Bài tập trắc nghiệm về mạo từ và các từ xác định trong tiếng anh (15)

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BÀI TẬP TRẮC NGHIỆM VỀ MẠO TỪ CÁC TỪ XÁC ĐỊNH TRONG TIẾNG ANH Find the one choice that best completes the sentence These piles of books are cleaner than the others A as B very C so D much She is an engineer nor an architect A nor B both C neither D either That play was for her to see again A too interesting B enough interesting C interesting enough D more interesting enough The more we study, the we are A more good B good C well D better Mary can't speak French A Either can Peter B Neither can't Peter C Neither can Peter D Peter can't neither Everyone can in this school activity A take off B take on C take part D take we eat, the fatter we become A The much B The more C Many D A lot of The lesson for me to understand A is very difficult B too difficult C difficult too D is too difficult This exercise is I must finish it as soon as possible A very important so B so important that C too important that D enough important that 10 She was she never had time to go out in the evening A so busy that B very busy C busy enough D busy so that 11 She didn’t eat breakfast A much B many C some D any 12 There aren’t large glasses left A some B any C much D many 13 I have seen of Minh recently A a lot of B any C too much D too many 14 Not _Denmark is hilly A a lot of B any of C much of D many of 15 You can’t see _ a country in a week A much of B some of C a lot of D many of 16 I won’t pass the exam I have missed _ my lessons A some of B much of C many of D a lot of 17 He got _men friends, but he doesn’t know women A lots of/ many B much/ many C many / many D many / much 18 I don’t travel these days A much B some C a lot D many 19 strong man has disheartened before such a challenge A much a B Some C Many a D Many 20 time is needed to learn a language A Any B Some C Much D A lot of
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