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phßng gd ®t phßng gd ®t L©m Thao ®Ò KIÓM TRA tnkq m«n tiÕng anh 8 tuÇn 1 Ngêi ra ®Ò NguyÔn ThÞ Thu H¬ng THCS Tiªn kiªn Chän ph¬ng ¸n ®óng vµ ®¸nh dÊu x vµo phiÕu tr¶ lêi C©u 1 It is a to meet you, Mis[.] phòng gd - đề KIểM TRA tnkq môn tiếng anh - tuần đt Ngời đề: Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên kiên Lâm Thao Chọn phơng án đánh dấu x vào phiếu trả lời: C©u 1: It is a to meet you, Miss Lien A pleasant B nice C pleasure D please C©u 2: .and meet my grandfather, Long A.Stay B Come C.Go D.Visit C©u 3: Tall, fat, plump, A new B slim C fair D dark C©u 4: I a letter from my a friend last week A sent B received C give D took C©u Straight, curly, wavy, A brown B black C blond D bald C©u The weather is warm enough for us A going out B to going out C to go out D go out C©u* 7:What does she ?.Oh, She is beautiful A.look B like C look like D look after C©u *8 Miss Lien has .hair A long straight black B straight long black C black long straight D straight black long C©u**9 Hoa seems because She received her friend's letter yesterday A happy B.happily C.happiness D.happyly C©u**10 My English is not good to be a member of your English speaking club A too B enough C much D so The end phòng gd -đt Lâm Thao đề KIểM TRA tnkq môn tiếng anh - tuần Ngời đề Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Chọn phơng án đánh dấu x vào phiếu trả lời: Câu I like his because he makes us laugh a lot A character B sense of humor C smile D face C©u We spend our free time volunteer work A.to B C for doing doing C©u 3.The opposite of " reserved" is A.helpful B kind C generous D sociable C©u Nien .Hoa's neighbor when she lived in Hue A were B is C be D was C©u The Sun rises in the and sets in the west A North B East C South D South east C©u The Earth goes round the A Moon B Mars C Sun Mercury C©u *7 Her friends sometimes get tired .her jokes A with B to C of for C©u *8 We are enough to have a lot of friends A lucky B luckily C luck luckyly C©u **9 What he like? He is humorous and helpful A does B is C are D C©u **10 The Earth, the Mars, the Mercury are A planets B objects C friends the skys The end phòng gd -đt Lâm Thao D D D D D đề KIểM TRA tnkq môn tiếng anh - tuần Ngời đề Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Chọn phơng án đánh dấu x vào phiếu trả lời: Câu 1.We our music lesson tomorrow A practicing B are practicing C.practice D practiced C©u The opposite of " inside" is A upstairs B outside C here D downstairs C©u Who invented the telephone? A Thomas Watson B Graham Bell C Bell's assistant D Thomas Edison C©u He worked with at Boston University A deaf - mute B mute C deaf-mutes D blind C©u It' s far from my house to school A.a few B few C a bit D many C©u Would you like her a message? A to leave B leave C leaving D left C©u *7 Can I to Miss Lien, please? A talk B say C tell D speak C©u *8 .Alexander Graham was born in Edinburgh, he lived in America A But B Although C Because D However C©u **9 You can call me when you are out by using A telephone directory B public telephone C address book D answering machine C©u **10 I don't know where A is it B it is C will it D it will The end phòng gd -đt Lâm Thao đề KIểM TRA tnkq môn tiếng anh tuần Ngời đ Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Chọn phơng án đánh dấu x vào phiếu trả lêi: C©u 1.I'll come over to pick you .this evening A.to B.up C.on D.out C©u 2.Hoa's mother gave her a new book this morning, and She it this afternoon A.read B.is read C.is going to read D.will reading C©u 3.You use a to cook rice A.steamer B.rice cooker C saucepan D.fryingpan C©u A-Is Peter in ? B-No, he's out Would you like to leave a ? A.message B.letter C.telephone D.call C©u 5.I can't go to the cinema tonight I my homework A.has to B.had to C.have to D ought C©u 6.Ba drew the picture A.hisself B.myself C.himself D.herself C©u *7.Mr Toan was out So I a message for him A.took B.give C.like D.want C©u *8.I'm sorry but you'll have to cook dinner A.a lone you B youself C.yourself D.on you C©u **9.Ask her .me after lunch A.telephone B.to telephoning C.to telephone D.telephoning C©u **10.Can I speak to Tan, please? , he is out at the moment A.I'm sorry B No, thanks C.Don't speak D.Yes,please The end phòng gd -đt Lâm Thao đề KIểM TRA tnkq môn tiếng anh - tuần Ngời đề Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Chọn phơng án đánh dấu x vào phiếu trả lời: C©u 1.Let's the couch opposite the armchair in the livingroom A.to putting B.putting C put D to put C©u 2.I think we ought to put the rug the armchair and the couch A on B next C.between D in C©u 3.You must your lessons before you go to school everyday A to learn B learning C to learning D learn C©u .destroys home and injures children each year because someone plays with matches A Fire B Match C Kitchen D Soft drink C©u He had to stay home he was ill A before B although C But D because C©u Putting a knife into an electrical socket is A danger B dangerous C safety D safe C©u *7.Children may eat chemicals because they look like A.coca-cola B things C candy D cupboards C©u *8.You have to make children not play with matches A ensure B surely C.ensuring D sure C©u **9.It's safe medicine in locked cupboards A keep B kept C to keep D keeping C©u **10 We .put the wardrobe in the corner opposite the bed A ought B ought to C must D will have Phòng gdđt Lâm Thao đề kiểm tra TNKQ Môn: Tiếng anh lớp 8:tuần Ngời đề:Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu I have to the floor and clean the fish tank A sweep B C empty D feed C©u She failed the English test I think she ought to A get up B study C see the D stay up early harder dentist late C©u The can’t fix the washing machine until tomorrow A doctor B repairman C shop assistant D dentist C©u I must the garbage every day A feed B clean C empty D dust C©u Why did Nam have to cook dinner ?- his mother got home late A Although B But C So C©u are you crying ,Nga ? A.What B.How C Why D Because D.When *C©u Mr Tan: “Students, you’ll have to the exercises ” A yourself B themselves C ourselves D yourselves *c©u The opposite of “above” is A on B in C beneath D out **c©u There is a table and four chairs in the of the kitchen A left B middle C right D above **C©u 10.I have to tidy my bedroom I have to dust the living room A First B Then C.At time D.Next to Phòng gd- đề kiểm tra TNKQ Môn: Tiếng anh lớp - tuần đt Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Lâm Thao Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu My grandmother used to on a farm when she was young A live B living C lived D lives C©u He has to everything without the help of A modern equipments B equipment modern C modern equipment D equipments modern C©u “The Lost shoe” is an old A novel B folktale C action movie D poem C©u he had to everything your help A with not B with any C without D.not with C©u folktales are stories A traditional B modern C new D fact C©u After dinner , Mom the lamp and Dad told us stories A lighting B lights C lit D light *C©u I sometimes have to look my younger brother when my parents are away from home A at B in C after D for *C©u I .get up late last year but now I don’t A use to B don’t use to C used to D am used to **C©u 9.My mother stay home and help her mom when she was young A have to B has to C must D had to **C©u 10 What Nga’s grandma use to do? A B does C did D was Phòng gdđt Lâm Thao đề kiểm tra TNKQ Môn: Tiếng anh lớp - tuần Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu The farmer lit the straw and the fire the tiger A destroying B injures C hurts D burned C©u After Little Pea’s father died, she had to all day A home B chores C house works D exercired works C©u 3.Everyone was excited .the prince wanted to choose his wife from the village A so that B so C as D but C©u Of course, the shoe Little Pea A fit B fitted C felt D fell C©u The prince decided Little Pea A marry B married C to married D to marry C©u The tiger wanted to know the strong buffalo was the servant and the small man was the master A what B how C when D why *C©u The little pea’s new mother was very cruel her A with B to C for D at *C©u “ be foolish and greedy’’ A Don’t B Not C Didn’t D Doesn’t **C©u He soon died .a broken heart A of B for C with D to **C©u 10 He in love with her immediately A fall B felt C fell D feel Phòng gdđt Lâm Thao đề kiểm tra TNKQ Môn: Tiếng anh lớp 8: tuần Kiên Ngời đề:Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu I was born February 10 th A on B in C at D of C©u He must be there 8.30 and 10.30 A after B between C before D at C©u We always start our new school year September A at B in C on D by C©u My mother is very proud me A about B of C to D with C©u She asked me you this dictionary A to give B to giving C give D gave C©u 6.I know you worked really this semester A.hardly B.good C.hard D.bad *C©u you rice soup yesterday ? A Did / eaten B Do / eat C Did / eat D Do / ate *C©u It’s excellent You did very A good B well C bad D badly **C©u I’ll try my best my English pronunciation A improve B improving C to improve D improved **C©u 10 The shop closes at 3.pm I f you arrive 3p.m,it will be closed A in Phòng gdđt Lâm Thao B before C after D on ®Ị kiĨm tra TNKQ – Môn: Tiếng anh lớp - tuần 10 Ngời đề:Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu Language learners learn words in ways A same B different C easy D difficult C©u I’m pleased that you are very well A to hear B hearing C heard D hear C©u I was born in Viet Nam So Viet Namese is my A tongue mother B.tongue language C mother tongue D second language C©u Write and tell me all your news A soon B early C earlier D late C©u buy a bigger house, they have to save money A So as B So that C So as to D So to C©u Tet is coming, we are going to Tet festival A B make C celebrate D work *C©u He tried to study hard get good marks this semester A in order B in order that C in order to D so to *C©u Thanks your present on my birthday A of B for C to D with **C©u After each English lesson, you ought to learn new words A oral B by head C in heart D by heart **C©u 10 I came my friend’s letter on the floor yesterday A across TuÇ n C©u T6 T7 T8 T9 B up C to Answer key Đáp án D in 10 C B B B C B D B C C B D B B D B D C A A D B C C D C C A C B C C D A C A A B C D A B B C C B A B A B A A D A B C B B B B C B C C B B D A D A C C D C D C B C C C A B B D A C 10 B C C C T10 B Phòng gdđt L©m Thao A C A C C C B D A đề kiểm tra TNKQ - Môn: Tiếng anh lớp - tuần 11 Ngời đề: Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu She speaks English A well B good C soft D bad C©u He always gets grades A excellently B excellent C well D badly C©u I’m speaking softly because I have a A paint throat B sore throat C sore eye D ear ache C©u Miss Jackson me to give you this dictionary A talked B speaks C told D said C©u She you should work harder on your Spanish pronunciation A asked B talked C said D wanted C©u I like and outdoor activities A draw B drew C draws D drawing *C©u After filling in the form, please .it back to me A take B bring C takes D brings *C©u Is he able the Y & Y Green Group ? A join B joining C to join D can join **C©u my mother is busy in the kitchen now A cook B to cook C cooking D cooks **C©u 10 Let me an application form and we can fill it out A getting B got C get D gets Phòng gdđt Lâm Thao đề kiĨm tra TNKQ - M«n: TiÕng anh líp - tuần 12 Ngời đề: Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu You look very today A beauty B beautifully C beautiful D happily C©u A: Could you me a favor, please? B: Yes Of course A B make C work D.does C©u Please, stop I’m trying to finish a letter to Y&Y Green Group A talk B talked C talks D talking C©u By day and night he succeeded in finishing the job in time A working B works C worked D work C©u Scouting began in England in A 1907 B 1910 C 1917 D 1994 C©u Now the Scouting Association has more than .million members A 15 B 25 C 35 D 45 *C©u We hope .more green color to the city A give B will give C to give D giving *C©u We should collect used glass, paper and cans for A making B working C saving D recycling **C©u There are aims in Scouting program A two B three C four D five **C©u 10 must go along with practicing A Working B Doing C Learning D Study Phòng gdđt Lâm Thao đề kiểm tra TNKQ - Môn: Tiếng anh lớp - tuần 13 Ngời đề: Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu A: Do you any help? B: No, thanks I’m fine A need B love C like D hate C©u Do you enjoy music? A performs B performing C perform D performed C©u3 A: I help you? B: Yes thank you, Could you fill in this form for me? A May B Should C When D Which C©u What activities does the Young Organization participate in? A Youth B Person C Pioneer D Sport C©u The noun form of “young” is A youngest B younger C older D youth C©u 6.” Do a favor’’ means ‘’ .’’ A help B helpful C helpness D helpless *C©u Could you help me this math problem? A in B on C of D with *C©u A: I need a favor B: can I help? A How B Whose C Why D That **C©u His doctor advised him .up late A stay B.not stay C.not to stay D.to not stay **C©u 10 It is very kind of you my clothes A wash B to wash C washing D washing Phòng gdđt Lâm Thao đề kiĨm tra TNKQ - M«n: TiÕng anh líp - tuần 14 Ngời đề: Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: Câu Weve been here last week A since B for C by D from C©u They haven’t seen each other a long time A since B for C with D about C©u My mother in this hospital for years A have worked B worked C has worked D works C©u Do you want to send it airmail or mail A face B surfaces C surfacing D surface C©u you had breakfast since 6.00 a m ? A Do B Does C Have D Has C©u I have .her for some years A know B known C knew D knowing *C©u have you lived here? A When B How long C What time D What *C©u Been, seen, gone, done A spoke B drank C read D ate **C©u Kate’s looking little John today A up B after C in D over **C©u 10 I’ll have to the parcel first A weigh B weight C weighting D weighs Phòng gdđt đề kiểm tra TNKQ - Môn: Tiếng anh lớp8tuần 15 Em hÃy chọn phơng án đánh dấu X vào phiếu trả lời: C©u A new shopping is opening in Nam’s neighborhood today A small B mall C store D market C©u will shop in comfort and won’t notice the weather A Audiences B Spectators C Customers D Guests C©u The toy cat is expensive as the toy dog A enough B more C as D too C©u Looked, passed, worked, stopped A lived B cooked C arrived D organized C©u Let me have Oh! It looks very beautiful A a look B look C a looking D the look C©u How long .you for me? A has/wait B have/waiting C have /waited D has/waited *C©u Hoa’s backpack is different Lan’s A than B from C of D for *C©u A: I’m sure you will love this place B: I A hope so B think so C so D wants so **C©u The bag on the left is as the bag on the right A as same B the same C not D same **C©u 10 I think the mall will my business A have C©u T11 T12 T13 T14 T15 A C A A B B took B A B B C phòng gd-đt B D A C C Answer key C C D A A B C D A D C B B A C C take B C D B B D bring C D A C A ®Ị kiĨm tra tnkq-m«n tiÕng anh líp C B C B B 10 C C B A C TuÇn 19 C©u 1: Please send an ……… to Quang Trung school A student is hurt A ambulance B emergency C address D advice C©u 2: Her head ……………quite badly A is bleed B is bleeding C are bleeding D bleeding C©u 3: All right, I……….I’ll keep her awake A try B promise C will promise D.promises C©u 4: A: Can you get me some medicine ? -B: ………………… A yes B sure C please D thanks C©u 5: A: Could you give me your book ,please ? – B : I’m sorry, ………… A I can B I can’t C I’m sure D ok C©u 6: The …… on the wall is used to check people’s eyesight A eye chart B stretcher C crutcher D scale C©u 7: ………you get me some flowers please ? A Shall B Will not C Will D.Do C©u 8: A:……… get you some bandage ? -B: That would be nice A Can I B I can C Can you D You can C©u 9: A:I promise I won’t play soccer in the house again B:I……… A yes, please B yes, ok C hope so D certainly C©u 10: The ambulance will be there………about 10 minutes A at B in C of D for Phßng gd-đt đề kiềm tra tnkq-môn tiếng anh lớp Câu 1: If a patient faints, leave her/ him……………………… TuÇn 20 A.to lie flat B sitting flat C lying flat D standing flat C©u 2: If a victim can’t walk , he can use……………to move around A stretcher B wheel chair C scale D eye-chart C©u 3: Give a fainted patient a cup of…… when she /he revives A.coffee B hot water C.cold water D tea C©u 4: Can you tell me ……………to your family last night ? A.what has happened B.what happened C.what happens D what to happen C©u 5: If you have a burn, ease pain with…………water packs A.ice or cold B.hot C warm D.tea C©u 6: I took care……….their children for a week A of B at C with D about C©u 7: Perhaps she went to another store………….get better milk of lower price A.in order to B.so as C.can D will C©u 8: Don’t fall…….while driving your car You may cause accidents A.sleep B sleepy C asleep D asleepy C©u 9: Cool the burn immediately…………minimize tissue damage A.in order B so as to C.order to D as so to C©u 10: Don’t worry.I……….some bread at the supermarket A.buy B.ll buy C.bought D.buying Phòng gd-đt đề kiểm tra tnkq-môn tiếng anh lớp Tuần 21 Câu 1: We should use cloth bags instead……….plastic bags A.at B in C of D for C©u2: Recycling is easy Remember: reduce, reuse and …………… A.redoing B.remade C.recycle D rebuy C©u3: It is not difficult ………………….those A remember B to remember C remembers D remembered C©u4: I’m pleased…………to know more A.you that B.you want that C you that want D that you want C©u5: Compost is a wonderful natural…………………… A.fertilize B fertilizing C.fertilizer D fertilizers C©u6: That beautiful toy……….from recycled paper A.making B is made C.are made D.makes C©u7: The bottles are……… into small pieces A.cuted B cutting C.cut D.cuts C©u8: The empty bottles are cleaned and…………… A.filled B.refilled C refiled D filling C©u9: Farmers always collect household and garden waste…………compost A.to make B remake C make D makes C©u10: Reduce means not ……… products which are overpackaged A buying B buy C buys D.is buying Phòng gd-đt đề kiểm tra TNKQ Môn: Tiếng anh lớp - tuần 22 Câu The glass……………in to small pieces A broken B is broken C broke D break C©u When will the project………, doctor ? A be started B started C being D is started started C©u It is difficult ……………your directions A follow B following C to follow D follows C©u Stop, Tuan! It’s………… to go near the stove A.A danger B.dangering C D dangerous dangerously C©u The wind prevented us ………sailing on the lake last week A from B for C to D about C©u I’m delighted ……………passed your final exam A you that B that you C that D that I C©u * We are looking forward to…………you in June A seeing B see C saw D seen C©u * Are you arriving……… Saturday 20th A on B in C at D by C©u **Write soon and confirm your………….date and time A arrive B arriving C arrival D arrives C©u 10 **I can see a boy……… a water-buffalo A ride B rides C rode D riding Phòng gd-đt ®Ị kiĨm tra TNKQ – M«n: TiÕng anh líp - tuần 23 Câu Would you mind.the pen ? A look for B for looking C looking for D to look for C©u Do you mind if I……………a photo ? A take B to take C taking D takes C©u A: Would you mind if I took a photo ?-B: …………… A Please go B Please C Yes I can’t D Please a ahead does head C©u Would you mind if I …………… you some questions ? A asks B asked C asking D to ask C©u My aunt live in the ………… area of the country A mountain B mountains C D mountainly mountainous C©u Da lat is ………… as the city of Eternal spring A known B know C knowing D knew C©u * I want to visit a market Could you …………… one ? A suggesting B suggest C take D be suggest C©u * There are many magnificent caves in ……………… A Nha Trang B Sapa C Da lat D Ha long bay C©u 9.** You can see ……………….in Nha Trang A giant B waterfalls C jungles D caves Buddha C©u 10 ** Da Lat is famous for its lake, railway, flower gardens and … A oceanicB waterfalls C off shore D beaches institute islands T.19 T.20 T.21 T.22 T.23 A C C B C Phòng gdđt B B C A A B D B C A B B D D B Answer key B A A A C B A B C A C A C A B A C B A D C B A C A 10 B B A d b ®Ị kiĨm tra TNKQ – M«n: TiÕng anh líp - tuần 24 Câu We around the lake in a canoe yesterday afternoon A.rode B cycled C drove D paddled C©u Soon dark clouds and it began to rain heavily A.appeared B became C went D fell C©u Unfortunately, my alarm clock didn't go .yesterday So I came late A on B off C down D into C©u The wind made our canoe move and .the water A up/ on B up/ down C off/ down D in/ on C©u As she home, it started to rain heavily A is leaving B left C was leaving D leaves C©u I was late for school yesterday.So I tried to run as as I could A quick B fast C many D much C©u 7* The man glasses is our teacher, Mr Quang A wear B wore C wears D wearing C©u 8*.Would you mind out your cigarette,Mr Quan?- No,I don't mind A putting B put C to put D puting C©u 9** Would you mind if I .a phone call home A make B making C made D to make C©u 10** Our house in 1998 is still very beautiful now A build B building C builds D built ®Ị kiĨm tra TNKQ – M«n: TiÕng anh líp - tuần 25 Câu " to come and have dinner with us"-"I'd love to but I' m busy" A Do you want B.Would you mind C.Would you D.Could you like please C©u Our accommodation is in the ticket price A included B concluded C stayed D picked C©u The opposite of " busy " is " " A boring B lazy C dirty D free C©u My father is .forgetting things on the bus A always B usually C often D sometimes C©u That was very kind you to put me up last night A in B of C to D on C©u A: " Where is your mother ? " B: " She is vacation in France with my father " A in B of C to D.on C©u 7* Would you waiting a moment?- I'm sorry I can't A please B like C mind D love C©u 8* Do you mind if I here ? - Please A sat B sit C will sit D sitting C©u 9** I'd rather you smoke here A don't B won't C didn't D aren't C©u 10** I'd .you didn't go out in the evening A like B love C want D prefer ®Ị kiĨm tra TNKQ – Môn: Tiếng anh lớp - tuần 26 Câu 1.We can't go camping today The weather is A fine B warm C sunny D snowy C©u " How did Mrs Quyen go to Hawaii? "- " She a plane " A made B took C did D fly C©u Today we went on tour around Asia A a eightB.a eight-hour C an eightD.an eight-hour hours hours C©u Chicago is often " The windy city " A spoken B talked C said D called C©u The family .when the mailman came A is sleeping B was sleeping C has slept D have slept C©u I was reading .my sisters were playing with their dolls A.when B at which C while D at time C©u 7* rainy, snowy windy, warm, A thirsty B hungry C tall D humid C©u 8* Last year, I visited Australia People were very there A friendly B naughty C friend D beauty C©u 9** Thanh is always complaining the hot weather A to B about C of D.on C©u 10**.I bought a lot of when I was in Paris last year A gift B present C.souvenirs D picture đề kiểm tra TNKQ Môn: Tiếng anh lớp - tuần 27 Câu 1.Nga a letter at 8.oo o'clock last night A write B was writing C is writing D writes C©u We were sleeping when the telephone A rings B ringing C rang D ring C©u When I arrived at school, the school drum was A sounding B.ringing C cheering D racing C©u Mrs Nga .always .her umbrella A.was/ losing B has/ lost C will/ lose D is/ losing C©u Ba is very keen pottery A of B at C on D to C©u Thanks for inviting me to the rice-cooking ,Hoa A meeting B festival C race D crowd C©u 7*.His teammate was not fast,so he urged them faster A run B running C to run D.run C©u 8* They have to the rice from the husk and then cook the rice A separate B.take C bring D make C©u 9** I'm interested in the .contest A making-fire B fire-making C fire-made D made-fire C©u 10** The leader said that he was pleased .the prize to you A award B awarding C to award D awarded ®Ị kiĨm tra TNKQ – M«n: TiÕng anh líp - tuần 28 Câu 1.Robinson is fond .crowded places A in B of C on D.about C©u Do you often send to your friends ? A.greetingB.greetings Christmas Christmas C.ChristmasD.Christmasgreeting greetings C©u 3.Saint Nicholas was a fat jolly man wore a red suit and gave children presents on Christmas Eve A who B which C.where D.when C©u " KiÒu" story, which .by Nguyen Du, was very interesting A was made B made C was written D wrote ... please? , he is out at the moment A.I''m sorry B No, thanks C.Don''t speak D.Yes,please The end phßng gd -đt Lâm Thao đề KIểM TRA tnkq môn tiếng anh - tuần Ngời đề Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên... answering machine C©u **10 I don''t know where A is it B it is C will it D it will The end phòng gd -đt Lâm Thao đề KIểM TRA tnkq môn tiếng anh tuần Ngời đ Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS Tiên Kiên... **10 The Earth, the Mars, the Mercury are A planets B objects C friends the skys The end phòng gd -đt Lâm Thao D D D D D đề KIểM TRA tnkq môn tiếng anh - tuần Ngời đề Nguyễn Thị Thu Hơng - THCS
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