. They don’t mind which film they go to. MATTER 104. My mother didn't like my new shoes. DISAPPROVED 105. She doesn’t know the difference between margarine and butter. TELL 106. The man in that painting bears a strong resemblance to my uncle. REMINDS 107. People knew they were spies. KNOWN 108. Most doctors agree that smoking is bad for your health. HARM 109. It's a waste of time to try and explain tings to Tony. WORTH 110. The cause of the explosion is still unknown. CAUSED 111. Everyone but Jane failed to produce the correct answer. SUCCEEDED 112. You must drive more slowly in town. REDUCE Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 6 113. Be sure to say goodbye to your grandmother before you leave. WITHOUT 114. That sort of behaviour is deplorable in my opinion. APPROVE 115. Dicken's last novel was unfinished when he died. WITHOUT 116. Please would you send me further details, of the job advertised? GRATEFUL 117. He said he disapproved of people who smoked. EXPRESSED 118. I daren't turn up TV because the baby might wake up. FEAR 119. Her husband does not agree if she goes to work. DISAPPROVES 120. I hope to receive your confirmation soon. LOOK 121. More than 1,000 runners participated in this year's Manchester marathon. PART 122. My father is going to be very angry when he finds out that I have lost the car key. WALL 123. He didn't give any reason for his strange behaviour that day. BEHAVED 124. I didn't agree with the idea. FAVOUR 125. As soon as Linda bought a new radio, Sandra bought a better one. SOONER 126. We'd better leave them a note, because it's possible they will arrive later. CASE 127. The last Olympic Games were held in Seoul. TOOK 128. The company has decided to replace this model. INTENTION 129. His last letter to me was written three years ago. HEARD 130. An open fire can’t be compared to central heating. COMPARISON 131. There is no way that young man can achieve success in this test. BOUND 132. This hotel is inaccessible in winter. POSSIBLE 133. It was difficult for Susan to believe the good news. HARDLY 134. John was shocked to hear that he had failed the driving test. CAME 135. As far as I know he's still living in Bristol. KNOWLEDGE Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 7 136. They will think your nephew stole the money. SUSPECTED 137. They were on the point of cancelling the match when the opposition arrived. CALL 138. It wasn't my intention to upset you. MEAN 139. He continued his story, even though no one was listening. WENT 140. He has a good relationship with all his pupils. GETS 141. As a boy, he was a regular churchgoer. USED 142. Their house has been broken into three times this year. HAD 143. He did the puzzle in two minutes. SOLUTION 144. Only if you work hard now, have you any chance of success. DEPENDS 145. I find his handwriting very hard to read. DIFFICULTY 146. The fridge is completely empty. LEFT 147. Can you tell me where the Midland Hotel is? DIRECT 148. His favourite breakfast is porridge and kippers. WHAT 149. This must be kept secret. KNOW 150. You must make allowances for his inexperience. ACCOUNT 151. Mr. Bill managed to repair the garage roof only because his neighbours helped him. WITHOUT 152. If you take that job, you will have to get up 6 a. m every morning. MEANS 153. The children made every effort to please their parents. BEST 154. Nobody could possibly believe the story he told us. BEYOND 155. Our opinions on the subject are identical. DIFFERENCE 156. I want to be left alone. DISTURBED 157. They lay on the beach the whole week sunbathing. SPENT 158. I'd like you to wait until they bring out a new model. RATHER Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 8 159. We couldn’t find him anywhere. NOWHERE 160. I felt that it had been a big mistake to give up that job. REGRETTED 161. He joined the army as soon as he had finished school. SCARCELY 162. The deaths of over fifty people were caused by the storm. RESULTED 163. We have given winter equipment to all the soldiers. PROVIDED 164. Brian is good at looking after the sick. CARE 165. I think this word comes from ancient Greek. DERIVED 166. I wish I knew what to do about this problem. SOLUTION 167. The manager promised to have the goods delivered at once. WITHOUT 168. I would like to thank you from all the staff. BEHALF 169. Ellen has been unemployed for six months. OUT 170. Many people nowadays find it increasingly difficult to exist on the money they earn. ENDS 171. They have security guards so that people won’t try to steal. DISCOURAGE 172. If you gave your mind to your work, you might not to make so many mistakes. CONCENTRATED 173. She loves to play tennis. KEEN 174. I found the story she told me very interesting. FASCINATED 175. The two theories appears to be completely different. COMMON 176. Pandas need a special diet, without it they perish. - PROVIDED - UNLESS 177. I don’t speak to strange men. HABIT 178. Sports cars are John's great passion. CRAZY 179. I didn’t tell the truth because I didn’t want to say what had really happened. LIE 180. Stop disturbing me! Can’t you see I'm working? ALONE Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 9 181. The bread was too stale to eat. FRESH 182. He was too ill to work. PREVENTED 183. Your attitude annoys me. FIND 184. Most people took not notice of the stranger at the bar. ATTENTION 185. I haven't used he phone for several days. SINCE 186. As my problems got worse, I stopped speaking to people. LONGER 187. I think you ought to have your coat dry-cleaned. NEEDS 188. You must set the burglar alarm before you leave the building. WITHOUT 189. Could you help me with these cases as they’re very heavy. LEND 190. The authorities in Kenya claim to have eliminated poaching. ACCORDING 191. "Have you ever been to America?" the officer asked me. WHETHER 192. She wasn't keen on leaving after dark. RELUCTANT 193. We can avoid serious injuries by wearing seat-belts in cars. PREVENTED 194. I think cycling is preferable to walking. RATHER 195. They share a lot of hobbies and interests. COMMON 196. The house has got everything except a large garden. - LACKS - FROM 197. I'm afraid to say that we have no oil left. RUN 198. He celebrated his birthday last Saturday. PLACE 199. Bad weather delayed the flight. DUE 200. What you do with the money is of no interest to me. CARE 201. Peter inherited a large sum of money form his uncle. LEFT 202. The result of the match was a deep disappointment to the fans. DEEPLY 203. I regret shouting at him. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh*N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 10 - ONLY - WISH 204. The new equipment means that the work can be done more safely. THANKS 205.We were not very surprised to hear that he had been stealing money from the company. CAME 206. The report says that the pyramids will deteriorate. ACCORDING 207. I resent the way that she clearly feels herself to be superior to me. NOSE 208. I do not intend to discuss this matter any further. HAVE 209. All this violence on TV makes me tired and sick. FED 210. We should be going home now. WENT 211. . DEEPLY 203. I regret shouting at him. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh* N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 10 - ONLY - WISH 204. The new equipment means that the work can be. he's still living in Bristol. KNOWLEDGE Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh* N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page 7 136. They will think your nephew stole the money. SUSPECTED 137. They. beach the whole week sunbathing. SPENT 158. I'd like you to wait until they bring out a new model. RATHER Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc-M«n TiÕng Anh* N§H  - EXTRA.  :0912883190. Page

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