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Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh*Vocab – People and Relationships. NguyÔn §øc Hng*  - Marie Curie Private High School (: 710743 - 0912.883.190) Page 1 People & RELATIONSHIPS 1 ______________________________________________________________________________________ A - ENRICH YOUR VOCABULARY 1: OCCUPATIONS Exercise 1: WHO ARE THEY? 1) Ask the shop ____________ where the washing powder is. A. nurse B. assistant C. barber D. conductor 2) That ____________ sells very good meat. A. baker B. dentist C. architect D. butcher 3) If my tooth doesn't stop hurting, I'll go and see my ____________. A. actor B. dentist C. writer D. jockey 4) Not many buses have a ____________. You usually have to pay the driver. A. manager B. farmer C. conductor D. porter 5) Look! The ____________ is feeding the lions. A. keeper B. pianist C. postman D. engineer 6) The ____________ is showing them his plans of the new buildings. A. optician B. nurse C. architect D. dancer 7) She wants the ____________ to make a special cake for her daughter's birthday. A. inspector B. baker C. cashier D. mechanic 8) My ____________ always comes early so I get my letters before I go to work. A. postman B. chemist C. butcher D. porter 9) The boss wants her ____________ to take some dictation. A. secretary B. novelist C. conductor D. journalist 10) The ____________ gives the patient his medicine twice a day. A. butcher B. nurse C. operator D. pianist 11) I hope the ____________ can repair our car quickly. A. mechanic B. reporter C. surgeon D. coach 12) After your eye test, the ____________ will tell you if you need glasses or not. A. engineer B. mechanic C. clown D. optician 13) The ____________ wanted to write an article about me in the paper. A. agent B. musician C. journalist D. hairdresser 14) The ____________ will take your suitcases to your room. A. porter B. author C. engineer D. jockey Exercise 2: Definitions. Who is it? 1) One who keeps and examines business accounts 2) One who learns a trade while working for someone 3) One who kills animals, cuts them up and sells the meat 4) One who draws plans for buildings and looks after the work of building 5) One who studies the star 6) One who saves and cuts the hair of customers 7) One who makes things out of iron 8) A head male cooking in a hotel, restaurant, etc 9) One who prepares and sells medical goods 10) One who finds out about criminals and catches them 11) One who gives advice in matters of law 12) One who is in charge of a library 1. ________________ 2. ________________ 3. ________________ 4. ________________ 5. ________________ 6. ________________ 7. ________________ 8. ________________ 9. ________________ 10. ________________ 11. ________________ 12. ________________ Exercise 3: Choose the correct word in each sentence. 1) Mrs. Grant is a good employee / employer and pays her staff well. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh*Vocab – People and Relationships. NguyÔn §øc Hng*  - Marie Curie Private High School (: 710743 - 0912.883.190) Page 2 2) Excuse me, but are you the ower / owner of this bike? 3) Tom works in a local garage as a car engineer / mechanic. 4) I want to borrow some money, so I’m seeing the bank boss / manager. 5) Little Jimmy has got a new professor / teacher at his primary school. 6) Helen joined the army as an officer / offical, and is now a captain. 7) The house really needed decorating so I called a painter / wallpaper. 8) Please ask the cash / cashier for a receipt. 9) Have you thought about getting a job as a typewriter / typist? 10) I waited for my letters, but the poster / postman was late as usual. B - ENRICH YOUR VOCABULARY 2: FRIENDS and RELATIONSHIPS Basic vocabulary best friend close friend acquaintance (ex-) boyfriend (ex-) girlfriend partner fiancÐ (male) fiancÐe (female) husband / wife single parent be keen on be attracted to fancy flirt (with) fall in love (with) be in love (with) go out (with) split up (with) break up (with) make up (with) VERBS & VERBS PHRASES: respect admire (get / be) engaged to get on with = be friendly with fancy adore (get / be) married to fall out with = stop being friendly with like dislike (get / be) divorced stand up for = support or defend hate can’t stand (be) separated (from) look up to = admire look down on = think you are better than Are you in a relationship at the moment? It was love at first sight. They drifted apart. In formal British English young men often call their friends mates. You can say somebody is your best mate. In the United States men sometimes call their male friends buddies. Exercise 1: HE’S MY BEST FRIEND. lifelong acquaintance mine close old best 1) I hear you work with Peter. Did you know he was a friend of _____________? 2) I suppose Sandra is my ______________ friend. We ring each other most evenings. 3) I’m going up to see some __________ friends in Scotland next week. I haven’t seen them for over 30 years! 4) I wouldn’t say he was a _____________ friend. We used to work together and we go for a drink now and again. 5) I met Martain at university. It was the start of a _______________ friendship. 6) I wouldn’t really call Sam a friend. He’s just an __________________. I know him through Kirsty and Paul. Exercise 2: WHY PEOPLE ARE FRIENDS 1) I didn’t like Jenny at first but now we get on. 2) We live in different towns now but we still try to see 3) Mark and I get on very well. We’ve got so much 4) Lucy’s my best friend. I know I can always rely on 5) Even if we move to different countries, we’d always stay 6) Mike and I do everything together. We really enjoy 7) I think we’re friends because we come from 8) I’ve known Susan since we were at school. We go back a. similar backgrounds. b. in common. c. in touch. d. each other’s company. e. a long way. f. very well. g. her. h. each other whenever we can. Exercise 3: MAKING FRIENDS. made true friends made friends with met him through pleased friendly with got to know introduced 1) How do you know Susan? – Rachel and Peter _________________ me to her. 2) How do you know Paul? – I ________________ Steve and Peter. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh*Vocab – People and Relationships. NguyÔn §øc Hng*  - Marie Curie Private High School (: 710743 - 0912.883.190) Page 3 3) I really enjoyed my time at university. I _________________ so many new friends. 4) People say that Philips is a bit reserved but I _________________ him quite well when we had to work on that report together. 5) We had a great time on holiday in Spain. We ______________ a nice couple who were staying in the apartment next to ours. 6) I didn’t know you were ________________ the people next door to us. I saw you there last night. 7) It’s when you are having a difficult time that you know who your ___________________ really are. 8) Anna, can I introduce you to an old friend of mine? This is Zoe. We were at college together. - Hi, Anna, _____________ to meet you. Exercise 4: Complete each sentence with one of the verbs from the list. cheer complain nod cry shake his head shout smile whistle a. Please look at the camera and ____________. Say “cheese”! b. If you agree with what I say, jut ____________. c. The food in the restaurant was terrible so we decided to ____________. d. I had to ____________ Ann’s name three times before she heard me. e. The little boy fell over and then started to ____________. f. At the end of the President’s speech, the crowd began to ____________. g. Paul hardy ever says “no”. He tends to ________________ instead. h. When I try to ____________ I put my lips together but I can’t do it! Exercise 5: Complete this story life using a suitable verb (in the correct tense) in each gap. Marianne was 1) ___________ in a hospital just five minutes from the house where her parents lived, and she 2) ____________ up in the same house. When she was fifteen she 3) ___________ Paul at a disco. He became her first real boyfriend and she 4) ______________ with him for over three years, but unfortunately they 5) ____________ when Marianne 6) __________ to university. She had lots of boyfriends in her first year at university, then she 7) __________ Alex. They 8) ___________ in love and 9) ___________ married the year after Marianne graduated. They both went abroad to work for a few years but returned when they decided to start a family. And by a happy coincidence, Marianne 10) __________ their first baby, a boy, in the same hospital where she was 11) __________. Now, five years later, she is 12) ____________ a second child. Exercise 6: Complete the passage with some of these words. fiancÐe marriage bride engagement reception bridegroom get married honeymoon best man engaged fell in love bridesmaids wedding go out with divorced On the day Paul met Catherine, he asked her to 1) ________________ him. They began to spend a lot of time together, and gradually they 2) _______________. Six months after they met, they decided to 3) ______________. Paul’s family were very pleased when he introduced his 4) _____________ to them, and Catherine’s parents were delighted that their daughter was 5) ______________ to such a nice young man. The wedding 6) ______________ was going to be held in a hotel and the young couple planned to spend their 7) _____________ on a romantic island in the Caribbean. On the day of the 8) ______________ the church was full. The 9) ____________ was waiting there, with his eldest brother, who was his 10) _______________. Why was Catherine so late? At home on the other side of town, the 11) _______________ was also waiting, with her 12) _______________, for the wedding cars to arrive. Her father had booked them for the wrong time. Fortunately the ceremony took place in the end! C - Feeling and emotions: to feel / to be Adjectives Nouns Adjectives Nouns afraid (of) fear hurt (by) hurt angry (about, with) anger jealous (of) jealousy ashamed (of) shame proud (of) pride disappointed (about, in, with) disappointment sad (about, for) sadness disgusted (at, by, with) disgust shocked (at, by) shock embarrassed (about, by) embarrassment sorry (about, for) sorrow envious (of) envy surprised (at, by) surprise Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh*Vocab – People and Relationships. NguyÔn §øc Hng*  - Marie Curie Private High School (: 710743 - 0912.883.190) Page 4 excited (about, by, at) excitement tense (about) tension exhausted (by, from) exhaustion tired (of) tiredness frightened (of) fright upset (about, at, over, with) _______ frustrated (by, with) frustration hate, hatred guilty (of, about) guilt love happy (about, for, with) happiness Exercise 1: Basic vocabulary 1 (Match the situations with the feelings below) 1) I didn’t understand any of the questions. 2) A huge dog came running towards me. 3) We’re taking the kids to the zoo on Saturday. 4) I’ve got my driving test tomorrow. 5) I’ve been up since half past five. 6) I forgot my Dad’s birthday again. 7) My Mum and Dad arrived at the club and started dancing! 8) You only say you don’t like Steve because you haven’t got a boyfriend. a. I’m starting to feel really tired. b. You’re just jealous. c. I was really scared. d. I was really confused. e. I feel so guilty. f. I’m really nervous. g. They’re really excited. h. I was so embarrassed. Exercise 2: Basic vocabulary 2 (Match the situations with the feelings below) 1) I can’t believe I got so drunk. 2) I didn’t expect the film to be so violent. 3) Why didn’t you phone to say you’d be late? 4) There’s a huge spider in the bath! 5) They talked about computers all evening. 6) I got the results back from the hospital today. They are negative, thank goodness! 7) When my daughter became a doctor, I was really pleased! 8) She came home to find we’d organised a big party for her. a. I’m really frightened of them. b. I felt so proud. c. We were very worried. d. I was so bored. e. I’m so relieved. f. She was so surprised. g. I feel so ashamed. h. I was quite shocked by it. Exercise 3: Choose the correct word underlined in each sentence. 1) When her bicycle was stolen, Jill became extremely angry / nervous. 2) Peter felt ashamed / embarrassed when he had to make a speech. 3) I always write thank-you letters, just to be gentle / polite. 4) You never do anything to help me! You’re so lazy / tired. 5) Sue never does anything silly. She’s very sensible / sensitive. 6) The children had to stay in the house all day and felt bored / tired. 7) Tina doesn’t worry about anything and is always cheerful / sympathetic. 8) Mr. Jackson is very annoyed / bad-tempered and often shouts at people. 9) When he heard about the accident, Alan was very damaged / upset. 10) I’ve got an important exam tomorrow and I’m a bit jealous / nervous. 11) She’s a very cheerful / annoying person – always smiling and in a good mood. 12) People enjoy his company because he’s extremely sympathetic / adorable. 13) Most people feel nervous / happy before an examination. 14) He’s a very bad-tempered / naughty person. I wish he was a bit more easy-going. . Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh* Vocab – People and Relationships. NguyÔn §øc Hng*  - Marie Curie Private High School (: 710743 - 0912.883.190) Page 1 People. her staff well. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh* Vocab – People and Relationships. NguyÔn §øc Hng*  - Marie Curie Private High School (: 710743 - 0912.883.190) Page 2 2). Steve and Peter. Tµi liÖu luyÖn thi §¹i häc - M«n TiÕng Anh* Vocab – People and Relationships. NguyÔn §øc Hng*  - Marie Curie Private High School (: 710743 - 0912.883.190) Page 3 3)

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