Một số dạng bài tập ôn thi hsg tiếng anh 7 ( đáp án đầy đủ)

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Ngày đăng: 23/11/2014, 09:57

Đây là một số dạng bài tập ôn thi học sinh giỏi tiếng anh lớp 7 giúp làm quen với một số dạng bài phổ biến và một số dạng câu khó, và giúp không bị bỡ ngỡ trước đề khi đi thi. Sau phần bài tập sẽ là phần đáp án ( đầy đủ). Chúc các bạn học tốt Một số dạng bài tập ôn thi HỌC SINH GIỎI TIẾNG ANH LỚP 7 ( Phần 1) (Kèm đáp án) Dạng 1: Chia động tu 1, Mr Thanh is a doctor. He (work) in a hospital in the city. Everday, he (go) to work by bus. 2, Her mother (cook) dinner now. 3, We (visit) the city next week. 4, It (rain) As soon as the rain (stop) , I (come) home. 5, I need (call) my parents today and (tell) them about my new flat. 6, She always (go) to school at six. 7, They (play) the piano at present. 8, We (watch) TV right now. 9, He is ill. I (visit) him tomorrow. 10, This afternoon I (help) Van do Geography assignments. Because she (not understand) the lesson. 11, why are you hands dirty? Oh, I (do) in the garden. 12, Every twelve months, the Earth (go) around the Sun. 13, Look out of the window, it (rain) ? 14, They (often go) to the seaside for the summer. But this summer, they (go) to the mountainous resort. 15, She always (go) to school on weekends. 16, Now I (understand) what you are trying (say) 17, She (have) breakfast at the moment. 18, She likes (listen) to music in her freetime. 19, Where is your mother? – She (have) dinner in the kitchen, 20, Mr Nam ( not work) at the moment. 21, Look! The bus (come) 22, Nam and Trang ( visit) Huong pagoda next week 23, The students ( not go) on a trip tommorrow. 24, Nga (talk) to her parents when she (go) out. 25, You (be) free tomorrow? 26, I think we (meet) in front of the movie theater. 27, I (go) to school by bike every day. But today I (go) on foot. 28, Food (cost) a lot of money. 29, Listen! Somebody (talk) overthere. 30, Mozart ( play) the piano when he (be) three. 31, Many people prefer (fly) to (go) by sea. 32, My mother (go) to the supermarket yesterday evening but she (not buy) anything. 33, He (move) to Paris in 1917 and (spend) 6 years there. 34, Yesterday, Nga’s father (start) his new job. 35, He (go) to the English Club every Sunday. But last Sunday he (not go) there, he (visit) his grandparents. 36, Two years ago, she (teach) at a village school. 37, My father (buy) a new car 2 months ago. 38, Nam (help) his father (repair) the radio at this time. 39, I (be) busy last night and I (miss) a good film on TV. 40, Everybody (wait) for the president at the moment. 41, I hope you (feel) better soon. 42, He (not come) to the meeting last week. 43, My father never ( take) medicine. 44, Be careful! The children (cross) the street. 45, My father ( not watch) TV last night. He (read) newspapers. 46, You should (add) a little salt to the spinach then you boil it. 47, She would like (buy) some bananas. 48, Would you like (drink) apple juice? I prefer (drink) milk. Dạng 2: Điền dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc vào chỗ trống: 1, The paint beautiful pictures. (art) 2, On most buses, we pay the (drive) 3, Ask the if you want to borrow books (library) 4, That can play many instruments (music) 5, If the machine goes wrong, tell the (engineer) 6, Phone the if the light doesn’t work. (electric) 7, I need a My hair is wet. (hair- dry) 8, My mother collects all the novels by this (write) 9, The guest makes a about the hotel room (complain) 10, Do you like my ? I do it in pencil. (draw) 11, Many girls in my class join the club (act) 12, Can you play any instruments? (music) 13, The teacher gives us many (assign) 14, Playing sports keeps our body (health) 15, As a child I was of the dentist. (scare) 16, Some food is and makes our teeth bad. (health) 17, I have an tomorrow. (appoint) 18, Don’t that tooth. It’s very (pain) 19, He had great in finding a job. (difficult) 20, There are many books in the city library. (medicine) 21, It’s to sit down after standing for hours. (please) 22, There’s a of food in the kitchen. (vary) 23,You should listen to your father’s (advise) 24, Jane’s of old coins are very beautiful. (collect) 25, They decided to hold the dancing outdoors. (compete) 26, Who is the of that nice piece of music? (compose) 27, It’s noisy because the boy upstairs is playing guitars. (electric) 28, The little girl often wears clothes. (color) 29, The teacher is using methods to teach reading. (tradition) 30, A lot of came to visit Paris last year. (tour) 31,Many make our life easy and comfortable. (invent) 32, They have a house in the part of the city. (center) 33, The doctor is talking about the of fruit and vegetables (important) 34, I have a to New York today. (fly) 35, We pay the water bill (month) 36, Bill Gate is a person. (succeed) 37, Nguyen Manh Tuong was one of the best in the 22 nd Sea Game in Viet Nam (participate) 38, Jane made a to work oversea. (decide) 39, What is the of the runway of the airport? (long) 40, You should tell the (true) 41, Don’t eat too much, otherwise you will be (weight) 42, He plays the guitar just for his own (amuse) Dạng 3: Đặt câu hỏi cho cụm từ gạch chân: 1, We are going to visit Hue this summer vacation. 2, Minh is going to bring his camera. 3, Mr Tan is going to stay at his friend’s house. 4, They are going to go camping next week. 5, I am going to visit my grandparents with my mother. 6, He does his homework every morning. 7, Nam and Minh are going to school by car tomorrow. 8, Mr David is British. 9, There are 13.6 million people in Mexico. 10, The weather is cool and wet now in London. 11, Sears Tower is 442 meters high. 12, We speak Vietnamese. 13, We are cutting down the forests because we need more land. 14, The Great Wall is over 6000 km long. 15, Phuong is as tall and beautiful as me. 16, David speaks English and he doesn’t speak Vietnamese. 17, Hoa speaks English very well. 18, In Physics, we do experiments. 19, My mother gave me a new bike last Sunday. 20, He wants her to finish her work this afternoon. Dạng 4: Dùng từ gợi viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh: 1, He is never late for school. => He always 2, He works more hours than she does. => She 3, There are fewer girls in class 7a than there are in class 7b. => There are 4, He looks after my children when I go to work. => He 5, Do you enjoy playing chess? => Are 6, She is an excellent. =>What 7, We didn’t enjoy the camping trip because of the bad weather. =>The bad weather prevented 8, My uncle spent five hours repairing his house. =>It took 9, My children would rather watch TV at home than play soccer in the garden. =>My children prefer 10, He is a faster and more careless driver than I am. =>He drives 11, When I was a child, I was afraid of ghost. => I used 12, This meeting lasts twenty minutes. => This is 13, Nam’s mother gave him a bike for his birthday. => Nam received 14, Reading books is very useful for every student. => It’s 15, Do you have a cheaper computer than this? => Is this 16, It isn’t important for you to finish the work today. => You don’t 17, How old is your daughter, Mrs.Mai? => What 18, You shouldn’t eat too much meat. => You’d 19, How heavy is the chicken? => What 20, My brother cycles slowly =>My brother is 21, Mrs.Chi types quickly. => Mrs Chi is 22, Her book is not the same as mine. => Her book 23, It’s very hard for children to live independently. => To live 24, Because he is ill, he couldn’t go to school. => He 25, My sister plays badminton skillfully. => My sister is 26, I often get up early. => I am used 27, How far is it from Vinh to Hanoi? => What is 28, They will build a new house in five years. => It will 29, The flight to Hanoi lasts 3 hours. => It takes 30, How long do you usually get to Hanoi by plane? => How long does 31, They don’t understand more than we do. => We 32, We can’t afford to buy the car. It’s too expensive. => The car 33, How long is the Mekong River? =>What is 34, The room has very comfortable armchairs. => The armchairs 35, I learn English so that I can speak to foreigners. => I learn English so as 36, Can I help you? => What 37, My mother cooks better than me. => I don’t 38, Remember to write me a letter as soon as you arrive. => Don’t 39, The child couldn’t sleep because of the noise. => The noise prevented 40, How deep is your love? => What 41, I don’t like chicken. Neither does my father. => Neither I 42, It was such an interesting film that we watched it several times. => The film Đáp án Dạng 1: Chia động từ 1, works/ goes 2, is cooking 3, will visit 4, is raining/ stops/ will come 5, to call/ tell 6, goes 7, are playing 8, are watching 9, will visit 10, will help/ doesn’t understand 11, did 12, goes 13, is it raining? 14, often go/ are going 15, goes 16, understand/ to say 17, is having 18, listening 19, is having 20, isn’t working 21, is coming 22, will visit 23, won’t go/ aren’t going 24, will talk/ goes 25, Will you be ? 26, will meet 27, go/ am going 28, costs 29, is talking 30, played/ was 31, flying/ going 32, went/ didn’t buy 33, moved/ spent 34, started 35, goes/ didn’t go/ visited 36, taught 37, bought 38, is helping/ repair 39, was/ missed 40, is waiting 41, will feel 42, didn’t come 43, takes 44, are crossing 45, didn’t watch/ read 46, add 47, to buy 48, to drink/ to drink Dạng 2: 1, artists 2, driver 3, librarian 4, musician 5, engineer 6, electrician 7, hair- dryer 8, writer 9, complaint 10, drawing 11, acting 12, musical 13, assignments [...]... 15, scared 16, unhealthy 17, appointment 18, painful 19, difficulty 20, medical 21, pleasant 22, variety 23, advice 24, collection 25, competition 26, composer 27, electric 28, colorful 29, traditional 30, tourists 31, inventors 32, central 33, importance 34, flight 35, monthly 36, successful 37, participants 38, decision 39, length 40, truth 41, overweight 42, amusement Dạng 3: 1, When are you going... Which languages does David speak and doesn’t he speak? 17, How does Hoa speak English? 18, In which subject, do you do experiments? 19, Who gave you a new bike next Sunday? 20, What does he want her to do? Dạng 4: 1, He always goes to school in time 2, She works fewer hours than he does 3, There are more girls in class 7b than there are in class 7a 4, We takes care of my children when I go to work 5,... interesting in playing chess? 6, What an excellent girl! 7, The bad weather prevented us from enjoying the camping trip 8, It took my uncle 5 hours to repair his house 9, My children prefer watching TV at home to playing soccer in the garden 10, He drives faster and more carelessly than I do 11, I used to be afraid of ghost when I was a child 12, This is a twenty- minute meeting 13, Nam received a bike... child 12, This is a twenty- minute meeting 13, Nam received a bike from his mother on his birthday 14, It’s very useful for every student to read books 15, Is this the cheapest computer you have? 16, You don’t have to finish the work today 17, What is your daughter’s age, Mrs Mai? 18, You’d better not eat too much meat 19, What is the weight of the chicken? 20, My brother is a slow cyclist 21, Mrs... visit Hue? 2, What is Minh going to bring? 3, Where is Mr Tan going to stay at? 4, What are they going to do next week? 5, Who are you going to visit with your mother? 6, What does he do every morning? 7, How are Nam and Minh going to school tomorrow? 8, What is Mr David’s nationality? 9, How many people are there in Mexico? 10, What is the weather like now in London? 11, How high is Sear Tower? 12,... different from mine 23, To live independently is very hard for children 24, He couldn’t go to school because of his illness 25, My sister is a skillful badminton player 26, I am used to getting up early 27, What is the distance between Vinh and Hanoi? 28, It will take us 5 years to build a new house 29, It takes the plane hours to fly to Hanoi 30, How long does it usually take you to fly to Hanoi? to get... not cheap enough for us to buy 33, What is the length of the Mekong River? 34, The armchairs in the room are very comfortable 35, I learn English so as to speak to foreigners 36, What can I do for you? 37, I don’t cook as well as my mother 38, Don’t forget to write me a letter as soon as you arrive 39, The noise prevented the child from sleeping 40, What is the depth of your love? 41, Neither I nor my . theater. 27, I (go) to school by bike every day. But today I (go) on foot. 28, Food (cost) a lot of money. 29, Listen! Somebody (talk) overthere. 30, Mozart ( play) the piano when he (be) three. 31,
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