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Luận văn bằng tiếng anh - import & export CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTIONI. STATEMENT:Nowadays, Viet Nam become a developing country, we need, to cooperate, to do business, to enlarge the relations between our country and all of the countries on the world. It is a key to overcome the weakness and to reduce the gap between the developing countries and underdeveloped country. This can help our country access to the commercial in the area and whole of the world.When integrating into the market economy, Vietnam’s economy has been developing. and one of the most important products is furniture.With the exporting and importing furniture, Vinapoly Company has tried to manage the business to fit the new conditions and has got a large amount of best result. when entering the world market in the future.II. PURPOSE:My recognition of the importance of import and export especial furniture in Vinapoly Company as well as combining the academic background and working in the fields of import and export in Vianapoly Company about two years and under the instruction of Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Chung, my report will focus on this factors.III. SOURCE:PAGE 1I read from Newspaper and magazine, internet, Use data from reports of former students and Company, and take some references from books and Websites of import – export procedures. I am working Import and Export of Vinapoly Company PAGE 2CHAPTER TWO BACKGROUND COMPANYI. ESTABLISHMENT:Vinapoly Co., Ltd was establishment September 18th, 1997 in Vietnam with factory area 15,800 m2, total employees 300 among 01 foreign persons.Address: No.2, 10A Road, Bien Hoa Industrial Zone II, Dong nai Province, Vietnam.II. FUNCTION AND DUTYAccording over 10 years experience, Vinapoly Company has an important position in furniture field.Nowadays, Majority of Enterprises is all kinds of furniture products :Bentwood chair and chair back top, Table top for office furniture … in addition, Our company has a team of the designers who have good experiences in designing and creating new sample of furniture. It is also ready to apply for all customer’s demands with best service and high quality.Vinapoly Company very concentrate on the strategy and long term development of furniture, so it must update the value of goods and product gain market all over the world, it is ready to cooperate with national country: India, Germany, Korea, Japan, Import – export goodsPAGE 3ORGANIZATION CHART OF VINAPOLY COMPANYPAGE 4GENERAL DIRECTORADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENTFINANCE & ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENTTECHNICAL - BUSINESS DEPARTMENTPERSONNEL DEPARTMENTSAFEGUARDDRIVERTEAMCHIEF ACCOUNTANTCASHIERWAREHOUSEMANAGEMENTTECHNICAL DEPARTMENTPLANNINGDEPARTMENTEXPORT-IMORT DEPARTMENTVINAPOLY CO., LTD OPERATES WITH THE FOLLOWING FUNCTIONS:Customer’s required service.Updating the value of goods.Designing and creating new modern samples.Receiving customer’s mail, fax, order.Sending catalogues, quotation, samples, patterns.Import and Export goods.PAGE 5CHAPTER THREEBASIC KNOWLEDGE ABOUT IMPORT AND EXPORTI. DEFINITI ON:Import and Export is an activity of selling or buying goods abroad which is based on a sale contracts between two parties. Export process depends on the elements that will have some different. For instance, in my company, there are two export methods: direct export and indirect export II. FOR DIRECT EXPORT:Direct exporting occurs when a manufacturer or exporter sells directly to an importer or buyer located in a foreign market area. Advantages:- Thorough knowledge of foreign markets. The product can determine readily what adaptations of his product are necessary to fit the needs and desires of foreign buyers.- A full return from export sales. As export business develops, there is no sharing of profits with other organizations.- Help the exporting company can make a control of sales promotion and marketing strategies. Disadvantages:- A large initial monetary outlay is required to establish export markets.- Large investment capitals.PAGE 6- Own brand mark, trade mark, industrial designs are required.- The business executive must be competence at marketing, foreign trade technique… III. FOR INDIRECT EXPORTThis is a kind of exporting methods that a company (called agents) which have right to export the goods will handle the exporting process for the company (merchants) which do not have the right to export directly. The basic distinction between the two is the merchant takes title to the products to be sold, while the agent does not. The agent will receive a entrusting- commission. This commission will be fluctuate between 0% and 1,5%. Advantages:- Help small company have a chance to export their goods- The middleman is usually the person who can have a thorough knowledge of the law and the customs in foreign markets. So the risks of the manufacturer will decrease.- The middleman often has material facilities in foreign countries, the manufacturer can cut off the foreign-investment expenses. Disadvantages:- The manufacturer can not get in touch with the market.- The manufacturer must satisfy the demand of the middleman- The profits must be shared.VI. COMMERCIAL CONTRACT:PAGE 7International sale contract means an agreement that regulates the rights and obligations of parties with regard to the sale and purchases of the products.A common international sale contract usually has 03 main parts: Part 1: name of the contract, contract number, date and place contract signed, name and address of 02 parties Part 2: the main articles of a contract Part 3: signature of the contract parties.Main articles in a common international sale contract:ART1: CommodityDefine the name of the commodities. The name should be written with technical and commercial name, with name of manufacturer, with origin country and so on.ART 2: QualityThe commodities must be satisfied with the standard and quality which has been regulated by two parties. The quality can be defined by samples, by describing in details, by standard of the exporter…ART 3: QuantityThis article will define the quantity of the commodities, types of weight (gross weight or net weight)…ART 4: Shipment / deliveryRegulate the time of shipment, place of shipment, mode of shipment, notification of delivery.ART 5: PricePAGE 8Currency of price, methods of identify price, discount, terms of saleART 6: PaymentMake clear of currency of payment, time of payment, method of payment, documentary credit …ART 7: Packaging and markingPackaging: quality of the packaging, the methods of providing packaging, the price of the packaging.Marking: specific marking and labeling are used on export to meet shipping regulations, to ensure proper handling and to help receiver identify shipments.ART 8: WarrantyRegulate the scope of warranty and the duration of warranty.ART 9: PenaltyIn the event of late delivery, late payment … ART 10: InsuranceThis article will assign that the insurance will be covered by the seller or the buyer? Which conditions of Insurance? ART 11: Force majeureForce majeuce shall be understood to be unforeseeable, unavoidable and impossible to overcome. Listing events are considered force majeuce such as war, riot, insurrections, strikes, lockout, government regulations, fire, explosion, flood, storm, earthquake and other abnormal natural event. ART 12: Claim PAGE 9Claim means a suggestion is brought our by one party because of the discrepancy in quantity (damage/shortfall) or quality and other issues are not in conformity with contract.In this article, two parties must negotiate about sequence of claim, claim period, liability of two parties for claim, required documents for claim.ART 13: ArbitrationDisputes between the parties can be resolved in one of two ways: by an amicable settlement between parties themselves, by arbitration. If amicable settlement is not possible, most international contracts specify arbitration. Arbitration article shall be stipulated: applicable law, place of arbitration, who shall bear arbitration costs?ART 14: Other terms and conditionWith the above-mentioned articles, we can not delete any article because of having many risksV. THE METHODS OF PAYMENTIn general, most of the international sale contracts use L/C as the most common methods of payment. Although this is the most secure method of Payment, it also has its own disadvantages. Therefore, the exporter has to be more careful and must cut the risks down at a minimum by follow the some tip below:Risk from the issuing bank: this bank can not afford the payment for the exporter.Solution:PAGE 10[...]... points: processing imports and exports a Processing imports: General procedures and requirements: Declaration, calculation, duty collection or notification tax, examination and release of goods Procedures for entry before clearance: After lodging the manifest to the customs offices as the check-point and accepted by customs, goods can be unloaded to the warehouse Import declaration: Goods imported are subject... declaration: Goods imported are subject to customs declaration within 30 days from the of arrival at the check-point Documentary requirement:  Import declaration form  Import license (if any) PAGE 12  Commercial contract (02 original )  Commercial invoice (01 original & 01 Copy)  Packing list (01 original & 01 Copy)  Bill of lading (01 original or 01 Copy)  Certificate of origin for goods requiring C/O... There are 02 common kinds of transportation: a) Transportation by air: -Advantages : fast, flexible -Disadvantages: high transportation freight, so it is just suitable for small cargoes and high-value cargoes b) Transportation by sea: -Advantages: big capacity, be adaptable for many kinds of cargo, transport cost is lower than others -Disadvantages: depend on natural and marine conditions, bear risks... employee in exporting documentary department - Choose the goodwill partners - Examine and investigate the L/C carefully - Negotiate with the importer from the negotiating stage about the documents that the exporter has to submit to the paying bank Besides L/C, the company should diversify the method of payments because this is a high-fee and complicated method So, the enterprise should change to CAD or... amendment - In case of transmission (allowed): the exporter must investigate the route and which one the shipping company can know thoroughly - In case of partial (allowed): the company should pay attention about such as : how many times and the exact time of each partial? … The risk of payment due to discrepant documents: Solution: - Arrange skillful employee in exporting documentary department - Choose.. .- Choosing the issuing bank which has prestige in payment - L/C should be confirmed by the third party (confirming bank) Risk due to not completing the L/C terms and conditions The main reasons are: late delivery, inappropriate quality and quantity goods… Solution: - Plan the schedule for the time of collecting the goods for export... market Especially, the furniture product, and exporting industry are considered one of the main exporting force in Vietnam and has taken As a result, our country’s short-term target is enhancing the effective, turn-over field and long-term target is step by step impulse our country become one of the powerful furniture export countries in the future II RECOMMENDATION: Vinapoly Company is a foreign company... enterprise should change to CAD or T/T… if the partners are prestige or habitual ones PAGE 11 CHAPTER FOUR PROCESS OF CUSTOMS PROCEDURE FOR IMPORT AND EXPORT COMMODITY I.MAKING CUSTOM PROCEDURE: I have good chances to participate in carrying out customs procedures for importing and exporting goods, the customs declarers must submit and present a customs dossier at the headquarters of Customs Subbranch... Particular Average  Institute Cargo Clause B - ICC (B) or Institute Cargo Clause WA : With Particular Average  Institute Cargo Clause A – ICC (A) or Institute Cargo Clause AR: All Risks b)How to choose the Conditions of insurance? When the goods are exporting in CIP or CIF term, the seller has duty to buy the insurance conditions satisfied the terms & conditions has been agreed in the sale contract... should consider carefully The exporter should choose the conditions which are safe for our goods and can get the maximum profits After delivery, the exporters submit the payment-documentary to the bank to get payment The payment-documentary needs to be exactly, suitable for the L/C (if any) or complied with the sale contract PAGE 15 CHAPTER FIVE CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION I CONCLUSION Nowadays, world . quotation, samples, patterns .Import and Export goods.PAGE 5CHAPTER THREEBASIC KNOWLEDGE ABOUT IMPORT AND EXPORTI. DEFINITI ON :Import and Export is an activity. payment due to discrepant documents:Solution :- Arrange skillful employee in exporting documentary department- Choose the goodwill partners- Examine and investigate
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