Rewrite The Sentences Without Change Their Meanings:

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Rewrite the sentences without change their meanings Tiếng anh lớp 7 ONTHIONLINE NET Rewrite the sentences without change their meanings 1, My house is bigger than your house > Your house is 2, The bla[.] Tiếng anh lớp ONTHIONLINE.NET Rewrite the sentences without change their meanings: 1, My house is bigger than your house -> Your house is 2, The black is cheaper than the red car -> The red car 3, There is a sink , a tub and a shower in the bathroom -> The bathroom 4,No one in the group is taller than Trung -> Trung 5, Do you have a better refrigerator than this ? -> Is this 6, My house is the oldest house on the street -> No houses 7, I get to work in half an hour -> It takes 8, Do you have a cheaper computer than this ? -> Is this 9,How much is this dictionary ? -> How much does 10,It isn’t important for you to finish the work today -> You don’t 11, There are over eight hundred stamps in Tim’s collection -> Tim’s collection Tiếng anh lớp 12,How old is your father ? -> What 13, How high is Big Ben Clock Tower ? -> What 14, What is your son’s weight ? -> How 15,What is the price of this face mask ? -> How much does 16, How long is the Me Kong river ? -> What 17, How wide is the west Lake ? -> What 18,I don’t like beef My mother doesn’t like beef , either -> I don’t 19,She is a teacher I am a teacher ,too -> She is 20, Mr Thanh couldn’t enjoy the meal because of stomachache -> The stomachache prevented 21, Lan didn’t go to school yesterday because her sickness -> Because Lan 22,You shouldn’t eat too much meat -> You’d 23,How heavy is the chicken? Tiếng anh lớp -> What 24, What is your daughter’s age ? -> How 25, He is a careful driver -> He 26, Long is a bad swimmer -> Long 27,My brother cycles slowly -> My brother 28, Mr Cuong plays table tennis well -> Mr Cuong is 29, Mrs Chi is a quick typist -> Mrs Chi types 30,Thoa sings smoothly -> Thoa is 31,Miss Lan is a fast runner -> Miss Lan 32,Mr Hung is a safe driver -> Mr Hung 33, Minh’s sister dances marvellously -> Minh’s sister 34, Mrs Oanh cooks well Tiếng anh lớp -> Mrs Oanh 35, Khanh is a fluent English speaker -> Khanh 36,My school has thirty classrooms -> There 37, Literature interests my brother a lot -> My brother is 38, Nam likes staying at home than going to the zoo -> Nam 39, Let’s visit the beautiful Khmer temples of Angkor Wat this summer -> How 40, Listening to music at home is more interesting than going to the concert -> I prefer 41,We didn’t enjoy the trip because of the heavy rain -> The heavy rain prevented 42, You shouldn’t drink too much coffee -> You’d 43,He is a slower and more careful driver than I am -> He drives 44,The visitor spoke so quickly that I couldn’t understand what he said -> The visitor spoke too Tiếng anh lớp 45,How excellent the girl is ! -> What 46, It is one- fifty -> It is 47,What is your address? -> Where 48, Finding an apartment in a big city is not easy -> It is 49, This library contains over 30 million books -> there 50,The boy spends hours a day learning the lesson -> It takes 51,How terrible the weather is ! -> What 52,We enjoy playing football -> We are 53, What is your mother’s job? -> What 54,Do you enjoy listening to music? -> Are you 55, He looks after the sick people -> He takes 56,Lan is more intelligent than her sister Tiếng anh lớp -> Lan’s sister isn’t as 57,A year has twelve months -> There are 58,We have a two –month summer vacation -> Our summer vacation lasts 59,Will you please look after the house while we are away -> Will you please take 60, Viet Namese students have fewer vacations than American ones -> American students 61,It takes me about two hours each day to my home work -> I spend 62,Hoa is a hard student -> Hoa 63,An drives dangerously -> An is 64,I like roller skating and my brother does , too -> I like 65,How much are these rackets? ->How much 66,How about eating out tonight ? -> Why don’t 67,It is twenty five to five -> It is thirt five 68,Philippa usually works hard Tiếng anh lớp -> Philippa is usually 69,I’m not as good at Math as my brother -> My brother is 70,Their father got to London by taxi last Monday -> Their father took a 71,What is your date of birth? -> When 72 There was a ten o'clock train every morning -> A ………………………………………………………………………………… 73 Mary lives near her uncle’house > Mary doesn’t………………………… 74) Whose house is this ? > Who ……………………………… ? 75 John finds driving on the left difficult > John isn’t used………………… 76 What you intend to this weekend ? > What are you…………………… 77 Lan forgot her birthday and so did I > Lan didn’t ……………………… Give correct form of Word: 1, What is the (long) of this river ? 2, I want to (long) my trousers They are too short 3, What is the (wide) of your house ? 4, She needs (wide) her knowledge 5, Mr Quang spent his (child) in Cambodia 6, David Beckham is very (fame) 7, He is very rich due to his (fame) 8, This book is very (interest) 9, Ann is interested in (collect) coins 10, She has a big (collect) of stamps 11, She becomes a famous (collect) 12, The door was (lock) you could come in 13, She is a (beauty) girl she also sings (beauty) 14, Don’t use that car It’s (safe) Tiếng anh lớp 15, You should pay attention to the (safe) in the kitchen 16, She drives car (safe) .She had many accidents 17, They are (different) Their (different) can be realized easily 18, Trung and his brother like (act) movies very much 19, We held many (act) on March 26 th 20, Michale Faraday made a lot of (invent) He was a great (invent) 21, Those clothes are (suit) for cold weather 22,This river is very (danger) for swimmers 23, She drives very (danger) 24, Using this (equip) you can finish the work 25, I can’t find my book It (appear) 26, The (important) of the project made me tense(căng thẳng) 27,TV is one of the most popular means of (entertain) 28, The (flower) you sent me were (beauty) 29, He is a famous (science) 30, He drives more (slow) than his friends 31, Learning English is very (use) 32, Do exercise will make you more (health) 33,She feels very (happy) because she doesn’t have any (friend) in this new town 34,Today is a (beauty) day It is clear and (sun) 35, Do you know the name of the new (study) in our class? 36, That is the (cheap) one we have got 37, What an (amaze) building! 38, Thankyou very much for a (delight) evening 39, His elder brother works in a factory He is a (work) 40, Would you like to go out tonight ? There is a very (interest) movie on at the Fansland cinema Tiếng anh lớp 41, The (shelf) on the left have dictionaries in different languages 42, Words in a dictionary are in (alphabet) 43, Math is a very (importance) subject at school 44, The (library) can help you find books easily 45,Football is one of the popular after – school (active) 46,In Electronics ,we learn to rrepair (house) appliances 47, Nam is very (interest) in computer 48, The (energy) students often play soccer or basketball 49, Walking in the rain gives me (please) 50, Ba will be a (fame) artist one day 51, Nam is not very (sport) He never plays games 52, If you want to have a (health) body You should play sports 53, In most countries , there are organizations especially for (teen) 54, There are many kinds of (entertain) for young people 55, More and more young people want a university (educate) 56, We are rehearsing a play for the school annyversary (celebrate) 57, The most popular (act) at recess is talking 58, When I go to the library ,I sit and read about (wonder) things 59, Is your sister a (teach) ? 60, My brother is a (study) at Viet Nam National University 61, That (art) paints beautiful pictures 62, Ask the (library) if you can borrow this book 63, That (music) plays alot of different instruments 64, Thu’s brother is a (piano) He plays it very (good) Tiếng anh lớp 65, If the machine goes wrong , tell the (engine) 66,We have a (garden) who comes twice a week 67, Phone the (electric) if the lights don’t work 68,Miss Quyen is a (journal) She travels a lot 69, This map was very (use) for our holiday because we know here very well 70, What a (love) dress! Did you make it yourself? 71, Do you know a good (decorate) to decorate my house? 72,Go straight ahead and take the (two) on the left 73, Mrs Oanh’s daughter is having a (medicine) check –up 74,We need to know your (weigh) , Minh 75,An has a toothache it’s very (pain) 76,Catching the common cold is (please) for everybody 77, Don’t worry ! Your cold will last for a few days and then (appear) 78, We must remember to eat (sense) 79, Then Hoa (hot) a pan and stir – fried the beef 80, Sugar is not an (health) food because we need it to live 81 The nurse wanted to know Nga’ (high) and (weigh) 82 Mr Hung has a very (pain) tooth 83 My father stopped (smoke) years ago 84 He doesn’t have many (relate) in Ha Noi 85 Is Viet Nam (large) than Korea? 86 There are nineteen (class) in our school 87 That is (comfortable) armchair I have 88 That movie is (boring) than this one 89 Nhan has a penpal in France and they write to each other (regular) 90 I have (little) time to play than my friend 91 We take part in many different (act) 10 Tiếng anh lớp 92 Who is (young) teacher in your school? 93 Some of the (invent) of computer games are as young as 14 or 15 94 In the countryside, people often know all the people in their (neighbor) 95 Videos are also very useful in (educate) 96 He is sure to have an accident because he drives very (care) 97 When she was young Mrs nhung wanted to be an (act) 98 Edison’s most famous (invent) was the electric bulb 99 He looks very (fun) in that hat 100 Seeing all that food makes me very (hunger) 101 There are about 200 (employ) in this company 102 This lovely apartment has two bedrooms and it is (furnish) 103 Mai Anh is (good) at Math than me 104 I have English ,Math and (physic) education on Thursdays 105 I can’t tell the (different) between the twins They are also alike 106 Our new (class) Lien learns English very well 107 Do stop talking ! I am trying (finish) a letter 108 We learn how (use) a computer in our computer science class 109 My father has a (port) computer He often brings it with him 110 We are all (excite) about going on an excursion to CucPhuong forest next weekend 111 What is your (favor) subject at school? 112 Minh is (thin) than Anh 113 I took the medicine ,and the headache (appear) 114 It’s so (pleasant) today ! It’s too wet and cold I hate this kind of weather 115 You should wash the fruits (care) before eating them 11 Tiếng anh lớp 116 Having a (run) nose is a symptom of a cold 117 Hoa is the (help) student in the class 118 Look at the (color) flowers over there They are so strange 119 If you want to have (health) teeth ,you must keep your teeth clean by (brush) them at least twice a day 120 The (wait) room was full of people when I arrived 121 He is probably one of the most famuos (play ) in our football team 122 They are going to annuonce their ( dicide ) tommorow 123 We had a happy (child) together 124 He had an accident last day bacause he drove ( care ) 125 The girl make-up to ( beautiful ) themselves 126 Eating too much is ( health) 127 This book is (interest).I am ( interest ) in it 128 We will have a / an ( success) examination 129 Smoking is very ( harm ) 130 Minh is scared because he thinks the dentist is( kind) 131 The children like the ( colour ) skirt 132 He looks very ( sport ) 133 I sit and read about ( wonder ) things 134 The teacher was ( please ) with the result of your exam 135 My brother is a careful ( drive ) 137 He learns how to repair ( house ) appliances 138 American students take part in different ( act ) at recess IV/( ®iĨm) : Sắp xếp từ (cụm từ) sau thành câu có nghÜa 1/ a job/ finish/will/ I/ university /I/ look /when / for 2/ to / was / any thing / go to / younger / she / when / liked / more than 3/ Linda / late / the office / today / a bus / she / driving /is / but / she / because / takes / usually / to 12 Tiếng anh lớp 4/ Last night /telephoned / meeting / asked / me / the office / an tobe / at / my manager/ me / 8.30 a.m/ important/ for / and / 5/ This morning / forget / why / to wake / my sister / up / did / me ? V/ (2 điểm) : Tìm lỗi sai câu sửa lại cho 1/ I think the weather shall be nice later 2/ The phone is ringing.It can be Tim 3/ I don’t understand this sentences What does mean this word ? 4/ I prefer banana than orange 5/ Learning English is easy than learning French 6/ There is traffic new the radio on every morning 7/ Hoa works at a big hospital She’s the nurse 8/ Last summer we spent a few days at the every nice hotel 9/ How old were you when you learnt drive 10/ She’s a good soccer play 13 Tiếng anh lớp 14 ... 69,I’m not as good at Math as my brother -> My brother is 70 ,Their father got to London by taxi last Monday -> Their father took a 71,What is your... them at least twice a day 120 The (wait) room was full of people when I arrived 121 He is probably one of the most famuos (play ) in our football team 122 They are going to annuonce their. .. the (safe) in the kitchen 16, She drives car (safe) .She had many accidents 17, They are (different) Their (different) can be realized easily 18, Trung and his brother like (act)
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