Tuyển tập 20 năm đề thi olympic tiếng anh lớp 11 part 1

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Tuyển tập 20 năm đề thi olympic tiếng anh lớp 11 part 1

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PHAN I CAC DE THI CHINH THU^C DETHI NAM 1998 PART ONE: PHONOLOGY A. Pick out the word whose sound of the bold parts is pronounced differently from that of the others in each group. 1. A. food B. look C. took D.good 2. A. than B. theatre C. theory D. thorough 3. A. nourish B. flourish C.courageous D.courage 4. A. orchestra B. orchard C. chasm D. chemical 5. A. mouths B. cloths C. booths D. months 6. A. vanish B. vapid C. valve D. various 7. A. bought B. sought C. drought D. fought 8. A. comfortable B. come C. some D. comb 9. A. whistle B. little C. gentle D. battle 10. A. subtle B. plumber C.doubt D. herbage B. Underline the stressed syllable of the following words. demonstrative preferential extravagant prejudice monopoly personnel legitimate horoscope impetus sabotage PART TWO: VOCABULARY A. Multiple choices Choose the best answers. 1. The charges brought against the government official finally hurt nothing but his vanity. A. family B. prospects C. pride D. image 5 2. During the war, the shipping lanes proved vulnerable to be attacked. A. susceptible B. dangerous C. futile D. feasible 3. The manager told his assistant to the mistake immediately. A. rectify B. maltreat C. sanction D. banish 4. Peter, Harry, and Chuck were first, second, and third in the school cross-country race. A. respectively B. actively C. responsively D. tremendously 5. Children can be difficult to teach because of their short attention . A. limit B. span C. duration D. time 6. The ticket one person to the museum. A. allows B. admits C. permits D. accepts 7. The lamp is to the ceiling by means of a hook. A. attached B. related C. connected D. installed. 8. The company director's asked the government to in the dispute and prevent a strike. A. intervene B. interact C. intercept D. interpose 9. People believe there is a between the two crimes. A. joint B. chain C. link D. connector 10. Some people feel that television should give less to sport. A. programs B. coverage C. concern D. involvement B. Word formation Supply the correct form of the words in brackets. 1. Meiling signed up for the course, (.economy) 2. Various by police officers were brought to light by the enquiry. (practice) 3. She took the job to be independent, (finance) 4. We can look forward to a period of . (prospects) 5. You must forgive my in these matters, (experience) 6. I've never known such a person, (quarrel) 7. She uses a good-quality oil for proper . (lubricate) 8. Like oil, gas is a fossil fuel and is thus a source of energy. (renew) 9. When Jean made up for the play, she was . (recognize) 10. Sam was accused of stealing some documents . (confidence) 6 PART THREE: GRAMMAR A. Prepositions and particles a. Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions or adverbial particles. 1. Write in pencil then if you make a mistake you can easily rub it 2. She was the point saying something, but, changing her mind, remained silent. 3. My name is WiUiam, they call me Bill short. 4. The bus was held because a tree had fallen the road. 5. You'll have to work very hard today to make the time you wasted yesterday. 6. The police broke the demonstration. 7. A new magazine has just come . 8. She was converted Catholicism near death-bed. 9. Don't try to cheat in my class, it's useless and you'll never get it. 10.1 was the impression that I had paid you the work you did for me. b. Complete the following sentences, using the verbs and particles provided. Verbs: show, draw, go, make Prepositions: through, up, for, off 1. A red car has just in front of our house. 2. Some women invited to a wedding party always try to their figures. 3. It was 10 o'clock when he finally . 4. My father the two world wars. 5. It's getting late; we'd better turn round and home. B. Verb tenses and forms Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense or form. 1. By the time you (finish) your twelfth grade this summer, I (graduate) from my university. 2. I could tell from the (frighten) look on her face that somethingterribele (happen) . 3. You (know) nothing (move) since you (send) ______ away (cure) . 4. He resented (ask) (wait) . He (expect) the minister (see) him at once. 7 5. Once (bite) , twice shy. 6. I'd rather (live) in the eighteenth century than in the nineteenth century. 7. The students requested that the test (postpone) , but the instructor decided against a postponement. 8. Next time we go (house-hunt) , remember (ask) the agent for clear directions. 9. It was our fault to keep Mary (wait) so long. We (inform) her in advance. PART FOUR: WRITING A. Sentence transformation ^ Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the printed one. 1. He is more a lecturer than a teacher. He 2. You won't find a school anywhere whose pupils get such results. Nowhere 3. You may be very intelligent, but you should be careful about this. No matter 4. Even though I admire his courage, I think he's foolish. Much . 5. They are soon accustomed to swimming. It is 6. Customs officials are stopping more travelers than usual this week. An incf^ased 7. The police arc advising vigilance as there have been more robberies lately. 8. I'm the only child in my family. My mother gave 9. He never suspected that the money had been stolen. At no time lO.I don't understand a single word of this letter. / can't make 8 B. Key-word transformation Rewrite the following sentences as directed by using exactly the words in brackets. 1. I can nearly remember the word, (tongue) 2. She was smoking in the bathroom, I went in to the bathroom and knew that, (caught) 3. Many people nowadays find it increasingly difficult to exist on the money they earn, (ends) 4. He was forced to apologize, (choice) 5. If it costs too much, we'll have to consider, (event) 6. The explorers disregarded the mosquitoes, (notice) 7. Try not to panic even if you don't know what is going to happen, (your head) 8. John inflated the tires of his bicycle, (blew) 9. The first sign of the disease is a feeling of faintness. (onset) PART FIVE: READING A. Cloze test Fill in each blank with one suitable word. In British English this standard accent is known as R.P. or Received Pronunciation. This coupled with the sort of English described in grammar books is the accepted (1) . Its use, however, is restricted (2) geographically and socially; it is most (3) used among the middle classes in the south of England. Its speakers, (4) , carry both a geographical and (5) label, as do the speakers of all its variants, although the more socially mobile someone is the more complex his accent becomes, and so the more (6) he is to label. Attitudes towards this vary, from the parents (7) train their children not to speak with a local (8) so that "they will have a better chance in life", to the liberal, trendy young manager who adopts a local accent (9) a form of inverted snobbery. But these stances are extreme, but, nevertheless, the (10) between language and social status is a potentially explosive subject in British society. B. Reading comprehension Read the following passage and choose the best answers. A Japanese construction company plans to create a huge independent city-state, akin to the legendary Atlantis in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The city. dubbed "marin-nation", would have about one million inhabitants, two airports, and possibly even a space port. Marin-nation, if built, would be a separate country but could serve as a home for international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Aside from the many political social problems that would have to be solved, the engineering task envisaged is monumental. The initial stage requires the building of a circular dam 18 miles in diameter attached to the bed in relatively shallow place in international waters. Then, several hundred powerful pumps, operating for more than a year, would suck out the sea water from within the dam. When empty and dry, the area would have a city constructed on it. The actual land would be about 300 feet below sea level. According to designers, the hardest task from engineering point of view would be to ensure that the dam is leak proof and earthquake proof. If all goes well, it is hoped that marin-nation could be ready for habitation at the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century. Whether anyone would want to live in such an isolated and artificial community, however, it will remain an open question until that time. 1. To what does the underlined phrase "the city" refer? A. A Japanese construction company B. Atlantis C. The United Nations D. A future city 2. What kind of city will marin-nation be? A. underground B. underwater C. marine D. Legendary 3. The tone of the passage is . A. sarcastic B. humorous C. judgmental D. informative 4. The problem of Marin-nation focused on here is mainly . A. human B. engineering C. political D. social 5. By referring to Atlantis in the passage, the author is saying that A. marin-nation will never be built. B. marin-nation is a city in the ocean. C. even if built, marin-nation will fail. D. marin-nation is only a dream. 10 DETHI NAM 1999 PART ONE: PHONOLOGY A. Pick out the word whose sound of the bold parts is pronounced differently from that of the others in each group. 1. A. tickled B. published C. produced D.replaced 2. A. baths B. speeds C.forgoes D. drags 3. A. break B. weight C. plane D. said 4. A. watch B. want C. bank D. what 5. A. gaiety B. gene C. gesture D ."margarine 6. A. says B. bays C.days D.rays 7. A. choke B.churen C. chirp D. choir 8. A. foot B.shoot C.cook D. shook 9. A. keen B. deep C.sheer D. meet Underline the stressed syllables of the following words. photographer ancestor documentary improvement premium abyss prosecute sympathetically necessary employee PART TWO: VOCABULARY A. Multiple choices Choose the best answers. 1. A person who has drunk too much alcohol would . A. stagger B. swagger C. tramp D. prowl 2. It takes roughly 4,000 pounds of petals to make a single pound of rose oil. A. as much as B. amazingly C. more or less D. relatively 3. Six novels a year, you say? He's certainly a writer. A. fruitful B. fertile C. virile D. prolific 4. The party's election proved to be successful. A. campaign B. movement C. struggle D. fight 5. No one appreciated his work during his lifetime, but it is clear that he is a great artist. A. in the aftermath B. by the time C. in retrospect D. in this eventuality 11 6. Who would take the Hippocratic oath? A. a barrister B. a priest C. a doctor D. a soldier 7. Nations that live in concord are nations that live together in peace. A. war B. harmony C. conformity D. happiness 8. receipt of your instructions, I immediately sent a telex message to Algeria. A. On B. In C. With D. By 9. My passport last month, so I will have to get a new one. A. elapsed B. expired C. ended D. terminated 10.1 am never free on Tuesday evening as I have a arrangement to go to the cinema with a friend. A. long-standing B. long-lived C. long-range D. long-lasting B. Word formation Supply the correct forms of the words in brackets. 1. The student failed the math exam because he forgot the . (formulaic) 2. My car is too much to take on a long journey, (rely) 3. The new has certainly made things a lot easier in the town center since it has taken away the through traffic, (pass) 4. Nobody gets treatment in this office, (prefer) 5. He's more than expected, (tolerate) 6. The museum doesn't charge for on Sundays, (admit) 7. We can look forward to a period of . (prosper) 8. This kind of activity can be . (benefit) 9. Our education must put an end to . (literate) 10. Please our letter of the 14th. We have not had a reply, (know) PART THREE: GRAMMAR A. Prepositions Fill in each blank with a correct preposition. 1. After the operation, he had to get on crutches. 2. I want you to copy carefully the model. 3. I turned at the meeting but the others didn't come. 4. My shoes wear very quickly since I started walking to the office. 5. The African elephant will be extinct within twenty years if an international campaign the ivory trade is not started immediately. 6. The ship was bound Japan when it ran into typhoon. 12 7. The gun went in his hand while he was cleaning it. 8. This is a very important decision. All our lives are stake. 9. It always pays to buy high-quality goods the long run it's cheaper. B. Verb tenses and forms Supply the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. 1. Does that road need (broad). 2. It's obHgatory that the voyage (cancel). 3. Were I (know) the truth, I would tell you about it. 4. I'd rather you (keep) your mouth (shut). 5. He suggested that a petition (draw) up. 6. We must take an umbrella. It - (rain). 7. She (be) here but she (go) down with flu. 8. Without your assistant, we (not be) able to complete our last project in our allotted time. PART FOUR: WRITING A. Sentence transformation Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the printed one. 1. Alternative medicine is a complete mystery to some people. Some people are 2. The number of people killed in industrial accidents this year is now fifteen. Already this year 3. You may be disqualified if you don't obey the regulations. Failure 4. He tried hard so that he would win the first prize. With 5. Having made all the arrangements, they decided to go any way. Since 6. Most students can work very hard when they feel hke it. Most students are capable 7. I only recognized him when he came into the light. Not until 13 8. They declared war on the pretext of defending their territorial rights. The excuse 9. You needn't make an appointment to see the personnel manager. There's 10. Can I speak to someone about my problem? Would it B. Key-word transformation Rewrite the following sentences using the given words. Do not alter these words. 1. 1 found the story she told me very interesting, (fascinated) 2. I've lost interest in going to the same place all the time, (fed up) 3. Mass tourism has been one of the causes of the problems, (blame) 4. The rain was coming down in torrents, (cats) 5. People's race, creed or color is not taken into account when they apply for a job with us. (irrespective) 6. All teachers like Kate, (popular) 7. That jumper you knitted for my daughter no longer fits her. (grown) 8. He is said to be a very hard bargainer, (reputation) 9. He doesn't appreciate his wife, (granted) 10. The amount the firm spent on the project initially was $15,000. (outlay) PART FIVE: READING COMPREHENSION A. Cloze test Fill in each blank with one suitable word. "Being in space is an exhilarating experience", recalls astronaut Buzz Aldrin, member of the three-man (1) which made history 25 years ago (2) they succeeded in (3) the first men ever to set (4) on the moon. Just being (5) to float around IS amazing. Unfortunately, the space suits were very restrictive so we weren't (6) to move about very easily". They made the job of (7) moon rock and soil to bring (8) to Earth, we were put in quarantine. It was still not known (9) life existed on the Moon, Neil's famous first footprint should (10) be there until it is disturbed by other visitors. 14 [...]... horrible It must have gone , so you have to put lemon in your tea 10 .1 think he's not serious becoming a teacher He just plays the idea 11 His aunt just died, so he will come 12 first, a lot of money they couldn't make who was the plan 13 Nowadays, many youngsters try to keep the Joneses 14 I f you have any difficulty, I will help you 15 He still-worked although it was well in the night B Verb tenses... in the 19 30s 5 Tunneling originally began in Calais, 6 The plan was rejected in 18 83 because the people were bored 7 The construction of the tunnel led to the rejection of the proposal France in 19 30 8 The tunnel made in 19 30 was the longest ever made 9 The supporters of the tunnel wanted to hire a onderful engineer 10 The estimated cost of the tunnel was prohibitive in 19 30 DE THI NAM 200 0 PART ONE:... major advantage children can return to them again and again, finding something fresh to read every time 10 Whatever the image, you'll always find the text right along side, building your understanding of the subject 20 DE THI NAM 200 1 PART ONE: PHONOLOGY A Pick out the word whose sound is different from that of the others in each group 1 A ransom B ancient C.danger D change 2 A putsch B putt C pussy D pulpit... fortunate I (be) (have) a Grandpa like him! 7 - I found that everything I said on the phone had been reported to the police - Your phone (tap) 8 This time next year I probably (live) on the other side of the world 9 By the time the war was over, thousands of innocent people (kill) 23 10 My uncle would rather that I 11 When I see my sister again, she 12 The weather (not, leave) yesterday (finish) all her exam... handed from generation to generation 12 Tom's leaving Why don't you put 13 Jenny has come 14 He rah for his job? a wonderful name for her new goldfish all the money he had inherited in less than a year 15 my astonishment, I was the only person in the bar 16 Riding a bicycle wearing a helmet is dangerous 17 M y sister has been living in Ha Noi and for the past six weeks 18 The man with the beard and red... their diplomatic relations 9 This leads to more pressure being put on the (adequate) public transport system 10 (accompany) children will not be allowed to cross busy roads P A R T T H R E E : GRAMMAR A Prepositions and particles Fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition or particle to make meaningful sentences 1 He was punctual the minute 22 2 Paul won't do anything without asking his wife... NAM 200 0 PART ONE: PHONOLOGY A Pick out the word whose sound of the bold parts is pronounced differently from that of the others in each group 1 A canary B.share C baron D pharaoh 2 A pug B puke C pumice D pustule 3 A chaperon B charity C challenge D Charlie 4 A this B mother C think D.that 5 A furl B fur C furze D furrier 15 B sob 10 A nib B command 9 A complete B.resound 8 A resign B telemetry 7 A telecast... You must account the manager for the money you used 8 I met him at the party and he asked you 9 I applied for a part- time job at the supermarket They're going to take me 10 He had taken over an old compatty_y£i:giiig liquidation THU ViHN TIMHBiNHTHUAM 17 B Verb tenses and forms Supply the correct forms of the verbs in brackets 1 Congress has decreed that the gasoline tax (abolish) 2 I could tell at... referee's 8 They won the case because of the 9 As a result of her (part) of the defendant, (appear) , Ethel has strong sense of the difference between right and wrong, (bring) 10 Tom spoke because he was so excited, (breath) P A R T T H R E E : GRAMMAR A Prepositions and particles Fill in each blank with an appropriate preposition or particle 1 He has been a bit left behind and is now trying to catch ••... from public life." 5 I think you should turn early tonight, you look really tired 6 It looks as i f the rain has set for the rent of the day , 7 We have to go by car We can't take the bus account the strike 8 Have you missed those twins? Curiously enough, they look poles 9 I ' m just not prepared to put your inefficiency any longer 10 My mother never gives anyone a tip principle 11 The painting was a . something fresh to read every time. 10 . Whatever the image, you'll always find the text right along side, building your understanding of the subject. 20 DE THI NAM 200 1 PART . put lemon in your tea. 10 .1 think he's not serious becoming a teacher. He just plays the idea. 11 . His aunt just died, so he will come a lot of money. 12 . first, they couldn't. DE THI CHINH THU^C DETHI NAM 19 98 PART ONE: PHONOLOGY A. Pick out the word whose sound of the bold parts is pronounced differently from that of the others in each group. 1.

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