Improving the management of information system in emasi international bilingual school

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UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS HO CHI MINH CITY International School of Business Nguyen Thanh Binh IMPROVING THE MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEM IN EMASI INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL SCHOOL MASTER THESIS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUPERVISOR Dr Ly Thi Minh Chau Ho Chi Minh City – Year 2021 LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1: The organization chart of EMASI corporation Figure 2: The organization chart of Marketing & Admissions Group of EMASI Figure 3: The organization chart of HR & Admin Group of EMASI Figure 4: The organization chart of Purchasing Group of EMASI Figure 5: The organization chart Finance and Accounting Group of EMASI Figure 6: The organization chart of IT Group of EMASI Figure 7: The leadership team in each school of EMASI Figure 8: The number of tickets struggled in the year 2019 and 2020 in EMASI Schools Figure 9: The ratio of satisfaction and dissatisfaction about MIS in EMASI Figure 10: The ratio of satisfaction and dissatisfaction about IT management in EMASI Figure 11: Two approaches to implementing ITSM Figure 12: The IT structure in EMASI Figure 13: Cause and effect tree Figure 14: The IT Support Process in EMASI Figure 15: Managerial efficiency, organizational performance, and competitiveness Figure 16: Conceptual framework of internal control as a system for family businesses Figure 17: Family business’ internal control system framework managerial implication and conclusion Figure 18: The fishbone diagram of the main problem and potential cause Figure 19: The marker space project which is responsible for STEM development Figure 20: The cause-and-effect tree (updated) Figure 21: Henri Fayol’s functions of management Figure 22: The Strategic Planning Cycle Figure 23: Motivation model (Porter and Lawler, 1968) Figure 24: Goal-Setting Model Figure 25: Expectation about salary in 2021 Figure 26: Example of a service-oriented organization Figure 27: The suggestion for re-structuring IT function Figure 28: The suggestion of internal process of MIS and non-MIS request Figure 29: The external process of MIS and non-MIS request (escalation process) Figure 30: The suggestion for re-structuring IT function Figure 31: Two-Dimensional Model of Conflict LIST OF TABLES Table 1: The number of tickets struggled in the year 2019 and 2020 in EMASI Schools Table 2: The Article 4, Chapter 2, Circular No 58/2011/TT-BGDDT dated December 12, 2011 of the MOET Table 3: The Article 6, Chapter 3, Circular No 58/2011/TT-BGDDT dated December 12, 2011 of the MOET Table 4: The Article 8, Chapter 3, Circular No 58/2011/TT-BGDDT dated December 12, 2011 of the MOET Table 5: The Article 10, Chapter 2, Circular No 58/2011/TT-BGDDT dated December 12, 2011 of the MOET Table 6: The rubric in detail of formative assessment of English as Additional Language Table 7: The rubric in detail of formative assessment of Mathematic Table 8: The effort grade rubric in detail of formative assessment of IP subjects Table 9: The IP grade scale Effort grade of IP Table 10: The internal training summary of IT in the year 2020-2021 in EAMSI Table 11: Service catalog assignment Table 12: Cost of the solution Table 13: Service catalog assignment Table 14: Cost of solution Table 15: Cost of solution Table 16: Summary assessment of the alternative solutions Table 17: The detailed description of the phases and objectives CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT EXECUTIVE SUMAMARY CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION I COMPANY OVERVIEW 10 II THE COMPANY STRUCTURE 12 THE ADMINISTRATION STRUCTURE 12 THE LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE 15 CHAPTER 2: SYMTOM ANALYSIS I SYMTOM IDENTIFICATION 16 II UNDERLYING PROBLEM OF THE PROPOSED SYMPTOMS 18 CHAPTER 3: PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION I PROBLEM CONTEXT 21 II PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION 22 POTENTIAL PROBLEM 22 POTENTIAL PROBLEM - INCOMPATIBILITY OF THE MIS FUNCTION 22 POTENTIAL PROBLEM - INEFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF IT` 26 III PROBLEM VALIDATION 33 CONFLICTION IS JUST THE CONSEQUENCE NOT THE MAIN PROBLEM 33 INEFFECTIVE ASPECTS OF MANAGEMENT IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 41 CHAPTER 4: CAUSES IDENTIFICATION I POTENTIAL CAUSES 46 CONFLICT IN ROLE OF MANAGEMENT 46 INAPPROPRIATE ASSIGNMENT 51 INAPPROPRIATE TRAINING 53 LACK OF CONTROLLING 55 II CAUSE VALIDATION 59 CHAPTER 5: ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS I ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION 63 ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION - INCREASING MOTIVATION AND JOB SATISFACTION IN ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 63 ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION – IMPROVING THE PROCESSES OF IT 68 ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION - BALANCING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATION 73 II SOLUTION JUSTIFICATION 77 CHAPTER 6: ACTION PLAN & CONCLUSION I ACTION PLAN 78 II CONCLUSION 82 CHAPTER 7: SUPPORT INFORMATION I MYTHOLOGY 83 II INTERVIEW GUIDE 85 III TRANSCRIPTS 87 REFERENCES 102 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Within the thesis, the aspect that inspires and encourages me to start from the beginning is Dr Chau, Ly Thi Minh Under high pressure at that time, many coincident things happened which I couldn’t control especially in the pandemic of Covid-19 I told my supervisor that “I’m going to postpone the thesis, could you please help me, Prof?” Obviously, she gave me no answer, but the following is her vigorous support I kept thinking and deciding in my mind and tried my best to get it done Finally, I’m thankful for all of the things I did to get it accomplished Thank you, Pros! Starting with the thesis, I wonder if I should take the current company to explore for my thesis? Is this the first time the candidate studying in non-technology does the thesis with the title related to information technology? I asked Dr Quan many times and got his encouragement constantly I appreciate that! And now, at the time I write these words I cannot believe that I can get the thesis done Despite my thesis going to happen in whatever judgment, the important thing is that the thesis would be submitted and done under my best effort And, at the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all the classmates, friends, and support teachers for giving me a chance and supporting me during the course in the ISB institute EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Working in information technology (IT) for approximately 15 years and dealing with too many matters in daily work, I’m already aware of the importance of management in IT I still remember that day, my direct manager came to see me and shared with me his strategic plan of IT that he proposed for a couple of days to represent to the board of management of the school He was very proud of that plan and was so confident to pursue the audiences I found that plan was weird, but I had no idea and didn’t know how to convince him that the plan should be analyzed and more detailed in a way that after participating in the business course I found out the inappropriate perspectives of it I really was fragile, feeling uncomfortable and thinking about how the plan can prove and have the approval when targeting the members of the management board I found out that there are many IT guys in management having the same concept of doing that I decided to study management as a business administration major, starting with the second degree and master degree I shared this with my boss - the owner of the school - to hold his opinion poll You can guess what I got from what he said, his answering made me feel ashamed He supposed doing business is not necessary to study at all, the businessman is just a man who is naturally familiar with doing business In a business context, experiencing many types of management, he doesn’t trust his employees studying in business administration and their ability to solve the business problems, that is the reason why he was convincing me to stop studying at the beginning of the course and just focus on doing IT Before the thesis, I was thinking whether I can the master thesis in the field of IT? In the thesis orientation, too many questions were sticking in my head I asked Dr Quan whether the thesis of management would be taken in the IT management field? I discussed it with one of my close friends - he was working in the same company - he gave some good advice that I found out was reasonable I decided to not change the company and start with a thesis in the IT field Back to Dr Quan, I still remember that when I was time to meet him and asked him the same questions, I shared with him the point of view of my boss before the orientation took place He indicated that finding a problem that helps the company to sort it out is a good way to prove the effectiveness of the studying He put an idea into my head and asked me to identify the matters of IT in the company and start to scratch from that itch Beginning from lack of confidence in doing the thesis in the IT field, despite being afraid, I was looking into the facts of the matters of IT in the school - where I’m working for There were a lot of distractions happening in the school, the IT department was in trouble with the board of management because of the trust, the IT staff attempted to satisfy the customers of its department The executive board of the school was seemingly not happy with the IT, the communication between IT and other departments was stuck, a gloomy air covered in the IT department When asking a staff in the school about IT, he or she answered that the service of IT is not good, even though the human resource manager supposed that there was something wrong in IT but she did not know how to improve the situation Similar to an ordinary business, there are many regular systems for example, enterprise resource planning (ERP), Supply chain management (SCM), Decision support system (DSS), Content management system (CMS) etc And it is the same in educational organizations, there are plenty of systems oriented to education management for example, management information system (MIS) It is a generic system that can be deprived and customized to adapt to the characteristics of the school, and other aspects like culture, environment, and government To understand in order to deal with the problems in the information technology system and planning in terms of taking various decisions at managerial level I realized that studying management in IT in EMASI schools could be a chance and opportunity to find the critical perspective that led to better management in the IT department Not the same with the traditional way of an IT manager, based on the experiences and the knowledge of IT he or she often thinks about IT management that is to keep the IT running stable and adapt to the business needs I found that to stay away from bias and approach the problem solving in a new way by implicating the PSO (problem solving in organization) model to find out the solution of the school, there was a lot of data, primary data, secondary data and in-depth interviews Ineffective management is not only the problem of the information technology department in EMASI schools, but it could be potential whereas under any form that any regular manager duty is to identify My ambition in the thesis is to identify the causes to lead to the problem of ineffective management in IT Doing in the IT field is an advantage but to explore the problem and resolve the problem, it must have a method and utility or tool in that PSO is a powerful tool that can be implemented in the case CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION I Company overview EMASI was founded in late 2017 by Mr Nguyen and extended from the international segment His vision is to build up a group of international bilingual schools with American standard facilities to bring the opportunity equally to every Vietnamese family in Vietnam Based on Vietnamese national curriculum, the international program is integrated and developed by implementing modern teaching methods from developing countries The innovation of the EMASI schools is not converting didactic approach but revamping pedagogy which is student-centered then approach in including project-based learning and equips its students with the ability to become self-motivated learners The school focuses on physical education, developing its students to be masters of the Vietnamese language and proficient in English as native speakers and promote creativity and enrich life The school also committed to provide the highest quality education to Vietnamese families and help the students to well prepare the globalization trend to overcome the barrier of language, culture, knowledge, and skills One of the investors of EMASI school is the Khai Sang Joint Stock company, who's the owner of Renaissance International School which has a strong background in the international education sector Vision: EMASI aspires to be the leading provider of bilingual international Vietnamese and English education in Vietnam Mission: EMASI mission is to provide an outstanding education delivered in Vietnamese and English that emphasizes Vietnamese values, academic and personal excellence and fosters global understanding, respect, and independent learning 10 3VC Yes, but from the begging when I joined the school But until now it is still pending right? B Oh, you know more than I know What would you prefer for doing the report in next month? I mean ISAMS or the Excel? 3VC Well, I feel that it’s hard to use in ISAMS, I prefer to have the report in Excel rather than in ISAMS f) Interview with Ms Dung Le Thi Thuy – Student Affairs - Exploring the potential problem of MIS B Hello Ms Dung Can you share about your doing in student report with the MOET? Does ISAMS support you any thing in that routine job? 3DL Hello anh Just one thing, “met moi” According to the MOET regulation, the bilingual schools should be based on the MOET program The International Program is supportive of MOET, not the main curriculum The assessment method would be controlled by the MOET I suppose this is the main issue that our schools take a long time to integrate and there were some controversial statements between IP and MOET leaders B Would you think it could be solved? What would it help you? 3DL I supposed the way we organize the student data in ISAMS, it should be constant with the MOET, so we want not to update separately instead import by student code B Oh, That’s a good idea Thanks, Ms Dung i) Interview with Ms Vo Le Na – Parent of Nam Long School - Exploring the potential problem of MIS B Hello Ms Na I’m doing a survey to explore about ISAM, I would like to have your idea about using ISAMS from your parent portal? 3VL Hello Mr B Thanks for your support me for my son case in ISAMS last time In my opinion ISAMS is not quite smoothly I’m not good at technology, I want to have it simple to use B What is the issue when you are using ISAMS, I mean parent portal, it’s good or needs to be improved? 90 3VL It’s was a little bit frustrate when I tape to the app in order to read the news IT department should help the school to innovate the way or improve the app so parent can have a better feeling when using iParent module of ISAMS B Thanks for your time, Ms Na g) Interview with Ms Mai Ho Thanh – HR Specialist Nam Long schoolExploring the potential problem of MIS B Hello Mai I’m doing a survey to explore about ISAM, I would like to have your sharing about the structure of EMASI? Why don’t we have principal for Nam Long school? What would be your order in case any command coming from the above level of Nam Long school? 3MH Hello Mr B In Nam Long as you can see, it is structuring to manage by the executive board, so the highest principal is Dr Minh, he is responsible for the “general” principal not only Nam Long but also in Van Phuc Dr Minh is the super-interior head of school of EMASI and now he is also in charge the act of the principal of the Nam Long school, Dr Sheryl is the managing director If there is an order coming from the top of the manager which I cannot act on it, I will ask and listen to my direct manager in HR Ms Lai Truong Is it appropriate right? B Yes, I think so Thanks for your sharing Ms Mai Appendix B: Exploring the management problem for Problem Analysis a) Interview with Mr Thieu Nguyen Anh – Deputy Head of IT – Exploring the potential problem of IT Management B Hello Mr Thieu, I’m doing the PSO project finding out the problem of management in IT Can you share about the management in ISAMS in the Renaissance? TNA Well, it’s good to hear! In Renaissance, ISAMS is under the Academic management, Mr Richard – Deputy of Head of School is the main responsible for the academic process, subject sets organization and method of assessment In the scope of work, IT is not responsible for doing reports in ISAMS B Thank you for your answering In other question I would like to know about how is the IT resources, what is the model of the management? Centralization, distribution? 91 TNA It’s hard to determine, I think Because of saving IT resources, for example internet bandwidth, electricity, monitoring effort etc, all physical servers are dedicated in the same place that it’s called “data center” ISAMS server and database are dedicated and under managed by IT on the top level B To the management ISAMS to support the needs of the school, in that way, you think is it effective or not? What is effective management? TNA It depends on the actual needs, for instance the Renaissance as you might understand There should be a combination between the academic and information technology department that can support each other in doing the integration There is no one who is the decision maker to take action in the MIS system ISAMS is not really so complicated to deploy in EMASI but there is a need for a process and clear structure to have it running successfully If the support tasks would be done so far, I believe that the MIS would be considering as good system that can process and handle task relate to management student records, academic record, and staff records B It’s an interesting discussion Thanks for your sharing b) Interview with Mr Duy Nguyen Xuan Anh – IT Specialist– Exploring the potential problem of IT Management B Hello Mr Duy Can you share about your reporting job in ISAMS, is it interesting or not? 3DN Hi Mr B Yes, it’s in…stress…thing Would you like to join? B Uhm, not actually I think Why you say that? How is the reporting process? 3DN Honestly, it’s not very complicated but associating with leadership team and integrating to the ISAMS are spending much time and effort and sometime frustrated The process has not been designed but assumed Academic staff like teachers, personal assistant assumed that the reports should be in charge by IT First, teachers and academic staff just provide the academic records in Excel file Second, the report templates would be designed Third, IT people link and populate data to produce the report The process has not yet been clearly defined and totally approved, there were some conflictions triggered on Academic staff are fluent in teaching and giving mark to their students, they know what should be reflected in the academic record The report templates should be produced by the academic staff IT is influent in technology and good at technical skills, the tasks which regard to technical, or innovation should be assigned to them They should have 92 the role of support and training rather than take the responsibility in producing academic reports B Hey Duy, anther thing I found your out standing is in a project that oriented to academic What is the achievement and expectation? 3DN Marker space project – it was first implemented to the school by Mr Giang, when evaluating the project In both schools Nam Long and Van Phuc, the marker space was rarely used As Mr Giang explanation, marker space would be created more added value for the schools which has not any school yet implemented The project was expected to create the competitive advantage of the school by BOD because its benefits would be integrated and developed in the STEM education I was dedicated to Da Nang to be trained about how to development STEM projects to integrate to the EMASI curriculum, but I was not happy in the role, each school should have the main in charge person for each marker space The schools are expected to be the leader in technology.” B Oh, it is amazing Thanks for your sharing c) Interview with Mr Giang Le Thanh – Senior IT Manager– Exploring the potential problem of IT Management B Hello Mr Giang I’m finding for my own study about the effective management I would like to ask you some questions regard to the IT management in the school Is it possible for you to share? 2GL Hi Bac B Yes, of-course? B Why you select this way to organize IT in each site? That number of staff is enough for each site? And how can you manage them to deploy the policies of IT? 2GL In each site at school of EMASI, there is one person in charge for communication and execution the policies from our top management direction About technician support, the workload would be shared the whole in-house team then the team on the top and totally approved, there were some conflictions triggered on Academic staff are fluent in teaching and giving mark to their students, they know what should be reflected in the academic record The report templates should be produced by the academic staff IT is influent in technology and good at technical skills, the tasks which regard to technical, or innovation should be assigned to them They should have the role of support and training rather than take the responsibility in producing academic reports B It’s helpful and valuable Can you share about the future of IT? 93 2GL Our school strategy is followed by EMASI’s strategy Global access to information, collaboration, the fostering of critical thinking and creativity skills, and artificial intelligence through our technology program endeavor to meet the learning needs of all students Depending on that our mission is building network infrastructure & hardware based on innovative solutions And concentrating on curriculum and professional development and smart class solutions B Another question Mr Giang Regarding to your department mission, you think who would be appropriate for doing the integration? 2GL Mr Duy Nguyen Xuan Anh is doing good job in designing the association STEM education and support to the school program Marker Space is the most influent aspect that can contribute to the school attraction to the parent B Wow, it’s amazing Thanks for your sharing Mr Giang I love this interesting conversation d) Interview with Mr Van Nguyen Tran Le -IT Support Nam Long Campus – Exploring the potential problem of IT Management B Hello Van I know you are quite not happy with doing support ISAMS but if you are required to do, what would you think? Is it fair for you? 3VN I must work with any requirement to develop my skills, but I think I can learn from a good system rather than the system like this In another school I think the IT can build a better system than ours If I’m forced to so it’s up to my mood In my contract, I have not agreed to the job regards to report in ISAMS, the schools should recruit the one who just focus on doing it B Thank you I think, you are stronger than the other technician I have met e) Interview with Ms Yen Thanh Nguyen – Teacher of MOET – Exploring the potential problem of IT Management B Hello Ms Thanh I know you are quite busy in the report cards in each semester What you think about the current reporting job? 3YN Hello anh Well, all of us must work with that job Most of us is just gradated so we should learn more to develop ourselves We are not afraid to work hard but actual we must work hard, I think We event stayed at school until 9:00 PM to finish entering the mark for students after their taking the assessment We should have ISAMS running report that can help to save time and data consistency 94 B Oh, I see I think, all of you would learn a lot of thing during this work Thanks for your honest sharing f) Interview with Ms Nhi Nguyen – Personal assistant of IP Director– Exploring the potential problem of IT Management B Hello Nhi I know you are a contact point of the IP teachers in each reporting time Can you share about the way you work about the report? 3NN Hi anh The reports at both schools are really nightmare for me I have to work all night to have the files done There are nearly a hundred worksheets for 12 classes in the schools I must the same not only for Nam Long school but also for Van Phuc Teachers are not pay attention on my effort, they just care when and how to input the mark and have the student records I wish to wait until the ISAMS running so the manual report would be no longer remained Do you have any way to improve? B ISAMS, I think But it would a long story now I’m afraid we keep continue in Excel At the moment you can ask Stephen for help 3NN Okay, Thanks anh g) Interview with Mr Stephen McGrath – The IP Coordinator in Van Phuc – Exploring the potential problem of IT Management B Hello Mr Stephen I’m studying for my own study to improve the management IT system I would like to ask you some question regards to the reporting in IT management I have heard about the workload of the reports of IP Ms Nhi spent lot of time on it Do you think there is any solution to improve the workload? 2SM Well, it consumed lot of times, I think Nhi and I have to stay until 9:00PM to finish installation the formulars in the Excel spreadsheets I asked for help from IT but they did not listen to me The worksheets after then missing the formular and structure changed I prefer to by my own Do you know any IT people can help us? B Thanks Stephen I know that could be a huge workload but without ISAMS I think we should keep doing in this way But I the future I think ISAMS would work properly to improve the reporting effort 2SM Thank you h) Interview with Mr Toan Nguyen Thanh – IT Supervisor Van Phuc Campus – Exploring the potential problem of IT Management 95 B Hello Toan Can you share about the process of IT in Van Phuc? What would happen when the request is out of your scope? 3TNT Hello anh It is normal process I get familiar with it but I don’t know whether user they are clear about it or not Whenever the user has the problem that was seemingly related to the IT, they sent email to us and our job is to analyze and escalate if it was not related to the IT B I see How you feel about new assignment? Maybe new role, right? 3TNT Opps! not yet anh During the restructure, I was promised that when I pass the probation from engineering position, I would have the promotion for my position, but I was not having anything just a position title I don’t think the HR effective in the performance appraisal B Hey, Toan, one more question Regarding to the report, are you satisfied if you would be assigned the role of doing report cards? 3TNT I don’t prefer to take the job of doing report card, it should be assigned to academic department I’m available to communicate with HR in case the managing director in Van Phuc assigning to me Any tiny IT relation, we must response, there is not focused and unfair to us B Oh, really? I would take advance in a chance to talk about this Thanks, Toan Appendix C: Validating the Problems for Problem Analysis a) Interview with Mr Vu Vo – CFO - Confirming and validating problems B Hello Anh Vu, I’m doing for my own study about the management in IT I found some request relates to IT from academic went to you to get approved I think academic management is tendency ignore IT Can you share your thought, and you think it could be a conflict between IT and academic leadership team? 1VV It’s interesting As you may know, I’m in charge for budget approval for whole schools annually Our teachers are mostly expertise in some specific fields, they experienced in academic They suggested a software or things which relates to IT up to their ex-schools I think that could be cause that most of them request to our school investment in their projects But our IT department is to have advice for BOD and executive board There were some solutions proposing from other departments, I supposed this is inappropriate IT plays an important role in the 96 school, the solution should be concerned and involved IT at the beginning Each school has been directed that very clear in the orientation and informed by BOD B I see So, in case similar to those, according to your opinion it should be informed the role of IT in deployment anything relates to IT, right? 1VV Yes, Of-course B Thanks anh for your sharing b) Interview with Ms Lan Mai Thi Ngoc – Deputy Head of MOET - Confirming and validating problems B Hello Ms Lan I’m doing for my own study about the management in IT Can you help to give me some answers about the MOET regulation in terms of implication the regulation in integrating the academic reports? 1LM Yes, of-course We are the international bilingual school, our students are most Vietnamese so we must comply the regulation of the MOET, there are many MOET subjects which are the same of the IP subjects but different assessment, grade, and score There are some circulars of the DOET about how to the assessment and criteria for each level of students that you can refer, for example the circular 58/2011/TT-BGDDT I believe they would help you to explore more evidence B It’s helpful information In terms of reporting responsibility, what you think IT has been shared your workload? 1LM Well, to be honest IT in Nam Long is very helpful but some tasks I don’t see their effort but my own effort Last time report, I had to traverse a hundred of school reports that produced by IT, but they were all wrong because of misspelling, misplacing comments, and missing mark etc., while I was in my vacation That would be checked by IT for those things before going to my own If they don’t prefer to they should inform to me Am I right? B Wow, I see I hope this time it would be better Thanks Ms Lan c) Interview with Ms Lila Rodriguez – The International Program Director Confirming and validating problems B Hello Ms Lila, 97 I’m doing for my own study about the management in IT Can you help to give me some answers about the IP regulation in terms of implication the regulation in integrating the academic reports? 1LM Yes, Mr B The IP program is based on the Cambridge Approach to Assessment, EMASI would be accredited by the Cambridge so we need to base on these I aliased with Mr Peter Grittin – The Head of School of Renaissance About the rubric I can tell Ms Nhi to show you B It’s helpful information I appreciate for your help 1LM You are welcome d) Interview with Mr Tuyen Nguyen – BOD - Confirming and validating problems B 3TN Hello Anh Tuyen, How have you been recently Anh? Okay, I’m fine How are you? B I’d like to have your evaluation about the IT management, in general is it good? 3TN Well, it’s good but not as I expected B So, can you share your expectation in IT, what you think about the IT in another company? 3TN Well, the IT of schools is not complicated when comparing with the IT in the other industry for example banking, manufacturing etc Leading in IT in our schools, IT should have the vision then the mission We are defined to be leading in the market of International bilingual schools and the value of technology would be contributed to the competitive advantages of the schools I paid a lot of money in MIS and technology I expect IT could be innovated and become a successful factor Saving cost also an objective but I not want our value would be compromised B Thank you for sharing Anh e) Interview with Mr Thieu Nguyen Anh - Confirming and validating problems B Hello Mr Thieu Thanks for your sharing last time I would like you to give me some another answers about IT management Could you help me again? 2TNA Yes certainly Mr B B What you think about all staff understanding about their responsibility according to the IT current process? What would be happened by if staff confused about the role? 98 2TNA It’s good question I can share you the way that staff working in each site, they shall align with our top-down management direction The process was approved before my coming so now we just follow, I think it should be improved When the staff is not clear their own role and responsibility so how can he/she reach the objectives and how to show to HR to see our department outstanding B I have heard about a case in Van Phuc, Mr Toan’s case He supposed the HR unfair when he has been fulfilled proper objectives, but his compensation package is still not yet promoted to the current beneficial package? In staff management, what you think the performance appraisal is proper implemented or not? 2TNA According to the question, I have not enough information to share because its policies is relied on HR policies But I know this case and I think this could because the HR has not yet implemented the performance appraisal properly and there was because inappropriate assignment and setting the objectives The cause is because the managing director in Van Phuc is not very clear about the role and responsibility of Mr Toan, Mr Josh was expecting too many things that was not able to decide whether they belong to IT or not, for instance, producing the report cards So how can he have a proper evaluation in IT B Do you think the user perceived enough training? For example, in accessing IT resources on the intranet, why they keep accessing to the wrong thing? 2TNA We need to re-check in the accuracy of the links in which were proposed for all staff, I think each should be different in each school In that way the workload of IT would be reduced because of the increasing perception of the staff f) Interview with Ms Nhu Le Thi Ai – Admissions Manager at EMASI Nam Long Confirming and validating problems B Hello Ms Nhu I’m doing for my own study about the IT management for school I would like to discuss with you some questions about the ISAMS in IT management Would you able to share about your opinion? 99 2NL Certainly Mr B I have been working in Admission in 12 years through many international schools I have experience in using the MIS system and support to the parent As the parent of VinSchool before, I supposed that our IT department is not very strong Especially in the implementing the MIS, the VinSchool has built a system in way that is quite clear and clean, information of my child can be retrieved via school portal and all information relate to curriculums of my child is prominent I think that way could be imitated by IT in building the MIS system B Thanks for your sharing Ms Nhu Appendix D: Validating the Causes for Cause Analysis a) Interview with Mr Loc Le Huu - The Technician Supervisor – Determine potential causes B Hello Mr Loc I’m finding for my own study about the management I would like to have some answers for some questions regarding to your motivation during time you work in EMASI Can you share your thought? 3LL You know, I’ve been working in EMASI from the beginning of the school, there were not too many staff doing in our department By then, there were few staff sharing the workload but until now the number of staff is just for the whole campus Our team is working pretty hard, three of us have been responsible for every demand of the school in facility inquiries We support not only in scope but also out of scope for example, water matter, electricity matter and sometimes for event preparation But there is no recognizing, teachers and administrative staff does not seem to understand us Most of request is always under asap, we cannot spend lots of effort B Oh, I see, so there is lack of recognition Your team effort should be recognized, right? 3LL Yes, I think so B Thanks Mr Loc b) Interview with Ms Thao Ly Dong - Deputy Head of Kindergarten – Determine potential causes B Hello Ms Thao I’m doing for my own studying in management in IT I would like you to share about the assignment in your department Thank you 100 1TD Hi B As you know, we are the bilingual school, English subjects are the strength of the school In order to be effective, the qualification, the recruitment students should be adapted to be assigned in the classes teaching in English Otherwise, there should be lost of effort and low performance At the beginning, the school recruited kindergarten students who are most from Vietnamese families, the program is based on the MOET, teachers in our department have to develop the basic skill of kids that help them to naturing the Vietnamese values Most of them are not able to listen in English English teachers are teaching the basic skills, but it would be difficult and consumed a lot of effort B Oh, I see Thanks Ms Thao c) Interview with Mr Vu Vo – CFO - Confirming and validating causes B Hi Anh Vu As I found, trust is seemingly based on the management in the schools Do you think BOD is still trust in IT rather than well-managed? 1VV The BOD highly appreciates in everyone, not only me Mr Peter Grittin – the head of Renaissance school, acting CEO of the company, responsible for coordinating the administration and leadership teams for the whole corporate – was delegated to make decision in operating all administrative departments After Mr Giang Le assigning to the company, both Mr Tuyen Nguyen and Mr Peter Grittin were satisfied in Mr Giang contribution because of his experiences All IT matters should be under Mr Giang controlling, any request or proposal regarding to IT, Mr Peter and Mr Tuyen would consider depending on Mr Giang’s review 101 REFERENCES: Keel AJ, Orr MA, Hernandez RR, Patrocinio EA, Bouchard J From a technology- oriented to a service-oriented approach to IT management IBM Systems Journal 2007;46(3):549-64 Weng L, Weng B, editors Research on enterprise ITSM knowledge management model 2009 International Conference on Management and Service Science; 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