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100 CÂU CHUYỆN NGẮN + AUDIO 1 Going to the Zoo She goes to the zoo She sees a lion The lion roars She sees an elephant The elephant has a long trunk She sees a turtle The turtle is slow She sees a rab. 100 CÂU CHUYỆN NGẮN + AUDIO Going to the Zoo She goes to the zoo She sees a lion The lion roars She sees an elephant The elephant has a long trunk She sees a turtle The turtle is slow She sees a rabbit The rabbit has soft fur She sees a gorilla The gorilla is eating a banana Christmas Time It is Christmas Dad gives Tim a toy The toy is in the box Tim takes off the lid He sees the toy It is a car The car is red The car makes noises The car moves fast Tim likes the gift He hugs his dad Dad smiles She Goes to the Nurse She goes out to play She runs around She falls down It hurts She cries She gets up She goes to the nurse The nurse is nice She looks friendly The nurse gives her a lollipop It tastes good The nurse gives her a bandage She is okay now She walks back to class Waiting The kids are in class The teacher is teaching math The kids are tired They want to play They want to see the sun They like slides They also like swings They don't like math They stare at the clock The clock moves slowly The kids continue to wait Chores He is playing video games Mom gets mad She thinks he is lazy She gives him a list of chores He frowns He looks at the list He has to clean the floors Then, he has to wash the dishes Finally, he has to feed his dog He starts doing his chores 6 The First Song She sits in the car Her dad turns on the radio A song plays She taps her feet She sways her head Her dad laughs at her He likes the song too The song is over The radio plays a different song She does not like the new song She sits quietly Visiting the Doctor Haley feels hot Her mom touches her forehead Haley has a fever The mom takes Haley to a doctor The doctor is kind He gives her a sticker He tells her to take a pill He tells her to drink a lot of water Haley goes home She takes the pill and drinks water She does this for three days She is healthy again Different Foods Sara is hungry She goes to the kitchen She opens the cabinet There are a lot of snacks The marshmallows are too sweet The potato chips are too salty The ice cream is too watery The kiwis are too sour The cereal is too bland Her dad comes home He gives her crackers The crackers are perfect The Corner Jill does not like math Jill starts talking about food Her friends laugh They stop doing their homework The teacher is upset She tells them to stand in the corner Jill goes to the corner It is hard to be quiet She thinks about her family She thinks about her dog Five minutes pass The teacher lets her go 10 Surprise Party It is Lily's birthday She gets out of bed Nobody says anything to her Her mom takes her to school Her friends not say anything The teacher does not say anything Lily is sad Lily walks home alone She opens the door Her friends and family are holding a cake They say, "Surprise Lily!" Tham gia group IELTS Fighter – Hỗ trợ học tập để học với đội ngũ admin 7.5-8.0 IELTS nhé: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ieltsfighter.support/ 11 A New Pet Kate is walking She sees a dog The dog wags its tail Kate likes the dog It has no collar Kate takes it home She washes the dog She names him "Toby." She takes Toby to the vet Toby is healthy Kate walks Toby every day They love each other 12 Group Project Ms Howard assigns a project She wants the students to work in groups Adam works with Joe and Bill Adam is smart Joe draws well Bill is cooperative They make a good group They turn in their project Ms Howard likes it She gives them a high grade Adam, Joe, and Bill are joyful 13 A Cat and A Mouse The cat is bored He tries to have fun He plays with yarn He scratches his tummy He takes a nap He drinks milk He is still bored He sees a mouse The mouse is eating cheese The cat steal the cheese The mouse is angry The mouse chases the cat The cat is having fun 14 Lemonade Stand John wants to go to his school field trip He needs fifty dollars He wants to earn it himself He plans to open up a lemonade stand He goes to the market The lemons are cheap They are also ripe He buys fifty lemons He starts making lemonade A lot of people are in line His lemonade stand is a success He makes enough money 15 New and Old Tomorrow is the first day of school Barbara looks at her backpack It has holes It is dirty She needs a new one Her mom takes her shopping There are so many backpacks One backpack has yellow stars Another one has rainbow stripes Another one has dogs Barbara likes this one She buys it 16 The Kind Dentist Maria feels pain in her teeth She tells her mom Her mom takes her to the dentist Maria is scared She enters the waiting room The secretary calls Maria's name Maria goes in Maria sits in a big chair She waits for the dentist The dentist arrives He is careful with Maria's teeth He gives her a new toothbrush Maria feels good 17 A Trip to the Library Mark needs a book He does not have money His mom takes him to the library Mark can borrow books for free Mark enters the library There are so many books There are books about animals There are books about pirates There are books about science Mark borrows them all 18 A Lot of Ants She eats a slice of cake She drops a crumb The ants can smell it They crawl towards the crumb She notices the ants She does not want to kill them She gets a cup She puts the ants inside She opens the window She lets the ants go 19 Picking a Costume It is Halloween Nancy is dressed as a princess She goes trick-or-treating She walks to one house She rings the doorbell A young couple opens the door Nancy holds out her bag She receives candy She says, "Thank You!" The couple smiles Nancy goes to the next house 20 Petting Zoo He goes to the petting zoo There are many different animals He pets the turtles The turtles feel rough He pets the sheep The sheep feel wooly He pets the cows The cows feel smooth He pets the bunnies The bunnies feel fluffy He tells his mom he wants a pet His mom says he can get one tomorrow 21 Mom is Mad Robert's room is messy There is pizza under his bed There is glue on the wall There is a pile of clothes There are toys on the floor Robert does not care He watches a television show His mom goes into his room She turns off the television She yells at him He starts to clean his room 22 Father's Day Today is Father's Day Daniel surprises his father He serves him breakfast There are eggs, bacon, and orange juice on the tray Daniel's father is happy Later, they go play tennis Daniel stands on one side He swings the ball Daniel's father hits the ball back Finally, they watch the sunset What a great day! 23 The Baby Sister Betty loves her baby sister Betty takes care of her She changes her diaper She feeds her She teaches her how to walk She teaches her new words It is not easy to take care of babies Betty's baby sister cries sometimes Betty plays peekaboo with her She covers her eyes and then opens them The baby laughs 24 Sometimes You Lose Sarah's basketball team lost today She is upset She walks home sadly She sits down on the couch She starts crying Her mom sees her She gives her a hug Then, she bakes Sarah's favorite cookies The warm cookies make Sarah smile Sarah wipes her tears away She realizes that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose 25 A New Home He moves to a new city There are many buildings There are a lot of people walking There are many taxis He feels lonely Everyone acts so different here He goes to his new school He sees a friendly looking person He asks him to show him around 26 Chris and His Fish Christopher wants a pet He likes fish Fish are easy to take care of Fish are pretty Christopher thinks he is responsible enough too He decides to go to the pet store himself He buys a fish It is small It is red and black It swims slowly Christopher puts it in a tank 27 The Oldest Brother Brian is the oldest brother He has two younger brothers Brian helps his parents around the house He washes the dishes He mops the floor He picks up his younger brothers from school Brian also teaches his brothers to the right thing He tells them to be honest, kind, and friendly Brian loves his family 28 A Successful Trade It is lunch time The kids go out to eat They are excited and hungry Paul has a ham sandwich He does not like ham He wants a tuna sandwich Sarah has a tuna sandwich She thinks tuna is smelly She wants a ham sandwich Paul and Sarah meet up They trade their sandwiches They get what they want 29 Making a Snowman She wants to make a snowman First, she rolls a large ball of snow Second, she rolls a medium ball of snow Finally, she rolls a small ball of snow for the snowman's head She stacks them up The largest ball is on the bottom She puts a carrot for the nose She uses buttons for the eyes and mouth The last thing she adds is a scarf 30 English Skills Donald is in the second grade His reading level is not as good as the other students' He wants to improve his English skills He starts to read more He looks up words he does not know in the dictionary He writes down what the words mean Afterwards, he reads the book again 31 Practicing Drawing I am practicing drawing I practice drawing every Saturday and Sunday My teacher shows me new things I know how to draw people, animals, and objects now I always want to get better, so I practice every day My parents always tell me that I am a good artist They think I can it as a job 32 A Day for Ice Cream It is a sunny day She feels hot She fans herself with a book It is still hot She turns on the air conditioner It is still hot She jumps into a pool It is still hot Her dad has an idea! He takes her to the ice cream shop They share a banana split She does not feel hot anymore 33 Taking Tests He has a test tomorrow He does not want to study Instead, he plays video games The next day, he takes the test It is very hard He does not know anything He turns in his test blank The teacher scolds him and gives him an "F." 34 Helen is Busy Helen wants to well on the math test tomorrow She takes out her book and studies Her brother then comes into her room He starts making loud noises Helen yells at him Her mother then comes into her room She asks Helen to cook dinner Helen yells at her Helen finally tells her family that she is busy 35 Messing Up He pours a glass of soda for himself He accidentally spills some on his shirt Oh no! His mom will get mad His shirt is very expensive He tries to clean it up He pours water on it He uses a stain remover He takes the shirt to a dry cleaner's Nothing works 36 Introducing Myself I am a new student in school I tell the class about myself I am from Canada, but now I live in Nevada I live with my mom, dad, and brother My brother is five years younger than me Music is very important to me I like to sing and dance I also play the saxophone One day, I hope to be a music teacher 37 A Long Wait The roller coaster ride is fun and fast The line is so long John and his friends decide to wait John tried to find ways to pass time He taps his foot for ten minutes Then, he plays games on his phone Later, he tells his friends jokes Two hours pass The boys are still in line 38 The Teacher Takes Away His Phone Mr Brown's lectures are boring A student looks up at Mr Brown to check what he is doing Mr Brown is writing something on the board The student takes out his phone He starts playing games Mr Brown walks over to his desk Mr Brown takes the student's phone away He is in trouble 39 No One Likes the Flu He is sick He goes to the doctor The doctor give him some medicine He is still sick after one week His mom tells him to go to sleep He lies in bed all day He rests He drinks chicken soup and eats vegetables He is still sick No one likes the flu 40 The Circus She goes to the circus She sees a clown He is very colorful She sees magicians They take rabbits out of hats She sees people walking on rope up in the air She sees people juggling balls She sees a lot of animals too There are lions that jump through hoops of fire There are elephants that dance She never wants to leave the circus 41 An Unhealthy Boy He is fat He only eats red meat, chips, and candy His parents worry about him They ban him from eating fattening foods They cook healthy meals only from now on They eat oatmeal for breakfast They eat fish, carrots, and vegetables for lunch They eat chicken and salad for dinner 42 Ferris Wheel A ferris wheel is a huge rotating wheel It has many seats He sits on one of them His seat is yellow He is excited He puts his seatbelt on He holds on to the metal bar He wants to be safe The wheel moves He starts to go up higher and higher He looks down The people are so small The view is so nice 43 More Money She gets an allowance from her parents They give her $10 a week She wants more She asks her parents nicely They say no She tries to change their minds She washes their cars She makes them dinner She compliments them Her parents decide to give her a raise She will get $15 a week 44 Loving Dance She loves to dance She dances on her school's team She dances after school She loves to dance in her room She loves to dance in the kitchen She even loves to dance in the bathroom Anyone can see that she is passionate People say she is the best dancer in the world 45 A Fun Sleepover She sleeps over at a friend's house They a lot of fun activities They fight with their pillows They roast marshmallows over a fire They sing songs They watch movies The movies are funny They eat popcorn while they watch They braid each other's hair They use sleeping bags They fall asleep 46 Apology He does not like school He hates his teachers He hates learning He hates his classmates He picks on them He bothers them He rips up their homework He steals their lunch money One day, his teacher sees him being mean She yells at him She makes him say sorry to his classmates 47 Glass of Milk on the Desk A glass of milk is on the desk It is near the edge The child looks at the milk The child wants to drink it The cat looks at the milk The cat wants to drink it too They both walk towards the desk The cat is faster It jumps on the desk The glass of milk tips over The milk is all over the floor 48 A Simple Gift He wants to get something for his teacher He has no money though He gets creative He goes to his backyard He looks at his rose bush He cuts a nice, red one He puts it in a vase He pours some water in the vase His gift is complete 49 Hide and Seek John covers his eyes Sandra finds a place to hide John counts to ten At "ten," he opens his eyes He tries to find Sandra He walks around their room He checks the kitchen He checks under the bed He checks the laundry room He does not find her yet Sandra is in their parents' room 50 Excited for the Mail The boy waits for the mailman A package is supposed to come today He sits by the window He sees the mailman walking He goes outside He says hello to the mailman The mailman gives him the package They say good-bye to each other The boy goes back to his house 51 Having Fun on a Swing Michael and his grandmother go to the park's playground There are so many things to Michael runs over to the swing set He sits on a swing He kicks the ground His legs are in the air His grandmother pushes him He is even higher! He feels like he can touch the sky 52 He Walks His Dogs Brian has three dogs The first one is black The second one is brown The third one is gray The black dog is very big The brown dog is medium-sized The gray dog is very small Brian loves all of them He walks with his dogs at the park The dogs enjoy it They always seem happy when they are walking 53 A Pencil for Everything She has a pencil It is four inches long It is shiny and pink It has an eraser on one end It even has her name on it She uses her pencil for everything She uses it to write letters She uses it to her homework She uses it on her tests 54 Being Careless Two brothers are bored They play catch with each other inside the house The older brother throws the ball to the younger brother He catches it He throws it back The ball hits the window The window breaks Their mom hears the loud sound She is mad She takes the ball away 55 Fluffy the Rabbit He has a pet It is a rabbit His rabbit's name is Fluffy Fluffy is female She is white She has black eyes She is very soft She is playful She weighs seven pounds She likes to hop around the house She likes to eat carrots He gives Fluffy five carrots a day 56 Three Friends and a Jump Rope It is break time The students go out to play Three friends play with a jump rope Elizabeth holds one end Susan holds the other end They stand apart from each other They swing the rope Maria jumps in The rope goes over her head She is good She keeps jumping over the rope 57 He Plays with the Ladybug He goes outside He sees a ladybug The ladybug is red It has black spots too It has six legs It has two wings It is small He puts the ladybug on his finger It tickles! The ladybug crawls all over him He wants to keep it The ladybug flies away He tries to catch it 58 The Dog That Digs The dog likes to dig It is his favorite thing to He goes into his owner's house He takes a necklace He puts the necklace in his mouth He runs to the backyard He digs a hole with his paws He puts the necklace inside He covers the hole with dirt 59 Playing with the Monkey Bars She likes the monkey bars She grabs the first bar with both hands Her legs are swinging from the ground She puts her right hand on the second bar She then puts her left hand on the second bar She continues doing this She reaches the last bar She jumps down She starts over again for fun 60 Playing a Doctor She likes to pretend she is a doctor for fun She wears a white coat She pretends her room is a medical office Her dad pretends he is a patient Her dad goes into her room He tells her how he is feeling He says that he keeps coughing She tells him to drink a lot of water 61 Art Class She goes to her art class She wears a special white coat Now, her inside clothes will be clean She is going to draw a sunflower She gets a paintbrush She gets green, yellow, and brown paint She gets a white piece of paper She dips her paintbrush in the paint She starts to draw 62 Getting Ready for Soccer Practice She is getting ready for soccer practice She wears her uniform She gets a soccer ball Her mom drives her to the soccer field She gets out of the car She says hi to all her teammates They stretch They put their legs together They reach their toes with their hands 63 The Pouch of a Kangaroo A kangaroo is an interesting animal It has a pouch A kangaroo's baby goes into the pouch It is safe there James would like to have a pouch He would not put a baby in there He would put food and video games inside People and kangaroos are different 64 Aunt and Uncle He visits his aunt and uncle They are very different from each other His aunt is tall and skinny His uncle is fat and short His aunt likes vegetables His uncle only eats meat His aunt is quiet His uncle is loud They still love each other They like it when he visits He always has fun with his aunt and uncle 65 A Busy Boy The boy is always busy He goes to school for eight hours He has seven classes They are all hard He has a lot of homework It takes him five hours to finish it He also has piano practice He spends two hours playing the piano He only sleeps for four hours He is tired 66 Fruit Salad She pours some chips in a bowl Her dad sees her He tells her chips are bad They are unhealthy She throws away the chips She goes back to the kitchen She starts to make fruit salad She gets bananas, strawberries, kiwis, and apples She cuts them up in small pieces She puts them all together in a bowl 67 He Takes His Test The teacher announces that there is a test The students clear off their desks The teacher passes out the tests A student takes a deep breath He takes out his pencil He looks at the questions He knows the answers He writes them down He finishes the test He feels good 68 Parent-teacher Conference Lisa and her mom go to school They meet with Lisa's teacher The teacher smiles They all sit down The teacher talks about Lisa's grades She is doing very well She is very smart The teacher also talks about Lisa's behavior She is friendly to everyone Her mom is happy 69 The Second Dog She has one dog already It has black fur It is very big She wants another one She goes to the pet store She buys another dog It has brown fur It is medium-sized She brings it home She puts her two dogs together They run away from each other They not like each other 70 A Cat and a Ball of Yarn The boy tries to study for his quiz tomorrow His cat keeps bothering him It keeps pulling his leg It keeps making noises He gets a ball of yarn He throws it across the room The cat chases the ball of yarn The cat catches the yarn It plays with it The boy can finally study 71 Taking Care of His Orange Tree He wants to grow an orange tree He digs a small hole He puts the seeds in it He covers the seeds with soil He waters it for a week No oranges have grown He asks his mom what he is doing wrong She says, "You have to be patient." He continues to water the tree for a month He sees an orange start to grow 72 The Missing Notebook Helen leaves her notebook in the cafeteria She does not know this yet She goes to class Kevin enters the cafeteria He sees a notebook He does not know whose it is He puts it in the lost and found box Helen realizes her notebook is gone She checks the lost and found box She finds her notebook 73 Tag, You're It! Tag is a very fun game George, Lisa, and Laura play tag everyday Lisa and Laura run around George tries to chase them He runs as fast as he can He decides to find Lisa She is a slow runner He sees her running He catches up to her He taps her on the shoulder He says to her, "Tag, you're it!" 74 Different Flavors I like cupcakes and lollipops Both of them are sweet My mom likes hamburgers and french fries Both of them are salty My dad likes lemons and grapefruits Both of them are sour My sister likes coffee and dark chocolate Both of them are bitter My brother likes everything 75 Daydreaming at School The teacher is talking about U.S government She thinks it is boring She stares at her desk She starts to daydream She dreams about her friends They invite her to a party The party is fun She dances and sings She listens to good music The teacher wakes her up 76 A Pet for Dad Her dad is lonely He lives in a big house with no one He is divorced His friends live far away He does not work anymore He just sits at home and watches movies She feels bad for her dad She surprises him with a dog He loves the dog so much He takes care of it 77 Too Sick She is too sick She has the cold She can't stop sneezing She keeps a tissue box near her Her nose is so red She also has a fever She puts a cold towel over her forehead She is too sick to go to school Her friends visit her They give her the homework assignments They try to make her feel better 78 The Worst Student Ronald is the worst student He does not his homework Instead, he plays video games His teacher yells at him Ronald does not care He listens to music when the teacher is talking He does not study His test scores are bad He is mean to his classmates too Charles asks to borrow his eraser Ronald hits him 79 Bad Manners She has bad manners She never shows any respect Her mother buys her a present She does not say thank you Her grandparents come to her house She asks them to leave Her classmate has something she wants She steals it Her dad asks her for a favor She does not it 80 Transferring to Another Class He does not like Ms Garcia, his math teacher She always separates him from his classmates She always give him a lot of homework She always calls him mean names She never helps him He drops out of Ms Garcia's class He transfers to Ms Moore's class She is much better 81 Good Manners Michelle eats with her family She wants to eat peas She asks her mom, "Will you please pass me the peas?" The mom smiles She gives her the plate Michelle gets a gift from her dad She thanks him Michelle sees a classmate cry She gives the classmate a tissue Michelle has really good manners 82 The Trouble with Braces He has bad teeth He gets braces He goes to school He starts to talk His classmates see his braces They make fun of him He feels sad He closes his mouth He stops talking His teacher asks him a question He decides to talk He does not care if people make fun of him anymore 83 Lost on the First Day It is the first day of high school She is completely lost She has never been here before Her first class is Spanish The class is in the A building A staff member sees her wandering around He gives her a map She looks at it She finds her Spanish class 84 Stealing is Bad Donna and her uncle go to a school supplies shop Donna sees a pink eraser She likes it She does not have any money She puts the eraser in her pocket She runs out of the store Her uncle sees her He tells her that stealing is bad He puts the eraser back He makes Donna apologize to the manager 85 Picking Her Up He is talking to his friends His cell phone rings He answers it It is his sister She asks if he could pick her up at school He tells her to wait He gets off the couch He tells his friends to leave He drives his car He parks on the street His sister gets in the car 86 Saving the Princess The princess is stuck in the tower A dragon will eat her soon The king and queen are sad They offer to give money to the person who saves her They put up posters around town A poor farmer sees it He climbs up the tower He gets the princess He takes her to his horse They ride back to town 87 Make It Hot, Make It Cold He wants to eat some pizza He opens the refrigerator He reaches for the frozen pizza It is cold He wants it to be hot He puts it in the microwave He heats the pizza for five minutes His sister wants to drink cold water She gets a bottle of water from the kitchen It is warm She puts it in the refrigerator 88 A Good Shower She goes to the market She buys ingredients for lunch and dinner She goes to the pharmacy She picks up her medicine She goes to school She takes three tests She goes to the park She runs ten laps She finally goes home She is tired and sweaty What a day! She takes a cold shower She feels good 89 The Wrong Color He waits for his package He is excited He will finally get his t-shirt today He waits outside his house The mail carrier gives him the package He opens it The tshirt is red He ordered the blue one He is upset He calls the company The manager apologizes He will send the blue t-shirt for free 90 Forgetting Her Glasses She goes to English class She reaches into her backpack Her glasses are not inside She cannot see anything Her teacher writes the sentence: "The cat chases the ball." The teacher asks the students to copy this sentence She squints She still cannot see the sentence She sits closer to the board She will never forget her glasses again 91 Quitting His Job He works at a fast-food restaurant He hates his job He flips burgers He cuts potatoes He pours soda in cups He thinks doing these things is boring He does not like talking to customers His boss, Susan Wright, is mean She always makes him work extra hours He finally quits his job 92 Future Goals She thinks about the future a lot She wants to be a doctor Doctors have cool uniforms Doctors make people feel better Doctors make a lot of money She wants to live in Beverly Hills, California The city is very clean The houses there are nice She wants to get married and have kids too 93 A Kind Stranger She walks across the street She has four boxes in her hand They are very heavy She falls down She drops the boxes A stranger helps her He asks if she is okay She nods her head He picks up her boxes He carries them to her car She says thank you 94 Excited for Thanksgiving He loves Thanksgiving He looks at his calendar He gets out his pen He crosses out the days that have passed He puts an "X" through them There are only two more days until Thanksgiving He is so happy He is excited to eat turkey He is excited to see his entire family 95 A Sad Book and a Happy Book He reads a book The main character is a wolf It tries to find its family It travels all over the world In the end, the wolf dies This book is too sad He reads another one The main character is a girl She wants to win a swimming competition She practices a lot In the end, she gets first place He likes this book 96 The Water Slide at the Amusement Park Betty and Brian go to the amusement park It is hot and sunny They want to cool off They see a water slide There is a long line Everyone wants to get wet Betty and Brian finally reach the front of the line They get into their bathing suits They go down the slide They are completely wet 97 Keeping a Diary Dorothy has a diary It has a pink cover It is four inches in length It is three inches in width It has 200 pages There are lines on the pages She writes in it every day She writes about how she is feeling She writes about what happened in school Sometimes, she draws in her diary 98 Trying on Shoes He goes to a shoe store He sees a pair he likes It is black and white He tries it on It is too tight He asks if there is a bigger size There is not He looks at the other shoes He sees another pair he likes It is bright yellow He tries it on It fits perfectly 99 A Lot of Pants She has a lot of pants She has two pairs of jeans One of them is light blue The other one is navy blue She has two pairs of formal pants One of them is khaki The other one is gray She has two pairs of casual pants One of them has flowers on it The other one has hearts on it She wears pants every day 100 Chili Sauce Lover He eats noodles It is plain He adds chili sauce He tries the noodles It tastes a lot better He starts to put chili sauce in everything He puts chili sauce on french fries He puts chili sauce in soup He puts chili sauce on egg rolls He even puts chili sauce on rice ... casual pants One of them has flowers on it The other one has hearts on it She wears pants every day 100 Chili Sauce Lover He eats noodles It is plain He adds chili sauce He tries the noodles It tastes
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